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A place for current and potential LP members to share news and topics of interest. Although we will often disagree on tactics, we expect members of this subreddit to be in general agreement with the strategy of increasing liberty by growing the size and influence of the Libertarian Party in the USA.

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A place for current and potential LP members to share news and topics of interest. Although we will often disagree on tactics, we expect members of this subreddit to be in general agreement with the strategy of increasing liberty by growing the size and influence of the Libertarian Party in the USA.

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    02:25 UTC


    Creating daily youtube shorts from libertarian/minarchist perspective

    Hello everyone, I'm going to start doing one Youtube short a day from my libertarian/minarchist position. Any feedback, ideas, help etc. is appreciated. My first short is below. Thanks!


    01:30 UTC


    Guns Are Gay

    01:53 UTC


    Free & Equal Presidential Debate to be Held at FreedomFest in Las Vegas July 11th - Free and Equal - freeandequal.org

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    01:00 UTC


    Free Markets Mean Freedom

    00:57 UTC


    I made this poster for to hang around.

    20:14 UTC


    Why did the libertarian cross the road?

    18:09 UTC


    "Our two-party system is a fraud, a sham, a delusion. On foreign policy, trade, immigration, Big Government, we have one-party government, one party press; and conservatives are being played for suckers." – Patrick J Buchanan

    15:02 UTC


    Parties That Could/Should Merge With The LP

    As a follow up to my unpopular post questioning the possibility of the LP merging with other minor parties and organizations to come out stronger, I researched some examples that would be a good fit. For clarification, think of this more as the LP absorbing smaller aligned groups rather than the dilution of the LP proper.

    • Liberal Party USA: Comprised of 7 state parties that defected from the LP, they are the most similar to our platform and with over 31k members could be a real thorn on the LP’s side should it not be reabsorbed into the national party. What differs from the current LP is a focus on running candidates, mature public messaging, competent leadership, and incremental progress.


    • The American Capitalist Party: Founded by actor, Mark Pellegrino, the party stands for reason, individual rights, a limited Constitutional government, and laissez-faire capitalism.


    • The United States Pirate Party: Enjoying more success in Sweden and Iceland, the organization has ~13 state parties. They value privacy rights, anarchism, intellectual property policy reform, civil liberties, government transparency, participatory governance, and evidence-based policy.


    • Approval Voting Party: A single issue party in Colorado (although enjoying ballot access in 9 other states), incorporating them should be easy if we put a focus on our election reform policies and the fact that there’s more political success in numbers.


    • US Marijuana Party: Another single issue party, the focus of this organization is the legislation of marijuana (and other substances), police reform, and civil liberties in relation to drug policy. A similar party, The Legal Marijuana Now Party, also exists and is slightly more prominent although some chapters have socialist sympathies despite the national platform not discussing such policies. Both parties have potential for absorption into the LP if proven that our ideals share more than just drug decriminalization.

    http://usmjparty.com/ https://www.legalmarijuananowparty.com/

    • The Transhumanist Party: On paper you may question what they have to do with libertarianism, but both the founder and current chair are libertarians and the platform isn’t necessarily antithetical to our principals. Their goals in mind may be different than ours, but they do support deregulation, bodily autonomy, drug reform, and free market solutions. I believe granting them a caucus and/or minor platform concessions could prove attractive to the niche group.


    Let me know if there’s anything I missed :)

    01:06 UTC



    00:16 UTC


    Should/Could The LP Merge With Other 3rd Parties?

    I’ve read about the Forward party and Renew America Movement merging under the Forward name and it made me wonder why hasn’t the LP considered this a political strategy. Now I’m not suggesting a merger with just any party; several state and national parties and organizations exist that share values with libertarianism or even fit directly within the libertarian umbrella, so I can imagine that if we looked at the LP as more of a big tent party with unified goals and principals aimed at getting people in office (which it is), then merging with other parties that could agree to our platform or compromise with us would be absolutely beneficial. Think about it: more resources, more revenue, easier to maintain ballot access, a ton of new grassroots members, and access of reaching a whole bunch of other voters disenfranchised by the two party system. Seems like a win/win.

