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News, articles and discussions regarding British TV shows, film and stand-up.

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I remember seeing a tv programme about lights in the sky.

It didn’t end well….

20:28 UTC


The most forgotten Britcom of the '00s?


Personally, I'd say it's a tie between Coupling, and How Not to Live Your Life. Truthfully, if I didn't discover that an old VHS tape of mine happened to have an episode of Coupling recorded on it, I wouldn't even know that one existed!

20:01 UTC


70s sitcoms

Recently discovered Some Mothers Do Ave Em & loved it. Are there any other 70s sitcoms i should check out?

18:09 UTC


I saw Rise Of The Footsoldier Vengeance, recently, and ive got some questions

As i will be giving away spoilers, im gonna have to mark this thread as a spoiler.

I saw the movie last night and ive got some questions

!1) Why did David Hexell (The guy who played Yetti in The Firm) put a hit out on Patrick?!<

!2) Why did the woman who lived with David Hexell put a hit on Patrick?, the way she was eves dropping on David Hexell ordering a hit on Patrick, just didnt make sense. Why put a hit on someone where you already know someone else has put a hit on them!<

!3) Why did the woman who lived with David Hexell get whacked after she met up with that guy to put a hit on Patrick. What did she do to earn herself getting whacked for?!<

!4) Im assuming that Mo (the old boss guy with the eastern european accent) did not die from Patrick Tate shooting him, as we see him right at the end in Ibiza (inless that was a flashback scene, but i assumed it wasnt).!<

!5) It was really daft and far fetched that when both Patrick Tate and Billy The Kid's father both walked through that nightclub with unconcealed shotguns, that no one noticed and no one panicked!<

07:58 UTC


The Thick of It

Hi! Do you think as a non-British, I enjoy watching this show? I'm afraid I won't get the cultural references.

I'm not that into british comedy. I watched monty pythons, Ricky gervais, and rowan Atkinson shows.

From less famous ones, I enjoyed shows like good omens and staged.

That is why I decided to watch more British comedy.

I would also appreciate some suggestion ;)

00:00 UTC


Granite Harbour

Just popped on BBC One before Have I Got News For You started and this show was on, Granite Harbour - how is this on BBC One Friday night in such a prime time slot? It’s utter shite? The acting, writing, directing and even the editing is bad? It’s like Doctors which I guess is shit but knows what it is - are people watching this? Am I just completely off the mark and miss the point?

19:58 UTC


Stath Lets Flats

After hearing so much about this I gave it a try on Britbox.

Did. Not. Like.

Although I like the main actor, whom I've seen in other shows. It was just too over the top to be funny, in my opinion. I'm now watching The Job Lot and enjoying it.

I'm a Yank. Yes, I do get British humour. (See that? I even spelled it your way.)

Here's a list of some that I have enjoyed lately:



Here We Go

Avoidance (kind of)

Miranda (saw it years ago and not sure if it still holds up.)

There She goes


Derry Girls

Gavin & Stacey

I'm familiar with The Thick of It, The IT Crowd, and the In-Betweeners, but don't remember what I thought of them. Will try again.

I know the old shows like Blackadder, Vicar of Dibley, Fawlty Towers--the classics if you will.

I was trying to pinpoint what types of British shows I like (other than the ubiquitous cop shows) and decided that what appeals to me most are shows that are funny but still grounded in reality. (Although that might waver a bit with some of the shows on my list.)

What are some of your favorite, well, I guess you would call them comedy-dramas--dramadies?

13:27 UTC


Memories of Bo Selecta | Leigh Francis Discusses Comedy TV in the Early 2000's

Interesting interview with Leigh about Bo Selecta. I can remember loving this show back in the day and watching it today it really does seem unnecessarily cruel like a lot of early 2000’s television, it was a harsh world!

01:08 UTC


Looking for tv shows that explain the history of Britain

Most interested in the older stuff, Iron Age to Industrial Revolution. Thanks!

08:20 UTC


What Favourite TV Show would you bring back if you could?

