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Wind Energy is the use of wind to provide the mechanical power through wind turbines to turn electric generators and traditionally to do other work, like milling or pumping. Wind power is a sustainable and renewable energy, and has a much smaller impact on the environment compared to burning fossil fuels.Wikipedia: Wind Power

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Hello, has anyone tried theese wind turbines, they are from alibaba supplier link below, the price with the controller and dumpload is arround 400 USD , wich is pretty inexpensive compared to what we is offered in the market.

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Complete ReDriven 10KW Wind Turbine System for sale.

I’m Selling my ReDriven 10 KW Wind Turbine. Includes all necessary components for operation. Includes a new base as well as a new head unit. Please message me for more info.

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Educational Wind Energy project


I want to kick off a long-term wind energy project with my kids, focusing on both educational and practical aspects. This is not just a one-month endeavor but rather a multi-year journey. My kids will gain various skills, from planning and theory to practical application and data analysis. The project aims to explore wind speeds, directions, and the efficiency of different types of wind generators, as well as electronic and software skills and everything else along the way.

The Big Picture The idea is to start small and gradually scale up. I've initially settled on low-speed wind turbines for safety reasons.

Educational Goals This project aims to provide a hands-on learning experience for my kids. We will be covering various topics like electricity, magnetism, hardware, software, and more. While the project might produce some real-world application, its primary goal is educational. It shoulnd just be a toy, but it will also involve scaled-down 3D-printed models for comparison.

Energy Storage & Data Logging Initially, the focus won't be on energy yield but rather on collecting and analyzing data. If we go for a real-world system, we're considering a 12V setup with ESP32 units for data logging and MQTT for integration into HomeAssistant. In the case of scaled models, a 6V system would be more appropriate.

Why Wind Measurements? Wind measurements are critical for establishing baseline data and making comparisons later. We're currently evaluating the project scope, and while we haven't made any purchases yet, we're in the planning stages.

Software and Tools I'm currently learning SimScale for fluid dynamics to better understand the airflow around the turbines. The models will be created in Fusion360, and then tested in SimScale for further refinement.

If anyone has something interesting to contribute, please feel free. I'm currently evaluating the concept and taking everything in that comes my way.

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Climate policies are on the line in the upcoming November Virginia election via POLITICO Energy podcast

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Seeking Guidance for a Successful Career in Wind Energy: Choosing the Right Modules and Skills

Hello, I hope everybody is doing well!

I'm currently enrolled in a master degree in engineering physics (renewable energies specialization) in Germany (I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering). I'm quite interested in the wind energy industry and research. I want to ask the experienced engineers and scientists about the current high-demanding skills and high-paying jobs in this field. I have a wide range of modules to choose from for this master; therefore, I want to choose well to have a good background for my career. Also, what do you advise me in general to excel in this career—what kind of things I should learn alone, skills, and online courses I should take? I will appreciate any advice from you guys. Aerodynamics, aerospace, and artificial intelligence are areas of interest for me. (But I don't have relevant work experience.)

I'll give you an idea of the modules available:

Smart Grid Management
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Wind Energy Physics, Data & Analysis
Future Power Supply Systems
Wind Resources and their Applications
Design of Wind Energy Systems
Control of Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
Wind Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics
Offshore Wind Energy
Wind Turbine Measurement Techniques
Probabilistic Methods in Wind Energy
Stochastic Processes
Optimization in modern Power Systems
Integration of Wind Power in the Power System
Advanced Wind Energy Meteorology
Deep Learning
Machine learning
Intelligent Systems
Energy Economics
Fluid Dynamics
Turbulent Flows
Planning and Development of Wind Farms
Physics of Sustainable Energy
Optimization and Data Fitting

Thanks in advance; I'm a bit lost here, so any advice will be beneficial!

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How do wind turbines store energy in the real world - not theoretical.

I am an electrical engineer, so I know a little about power generation, etc. This past weekend I got into a discussion with someone about windmill farms, and they were asking me some basic questions about how they work, etc. One thing I was not very sure about was how and if these windmill farms store energy.

I have done a little research on-line and I can't find a solid, satisfactory answer. Some sources say they don't store energy - they just put it directly into the grid. Other sources say they use storage methods ranging from batteries to compressed air. So I don't know what the real answer is.

Can someone give me a more solid answer? They were particularity asking about the windmill farms they see in Illinois and Iowa.

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Support my renewable energy project Donate if you want to know the answer to the riddle of 3,6,9

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Revolutionizing Fastening Technology! 🔩🛠️ Step inside the creation of SmartBolts Demo Units at Industrial Indicators. These simple handheld demo units allow you to see our color changing tension indicator in action, with just the turn of your wrist!

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Is there an aprenticeship for bevoming windmill mechanic what do i need to apply for that?

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Floating offshore wind energy - Will it scale or is it just another renewables fad?

Floating offshore wind energy is either described as another unscalable 'renewable fad' or as the only way forward of wind energy. It's seldom placed within the spectrum of these extremes.

There are currently three commercial offshore wind farms in operation in the UK and Portugal, with a number of others close to deployment, mostly in the Europe.

Advantages of floating turbines include tapping into more consistent mid-sea wind resources, no need to assemble offshore (can be assembled at port and towed to location), and there are no foundations needed, so no disruption to seafloor ecosystems.

On the down-side, it's still expensive (classic), it is less efficient as it's a dynamic structure, and onshore interconnection is resource-intensive, expensive, and vulnerable to sabotage.

Here's the full text: https://www.aquaswitch.co.uk/blog/are-floating-offshore-wind-farms-the-future/

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Dr. Erin Baker. | Saving the World with Wind Energy | Renewable Energy #...

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European Summit aims to increase the production of wind energy

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Tracking the rise of the Chinese offshore wind industry

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New project ideas

Hello Reddit,

I am currently working for a subcontractor company that has recently entered the wind industry. Our company is currently engaged in maintenance activities and we have just started working on construction projects as well. Our company owner has encouraged us to come up with new ideas for projects. I would like to propose some potential projects that we could undertake. One idea that I have is to start offering hoist and ladder inspections. However, I would like to hear more suggestions from you. Can you provide me with other ideas that we could explore?

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Collett & Sons deliver 450 wind turbine components to South Kyle Wind Farm.

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What are you interested in reading about?

I’ve been thinking about starting a newsletter but I’m new to wind energy and would like to learn more about what would be valuable for you to know. All comments are welcome!

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Introduction to Wind Energy - Free online course

Introduction to Wind Energy - Free online course

What are the advantages and disadvantages related to harnessing the energy of the wind?



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We created a 3D scrollytelling about wind energy


We created a microsite that explains how wind turbines generate clean energy in a unique way through interactive scrollytelling and a 3D Model that is the central theme throughout the website. With adjustable parameters, you can learn about the mechanics of wind power and see the impact of different variables on power output. You can adjust the sliders and see how many houses could be powered for a week if the turbine ran for just one hour.

We want to be transparent that while we've done our best to ensure the numbers are as accurate as possible, we're not experts in this field. This tool is a great way to learn about renewable energy and get a general idea of how wind turbines work, but if you need more precise information, we encourage you to consult with experts in the field.

That being said, we'd love for you to check out the tool and let us know what you think in the comments. Click the link below to try it for yourself:


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Orlando's Wind Academy featured in January issue of Wind Systems magazine

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