    Now I know as individualist we are, there might be some infighting but it’s nothing we aren’t used to already, and I can imagine if these smaller parties really have discourse they could always start their own caucus or leave the party, at the end of the day, being the third largest party means even with all these smaller parties merging with us, we’d still have the largest voice in the party so it’s not like it’s a huge risk. And with so much debate over the future of the party with the MC vs Anti-MC bs, it might be good to have other voices into the discussion.

    I’m genuinely curious if this strategy has been done or considered before within the LP and what parties we could consider a merger with. Can we make it happen?

    13:17 UTC


    Donald Rainwater needs your help.

    Donald Rainwater is the Libertarian Party's Indiana governor candidate. When he ran for governor in 2020, despite not having much in terms of volunteers or campaign staff or media attention until only about 6 weeks before the election, he ended up getting 12% of the vote in a 3-way race and got 2nd place in 33 counties. This election he's had a campaign team and has been fund-raising for two years, and has the experience of having run before. We hope he can surpass his previous accomplishments.

    For years, the nonpartisan Indiana Debate Commission has held debates every election cycle and has included Libertarian candidates automatically. This year, they're not doing that. The televised debates that will happen this year are being put on by a TV station, and they're imposing fundraising criteria. Don must raise enough money by the end of June to qualify.

    Help Mr. Rainwater qualify NOW by donating here: https://www.rainwaterforindiana.com

    19:28 UTC


    CLC Board gave permission to post these screenshots, now that the lies have spread from social media onto the LNC list.

    Let's address some misunderstandings being spread about the role the CLC played in the DC convention.

    A screenshot of a Signal chat message from Jonathan Casey, the chair of the Classical Liberal Caucus, has been distributed as proof that the CLC sought to delay and stall the proceedings until delegates would have to leave. This, presumably, was done in an effort to "cheat" and rig the convention.

    Those of you who have seen the screenshot may have noticed that the timestamp was cropped off.

    With the permission of the Board, I'm releasing three screenshots of the CLC delegate channel. (They've been edited into one image, and you may notice a blank space at the beginning - the name of an individual unrelated to these events has been removed.) The timestamps are preserved.

    I relayed Jonathan Casey's request for a stall to the CLC delegates at 7:42 PM, Sunday night.

    At 7:53 PM, in response to a question about why we were stalling, I relayed another Signal screenshot from an independent hired parliamentarian (who does not, in fact, work for the DNC.)

    At 8:01 PM, I relayed a third Signal screenshot from the parliamentarian, calling off the stall.

    This stall lasted nineteen minutes. It resulted in one motion being made. The purpose was to buy time for Mike ter Maat to negotiate his endorsement, not to delay until delegates had to leave.

    There are exactly 25 members of the Classical Liberal Caucus with the "2024 Nat'l Delegate" role, who received these notifications.

    People who bloc voted 300 strong and spent all day Friday calling (and losing) division after division are blaming their losses on 25 people and 19 minutes.

    It's time to end the divisiveness, the untruths, and these sad attempts to undo the will of the delegates.

    This is the truth. You can accept it or ignore it, but you can't change it.

    Anyone who doubts the veracity of these screenshots can gain access to the channel they are taken from by signing up on our website and look at the messages themselves in our Discord server.

    01:45 UTC


    What is the cost of purchasing a one-hour primetime timeslot on broadcast television?

    19:34 UTC



    01:42 UTC


    The Good Liars at The Libertarian Convention

    03:07 UTC


    A Message from the LPNH

    The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (LPNH) rejects the Chase Oliver as the Libertarian Party nominee.

    LPNH believes that the only feasible path for libertarianism is one in which libertarians refuse to apologize for their beliefs and instead stand up and fight for them.

