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Gasification is a process that converts organic or fossil based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is achieved by reacting the material at high temperatures (>700 °C), without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen and/or steam. The resulting gas mixture is called syngas (from synthesis gas or synthetic gas) or producer gas and is itself a fuel. The power derived from gasification and combustion of the resultant gas is considered to be a source of renewable energy if the gasified compounds were obtained from biomass.

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Where can I buy a premade or kit gasifier?

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Does anybody have any sizing advice for MSW bubbling fluidizied bed

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Which major refineries use Gasification?

I’m doing a project for my course at college on refineries that use gasification. For some reason I am having problems finding current refineries which use this process. Any tips? Thanks in advance

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I would be grateful if anyone could answer the following questions and point me to reputable authority (science literature or similar) that corroborates the answers.

On the understanding that the industry standard for quality of propane-air is 1400 btu/cf, what are the consequences of supplying customers with inferior quality propane-air at say 700 btu/ft?

Would customers have to use more propane-air to heat the house and cook?

Thanks in advance Michael

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Challenges in Gasification Industry in India

The advent of Coal Gasification into the Indian Industry was seen as a major fuel source and a perfect substitute for high-cost fuels which were then being used for the thermal application during manufacturing of items like steel, glass, ceramics, chemicals, aluminum etc. The manufacturing of finished products, fuels such as HFO, Natural Gas, LNG, Propane etc. were being used in large quantities. Coal Gasification not only substituted these industrial fuel but also set a benchmark for new and upcoming industry to exploit and explore the possibility of using coal gas as their primary process fuel.

With it came the challenges of handling an environmentally non- friendly raw material "Coal". During the process of coal gasification, the management of by-products such as tarry wastes, phenolic water, coal ash, coal dust etc. were also required to be addressed.

Coal gasification has seen a metamorphosis in technology development. Primarily, two variants are prevalent in the Indian Industry- Static Bed Coal (SBC) Gasification and Fluidized Bed Coal (FBC) Gasification. Depending on the application and magnanimity of the project and commercial challenges, the gasification technologist recommends and selects the desired variant.

Pyrolysis Clean Coal Gasificationwhich happens to fall under the category of SBC Gasification has been able to address mostly all of the environmental challenges faced by the gasification industry. This design ensures a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) process by which all the phenolic water generated in the process is treated and used back (re-cycled) in the gasification process cycle. This takes care of the Phenolic Water concern. The tar generated in the process is professionally handled in underground concrete tanks. The tar has high fluidity and can be combusted and used as a fuel for the plants thermal applications. The coal ash generated during the gasification process is granular in form and in no way be held responsible for cause any form of air pollution. This coal ash can be used as land fill or can be used as an aggregate for making cement blocks. Thus, we can see choosing the right technology not only helps the end-user in preventing further damage to their environment but also save millions and millions of rupees for themselves and for the nation.

It is a known fact that Coal Gasification implemented in the correct way will result in enormous savings and will narrow the huge gap on India's Balance of Payments (mainly because of crude oil imports reduction).

By Rahuel George, CountryHead of CASE Group

Author's Bio:

Rahuel George has an experience of more than 15 years in the coal gasification industry. He is the CountryHead of CASE Group, an organization known for setting up most of the available technologies in the field of coal gasification. He has successfully handled and executed numerous "Hot Gasifier", "Pyrolysis Clean Gas" Technology projects in India and abroad. He has been a lead member is setting up Coal Gasification as a cost effective fuel for "Glass Industry" and "Porcelain Insulators Industry", these projects being first of their kind in the world.

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Starting a gasification plant

Aspiring entrepreneur here.. looking to get into the energy sector, but in a sustainable way. Recently saw the videos that Sierra Energy put out on YouTube, and have become fascinated with the process. I actually ended up doing their feedstock and product evaluation they have set up on their website, and the outcome/profit looked really good. I called them several times to see if their prototype was in the turnkey stage like their CEO Mike Hart explained in his TedTalk. However, someone finally called me back and said the company was only putting its resources into its military funded plant.

So moving on from that, does anyone have any other companies they know of that offer turnkey opportunities in the gasification industry, or any connections/resources that I could speak with? If anyone in here wants to partner up that has chemical/environmental engineering experience (I mainly have business and chemical/lab experience, not really strong in manufacturing sector).

With the huge landfill masses in the United States and nearby oceans, I feel this process could be very lucrative and offer an incentive for Americans to do more with their waste than just throw it away.

