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Discuss tips on recycling common household materials and post interesting links.

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Are baby carrot bags recyclable via store drop off?

04:14 UTC


fine copper from power cables

22:49 UTC


question re: recycling boxes

Bought some furniture and am breaking down the boxes for recycling. The flaps on the boxes have several large metal staples in them. Do I need to remove the staples before dumping them in my recycle bin? I checked my city's recycle policy but it doesn't specify.

02:33 UTC


Is there a Product Plastics Database?

I was recently eating at McDonald’s and was trying to figure out what each plastic type was used for each thing I ordered. I found some things were unlabeled.

Is there some form of database or set of databases out there which have data on all sorts of plastic products and their subsequent plastic type?

17:54 UTC


Benefits of aluminum plastic panel separator machine

We DOING group developed the new environment-friendly aluminum-plastic separator can successfully separate aluminum-plastic composite material into aluminum and plastic through completely dry physical separation technology, without causing secondary pollution to the environment.


The first benefits of aluminum plastic panel separator machine is energy saving and environmental protection, no need to separate aluminum and plastic by washing, and no need to burn fuel.

The second benefits of aluminum plastic panel separator machine is sealed processing, safe and hygienic. In the separation process of aluminum-plastic products, the separation separator is completed in a completely sealed environment, and the separated dust is automatically collected into a dust bag to keep the environment clean.

The third benefits of aluminum plastic panel separator machine is high separation rate. The aluminum-plastic separator developed by our DOING company can completely separate aluminum and plastic through physical crushing, grinding, rotating vibrating screen, electrostatic separation and other processes, and the separation rate reaches more than 99%. Recycled aluminum not only can be used to smelt aluminum ingots, but also silver powder factory, fireworks factory, aluminum factory, the quality raw materials. According to market research, it costs up to $2,200 a ton. In addition, the recycled plastic can be compressed, pipe packaging and water pipeline. Market potential is huge, extremely high return.

Considering the above three benefits of aluminum plastic panel separator machine then don’t hesitate to recycle your aluminum plastic waste to make money! Welcome contact with us for further information about aluminum plastic panel separator machine.


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06:54 UTC


A good short podcast about how recycling works, climate-wise

22:29 UTC


How faulty recycling impacts landfill emissions

21:06 UTC


"Recycling" For Beginners - Philippines

So we wanna make a hobby out of recycling but we'd also like to make profit from it and reinvest the earnings in making our recycling more efficient. How do we start? Can anyone share information or guidelines?

To give more context, we already started segregating the following materials:

  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Metals

Looking at it at this level is kind of broad and simply delivering it to our local junk shops wouldn't yield much compared to our efforts, so what we have done so far:

  • We started dismantling broken appliances and taking the screws (piling them up together), the copper from the motor is kind of easy to distinguish, some metals that does not stick to magnets we assume as aluminum and the rest that do are steel or something.
  • The plastics from those appliances (the shell, blades, and other bits and pieces) are also piled together but unlike PET bottles that usually have markings or tags they are all mixed up and I do know that they are priced differently (like the caps from bottles are PP and containers for shampoo are HDPE, lastly are styrofoam from packaging).
  • We also have papers segregated from bond paper, folders, envelopes, thermal paper (from recites) and to add to the metals are staple wires.

We plan to buy paper shredder (paper), melting furnace (metals into bullion), and some type of convection heater (plastic). We do not mind to invest on those and add steps on how to process the said materials if they could yield a better price but the next problem would be... where do we sell them or which stores could give decent commissions for our efforts?

We aren't solely processing junk to make earnings so our yield isn't that great when it comes to volume but we do want to make it as efficient as possible and grow it bit by bit till it can be considered as a fulltime operation while we also help the environment one step at a time.

11:05 UTC


automatic cable copper wire stripper

05:54 UTC


What points should you consider when it comes to Aluminum Composite Panel Recycling?

When it comes to points to consider for aluminum composite panel recycling, you should consider the following three points to ensure that you can get the most profit out of your aluminum recycling.

Point 1.Transport

How will the waste aluminum composite panel to the recycling facility and what specific containment needs must be met for aluminum composite panel recycling.

Point 2.Recycling program

You must have an overall recycling program about your aluminum composite panel recycling. One of the important things in your aluminum composite panel recycling is that you need to identify your aluminum composite panel recycling machine, as well as the sales channels for the aluminum and plastic from the aluminum composite panel.