    Many of us believe this so strongly that we moved to New Hampshire from other states as part of the Free State movement. We believe our strategy for concentrating libertarians in New Hampshire to be the course most likely to achieve liberty in our lifetime and that, given the present disposition of the Nation, a national strategy is wholly inadequate to that task.

    The nominee has taken many actions which prove that we cannot ultimately endorse him. Whether he is foolish, lacking in courage, or intentionally subversive, it is clear that he does not possess the necessary traits for libertarian victory.

    While the nominee was having a masked and distanced Thanksgiving dinner in 2020, Free Staters in New Hampshire hosted PorcFest with thousands of attendees.

    While the nominee defends the chemical castration of children and drag shows for kids, we are teaching our children the values of reason, freedom, and family.

    While the nominee refuses to debate or engage with anyone who disagrees with his progressive ideology and instead just calls them racists or bigots, New Hampshire libertarians will engage with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    While the nominee cheers on critical race theory and other divisive ideologies, libertarians in New Hampshire have removed such topics from government schools and implemented the most radical school choice program in the country.

    While the nominee supported restrictions on speech, our party and our members have faced job losses, harassment, and deplatforming for advancing the values of liberty.

    While the nominee states that the thousands of libertarians who go to PorcFest are “not his people,” his running mate, Mike ter Maat, is eager to attend.

    The nominee is not someone we would want as a neighbor, and as such, we cannot support him for President.

    Although New Hampshire ballot laws do not allow our party to prevent the nominee from appearing on the ballot - indeed, he received an entirely incidental benefit from being part of the same ballot-access petition drive as our chosen and endorsed gubernatorial candidate - we will offer him no formal support as a party, nor will the vast majority of our members.

    We would like to thank the nominee for one thing: helping more Libertarians wake up to the reality that the battle for liberty nationally is utterly hopeless absent a great awakening among the electorate. When you recognize that, New Hampshire is here for you.

    Live free or die.

    Source: https://x.com/lpnh/status/1801596698956857767?s=46&t=U26e9e7nr2rOfb9esVJexA

    14:49 UTC


    What do y'all folks think about the Bear Nukes Caucus (BNC)?

    03:36 UTC



    Where do LP stand with IVF?

    Should it be available to everyone? Or any limit? Or outright ban?

    19:04 UTC


    What are Libertarians going to do about SCOTUS?

    Not as a body in general. I mean right the fuck NOW.

    Conservatives have obviously gone authoritarian. And Progressives are talking about dumb bullshit that I don't particularly care about (probably because they only ever seem to frame arguments in ways such that OTHER progressives will care - which is why they lose elections).

    Take all the current happenings with Alito... I don't fucking care about his terrible personal opinions... I don't care what fucking flag he flies or in what manner...

    He signed onto some TRULY AWFUL SCOTUS Opinions that NO ONE mentions (because everyone was distracted by Dobbs):

    Shinn v. Ramirez - You don't get an effective attorney. You don't get a fair trial. FUCK YOUR EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE!

    Egbert v. Boule - We don't give a shit if a WARRANTLESS FEDERAL AGENT comes onto your property and LITERALLY shoves you around. Suck to be you.

    (This is authoritarianism, yes? My understanding is that Libertarians are very much opposed to it.)


    They bent over backwards in FEC v. Ted Cruz for Senate to find injuries that needed redress and violations of rights caused by inapplicable regulations just so they could tell Congress, "You might not even have the authority to write laws to make yourselves less corrupt. Those laws might violate your free speech rights TO BE corrupt."

    I keep telling people about these rulings and NOBODY CARES. I feel like I'm losing my fucking mind.

    To summarize: Conservatives do not care about any of this. They are obviously corrupt and think that the law can do whatever it wants to us. Progressives are missing the forest for the trees... kind of like when they forget that abortion bans affect ALL of us (not just women - though admittedly they're the ones who will die). And also they're probably equally corrupt.

    Any chance the Libertarians are going to be the ones who react?

    Thank you.

    00:50 UTC

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