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For a more active community, you should check out /r/RenewableEnergy.

For a more active community, you should check out /r/RenewableEnergy.


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Can pumped-storage hydro solve the challenge of intermittent renewable energy?

We've explored Pumped-storage Hydroelectric (PSH) in our Mega-Batteries series and found the following:

  1. Pumped-storage hydro involves pumping water from a lower reservoir to a higher one during times of low electricity demand and then releasing it back down to generate electricity during peak demand.
  2. This technology provides a flexible and efficient way to store and generate electricity, which is particularly useful for balancing the grid during intermittent renewable energy generation.
  3. Pumped-storage hydro is currently the most widely used form of large-scale energy storage worldwide, and it has numerous benefits, including low operating costs, long lifespan, and high efficiency.
  4. There are also some challenges associated with this technology, such as its high capital costs, environmental impact, and potential limitations in terms of suitable geographic locations.

Pumped-storage hydro is a technology that stores and generates electricity by pumping water from a lower reservoir to a higher one during off-peak periods and then releasing it back down to generate electricity during peak demand.

This technology is widely used worldwide and has several advantages, such as low operating costs, high efficiency, and long lifespan.

Nonetheless, it also presents some challenges, such as high capital costs, environmental impact, and location constraints.

Here we explore it in detail: https://www.aquaswitch.co.uk/blog/pumped-storage-hydro/

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Are you in IT/EE/FI/SW and want a career in circular economy?

I just wanted to share this course my school is organizing. It's tuition-free and you can apply for Erasmus+ grants to pay for your maintenance costs while in Italy. Everything is done from home except for the training in Italy.

The call is open to people living in Italy, Switzerland, Finland, and Estonia who want to get a technician degree in circular economy or sustainability.

Here is the website.

Since it includes an internship in your own country, it can help to jumpstart your path in this industry.

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Good talks/lectures/podcasts about energy storage costs?

Typically when I see energy policy being discussed something along the following ends up happening:

"We need to build more renewables"

"No, we need to build more nuclear"

"But renewables are cheaper"

"But renewables are intermittent"

"But you can solve that with storage"

"But storage is too expensive"

"But batteries are getting cheaper"

"But they wont ever get cheap enough"

"But renewables became cheap really quick"

"But storage isnt the same thing, that wont happen"

"It totally will"



Usually when they get toward the end of that chain the people talking will start getting a bit too hand wavy about why they are convinced that storage will or wont be able to make renewables work as the main grid supply.

Are there any good talks or podcasts that go into detail on this subject?

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Study on converting a refinery to renewables

I'm doing a quick study on converting o&g refineries to biofuels plants and had a few questions maybe someone on here can help with:

  • deoxygenation and decarbonation can be performed in an existing hydrotreater right?

  • what are typical blends of soy oil with yellow and white grease?

  • how much output is reduced in these facilities?

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Facebook propels more solar generation in the Tennessee Valley as solar farms are built to supply new data centers

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