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A community for sharing and discussing Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

Conservation kɒnsəˈveɪ

The action of conserving something, in particular: preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment and of wildlife.

A community for sharing and discussing links about Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

If you believe that you can help educate people or help save a species, then feel free to discuss it here.

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/r/inspirationscience showing people how amazing the world is through a scientific perspective.

/r/ethnobotany is a place to post and discuss topics related to human usage of plants, with a focus on sustanable uses.


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Need help restoring a forest

I recently bought a piece of property in Northwest Pennsylvania that was at one time completely cleared and used as a field. Since then somebody had replanted a bunch of trees several decades ago, but there is almost no foliage.

I would like to restore the area to a more natural state by reintroducing different plants that used to be in that area before it was clear-cut. I was wondering if you guys knew of a good resource I could use to determine on what plants those might be and in what quantities or ratios thatwould work best. Other specific people I could talk to that specialize in this stuff?

Is there anything else I should be aware of but could help? I don't even know what questions to ask really.

19:27 UTC


Conservation Career Advice

Hello all. I was recently offered a job position for the summer, and being that I am graduating from university in May I am unsure of the reality of the biology/conservation work landscape, I cannot tell if this is a good opportunity or not, but I was offered a position in a 7-week Opwall expedition this summer. The position is unpaid, however, they will cover all food, housing, accommodations, and travel from the city to the site. Is this a standard opportunity for someone looking to get into conservation right out of school? I prefer to be paid or at the very least not lose money paying for an international flight. While I would love to explore the destination, gain some experience, and meet some people in the field I am not sure I can justify what is essentially a 7-week unpaid internship that begins within 10 days of my graduation and runs through the middle of the summer. I would love the adventure and the work but I think I would prefer to start off with something a bit more local (the United States, Canada, or Europe) and would like some compensation as I am a relatively broke student right now. So please any advice for whether or not this position is worth taking or if there are any other opportunities, groups, or paths you think I should pursue? I would love to enter the world of conservation, especially during shorter-term seasonal stuff to get by yet the whole world and process seems so daunting. I'm not sure this role is the one for me but I also would feel terrible throwing away such a potentially great experience just to spend another summer in my hometown. I would appreciate any advice and am happy to provide more info if it is needed / could help. Thank you!

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20:39 UTC


ISO volunteer opportunities in wildlife management.

Please delete if not allowed

Good morning,

I am currently in Sumter, Sc in search of a volunteering opportunity to work with wildlife. I have a bachelors degree in Fishery and Wildlife management, however since I am still active duty I cannot pursue a career in it until after my contract ends. I would like to get some hands on experience while I wait just to get my feet wet, so to speak. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated!

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12:46 UTC


Where is green in this world

This about elections this year and in future. Where are the active green politics forums and sites and people on the internet


Is volunteering to campaign on any level of politics worth it

When do people usually start volunteering at national level and is it even worth it

Some random ideas of things that should be (which candidates or people anywhere come closest to this)

Tax the wealthy

  • Much much more taxes (and other things) on rich, top 10%

  • Lower everything else for the poor (everyone else the bottom 90%(

Well being first and for everyone

  • Get rid of lots of things in this world and have well-being centers built everywhere and for everyone

  • The well-being centers everywhere would be like national healthcare other countries have, but a whole lot better

More flowers everywhere

  • Increase all environmental stuff and protection, lower all corporate greed

Fix education

  • Change education system and centralize teaching of better teachers

Fix government

  • Increase people's personal data protection and privacy and hire better people in all parts of gov

Require everyone to learn and be taught to be kind

  • That relates to education and everything else also

Can't think of anything else for now

I do not know which political people or parties anywhere would fit closest to this

If the corporations still controls everything, I don't think volunteering at any level of politics would make much difference

05:01 UTC


Recommendation for books similar to Wild New World by Dan Flores

Title is pretty self explanatory. I really enjoyed Wild New World and Dan's open minded takes on rewilding, hunting, management, etc. in addition to his deep dives on natural history. I partially started Coyote America but it felt like Dan summarized his previous books pretty well; though perhaps I'm wrong! I recently finished "Paw Paw: In Search of Americas Forgotten Fruit" by Andrew Moore and thoroughly enjoyed that, so my interests aren't exclusive to just wildlife.

I'm currently reading "Feral" by George Monbiot, but so far I'm not sure I'll enjoy it as much as Dan's writing. So far, it's just another "human bad, animal good" book, which is overplayed and not very thoughtful imo.

Thank you in advanced for any suggestions. Looking forward to checking them out!

18:22 UTC


Conservation Corps Suggestions

Hi, I am graduating soon and was wondering if anyone has any fall conservation corps suggestions since my school schedule doesn't align with summer corps. I'm hoping to start either late July or in August. Also, are there any that provide housing? I recently applied to ACE pacific west crew. I looked into UCC and RMYC and some others but they don't provide housing.

17:12 UTC

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