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It was a weird feeling knowing that there was a train wreck scheduled for 9:00 \ 8:00 central.

So far I'm a little underwhelmed.

Trump answers everything but the question that was asked.

Biden looks like he is trapped inside an aging, malfunctioning body.

You know they've both practiced speaking to likely subjects and likely retorts from the other guy, I wish Biden would slow down and say less, but more clearly.

Every time Biden is the second to answer a question he should start by saying "I'll answer the question asked instead of responding to whatever he was talking about" and then address the actual question that was asked.

02:00 UTC


Swing state voters want a dictator I guess

I was going to post directly to the link, but this sub won't let me change the title.


I'm sorry but they are traitors to democracy, to civil rights, to everything moderate.

Our economy has the LOWEST inflation, it's coming down, and there's nothing, and I mean NOTHING that justifies voting for Trump after jan 6th if you voted for Biden let alone his conviction..

Edit: why can't I see replies?

Edit2 I can see comments again, and my post appears visible in the sub again, weird.

00:18 UTC


I love that republicans aren’t even hiding the authoritarian urges and desires and people still somehow play the both sides Bs.

Literally every single day the quiet part is said out loudly and continues to be ignored

17:45 UTC


What I Find to Be Even Worse Than Trump Getting Away With 1/6

In my opinion, there's one thing I find that's even worse than Trump escaping accountability for 1/6 and even becoming president again. It's that whichever justices on SCOTUS aided Trump in evading justice for what he did on 1/6 (those justices likely being Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and maybe Roberts) also getting away with this. This is especially considering the fact that they not only are aiding and abetting Trump in delaying the 1/6 trial past the election, but they gave Trump the boost that he needed in the 2024 election, since polls shown Biden way ahead of Trump when asked who they would vote for if Trump was convicted in the 1/6 case. The reason why I think that the SCOTUS justices that shielded Trump from being held accountable getting away with it is even worse than Trump getting away with what he did on 1/6 is because SCOTUS is supposed to be all about the law and justice, but most of the conservative justices are doing the opposite as they are basically the reason as to why Trump is on the brink of getting away with what he did on 1/6. If Trump not only avoids accountability, but becomes president again and drops the 1/6 case, I really hope there is some possible way that the conservative SCOTUS justices that helped make this possible do not get away with this at all. It will give me a little relief.

15:42 UTC


American Liberals' constant comparison of themselves to progressive movements in Europe reminds me of when I was younger and my mom would compare me to my friends

When I was younger, despite doing great school and playing sports, my mom would constantly compare me to my friends who were doing even better. Like if I got an A, she would compare me to my classmate who got an A+. This was also combined with rarely receiving praise for what I had accomplished. As you can imagine, this isn't a good feeling, especially when it happened for years and years and years.

I am a progressive, however I've moved away from actively participating and consuming too much politics in the recent years because I felt the vocal leftist & liberal base was a bit suffocating at times. It took until just now that I realize America's constant comparison of its policies with Europe's more progressive policies feels very similar to when I was younger with my mom - it's what I'd described as almost an endless stream of negativity, giving off a you'll-never-be-good-enough sort of feeling.

America can definitely be a better country, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting or striving to be better... but in the same way that I wish my mom had said "good job" as a kid, I kind of wish people would just rest a bit and say "good job" to what America has done. And still guiding it to be better afterwards, of course, but with appreciation.

(And while the political system makes it difficult to literally rest, as politics will keep moving even when you don't, I do believe it's nice to sit back and enjoy what this country does give us. And I do believe there are many good things to appreciate about this country, even if it's not perfect, and granted this does not apply to every single political aspect, because I am still a progressive after all.)

04:00 UTC


The Biden money printing myth

Federal reserve balance when Trump took office : $4.4 trillion

Federal reserve balance sheet when Biden took office and Trump left : $7.4 trillion

Federal reserve balance sheet as of Jun 19 2024 : $7.25 trillion

01:34 UTC


Prankster Coaxes CNN-Hating Donald Trump Fan Into Making Hilariously Awkward Admission

23:39 UTC


Organizations fighting against Trump?

