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Television premiere calendar is U.S. based.

Date Platform Name Description
Sep 24 Fox Krapopolis Series Premiere
Sep 25 NBC The Irrational Series Premiere
Sep 26 Max Savior Complex Docuseries Premiere
Sep 26 Netflix Who Killed Jill Dando? Docuseries Premiere
Sep 28 Netflix Castlevania: Nocturne Series Premiere
Sep 28 Max Starstruck Season 3
Sep 29 Prime Video Gen V Series Premiere
Oct 1 Fox Bob's Burgers Season 14
Oct 1 Fox Family Guy Season 22
Oct 1 Fox The Simpsons Season 35
Oct 1 Netflix The Night Logan Woke Up French Miniseries
Oct 3 NBC Found Series Premiere
Oct 4 NBC Quantum Leap Season 2
Oct 5 Netflix Everything Now U.K. Miniseries
Oct 5 Disney+ Loki Season 2
Oct 5 Peacock Chucky Season 3
Oct 5 Netflix Lupin Season 3
Oct 5 Max Our Flag Means Death Season 2


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Happy Tree Friends - Too Much Scream Time - a new episode of a beloved cartoon, actually more like a video game commercial, but nonetheless there have been no new episodes since 2017, so I'm glad that the show may still come back one day, hopefully as good and imaginative as it has been in the past.

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A History of Frasier on Cheers

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‘Gen V’ — A Welcome From ‘The Boys’ Cast | Prime Video

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Are strike-delayed shows set in the present day going to all do a time jump or not?

Just saying because a couple of the shows I was most looking forward to returning before the strike(s) happened and started delaying everything ended their previous seasons on cliffhangers (not saying which ones as the cliffhangers would be spoilers for non-watchers but iykyk, just that not all of those cliffhangers had, like, a character in mortal danger or w/e) and if they do a year (or more, I'm afraid because of what people were saying on one of those show's subs by the time the actors' strike ends it might delay things further) time jump then for the cliffhangers that did have characters in mortal danger it'd deny fans the opportunity to actually see them saved and make ending that previous season that way feel cheap.

For the ones that had the cliffhanger, like, be some shocking revelation or new mystery or something it'd either imply the solution was swept under the rug during the timeskip or that the characters either couldn't come up with a solution/answer or basically sat on that question for a year or w/e until conveniently when the show started going again in ways that wouldn't make sense without them somehow being aware they were in a show.

However by the opposite token I'm afraid that if e.g. an otherwise-set-in-whatever-current-year-is show starts up again fall 2024 with 2023-set episodes (knock on wood for actor's strike resolved soon) it'll at best make that season as hated as HIMYM trying to stretch a whole weekend into a season and at worst throw the show's timeline permanently out of sync without a timeskip having to occur at some point as, like, if it got renewed beyond the delayed season the episodes airing in 2025 would be set in 2024 and so on.

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The show The Irrational is a Black version of The Mentalist, what other shows have copycats in the last 25 years?

What shows have you watched have been copycats of each other in the last 25 years? Medical dramas, police dramas, sports dramas, family dramedies and sitcoms, fantasy and science-fiction drama, horror shows.

What ones were made and then copycats happen within 5 years?

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True Detective: Night Country | Official Teaser 2 | Max

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Castlevania: Nocturne | First 7 Minutes

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Star Trek: very Short Treks | Holograms All the Way Down | Online Episode

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The Doctor Defeats the Toymaker | The Celestial Toymaker | Doctor Who

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