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This forum is to discuss information regarding wood gasification technology and techniques for vehicles and electricity generation. Discussions regarding biomass in general should look to /r/biomass.


This forum is to discuss information regarding wood gasification technology and techniques for vehicles and electricity generation. Discussions regarding biofuel or biomass in general should look to /r/biofuel or /r/biomass respectively.

Wood gas is a syngas fuel which can be used as a fuel for furnaces, stoves and vehicles in place of petrol, diesel or other fuels. During the production process biomass or other carbon-containing materials are gasified within the oxygen-limited environment of a wood gas generator to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide. These gases can then be burnt as a fuel within an oxygen rich environment to produce carbon dioxide, water and heat. In some gasifiers this process is preceded by pyrolysis, where the biomass or coal is first converted to char, releasing methane and tar rich in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Wikipedia: Wood gas

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Can a generator work on bio-gas?

I am planning to go off-grid somewhere this year. I am building a gasifier. However, I want to buy one of these bio-gas setups than converts manure and food leftovers to gas. I will use this gas to cook. Could I also run a generator on the same gas?

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A few questions about woodgas

I'm trying to decide if its worth trying woodgas and have some questions.

A bit of background, I have as much wood as I could likely ever use (mostly poplar and pine but also some oak) so that would not be a problem. I am not getting any younger so am curious if this *might* be an easier way to heat rather than choping hauling wood and restocking the stove - that said I'm in the SE US so I dont need a super heating solution. I am also super interested in "biochar" and have gotten the impression that a byproduct of making woodgas is biochar?

So the very few questions I have are:

  • How might a heating setup work? In my head I'd be able to just hook it up to a gas (natural gas I think?) heater and would be off to the races?
  • In the different videos I've watched people seem to use different sizes of wood for thier setups, though uniform-ish per setup. Would I be able to use, say, a little electric wood chipper and then use those wood chips? (like large chips, maybe thumb sized?) or does one have to use larger "blocks" of wood?
  • I am not the handiest of people and was thinking about buying one but when i look A) Most of the places that make them no longer seem to be in business? and B) The ones I have found seem to be for large operations and not "home scale". Are there any affordable options out there?


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Why do people, when poisoned by CO, can't help themselves or go out in the room?

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gasifier build

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Heating a home using a gasifier

I have an idea to make a gasifier central heater where I would use two radiators to cool the wood gas and exhaust, the radiators would be submerged in water and the water circulated in the house. However I wonder if I have to connect the furnace to the water somehow directly so the furnace heats the water as well and not the gas alone. Does anyone have practical knowledge of doing a build like this?

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Bamboo for fuel?

Bamboo grows fast. Lots of biomass in a short time. Is bamboo a viable fuel source for a gasifier?

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Wood gasifier = Cold Smoke Generator?

Hey guys,

I wanted to do some smaller Tests and was thinking if a Cold Smoke Generator is maybe the same like a wiod gasifier? If not: where is the difference?

Thanks guys

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Wondering about your opinion of this.


Anyone had issues with soot deposition from incompletely cooled woodgas?

Agree with water vapor introduction at top of char bed/stack?

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gasifier questions

I'm thinking of building a solar-powered wood gasifier. I'm going to have an old propane tank inside of a larger tank that is lined with kaowool insulation with some kilim heating wire as a heat source. I'm going to control the temperature with a PID controller and thermocouple. Would this work and if so what would be the ideal temperature for it to be set at? also, can I refill my LPG tanks with woodgas?

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Charcoal and coal gasifier questions

I am interested in building a charcoal gasifier that can also use coal. I can buy coal for $95/ton. I believe this is simpler and more compact than a wood gasifier. I would use this for off grid power, and eventually power a pickup truck. Thinking of something like the Simple fire design which is updraft. I have 3 questions

  1. Updraft or downdraft? Is one better for both coal and charcoal? Not sure tar production is relevant, but I understand downdraft gives higher energy density. Is that true for coal too?
  2. If I add steam for water gas shift, do I get more or less BTUs per lb of fuel than just producer gas? I understand I get more hydrogen vs carbon monoxide, but don't fully understand if I get more total energy
  3. Are any design changes needed to go from charcoal to coal?
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type of gasifier

should i make a gasifier where the fire burns the wood on the inside of the gasifier or should I make it where the fire is on the outside and heats the wood into gasification

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desulfurization and parts of wood tar

i was curious what is inside the tar and gas, and if there is a way i can collect the sulfur for use in other things, thanks guys

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Newbie looking for guidance

I'm completely new to the concept and was wondering what kind of biomass can be used and what are the by-products. I've heard that the by-product of wood would be charcoal, i've also heard Methanol and tar. Will different temperature change the process or gases?. Anything you can tell me is
super appreciated

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advice for a newbie?