I just watched the new John Oliver video about conservative America's plan for a second Trump term (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYwqpx6lp\_s) and, not to put too fine a point on it... it's fucking terrifying. I don't think it's exaggerating to say these people are out to destroy the ideals that our country was founded on and that make it great. It's not even like they make a secret of it--it's all out there on the website project2025.org. Like... wtf?

It's shocking that this is so shocking and isn't making more of a splash. But I think we just all have Trump fatigue. We're all so tired of being shocked and appalled time after time; it's reached the point where a lot of us have to tune out from the doom cycle of news just to survive and live our lives. But that's not going to help anymore if he wins and his goons start dismantling our government. But we don't know what will help! What can we do?

So that's my question: what can regular folks like me do to help? And I'm not necessarily talking about individual actions, but rather, ways to get organized, ways to get involved with something bigger than myself.

The conservative power players who are coordinating all this are basically a very small group, but they're organized. They're active. They've got committees and think tanks and grassroots fundraising groups and they're all fired up. Which would be cool.. if it weren't all built on lies and designed to turn our country into a totalitarian dictatorship.

Are there parallel organizations on the other side? Where are the think tanks and committees and grassroots fundraising organizations for democrats? My first love had a Margaret Mead quote on her fridge that I still remember to this day, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

The conservative right is nailing that. Who's doing it on the left?

Basically, who is doing something about this, and how can I join them and help?

21:58 UTC


What you can do to help Biden win

Please delete this if it's not allowed. This is a call to action. I was wondering what we could all do to help ensure Biden gets elected. Then I came up with the idea of contacting everyone you know in swing states (MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ, NV,) sane enough to vote for Biden, and making sure that they're both registered and vote, and ask them to do the same.. Also contact everyone (or at least 3 people,) you know outside of swing states sane enough to vote for Biden and ask them to contact anyone they know in swing states sane enough to vote for Biden and make sure they're registered and actually vote, and ask them to do the same. This election will be decided by fewer than half a million votes. Georgia was decided by less than 12k. 3^9th is 19683. 3^12th 531441. So if we all get this meme going, and it keeps going, then we win. Bonus points if you can get people who initially weren't going to vote to vote.

Edit: adding NC to swing state list, per request.

13:52 UTC



Gavin Newsom/Chris Murphy ticket. This scenario has been lingering in the back of my mind for few weeks, along side of The Talkings Heads line, “…how did we get here?

13:07 UTC


I wish people on the right, or even moderates, would recognize why I'm so mad at the GOP.

They think in terms of the presidential election. They think that's all that matters. They don't actually consider those like me who are in alt-right states like Idaho living under a fascist regime.

The reason I fucking HATE the GOP is because it rules our lives in Idaho. Our dumbass Governor literally voiced support for a convicted felon. That would be Brad Little by the way, the dude who got up-staged by our even worse Lt. Governor Ganice McGeachin who got Trump's endorsement. Now she... she was a crazy fucking bitch who had no right having any place in office.

But I digress, I get so fucking mad at the GOP for a good reason. I'd say up through Obama's presidency I never personally felt affected by whoever was named president. Never, even in Idaho regardless if the president was Democrat or Republican. It wasn't until Trump was named president that shit began to change.

All of a sudden we got people waving Confederate flags. We have our legislators making bullshit laws like barbaric abortion bans and other fucking insane shit. And I'm sure that for any average voter in a blue state the presidency doesn't affect them. But Trump was the first time the presidency ever affected me on a personal level.

I fucking hate it here for that reason. When I voice my complaints about the government they go "well, isn't Biden in power?" and I'm like no, I'm talking about the GOP in general dude. We have transplants moving into Idaho that are more pro-Trump than they are conservative. Idaho had its own brand of conservativism, sure, but it was never this fucking bad.

Fuck Trump, fuck the GOP, and fuck everything they stand for.

01:24 UTC


Why isn't Barack Obama more involved???

I just heard that he's going to be at a Biden fundraiser. He's otherwise been way too quiet.

People love Obama. Bro, step up!

14:23 UTC


SCOTUS overturns TRUMP ban on bump stock devices

Hmm. Wonder what Generalissimo Cheeto will say about that?

Guess all the gun nuts will blame Biden for this legislation.

The tortured rational the right wingers on the court gave for overturning it was prime nonsense.

Count down until someone teen gabs their dad’s bump stock and machine guns down innocent children in 3…2…1

15:32 UTC

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