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how much acetaminophen /paracetamol aka tylenol is safe on a daily basis?

Hi Docs!
Acetaminophen has a mood regulating effect on me.
It calms down my mind and eases my body. This effect is known but not well understood afaik.
The issue with that substance of course is it hepatoxic.
My question is is it possible to take it on a daily basis or maybe in cycles and if yes, at what dose.

I'm male, 186cm and 88kg.
Kind regards!

10:52 UTC


We all know about the menopause - is there any evidence a womenopause might also exist?

16:16 UTC


Advice please

Hi, I am a 24M , healthy 6'1 and 80 kilos. I am suffering from sexual performance anxiety from the past 3 years. Recently visited a doctor who explained to me what's happening and prescribed the following meds Panex Cr-25mg, Risperidone 0.5mg Etilaam pro 40mg and Tadalafil 10mg(3 days once) and told me to take them for 30 days and get back to him He is a renowned doctor , a MD in sexaul medicine. But I just fear what if i take them and be severely dependent on them later too. What if I have to them them forever . One is an SSRi and the tadafail is basically viagara. I am not sure what i should do. Please help.

12:18 UTC


Im having [M35] rock hard errections what do i do now?

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I fear I’m going to die of aneurism

I had Bell’s palsy 4 months ago And did an mri The doctors tell me the reports are normal But the report said “hypoplastic left vertebral artery” noted and recently jo Linder a body died of brain aneurism and I googled it and I found out that this condition leads to aneurism I am very scared of this. I had a very throbbing headache when I was skipping after a month of Bell’s palsy where I thought my head would explode I had headache on the left side of my head As my heart rate went up I had this very bad kind of headache so I stopped working out and ever since it was okay didn’t have a headache again But last week while I was boxing and sprinting for 5 rounds I had the same kind of headache and had to rest for 3 days The headaches weren’t very severe I could walk eat talk sing and do whatever I liked but as I tried to jump or do an activity which shot my heart rate up my headache was bad It’s been 3 days and now it’s gone again It’s normal again

Am I going to die of aneurism? I am scared I’ll have an aneurism If anyone knows about this tell me what hypoplastic left vertebral artery means and how long I have before I die?

14:46 UTC


I was recently told to go fuck myself so I did. However, given the girth of my dick, it's now lodged in my asshole and I can't pull it out. How do I remedy this, doctors?

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I just took a whole bottle of vitamin D, how bad of a sunburn will I get?

Like just the usual redness or like the blistering kind? I just want to know what I'm in for. Speaking of which, whereabouts will the sunburn be? I'm guessing my mouth cause that's where the vitamins touched but I figured I'd ask

04:08 UTC


My nephew's fiancee was diagnosed with "Crone's Disease". She's engaged, and only 32. Huh???

08:54 UTC


Are leaches a good treatment for the ligma covid variant?

07:19 UTC


Do you think that Lainey Wilson should see a doctor? She has a heart like a truck?

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I have lived in 3 very different regions of the U.S.A. in the last 2 years, and I've noticed that my farts smell different in each city, even though my diet is basically the same... What's going on here?

17:36 UTC


wrist pain and other problems, what could be possible cause/ causes 20F?

I have many health problems and i dont understanfd the cause. I have been having recurrent back pain for longer than a year. The first tie i visited a doctor, they told me to just rest, get some NSAIDs and come back if it doesnt get better . It would get better sometimes and worse sometimes. The 2nd time i visited a doctor she did a CT scan and told me my spine liks healthy but i still feel the pain sometimes. There is also this hard something at the top of my right bum and i can feel it when sitting or sleeping. Now i have radial kind of pain on my right wrist and carpel tunnel syndrome kind of pain on both wrists. They got worse after i had to do factory work on March 30. Before March 30, i did have kindof numbness and pins and needles on my body especialy hand and feet but i always ignored them wishing they would go away and didnt think it was serious. I also get recurrent headaches accompanied by nausea 1-3 times a month (Most of the time its 2 or 1 time). I also have constipation since half of last year’s december. Also at night (not all nights but last night and some other nights) i get this recurrent sudden short (at most 15 seconds) episode of really fast heartbeat and shortness of breathe. Last night i m not even sure if i got 1.5 hours of sleep cuz i would constantly wake up cuz of 1. shooting pain in either wrist 2. episode of fast heartbeat and shortness of breathe. I dont know or understand if these probems r related or not and would like to know about possible causes. I have an appointment tomorrow but some doctors think my conditions not serious enough and tell me to just get pain meds and go home cuz they wanna focus on more serious problems.