Point 3.Cost

This is an especially important consideration to ensure that recycling becomes a consistent part of your strategy. Make sure you include costs into your tendering estimates for aluminum composite panel recycling.

These are the basic points that need to be considered regarding the aluminum composite panel recycling. Depending on the situation in each region, there will be differences in the points to consider for aluminum composite panel recycling. But among all the points, you need to consider and the most important one is the choice of aluminum composite panel recycling machine.

I have to introduce the aluminum composite panel recycling machine to you. The aluminum composite panel recycling machine is the most advanced technology to recycle and separate the aluminum composite panel for aluminum composite panel recycling now.

Compared to the old method of burning process or water processing, DOING aluminum composite panel recycling machine has more advantages like these:

**1.**With physical and dry type separation, totally environmental friendly machine and no pollution produced;

**2.**Fully automatically and easy operation, with few labor required;

**3.**High recovery rate of 99%.


So aluminum composite panel recycling machine now becomes the most welcomed method to recycle the aluminum composite panel. So how's its working process? Actually, it's mainly through crushing, grinding and electrostatic separation these physical process, the aluminum and plastic will be separated finally from the aluminum composite panels.  

After processing, we’ll get aluminum and plastic as the final products. As the separation rate of the aluminum composite panel recycling machine could reach about 99%, so the aluminum and plastic separated are both very pure, it could be sold in market directly for profit. For the aluminum, it's always welcomed in metal trading market and has good selling price. For the plastic, usually it could be used for making plastic granules, which also has a good market.

So with the aluminum plastic separation machine, not only could make the waste aluminum composite panels proper recycled again, but also you can get profit from the aluminum composite panel recycling. So if you also have interest in the aluminum composite panel recycling machine, welcome to contact our DOING Company for more information of the machine and business here!


03:26 UTC


Recycled old monk into tree plantation!

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02:43 UTC


This is why we hate plastic bags. These are cleaned 4 times a day

23:19 UTC


Over 500 CDs/DVDs that I can't donate...

I have over 500 CDs/DVDs that I can't donate or sell. I have called our local recycling centers and they all say to just put them in the black trash bin. I called around a few paid recyclers but they charge about $1/CD and I just don't have that kind of money. What in the world can I do with them? It's so sad to have them all just end up in a landfill for the next 1000 years.

I have emailed the CD Recycling Center of America but they seem to be closed. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA.

Anyone have any ideas that aren't DIY art projects?

16:59 UTC


Waste Circuit Boards Recycling | PCB Chips Removing Machine

07:09 UTC


South Korea Recycle every piece of food waste.

01:11 UTC


How should I dispose of an old safe?

I have an old safe that is completely broken. The safe is small, made from a mix of plastic and metal, and has a handle.

What's the best way to dispose of this? Should I just toss it? Or is there another more green-friendly option?


19:49 UTC


Trash bags in recycling bin?

I need an argument settled. We keep our recycles in a plastic trash bag. When Im the one to empty it, I empty out the bag into the bin, then reuse the bag for new recycles. My husband on the other hand just throws the whole plastic bag in there. I assume this makes a problem but Id like some clarification. Should we empty out the bags?

15:05 UTC


Air conditioner radiator recycling machine

What's the air conditioner radiator recycling machine?

Air conditioner radiator recycling machine is a complete production line for recycling waste radiators to get metal copper, aluminum and iron. This production line can recycle scrap household AC radiator and waste car tank in good shape or in damaged form. Also it can recycle large radiators in many layers which are mostly used for cold storage and industry.

The whole process for air conditioner radiator recycling machine includes shredding, crushing, magnetic separation and air separation. After processing, the separated copper, aluminum and iron are very pure.

What is the air conditioner radiator recycling machine working process?

The first step is input scrap radiator into shredder to shred radiators into small pieces. We use a double shaft shredder which has a big torque can shred a large radiator but has low noise. The blades for shredder use alloy and are made by special technology which has a long service life.

The second step is crushing small pieces shredded by shredder to particle which size is less than 3cm, then copper, aluminum, iron are not composited but still mixed together. The crusher we used is hammer crusher, it has a strong crushing force.

The third step, mixed copper, aluminum, iron particles are transferred to negative pressure baffling system. This system can output lots of light aluminum and make the rest particle go to the next step evenly. This system can improve the efficiency of the whole process.