I know this sub is kinda dead but I’m really interested in woodgas, I don’t really know anything about it other than how to make it and what it’s made of but I just want to be able to collect it and store it. How would I go about doing that?

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Wood gasifier help please

I am very interested in making a wood gasifier to make wood gas to use with an old camp stove, but all of the designs I have seen seem complicated, with no specific directions... I have experience making charcoal, and I understand pyrolysis and the gases associates with that, however building a proper gasifier seems a lot more complicated than that... If anyone could send me a link to a good how to sight or something similar I would be eternally grateful...

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can i run my propane forge on wood gas?

hello, this is my first time posting to reddit, sorry if im doing something wrong, anyways, i was thinking, i am building a wood gasifier, and i have a propane forge, im not sure if i can run my forge on wood gas, would it get hot enough, would i need to change the burners or remove the nitrogen? thanks

edit, sorry didnt see previous post, also is there a way to remove nitrogeon from wood gas?

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Project GasFactory

Hello! I am just pinkus and for past few months I've done few experiments and been deeply interested in woodgas tehnology and am working on a personal design that is focused mainly on production of gas and all of it's byproducts. Charcoal,Tar, and the gas itself. I will certainly post updates here when I am working on the actual minifactory but here is my idea and maybe some good suggestions will come up. So first I want to make the gasifier itself. A furnace that will heat up the wood for gas production. A slot where I can fill in wood and take out charcoal. The charcoal is then for personal use. A container will exist where it's kept sealed so the charcoal doesn't start to burn being still hot. Tar collection system. And Woodgas itself will go into a gasometer where I will add additional gass to give it a colour. What would give it a green colour interesting. Well salt but how to add it? And what happens to gas after is my business. Update 12/08/2020: I have constructed a small drawing where I take a look at the plan. After doing some research I've come up with a basic design but the design provides few downsides I want to discuss here. First downside is metal container. I am able to get aluminium milk cans. Fill them with wood and then place them in burning vessel as shown in attached drawing. Downside is what if the metal starts melting? what metal to use that is available and relatively not expensive as this project isn't made with huge money in mind. Recycling is the goal. Next is air intake. I've heard that best is to instead of drilling holes to make the air come in from beneath which would be done by tube. Next concern is tar cloging up output system. This is where I need to hear some science behind it to know how to seperate tar from gas efficiently so I can collect both. Thank you all for feedback given. Drawing image

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Wood Gas Farmall M

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Wood gas forge

I've been thinking of upgrading my charcoal blacksmithing forge to maybe a wood gas powered one. Does anyone know about how hot wood gas burns and if it's hot enough to power a blacksmith forge?

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Making a duel fuel generator - woodgas/biofuel & gasoline? Using older carborated engine - Volvo inline 4.

I want to know, or make sure if it is possible, for me to make a generator from an old carbureted engine (1971 model year) that can run on wood gas (from various sources of biofuel) and then also run it normally with gasoline. I dont' what the setup would entail that would allow me to run both fuels, and how quickly I could change the fuel source. If I need to make a modular setup so I can swap out parts when I want to use gas vs biofuel/woodgas.

I'd guess the carburetor would need to be changed for the different fuels (though maybe not, IDK) but I think it would be very beneficial to be able to run both fuels. I just want to know how much more difficult it will be to create a setup like this vs a straight woodgas setup.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Running a Gasoline Engine on Firewood

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Looking for research data on air ratios

Hello. I am currently part of a small team trying to realize some innovative ideas towards efficient woodgas stoves. Main focus is on developing countries or other off-grid applications.

Our current project revolves around optimizing airflow around updraft designs. Has anyone in here access to research data or publications specifically on the ideal ratio between primary air intake and secondary air intake? The little I could find online is hidden inside non-public papers.

Thanks in advance!

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Едем за дровами

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Moving forward on synthesized gas

Has anyone tried a steam cleaning technique?

How advanced of a system has anyone built thus far?

I can answer questions, if any, and may have some as well.

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What gasifier air tight?

What happens if a wood gasifier is not 100% airtight does it lose efficiency or run the risk of explosion ?

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Question on wood gas.

  • In theory and in practice, roughly how much of wood's energy content goes into wood gas, and how much goes into char coal? Before and after deducting the energy cost of pyrolysis.

  • What is wood gas consist of? Can it be turned into liquid fuel? Say with a fractional distillation process similar to petroleum refining; possibly with catalytic conversion?

  • Is there any reason in context of carbon sequestration where burying CO2 is preferred over burying charcoal from wood gasification?

  • Is there any current or future application of utility scale wood gas power plant that turns agricultural/forestry byproduct into wood gas for cogeneration and charcoal for carbon sequestration?

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