Top Three (or more) British TV Shows you wished never went off the air, and you’d love to see back, even if it were to be a brief mini-series? (Not really that applicable for Poldark unless perhaps made into movie sequels)

My top Three would be:

  1. Misfits

  2. Hotel Babylon (Anything w/Max Beesley

  3. Poldark

05:44 UTC


Robert Daws


First saw him as Tuppy Glossop in Jeeves & Wooster. Now every time I see him in anything, I yell, "Tuppy!"

00:35 UTC


Mark as watched on itvx

When you have finished watching a show on itvx, is there a way to mark as watched?

It appears on BBC iPlayer, just not on this.


18:15 UTC


Dad’s Army Alternative Timeline (September- October 1940 - 1960).

Operation Sea Lion is launched and is an immediate success.

Nazi Germany has won the Battle of Britain. England lies defenceless, the RAF is utterly defeated. The Nazi hordes swarm across the channel and although they are met with fierce resistance, British morale is low and without air support the British Army is overwhelmed and defeated in a shockingly quick time.

London is encircled and Churchill surrenders. He is sent to the Tower of London and held, awaiting trial as a war criminal.

The King and the Royal Family are smuggled out of the country on one of the last boats to leave a free Britain, bound for Canada.

Meanwhile, in Walmington-on-Sea, the Home Guard, a motley collection of old men; sickly mummies-boys; medical exemptions and conscientious objectors are the small seaside town’s last and only line of defence. The order comes down the line to surrender but the Platoon’s leader, a crazed patriot called Captain George Mainwaring, refuses to acknowledge this and orders his men to fight on, if need be, to the death, rather than laying down their arms.

Accepting that his men have little chance in facing down battle hardened SS troops and Panzers, Mainwaring orders his men to quickly forage for as many supplies and weapons as possible and to head for the countryside from where he intends to fight a guerrilla war, causing as much disruption to the enemy as possible.

Realising that this means certain death, private Joe Walker immediately surrenders to the civil authorities – the local police constable – and accepts the cease fire. The Nazi tanks roll into Walmington and the SS and Gestapo quickly establish order. Mainwaring convenes a court-martial in secret in Walker’s absence and imposes the death penalty. At the same meeting, a death list of local collaborators and Quislings is drawn up who must be executed at the earliest opportunity. Among those earmarked for death are The Vicar (Rev Timothy Farthing), The verger (Maurice Yeatman), The Air raid Warden (William Hodges) who have collaborated with the Nazis by supplying them with comforting religious services and fresh vegetables from Hodges’ greengrocer shop.

Mainwaring orders one of his crack troops – Lance Corporal Jack Jones - to sneak into Walmington and post a notice in the town square advising that collaborators will be shot on sight without trial. Jones risks capture by paying a visit to his lady companion, glamorous widow Mrs Fox. However, he is devastated to find her in the arms of a German officer. In a fit of rage he shoots them both dead and escapes by the skin of his teeth pursued by a German patrol. Jones unwittingly leads the Germans to Mainwaring’s hideout. However, Mainwaring has planned ahead and his redoubt is well defended. After a brief skirmish, five of the Nazis lie dead, one is seriously wounded and one taken alive. Mainwaring realises that they have no facility for taking prisoners and orders the prisoner to be taken outside and shot. Jones volunteers but Mainwaring, wary of the blood-lust in Jones’ eyes orders Private Fraser, a dour Scotsman to carry out his orders which he does without hesitation realising that the same fate would await him if the roles were reversed. Mainwaring administers the coup-de-grace to the wounded German with his pistol. With this act, the platoon realises that there is no going back now.

When the German patrol does not return, the Nazis unleash a terrible vengeance. Mr Godfrey’s cottage is burned to the ground and elderly Mr Bluett is tortured for days by the Gestapo. Bluett refuses to divulge any knowledge of the home guard and throws his torturers off the scent by going on for hours about his bunions.

Realising that they are unlikely to gain any intelligence from the old man, Klaus Von Macheim, the newly appointed Gaulieter of Walmington-on-Sea, orders the entire town out of their homes to the town square where they are forced to watch Bluett’s execution. A proclamation is read holding Mainwairing’s platoon responsible and Bluett is shot by firing squad. His last defiant words are ‘but what about my roses? I've just mulched them’ which causes Von Macheim to fly into a rage and to mutilate Bluett's corpse.