The fourth step, magnetic separator separate iron from mixed particles. The magnetic separator we used has strong magnetic force and it can remove iron automatically.

After the above steps, we use air separator to separate heavy aluminum and copper. Due to the different densities of copper and aluminum, under the action of wind force, the copper-aluminum mixture makes amplitude movement on a certain angle of the sieve surface. Because the density of copper is high, the resulting deflection causes the copper advance towards the outlet, the aluminum particles float on the copper particles and flow to the aluminum outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of separating copper and aluminum.The copper, aluminum, iron separated by this production line can be sold on the market directly.

What are the advantages of air conditioner radiator recycling machine?

* Air conditioner radiator recycling machine is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment can effectively control dust overflow and keep the working environment clean.

* For the whole system, we use PCL system control, multi-machine cooperation in one feeding. The equipment is evenly fed, the operation is simple and safe, and only one person can operate.

If you have any questions about the air conditioner radiator recycling machine, welcome to contact us.


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06:35 UTC


Recycling beer bottles by - homebrewing :)

21:59 UTC


TF Securities Releases Research Report on ATRENEW(NYSE: RERE): Increased Brand Awareness and Service Upgrade

TF Securities has released a research report titled "A New Life for Love Recycling: Leader of Second-hand 3C E-commerce". The report states that ATRENEW(NYSE: RERE) Group, as the leader in the second-hand 3C industry and China's largest second-hand 3C product trading and service platform, has the potential to double its growth in the long run.

The growth logic of the company is based on "the second-hand 3C race is in the early stages of development, and the closed-loop transaction + technological innovation solves industry pain points." It is expected that the company's 1P business revenue space in 2023 will be between RMB 8.1 billion to 12.1 billion, and the 3P business revenue space will be between RMB 1.6 billion to 3.1 billion. Therefore, it can be predicted that ATRENEW(NYSE: RERE) Group's total revenue in 2023 will be between RMB 9.7 billion to 15.2 billion, with a year-on-year growth rate of 99.67%-212.89% compared to 2020.

The report states that ATRENEW(NYSE: RERE) has several advantages: 1) rapid growth in product transaction volume and offline stores; 2) a four-business-line structure that covers "C2B+B2B+B2C" completely; 3) the gradual formation of a scale effect through online and offline dual layouts.

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12:48 UTC


Radiator Recycling Machine

07:34 UTC


[Request] any information on ways to cheaply acquire, identify, heat-treat and/or chemically process various Plastic types 1-7 ( more in comments)?

whereas I'm in the infancy of my research, and beta testing, I'm not a total dip-shit~ ELIcollege is ok: the question is how to best process various types of plastics, in hopes of reusing? my understanding is that both #'s 2 (HDPE) & 5 (PP) can be similarly treated at ±300 F and remolded to spec.


  • can 2's and 5's be reheated together (guessing not)

  • several types of plasyic lack identifying classification #, any links on how to ascertain which are which?

  • I'm guessing that re heating is really the only viable way to reform plastics, no easily available chemical processes to consider? are there other methods to consider?

  • in the US can you go to any type of land fill, or recycling center, and grab a whole bunch of plastics , 2's and 5's?

  • I am probably extruding this into bright interior sculptures, any type of off-gassing or risks to consider?

  • I also wnt to make a geodesic dome greenhouse, so shear strength / integrity / architectural issues might be a concern. how to test for structural issues?

Massive thanks, with a little encouragement, happy to post back on my findings

00:59 UTC


Recycling Keyboards

I have memories of a conversation with a woman I met in passing working in sustainability who told me she was working on improving the sustainability of computer keyboards. She explained to me that certain parts of keyboards were not being recycled because it was too difficult, time consuming or expensive to separate the different types of plastic in these parts. I've been looking online for any mention of this anywhere but can't find a shred of information on it. All the information online suggests they're fully recyclable. I can't remember exactly but imagine it might have been separating the soft and hard plastics in the switches maybe? Or maybe it's just hard to separate the different types of plastic once crushed? I thought this was done by floating techniques but maybe this is not so popular.

Would anybody have any knowledge on this or could give me some terms to google to point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

19:36 UTC


Copper and Aluminum radiators processing and recycling with scrap metal ...

08:29 UTC

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