05:32 UTC


What could severe explosive bloody diarrhea and bloody vomiting could have been caused by?

Over a decade ago in December 2009 I was a 26m that traveled to the Philippines. Weight was under 200lbs, Caucasian, 6ft. I went to a restaurant in the evening (8-9pm) and I had some sort of ice cream which tasted a little funny.

I go to sleep later (hotel, with my gf) and at 2-3am I wake up and have bloody vomiting with bloody diarrhea and it lasted all night. I was unable to sleep.

In the morning whole day I feel delirious and don't want to go to the hospital. I get a fever. My stomach can't keep anything down including water. Everything gets puked out within minutes.

Nurse comes along says I should go to hospital, gives me 2 "rehydration" pills that dissolve in water. I try to take the first one and I puke everything out. I don't remember if this was Day 1 or Day 2, but it was already evening by now.

Thinking back on this over the years, I was certainly infected by something nefarious. I didn't know it at the time, but I believe my HR was about 140 (I remember the very fast pounding feeling, which I nowadays am very familiar with). I was also not taking this seriously since I was young and not knowing how serious this was, so I didn't want to go to hospital. I toughed it out.

It lasted 2-3 days. On Day 2 or 3 I was able to start drinking water. I spent about 2-3 days bedridden unable to move, then I got better, and everything was OK for the rest of the trip.

What could I have possibly been infected by? I think the "ice cream" was the culprit. We believed that a waiter didn't wash hands after taking a dump or intentionally infected the "white foreigner's" food. Probably E. Coli or Salmonella? Thoughts? Thanks!

05:12 UTC


Can I stick butter in my ass overnight with a buttplug on?

Hey! 19f. I love masturbating, and I always love trying new things. something new came to my mind, but im not sure if its safe. I been wanting to put a stick of butter in my anus and put a butt plug on, and sleep with it on over night. Is this safe? what are the harms?

update: its the best feeling ever, your ass feels real great. 10/10 recomend

07:28 UTC


I stuck a Q-tip too far in one ear and it came out the other ear. Should I be concerned?

14:58 UTC


A guy from r/ihadastroke told me to get a hotdog from my nearest waffle mart facility to abort my child but not i have ebole and ive lost half my blood. What do i do?

I need a cure and fast

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Spontaneous rash only on hands

My son will get this allergy type rash on his hands. This one came right after using latex gloves but it will come for no reason other times. Just on his hands is the weird part. And it get scaly when healing. Hydrocortisone helps. Is there a name for this hand allergy?


07:31 UTC


Xray issues.

Last week I got an X Ray and since then everything hurts. I mean since this eX Ray destroyed my heart and I just want to be okay. Why does this happen to me? What can I do to make things better?

18:28 UTC


I’m a moron who can’t read what subreddit I’m on and I’m having a heart attack. What should I do?

17:00 UTC


I'm getting ready to do a drug screening and I've been asked to provide a sample for the lab. How much semen will I need to produce?

I've been edging all morning in order to provide a better sample.

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Can alcohol induce anxiety without being an alcoholic or drinking heavily?

I have always been a light drinker, exclusively leaving it for the occasional outing with friends. However, recently I get anxiety attacks around 2-3 drinks from seemingly out of nowhere and ive started to keep track and this has happened for the last 3 months without fail. Theres no recent events that would be causing the anxiety, but if theres no physiological component it might be worth my time talking with my therapist.

21:25 UTC


Unexplained jelly sputum (phlegm)

About 6 months ago I developed these big bouts of cloudy-like clear phlegm that could only be "huffed" out instead of coughed out. It feels like (sometimes) there is sticky mucus stuck to the wall of my trachea and sometimes have to almost scream for it to move or come out. I've looked everywhere for help, but it all points to cervical mucus even though I am a male. Looks very very similar to the cervical mucus though. I looked up candida overgrowth and thought that could be the cause of my constant nagging situation. All day I'm huffing this jelly mucus... please someone help. (Cannot provide a photo at the moment, but looks identical to a woman's jelly-like cervical mucus).

22:35 UTC

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