Thank you all for your help!

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Environment Related Myths of Coal Gasification Technology

Whenever there is a discussion on the usage of coal as fuel, a series of questions trigger in our minds related to the ill-effects it can have on the Environment. As Coal happens to be the largest source of Natural Energy Resource on our planet, varied technologists rack their brains as to how this abundant Natural Resource can be effectively put to use without having an adverse effect to our Environment.

One such effective solution of using coal as a fuel is through the “Coal Gasification” route. Over the years the coal gasification industry has seen metamorphosis changes with respect to technology development and designs. Today, we can proudly say that Coal Gasification has reached the epitome of technology development, its main impetus being of achieving higher Gasification efficiencies and having least impact on our Environmental.

Coal Gasification is channeling its passage into the Industry which require high thermal energy for their process. Steel, Glass, Aluminium, Ceramics etc. are such industries which are energy guzzlers. Slowly and steadily these producers are educating themselves to realize and infer that Coal Gas is the most economical solution to their Energy Demands in comparison to the likes of other high cost thermal fuels.

Environmental concerns of Air, Water, Noise and Ground Pollution are well addressed in today’s Coal Gasification technologies. Coal Gas post combustion have SPM, RSPM, Sox & NOx levels which are much lower than prescribed Pollution Control Norms set by the Governing Authorities. Condensate Water or any Liquid Generated during the process of Gasification is recycled back into the system thus making this a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology. The coal ash generated after the combustion of coal in gasifier shell is professionally managed and handled and further used in making concrete blocks/ road making etc. The main moving parts of the Gas Station being Blowers and Compressors are all equipped with suitable VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) thus maintaining sound levels <40dB. Thus, we see that today the Coal Gasification Industry has technologies which are Environment friendly without putting a further dent into it.

It is important to mention that not all coal gasification technologies are successful in addressing the Environmental concerns. The prerogative of technology approval lies in the hands of the Governing Authorities. A correct approach from the technology providers end should be to educate and verse the authorizing agencies on the merits and demerits of various gasification technologies and assist them in making the correct choice.

It can be concluded that with the right gasification technology selection the world can harness on the phenomenal advantages and benefits coal gasification can offer to the worlds Energy Demands without adversely affecting our Environment.

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Entrained Flow Gasifier for Indian Coal Fines

Entrained Flow Gasifiers are highly advanced coal gasifiers, designed to gasify low grade Indian Coals readily available in abundance at extremely cheap rates thus making the project dynamics much viable and cost effective for the end user.

Entrained Flow Gasifier

Coal fines are converted to coal gas having high calorific values >2400kcal/nm3 with negligible nitrogen thus reducing the NOx levels. Coal gas is the cheapest form of reliable energy which can be utilized for any thermal application within the Industrial process. With coal gas industries are able to substitute the use of high costs industrial fuels like HFO, LDO, LNG, Propane, Diesel, Natural Gas etc.

Get in touch with CASE explore the possibility of using Coal Gas for your industrial use.

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Open source household waste gasifier

I've been dreaming of building a gasifier with household trash as the feedstock. Something similar to this post except the feedstock would be any organic MSW like paper, plastic, food scraps, cardboard, etc. Large scale plants mentioned in other posts do this in mass quantities but I'm thinking of something that can fit in my garage or under my kitchen counter - a smaller-scale version of this device. Think dish washer or HVAC sized.

Curious how feasible you think a project like this? Would certainly require quite a bit of design work specifically around the reactor and gas cleanup. I want to start an open source project designing such a device. Anyone interested?

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Need help looking up a type of gasifier I heard rumor of

I heard that there was a gasifier that had a chamber within a chamber. The inner chamber created a syn gas (that was piped out to be used as fuel elsewhere) as well as charcoal. The outer chamber allowed oxygen flow to burn charcoal (which was previously created in the inner chamber) to create heat that drives the inner reaction.

Evidently, this was used by a taxi driver in India. Evidently this was a more efficient method than other designs. I've been looking to cite sources and look at designs, but I'm struggling with search terms that could get me there.

Any help, y'all?

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Has anyone in here built one?

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Kickstarter to fund documentary on Biomass Gasification

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Help with my Design Project Please!


I have a project to design this unit..I had basic flow diagram. I am going to work hard to design this unit. I needed a well defined PiD of this unit to start material balancing the unit with flow rate. If any of you guys have any info on this uni or pid, please helps me. I would really appreciate if you do.

Thanks, Singh

17:29 UTC

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