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A community for sharing and discussing Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

Conservation kɒnsəˈveɪ

The action of conserving something, in particular: preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment and of wildlife.

A community for sharing and discussing links about Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

If you believe that you can help educate people or help save a species, then feel free to discuss it here.

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Project Mgmt in Conservation?

Hopefully this is the right sub to ask this in (apologies if not!). I have a BS in Biology and am currently working as a project manager for a robotics engineering group. I volunteer with a wildlife rehab group in my area on the side. I enjoy my job now but would really like to work towards a career in biology or conservation utilizing my current skill set. Are project management or equivalent jobs common in biology/conservation? What other hard skills are helpful to have? I’ve also considered going back for my Masters but wouldn’t be sure of what to specialize in.

Thanks in advance!

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Thoughts on American Conservation Experience (ACE) to gain conservation experience

Hey y'all. I'm a young professional currently trying to shift into a career of conservation / environmental advocacy. I graduated in 2021 with a degree in Environmental Studies and then spent the past few years doing some other work, but I want to come back around to some environmental career. I'm considering doing a stint with the American Conservation Experience to gain some hands-on experience and build a network with other like-minded young conservation professionals.
I don't have lots of experience in the field and I'm struggling to get even basic jobs at organizations and government bodies. I have a lot to offer and barring any super technical roles, I think I'd do a pretty good job. ACE strikes me as an opportunity to get some unique, hands-on experience that I can use to help leverage in the long-run, but I want to hear some thoughts from y'all. I don't necessarily want a career in the parks working on land management, but the interviewer I spoke to told me there are a lot of pathways post-ACE. So whether you have worked with ACE, hired among ACE recruits, or just have general insight, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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Black Footed Ferret

What’s the best way to get involved in black footed ferret conservation? Best organizations? I’d like to go more than just donate.

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conservation psychologist Kathayoon Khalil on positive conversation action

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Transition from deer over population- historical population levels

I was thinking about the push back in Colorado and Idaho about the declining deer/elk populations and the ranchers/hunters who have been complaining or addressing the lack of deer and elk. Hypothetically, if deer would return to their historical population levels, I feel many hunters would be upset and call for more predator control. Do you guys think this will be an issue as (hopefully) deer populations decline? Will calls for predator management become more prevalent and popular if deer are suddenly no longer overpopulated? What do you guys think?

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Are rural CO residents & ranchers not concerned by Chronic Wasting, Tick Boom, etc?

edited for clarity and expanding my thoughts!

I came up rural and spent a lot of time in the thicket. I can't imagine anyone calling themselves "rural" or living off the land somehow and not having the man-encouraged diseases of Chronic Wasting Disease, rabies, genetic anomalies & malformations, over-expanded and urban coyotes, and the Tick Boom not being a part of folk's lives.

... but, that's what the wolves are for?

It feels to me that a lot of CO residents opposing the Grey Wolf introduction are framing this as urban vs rural and I can't relate to that, at all. I don't think it's rural vs urban, if only because I think of myself as rural, and the need for more, competing predators is palpable.

This may be a hot take, but I don't think Humans count as a full-scope predator. We don't prey on the weak, we don't thin herds, we don't apply pred-prey migratory pressure -- as hunters, we tend to go for mid to high tier harvests as highly selective hunters, because we avoid diseased meats. Very different ecological function from the likes of cougar and bear, but none are as good at it as the wolf.

Is there known data or anecdotes supporting that rural CO residents just, culturally... don't understand (or worse, are indifferent to) the ecological crisis of forested regions without consistent predation?

Open to being educated!

I feel like I don't understand the issue as well as I want to, because to me, I feel like it's somewhat cut & dry that an amount of predation is going to happen, but that's necessary to reduce these horrible diseases that we enabled through ignorance. There should be a level of federal or state funding to float that.

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We have otters on our lake! Is this a good thing or bad thing? Any thoughts? We discuss what we're currently doing about it.

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Is WWF a legit organization as of February 2024?

I've known of WWF as an organization that works to preserve endangered species, but I'm not aware if their funds go to shady organizations, political lobbying, or aren't contributing towards that effort.

I did some research online, but I couldn't find anything else other than an article by Buzzfeed and ActivistFacts stating that WWF is tied to human rights violations in Africa and Asia:

World Wildlife Fund | Activist Facts

I'd like to know where the money goes before I put my donations in. If there are other organizations that I can donate to in terms of marine wildlife and efforts to preserve the oceans instead of WWF, that would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: In regards to the political lobbying, I am referring to funds being tunneled to sponsor terrorist organizations or funding oppression against innocent lives in heavily resourced countries. Thank you for the responses so far.

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hello um I see extinct bird

what do I do who do I contact I swear I have seen a passenger pigeons for the past few years in my town the have orange have red eyes have spots go wewowowowo when they fly away from me I also have a phone with a bad camera so I cant take a good picture and don't sound like any pigeons in my area any advice would help

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Restoring the damaged forests of the Canary Islands with mechanical moss "fog catchers"

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