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A community for sharing and discussing Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

Conservation kɒnsəˈveɪ

The action of conserving something, in particular: preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment and of wildlife.

A community for sharing and discussing links about Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

If you believe that you can help educate people or help save a species, then feel free to discuss it here.

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New conservation board game being used by University of Botswana in education

My day job is a writer for a tabletop games website, but I have an interest in conservation, as it's my partner's career (currently in landscape management, formerly zoo sector with a focus on native species conservation). Sometimes the two fields overlap, as they have for a new board game, Kavango, currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter.
It's designed by a married couple, one of whom is a working reserve conservationist in Botswana. They've run demo events with University of Botswana Environmental Sciences, and state that the department plan to use it in teaching.
This article gives a brief rundown of it: https://www.wargamer.com/board-game-kickstarter-kavango, and the Kickstarter is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mazazagames/kavango
I'd like to write more about it, if only because the challenge of creating games that function as games and are scientifically accurate and are pedagogically effective is considerable. If you know of any other games in a similar vein I'd love to hear about them.

12:36 UTC


Alone in The Woods, Remote Wilderness Adventure

20:14 UTC


I need your help for my conservation project

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🌿Hello Nature Lovers!🌿

I'm Nicolas and I always had a passion for nature since my young age. I've started to work on a project that I think will be beneficial for organizations and individuals out there working to make our planet a better place.

🌳What's my vision?🌳

By watching closely what's happening in the world, all the natural disasters and the lack of funding of multiple NGOs in the field of nature conservation, I've been thinking of one thing that could help everyone. I'm dedicated to creating a crowdfunding platform that empowers people to support critical conservation projects worldwide. Picture a platform where passionate individuals, NGOs, and dedicated conservationists come together to protect our planet's biodiversity. Wild right!?

With a background in multimedia and a commitment to lifelong learning, I want to use my skills and the power of technology for good.

🌟Get Involved!🌟

I'm launching a survey to hear your thoughts, ideas, and dreams for this conservation platform. This will help me shape the project to have a meaningful impact. Click the link below to share your insights and be a part of this journey. This survey will take between 10-20 minutes.


Join me in this incredible adventure to protect the Earth's biodiversity and safeguard our planet for generations to come. Together, we'll make our beautiful planet, a better place to live for all the living.

Thank you so much 😊

Note: If you know any NGOs working in conservation, please share them in the comments so I can reach to them directly. Also it would be very kind if you could share this survey in your network.

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The Virtual Serengeti: AI generated Wildlife Preservation Documentary

Hi everyone I've started to create a series of clips that will help raise awareness in terms of nature and Wildlife preservation

10:14 UTC


What conservation charity has preserved the most land?

I’m having trouble finding the charity that has actually recreated wild lands. Do any of them like buy old industrial or farmland and work to make it the native ecosystem again?

10:04 UTC


Change the way we see animals

I recently watched this guy's video on YouTube and I think he did a great job on showing what the problem is and felt I needed to help, even if that was only by signing and sharing his message. https://youtu.be/U2mJhRre1Cg?si=7Bm47SjfqwsXmu5k if people were stopped from making money from animal cruelty maybe we could make a change for good.


20:51 UTC


Career paths combining computer programming and conservation?

Hello all, I have a background in Environmental Studies and years of experience doing invasive species management field work. I did a pivot in 2020 to web development, and am hoping to combine these skills somehow. I currently work for a marketing company and I wish to get back to the area of conservation, but wondering if anybody has any insight to career paths that utilize programming skills - while I work mainly with PHP and JavaScript (WordPress/React) currently, I am learning Python since it is preferred for data science applications. Thanks!

15:27 UTC


Rogue Wildlife Rehabbers

I put together a website highlighting the ethical, legal, and ecological concerns regarding one wildlife rehabilitation group breaking the law in Southern California by treating hundreds of coyotes outside of the care facility using a medication that is toxic to aquatic environments.


21:55 UTC


Working On The Frontline Of Wildlife Conservation And Human-Wildlife Coexistence - Benson Kanyembo - Law Enforcement Advisor, Conservation South Luangwa - CSL, Zambia

20:35 UTC


Wanting to become an anti-poacher volunteer but unsure of who to go to

As the title suggests I have recently come across the work don't by many different anti-poachung organisations and have found out about their volunteer programs and so on. Through my own research I have come across several different companies all offering the chance to train people up to be able to volunteer. However I have also been made aware of "scams", the example being of people paying for the course and then not getting anything out of it and then being able to do well afterwards. In response to this I have done lots of research into what companies are worth the time and money and which aren't. The one I am most confident in being legitimate would 'Global Guardians Conservation Fund". The reason I am led to believe they are legit is due to the sheer amount of content they provide, with videos breaking each step of the training. They also appear very honest that work after the training will not pay well (this does not bother me). I am making this post to find out if this group is worth investing my time and money into or if it is best to hold off.

Thank you in advance

11:21 UTC


Anti-Poachers in need (Charity)

Hello everyone, anti-poachers don't get paid much and they risk life and limb to save our wildlife from extinction, if you have a few cents to spare check out the charity.

If you want more details message me directly, I'm on discord more than here: heinrichoberholzer


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