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Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, and it may or may not also involve the small scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale. . .

Homesteading is... ponds, barns, livestock, gardens, food preservation, outdoor kitchens, fishing, hunting, shop projects, tractors, bush hogs, pigs, raising chickens, cattle, worms, 4H, permaculture, organic practices, cast iron skillet, neighbor relations, frugality, 5 gallon buckets, crops, grazing, fences, lumber, canning, aquaculture, trees, woodland, diatomaceous earth, farmers, root cellars, smoke houses, mason jars, agriculture, agronomy, horticulture, critter shelter, farm interns, wwoofers, bees, honey, wildcrafting, dairy, goats, raised garden beds, paddock shift systems, nuts, berries, vegetables, growing sweet potatoes, self sufficiency, permaculture design course, off grid, alternative building, alternative energy, wood stoves, chainsaws , wood heat, tools, welding, woodworking, green woodworking, joel salatin, red worms, sepp holzer, masanobu fukuoka, ianto evans, art ludwig, farmers markets, animal husbandry, cottage industry, outhouses, composting toilets, septic tanks, ferro cement, straw bale construction, cob building...

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Homestead Podcasts?

I already know of the really big ones like Homesteady, Pioneering Today, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations other than the common ones? Looking to switch it up.

19:07 UTC


How Big Is 5 Acres? Homestead Layout Feedback?

I bought some land and I'm finally going to be moving onto it later this year! I have about 5 acres of cleared land to use. This diagram is a rough plan for my homestead layout. Does anyone have any feedback? This will obviously be a slow process but I'm really excited about it. I'm listing out the projects and things I want to build here. I'd love to hear from seasoned homesteaders with any feedback, maybe what projects I should start with, or things you've enjoyed that I should add to my long-term plan.

18:56 UTC


Wood chipper not chipping, what am I doing wrong?

I've got a Brush Master CH4 and have thrown everything below 2-1/2" into this and have gotten probably 2-3 truck bed fulls to throw into my garden area from an oak that uprooted a few weeks ago in my front yard. The problem is the chipper is labeled 3"x4" but it just doesn't seem to want to do any 3" branches! I can put a branch in and spin it like I'm sharpening a pencil if it's straight enough and it'll take some off and sometimes grab and take a few inches off, but it just won't do the whole branch. I know I've done stuff as big or a bit bigger back when i was first clearing the property but it was a lot of pine, cedar, and random brush. Is oak just that difficult to do? I've got 2 blades I'm swapping between sharpening, sharpened till I can cut through some garden twine like it's a razor blade. Even when I go to sharpen it it doesn't seem like it should be that bad, so what am I doing wrong?

16:55 UTC


Ring foundation forming

16:39 UTC


Hatching ducks

I have one duck that hatched yesterday and is dry. The other egg is pipping and trying to hatch. Should I move the dry one to the brooder or wait until the other one hatches and is dry?? The first has been out of the shell for 24 hrs

15:12 UTC


Does everyone actually cook their farm fresh eggs to firm yolk?

I have always eaten my eggs over easy and have only recently started eating our farm fresh eggs. Everywhere says that the eggs need to be cooked until the yolks are firm — do folks actually follow this or is this one of those overexaggerated recommendations stemming from regulations and bla bla bla?

14:14 UTC


Random questions about buying acreage

Hope this is the right place to post, as its more of a business question than about homesteading. But i figure homesteaders would have the right ideas for what im thinking.

Im looking to purchase land with the intentions of homesteading and am looking for ideas to make it more economically advantageous.

Heres my situation: -Im looking at 4 acres of land -My brother wants to get involved as hes starting a real estate investment company. How can i use this to my advantage?

Im thinking of selling him 1 acre and starting a property management company. I would set up temporary housing on my 3 acres and manage his acre for him.

  • Would my brother be able to use the expense of purchasing 1 acre as a tax write off in his real estate investment business?

  • Similarly, would i be able to use the expenses paid for managing his acre as a tax write off for my properry management company?

  • Where i live I can only get a tax write off for the amount that ive spent on the business, not more. Lets say my brother "pays" me to manage his company and i use that amount of income plus the income from selling the acre to claim my years expenses. Is this fraudulent? Or am i bordering fraudulent activity?

This is my first time buying property and id like to partner with my brother for tax or business advantages. Does any one have any tips or tricks / things i should be thinking about short and long term?

Thanks in advance and happy home steading!

14:13 UTC


Uses for processed quail parts?

I’m about to process my first quail this weekend and am curious if there are uses for the waste? I’m planning on using the blood to make blood meal, and I’ve heard the feathers can be good nitrogen additives for garden soil, but what about the rest: skin, bones, innards, feet, etc.

