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A biofuel is a type of fuel whose energy is derived from biological carbon fixation. Biofuels include fuels derived from biomass conversion, as well as solid biomass, liquid fuels and various biogases. Biofuels are gaining increased public and scientific attention, driven by factors such as oil price hikes and the need for increased energy security.

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Why isn’t there a biofuel equivalent to gasoline?

Diesel and biodiesel are nearly identical in terms of fuel efficiency and work in the same engine; how come there isn’t a similar biofuel alternative for gasoline (besides ethanol)?

03:59 UTC


Perma-industrial Design Principles Pt. 1: How to Grow Yourself a Free House

18:58 UTC


Is there a CHP that can use both biogas and biomass at the same time?

I read about one in a Journal Article but can't seem to find one with thorough googling. I thought maybe they had a specific name that I don't know. Thoughts?

21:30 UTC


Biofuel business in Washington State

The recent carbon auction prices have exceeded expectations: https://crosscut.com/briefs/2023/06/washingtons-second-carbon-auction-sold-pollution-over-500m

I'm trying to determine whether biofuel production in Washington state would qualify for carbon offset status under the Climate Commitment Act.

The relevant law seems to be in the administrative code, WAC 173-446-500:

General requirements for ecology offset credits and registry offset credits.

(1) In order to ensure an offset credit can be used as a compliance instrument under this chapter, an offset project operator or authorized project designee must demonstrate that the ecology offset credits and/or registry offset credits generated by its offset project meet the following requirements. A registry offset credit must:
(a) Represent a GHG emission reduction or GHG removal enhancement that is real, quantifiable, permanent, verifiable, enforceable, and additional to GHG reductions or removals otherwise required by law and other GHG reductions or removals that would otherwise occur;
(b) Result from the use of a compliance offset protocol that meets the requirements of WAC 173-446-505;
(c) Result from an offset project that is listed in accordance with WAC 173-446-520;
(d) Result from an offset project that complies with the monitoring, reporting and record retention requirements of WAC 173-446-525;
(e) Result from an offset project that is verified pursuant to the requirements of WAC 173-446-530;
(f) Result from an offset project that will not produce significant adverse environmental impacts after mitigation. When analysis under Washington's State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) is required for an offset project, a project-level SEPA analysis finding no significant adverse environmental impact after mitigation fulfills this requirement; and
(g) Be issued by an offset project registry approved pursuant to the requirements of WAC 173-446-590.
(2) An ecology offset credit must meet the requirements of subsection (1) of this section and:
(a) Be issued pursuant to WAC 173-446-555;
(b) Be registered pursuant to WAC 173-446-565;
(c) Provide direct environmental benefits to the state pursuant to WAC 173-446-595; and
(d) When used for compliance be subject to the quantitative usage limits set forth in WAC 173-446-600(6).

Has anybody read up on this enough to answer the question for me: would a biofuel project that grows its own biomass in Washington state qualify to sell offsets? I suppose it would depend on being able to demonstrate that the biofuel is substituting for fossil fuels.

01:18 UTC


Market outlooks for biofuels

Hello r/Biofuel!

I am currently looking into the market outlooks for biofuels, and I wanted to ask the experts here if you know of any high quality market outlooks towards to 2050? I am looking into biofuel in general, but I am especially interested in biomass residual derived biofuels. If anyone has related material or resources, I am also very interested. Let's share and educate!

Thank you in advance for your input :)

12:32 UTC


Biofuels to decarbonize shipping? interesting read redditors!

17:29 UTC


Can i make VOBDF by mixing acetone and vegetable oil?

Title^^ i have seen people do this and it seems to work since you can run diesel engines on pure vegetable oil and acetone should just thin it out. i know it works with kerosene.

Opinions on a acetone VOBDF?

05:37 UTC


Request : does anyone have a source for the EU Red II biofuels default emissions factors

I'm looking for a summary of the Biofuels default emissions factors from Red II. My powers of search have failed me.

I'd much prefer an official document, or at least one that can be reliably cited academically. But I'd accept anything at this point.


04:27 UTC


Chilling that worm

Had a thought that may or may not interest anyone making their own Ethanol. Pack the worm with steel wool and run an air line into the wool then just steadily release air from a small compressor at a great enough rate to freeze it all Maybe something for those wanting colder than tap water or to avoid a good portion of the cost of a typical water chiller?

15:49 UTC


I built an app for my dad that works in the biofuels & renewable sector and I am looking for feedback.

Hello my dad has been working in the Biofuels & Renewables energy for many years and always struggled to have top news in the sector as well as market data like prices of ethanol gasoline, diesel and MTBE.

I created an app that aggregates news (Forbes Energy, Financial Times oIL & Gas, Biodiesel Magazine, Clean Technica, Argus Media, Ethanol Producer Magazine and many others) and pricing data as well as other useful resources he needed to do his job and have an edge. He is loving it and is using it on a daily basis for his work. Would anyone care to give it a try it completely free as I am just looking for feedback.

Check it out -> www.biofuelsdaily.com

Thank you!

16:21 UTC


Switching To HVO Biofuel For Our Winter Heating: An Alternative To Kerosene

08:47 UTC


How biomass co-firing offer a viable solution to coal shortage and stubble burning

09:04 UTC


How to turn food waste to biofuel

Is there an easy way to turn food waste and plant and animal matter into biofuel at home?

22:01 UTC


Starting an e85 business

Hey all, I'm looking to start an ethanol distillery to produce e85, does anyone here have experience with something like that? I live in Rhode Island and its about 50 miles from the nearest e85 station, I'd be selling in 55 gallon drums for the most part but may eventually start an actual gas station. I need to know a little more about the economics behind starting a biofuel distillery/the legal side of things. Any advice is helpful!

17:59 UTC


Interview over the basics of BioFuel

I need to do an interview over someone who is knowledgeable over biofuel for school. It’ll only be 3 questions or so but I would greatly appreciate it. Dm me if interested

19:30 UTC

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