The townspeople are stunned into silence until a lone voice from the middle of the throng starts singing in a plaintive voice ‘who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?’ A couple of voices join in until the whole town are singing the defiant statement of freedom at the top of their lungs. Von Macheim fires his luger indiscriminately into the crowd and several people are killed. The townspeople flee and Von Macheim orders a total lockdown of Walmington-on-Sea.

News of this horrific event spreads along a secret network of gossiping housewives, delivery boys and spivs. Meanwhile, the people of Scotland still hold out against the invader, who soon realises it's just not worth invading the land to the North as the natives are too insane and warlike to ever be subjugated.

Months pass and Mainwairing and his crack platoon of misfits are still in hiding, plotting a plan of attack. Meanwhile, the Americans hatch a plan to secretly reinforce and arm Scotland with a steady supply of weapons and ammunition from disguised fishing boats and submarines. When the time comes, American troops will flood Scotland and attack Nazi occupied England.

The resistance groups across England listen to US forces radio for coded messages in-between the incessant Glen Miller records.

Mainwairing appoints himself Prime Minister of Free England and forms a war cabinet. Jones is appointed minister for War, Sgt Wilson is Foreign Secretary, Pike is minister for Intelligence , Fraser is Chancellor of the Exchequer and Sponge is Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

The US enters the war after Pearl Harbour and the platoon’s assassination campaign is put on hold.

Pike attends a resistance summit and returns with the news that a US backed attack from Scotland is imminent. When the message ‘Oh Lady Melton-Mowbray, what a lovely pair of pomegranates’ is broadcast the invasion will begin. The platoon begin training in earnest. Jones suffers a bout of malaria and imagines he is in the Sudan.

The platoon’s morale suffers a serious blow when their beloved medic Mr Godfrey passes away in his sleep.

Mainwairing asks for volunteer for suicide mission and Jones in his demented state volunteers. He walks into the Walmington-on-Sea tearoom frequented by Nazi officers with several pounds of high explosives under his clothes. He detonates his device and twelve Nazi officers are killed. Somehow Jones survives and stumbled out with his clothes in rags his spectacles hanging from one ear and his face all covered in dust. He is quickly hidden by the townspeople.

Fraser is sent to Scotland to liaise with his countrymen and to secure military aid.

A Mass invasion is launched from Scotland supported by American air power after Fraser’s pleas for help are accepted. Those Scots not armed with American weapons charge behind with broken bottles, bricks and home made ‘chibs’, united in their desire to ‘malky’ the Germans and free the Sassenachs.

Mainwairing orders a massive campaign of destruction and sabotage. The Nazis retreat back to fortress Europe. News reaches Hitler who delares Mainwairing an enemy of the Nazi state and orders his arrest and murder. Mainwairing has recently had posters put up describing the Fuhrer as a ‘madman who looks like Charlie Chaplin’.

Von Macheim, attempting to flee dressed as a nun, is captured by Private Sponge. Mainwairing orders that Von Macheim be taken to the exact spot of Mr Bluett’s murder and reads a short proclamation that the Gaulieter will be summarily executed. The platoon form a firing squad and Von Macheim is shot despite pleading for his life in a last cowardly act. His corpse is dragged through the streets of Walmington-on-Sea and mutilated before being hung from a lamppost.

The remaining surrendered German troops are then murdered by the platoon despite Mainwairing’s orders to take them prisoner under the terms of the Geneva Convention.

Collaborators are rounded up. The Vicar and Mr Yeatman are tied to posts, blindfolded and shot. Various women who slept with the Germans, including Mrs Pike, have their heads shaved and are tied to lampposts and tarred and feathered. Private Walker escapes. The bodies are buried in a mass grave behind Timothy White’s.

Mainwairing’s terrible revenge on the town’s collaborators is hushed up by the authorities desperate to avoid bad publicity and driven by a need for heroic tales of British pluck. The tale of 'Mainwairing's Marauders' is deliberately constructed.

Pike is elected MP for Walmington-on-Sea and is given a cabinet position as minister for reconstruction.

Mainwairing is promoted to full colonel and Jones awarded the VC in ceremony at Buckingham palace. Sgt Wilson is admonished for trying to chat up the Duchess of Gloucestershire.