Thanks in advance!

13:33 UTC


Has anyone started a homestead in the uk? Is it possible without enormous amounts of financial backing?

Brought it up with my mortgage advisor and she implied it would be very difficult with planning and finances. Has anyone done it here?

12:41 UTC


Well Water Starter (Frugal)

I recently moved onto a property that has an old well. The water was tested for contamination and everything seemed to come back fine. I have a maybe, somewhat irrational fear of tap water? Buying gallons of spring water from the store doesn't seem right, but it is where I am at until I find an alternative. Is there a very affordable solution to using this well for drinking water? I have backpacking water filters, but would assume that would need upgrading if I want to do this consistently. Should I look at pumps? Permanent filtration systems? Do I also need to purify? I would like to think this could be the first step in familiarizing myself with wells as it leads to connecting a whole house to one. That is a goal of mine. Thank you!

12:02 UTC


We added geese to the homestead! 🪿🪿

We finally got geese! These are embden geese and I think I might have 2 males and 2 females going off of color but I’m not sure. I didn’t try to sex them but failed because they all seemed to be female and I don’t believe I got all females

11:45 UTC


Homesteading with a full time job

Hey everyone! As the title says, I'm curious how others go about farm duties with full time jobs. I plan on starting my own little homestead (chickens, vegetables, maybe pigs) after trade school, so any insight would be appreciated! Thank you, happy farming

11:44 UTC


Building an addition

Grandparents are buying this farm next to mine and need to add a bedroom to the main level. We are going to add a 15foot addition to the width of the house. My only problem is figuring out how to tie the roof in especially in the from part by the dish. What would you guys suggest?

11:30 UTC


Storing bread

What's the best way to store homemade bread? I don't have that much counter space and don't have a bread box. I was thinking of wrapping it in a cloth and putting it in the fridge. Or maybe even just keeping it in the load pan (slicing it and covering the top with Saran wrap or cloth).

06:41 UTC


Finished the coop /enclosed run

06:23 UTC


Does it bother you when people call your home a farm?

I don’t know why I feel the need to tell people that I don’t have a farm after they call it that, but now like 50-100 chickens/quails/ducks/turkeys later, I don’t think I have a leg to stand on.

I can’t pinpoint why I feel like I want to “correct” people. I think farming is cool. Farmers are amazing people. I just don’t think I’m one of them. I just raise animals at my house, on 10 acres - which sounds like a farm.

What’s my deal? Am I the only one?

04:30 UTC


A few new babies to the homestead.

New baby's, means time to process out the last run....

03:53 UTC


Homesteading Attire

What’s your work clothes like?

01:48 UTC


Our Experience trying to join a homestead/community

(If this isn’t allowed, mods can remove it! )

I see a lot of posts about people wanting to start a shared homestead or like find a community with shared land, however you want to phrase it. This was my experience.

In December my partner & I answered an ad in Northern California, to come live on 25 acres. Complete with solar, a green house, chicken coup being built, shared yurt & bath house. This seemed absolutely idyllic for us, we have been on the road for 2 years- kinda searching for a place to call home. We went through a very long, personal & thorough questionnaire, before moving onto a FaceTime “interview.” We seemed to all be on the same page, the owner of the land and buildings was an older lady that seemed to be relishing this new chapter, she is 4 years on in this adventure. Rents out spaces on hip camp, etc. We were encouraged to get out there as soon as possible and settled on the beginning of February. Her land mate, who she said was a permaculture engineer, very friendly, communal living expert was due to return back from overseas in March.

Immediately upon arriving we were directed to a different site, not the one advertised. The one advertised & pictureed was a flat RV site with a deck, fire pit, chairs, it’s own pickle barrel pooper, and a spot to hook up power and water. Near enough to the communal bath house. We ended up spending the first 3 weeks on the bottom edge of the property, on the most miserably severe angle, with no power. We tried to make the best of it. But it was odd and off putting. When we finally did move up top to the space we came for, we were immediately displaced for a week. She “forgot” to take it off hipcamp and didn’t want the bad review of cancelling them. Granted we had paid rent, for the month for that site. It wasn’t a discussion, we were just informed under the guise of it being for the greater good of the homestead. We also were told we’d have 30amp power, which was false. We were told we wouldn’t be able to run our RV AC, and that summer might be unbearable. And that we should be using our own solar, even though the sites shade sails blocked 75% of our panels. We were not allowed to adjust them.

We came very ready to jump into tasks, be it weeding the beds, starting seeds, assembling the chicken coup, trouble shooting the solar. Whatever. Instead we were put on hold till about mid March. When the infamous land mate returned and finally deigned to meet us. Surprisingly we found out later it was actually his idea, to bring in more people. In the end I think it was just a money grab. He was one of the most uncommunicative, terse people I’ve ever tried to work with.

