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Tying abortion and transgender care to medicaid payments

It seems when the federal government wants to force states to do something, it ties it to funding from the federal government. Like for example highway funds.

Could we tie Medicaid payments to abortion (specifically for health of the mother) and transgender care?

20:45 UTC


Wackos on both sides

When conservatives say this what do they mean?? A little background. My son is trans. Had a confrontation with my MAGA sister sending her an article outlining some of the horrible and oppressive laws the GOP has passed and are trying to pass. Her response? “Wackos on both sides”. What’s the equivalent coming from liberals in their eyes? I don’t wanna ask her. I’ve heard this is a pretty common comeback.

15:20 UTC


Help the #MarchforOurLives Campaign pass a new gun safety law

Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost and Sen. Chris Murphy introduced gun reform legislation on Tuesday that would help to further implement the bipartisan bill passed last summer. The #MarchforOurLives group organized by victims of mass shootings, works towards funding campaigns promoting gun safety laws and protecting the lives of millions within the United States.

The organization is currently hoping to raise $5k to continue to support their efforts towards gun regulation. They have already raised close to $1.5k and have 29 days left to reach their goal, let’s help them get all the way!!

New Bill Introduced

03:45 UTC


[By bangyababy] : Reasons Why Fans of Color Leave/Don’t Interact with Fandoms

  • Casual racism that is brushed off as “an innocent mistake” or “they didn’t mean it” and then everyone pretending like it didn’t happen and moving on with their day (repeat)
  • Speaking over fans of color about issues that pertain to them specifically
  • When fans of color speak out about something that makes them uncomfortable or why that don’t interact with it (usually because of the racial/ethnic bias) they are accused of being anti’s or pro-censorship
  • Characters of color being used as scapegoats/bashed/plot devices 
  • Characters of color never getting happy endings/real development
  • Backlash against characters of color if they do anything other than be a white character’s side kick/best friend
  • Actors of characters of color being harassed for something their character did or didn’t do
  • White characters/actors getting all the attention/credit despite the fact that they are a side character to a POC or on the same level as the POC
  • Fanfic authors patting themselves on the back for writing a “realistic” character of color and it’s just a bunch of stereotypes
  • Being told that they should be happy they were even included when they call out the above people
  • White fans crying about persecution/exclusion because their fav character/trope/kink/ship isn’t loved by all 
  • Fan artists re-imaging characters of color as white/lightening skin tone
  • Everyone rushing to a white fans defense after a well deserved call out while the fan of color receives hate
  • Never having a safe fandom space and always having to be on guard with new people/fandoms/chats etc because they’ve been burned before
  • fetishization and depersonalization of characters of color (to serve the white character's narrative
  • (re)writing characters of color as abusive and/or violent to infantilize white characters
  • being asked to explain why ___ is racist when it's been spoken about at length or could be googled

feel free to add. But would you say this is a legitimate issue?


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02:11 UTC


Why Republicans Are Doomed

I believe that the Republican Party, as we know it, will be hollowed out. It will be a slow process that will play out over the next generation or two, and we have already seen it begin. Last year's midterms were one of the weakest performances by an opposing party in recent history. What is especially remarkable is that this occurred while the president's approval rating was underwater.

College-educated are leaving the Republican party. In 2000, 23% of Democrats had a college degree. Today, it is 48%. For Republicans, it is virtually unchanged from 30% to 31%. Imagine a time when Republicans were the educated party! College-educated voters are reliable voters. These are the people that will get out and vote during midterms.

Religion is declining in America, which is true in both parties. There will come a point in time when the Republican party will go to war with itself. It might be soon. Less than 2 in 3 Republicans consider religion to be important in their lives. The religious right considers their religion to be the core of their belief system. It gives them their moral justification to commit hateful acts against vulnerable groups of people. If the declining trend in religious affiliation continues, the religious right will find itself to be a minority within its own party.

The generational divide is beginning to grow. Millennials are not growing more conservative as they age. This trend is likely to continue in succeeding generations. Over half of millennials identify as Democrat or lean Democrat, but only about 1 in 3 millennials identify as Republican or lean Republican. People are better educated and are better able to reject conservative principles which cause harm to minorities and other vulnerable groups.

In time, the Republican party will probably eventually recover, but not before the very identity of the party has been stripped bare and exposed for the country to see. A reckoning is coming for the Republican party, and it will not be pretty. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

00:43 UTC


The Dominion lawsuit is a big deal


I would recommend watching this week's episode of The Circus on Showtime. I had no idea how serious the Dominion lawsuit is for Fox News. Their fate is in the balance.

15:50 UTC


Indictment Day traditions

So, I need to do some shopping later today and not sure what the traditional meal is for Tuesday. Do I buy Cheetos? What is everyone going to wear? Do we exchange gifts? How do we make the most of this? It’s been a long time coming. I want to do this right. 😉

11:40 UTC


Tuesday is bound to be an interesting display

Stay safe out there, folks. Situational awareness. I'm not expecting Drumpf's clowns to keep it peaceful.

19:37 UTC


Is the rental squeeze trump's fault?

I'm trying to understand why rental prices are out of control even in undesirable markets. I know corpos have bought up lots of rental units. I know that the tax code was revised by a man who made millions as a landlord. I see properties in bad parts of town offered for rent at twice the price of a mortgage in a new construction of twice its size. In other words i see houses designed to remain vacant. Is there anyone well enough versed in the new tax code to tell me why corps would want vacant properties in their portfolio

22:50 UTC

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