Fifteen years later, a man’s body is found hanging underneath the pier at Walmington-on-Sea. Pinned to his chest is a message - ‘no hiding place for traitors’. The body is later identified as that of Eastgate resident James Beck - the post war identity assumed by Private Joe Walker. The murder is never solved.

06:12 UTC


The Sooty Show 'Sooteries Cottage' questions

I've been obsessed with the house Matthew, Sooty, Sweep and Soo lived in most of my life; by which I mean, the one that was used for filming the Sooty Show in its incarnation before 'Sooty and Co' came along. In other words, this one; https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/2377071082/sooteries_cottage_400x400.jpg

I don't know why it's had such a massive impact on me, but I have never been able to get out of my head how much I loved everything about it. So I suppose I had some questions that I wondered if anyone knew the answer to!

Were any of the interior sets (kitchen, living room, etc, not so much the puppets bedrooms) the actual rooms of the exterior house?

Does anyone know what actually happened to the house? Does it still exist?

Any information would be very helpful; I am of course not blind to the idea that it might exist and might be a private home, so I am not asking for addresses or locations or anything like that; I just want to learn a bit more about the place.

21:53 UTC


The red king- alibi

Has anyone watched all episodes of the red king on alibi yet? I’ve only watched it with my dad haha so desperately need to discuss it with someone!

19:27 UTC


TV programme about Ibiza

Filmed in the 90's or maybe early 00's. Followed people on hold day in Ibiza, maybe focused on holiday reps? Had segments on Manumission, Pacha, etc. Anyone remember what it was called please? TIA

18:04 UTC


Does anyone else cry when watching The Repair Shop?

I just found the series on streaming and was miffed when only one season was available. I went searching for more episodes and found the show streaming “live” on Tubi or Freevee. Every single episode has brought me to tears. Anyone else?

16:21 UTC


The Responder 2nd series: A bit too bleak?

I found myself doing something I rarely do these days, I gave up before the end of the 1st episode of this 2nd series of The Responder. I saw enough to get a strong sense of where it was going.

Do I like Martin Freeman? Yes,

Is he a fine actor? Undoubtedly.

Is this high quality writing? Yes, I think so.

Problem is, I'm not sure I want to be entertained by reminders of what are the worst aspects of life in the 2020s. At the same time2nd series of Blue Lights is killing it, can't wait to see each episode. Thoughts?

17:53 UTC


Looking for UK TV show recommendations on Now TV/Sky.

Hoping to get some decent recommendations for TV, haven't bothered with Sky for a while and jumping back in with a trial.

Show types are Sunday action shows SWAT, 911, The Rookie, FBI etc....

Can you suggest some shows you know are on UK Sky / Now TV in the same vein as those?

17:41 UTC


I'm in my 20s and I swear I'm the world's biggest fan of Sapphire and Steel like you don't even know

In fact I'm like, crazy obsessed. My dad first introduced it to me when I was a kid, and in my teens I started writing fanfic exclusively for this show and joined whatever fan forums there were. No other work of fiction gets me in the same way. This series is like my life force. Unsettling, subtle, and haunting. And just downright unconventional in its storytelling. The plot operates on fuzzy, dream-like logic and the darkest of human imagination, and the best part is it tells you next to nothing and thrives on the atmosphere. It brings out a visceral, primal, childlike fear of the unknown and leaves you no choice but to root for the morally grey and inhuman protagonists who possess weirdly specific powers (and whom you can't help but ship.) Most of the time you don't even understand what's going on and at the end of the day, the resolution only leaves you more confused and unsettled.

There isn't even a fandom for this show and it's so sad. The only reason I'd want a remake is so it'd hype up the original show. But otherwise, the vibe is irreplicable cos part of why it's so compelling is how claustrophobic and uncomfortable the low-budget set and effects are. Also, I cannot for the life of me imagine anyone else play Sapphire and Steel but Joanna Lumley and David McCallum. Their accents and mannerisms are essential to the characters.

As someone who has always felt detached from normal human life and like I came from a different dimension, I've always wished Sapphire and Steel were real and that they could take me with them. I rewatch it every few years and it never fails to unlock this strange sense of yearning within me. It's like I'm connected to this show on a spiritual level. I'm weird and this show is weird, and it's like a match made in heaven.

17:29 UTC

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