We brought seeds and trays to start them and were informed he orders everything and decides everything, we weren’t allowed to do ours as they weren’t his preferred brand. Any project was some thing he had started the previous year and not completed, or rushed and threw together to “satisfy” the land owners needs. But the solar panels were not all wired properly, and were not supplying the power they could and should. He micro managed everything, in the garden as if we were toddlers.

There were also a lot of passive aggressive moves like if we said we were going to go get woodchips in the morning, or do a dump run, he’d disappear with the farm truck for most of the day and not respond to texts.

The yurt was supposed to be communal area, but he set up a desk, computer, a number of large and small stringed instruments and the last weekend we were there moved a baby grand piano in.

To say we learned a lot, but not in the way we anticipated is an understatement. Like I learned I don’t want to pee outside like an animal and poop in a hamster bucket as a long term solution. We learned we do want mail delivery and trash service! I think we also had to call time of death on communal living for us, I am very eager to learn but a fabulous green thumb and animal tender on my own. We also hoped it would sort of be a learning experience for them as well… it was not. The exact same ad is back up on Craigslist.

So I guess, I want to warn others. Let me be your cautionary tale, because I truly hope no other poor SOB answers that ad.

01:35 UTC


Going to look at a couple plots this weekend!

Smaller plots than I hoped for, but affordable and partially cleared and with woods. Going to do a THOW for a while, simple beds/greenhouse, a small perennial food forest and maybe a chicken coop and rabbit hutch when I’m feeling more confident about my gardening and preserving ability! I’m all about starting small and adding to my little micro-homestead only as I gain skill and experience.

What kind of things do you wish you would have asked an agent before buying your land? What kind of red flags would you see that would make you pass on a plot?

I’ve done so much reading and forum lurking, yadda yadda and have been scoping land for years but finally ready to pull the trigger. I feel like I have a lot of “general” knowledge that comes from reading and videos. But nothing practical. It’s all theoretical for me at this point. What I don’t have is that real world experience most of you all do. The lessons you had to learn the hard way, despite all your planning and preparing - the shit you just never thought of until it became an issue.

That’s the kind of stuff I want to hear about re purchasing land!

Thanks in advance and wish me luck!

01:01 UTC


Incubator Warehouse??

I was just wondering if anyone has ordered from "incubatorwarehouse.com"? Their prices seem too low to me, so I don't want to buy fron them until I hear from someone outside of their on-site reviews. Thanks in advance!

01:01 UTC


Catching sheep!

00:38 UTC


how long do chickens twitch after death?

long story short, dog got one of our chickens, its guts were hanging out, decided to shoot it with a pellet gun, and i know about death twitches but it still was still twitching 4 mins after i gave it 2 shots in the head, it also appeared to be breathing, is this normal?

00:01 UTC


tips for masking/eliminating sewage smell outdoors?

I wasn't sure where to ask this, it's not quite a homestead issue but I figure someone on this sub might have similar experiences with outhouses or eco-friendly plumbing and might have some ideas.

I live and work at a sort of cabin resort with some environmentally friendly plumbing situation, I'm not sure exactly what it is to be honest, but the issue is that the place it all leads to and gets treated at is right behind the staff cabins. There's often a smell; obviously smells are just something you have to deal with in extremely rural areas, and most of the time it's tolerable, but during the hottest parts of summer it gets really bad. At that point it spreads past the staff living area throughout the whole property, and the usual solution of lighting a bonfire doesn't help at all... As far as I know nothing's wrong with the system, it just smells, so there's nothing to fix in order to prevent it. The only option aside from tolerating it is masking/eliminating it.

I've tried googling around but I'm not familiar with this kind of thing at all so I'm hoping for some firsthand advice. Is there anything that'll really help? "Biosurge" was the first thing to come up, as well as an "ozone generator", anyone have experience with these? Some of my coworkers have mentioned they used to have "crystals" around that eliminated odor but I'm not sure exactly what they meant by that, or why they don't use it anymore if it was working. There's also plans to start gardening in the area so that hopefully the scent from the plants masks the odor, but it's already in the middle of the woods so I don't know if it'll make a huge difference. I really appreciate any advice 🙏

23:01 UTC


Homestead acreage

So I've seen that bare minimum for 1 family 1 or 2 acres is good for a homestead plot but what would you guys say would be a good amount for 2 or 3 familys so everyone can have privacy when its needed but enough room for projects?

22:43 UTC


She earns her keep

She's so proud of herself too

21:51 UTC

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