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Television premiere calendar is U.S. based. Updated by u/NicholasCajun

Date Platform Name Description
Apr 17 Hulu Under the Bridge Miniseries Premiere
Apr 18 Netflix Bros Israeli Premiere
Apr 18 Max Conan O'Brien Must Go Series Premiere
Apr 18 Amazon Freevee Dinner With the Parents Series Premiere
Apr 18 Netflix The Upshaws Part 5
Apr 19 Tubi Big Mood Series Premiere
Apr 19 The Roku Channel The Spiderwick Chronicles Miniseries Premiere
Apr 21 HBO The Jinx - Part Two Miniseries Premiere
Apr 23 Netflix Brigands: The Quest for Gold Italian Premiere
Apr 24 Apple TV+ The Big Door Prize Season 2
Apr 24 Netflix Deliver Me Italian Premiere
Apr 24 Hulu Wonderful World Korean Premiere
Apr 25 Netflix Dead Boy Detectives Series Premiere
Apr 25 Prime Video Them: The Scare Season 2
Apr 26 Netflix The Asunta Case Spanish Premiere
Apr 26 Netflix Goodbye Earth Korean Premiere
Apr 26 Paramount+ Knuckles Miniseries Premiere


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While watching “Laverne and Shirley,” I feel like I can see it’s influence on later sitcoms

I’m about to start season two, and am very glad that I started watching this show. I notice that Shirley reminds me a lot of Monica from “Friends” (well, I really mean that Monica and her relationship with her mother reminds me of Shirley and Shirley’s relationship with her mother.)

I really like the chemistry between the two main actresses, and surprisingly chuckled at least once while watching most episodes of the first season

02:03 UTC


TV shows should work more towards accessibility for non english speakers!

This is kind of a rant.

But it's scary how many shows remain non accessible to non-english speakers. I am from Croatia, and my parents do not understand English. Heck, many people of my age do not speak English either.
I love watching fantasy shows and have multiple subscriptions to Netflix, Prime Video, Apple+ and some others. Few of them I just rotate, but Netflix and Prime are always there.

With my dad I share my account, Netflix started to bug, so he sometimes just comes over to connect to my wifi.

My mum lives a bit further far away, so I maintain her stand alone subscription for Netflix, and it's okaish language wise. But oh boy! I just got prime video for her, mainly to finally watch Rings of Power as we are both big fantasy fans. Prime video have almost absolutely nothing on Croatian! Zero! Nada!

That would be okay if there is some other way to watch Rings of Power with Croatian subtitles, but there is none! So that means half of the world is either cut off from those series, or they literally promote some other, more ambiguous methods of watching them.

20:26 UTC


Up Next On ‘The Amazing Digital Circus’… | May 3

20:12 UTC


Which television series do you think has the best episode names?

I have always been fond of the episode names for Breaking Bad and was curious what other shows have a bit of fun with their naming. Personal favorites from BB include: Cancer Man, I.F.T., and Ozymandias.

I think Weeds is another show that had some fun with the episode names as well.

17:35 UTC


Where do the over the air channels come from that have one show 24/7

I have a Samsung TV with a ton of channels that come in over the air and they’re all just the same show 24/7.

There’s like a 100+ of these channels. Channels and programming that I’ve heard of, and then some random obscure stuff. How do these work?

Edit: not over the air, but rather streaming channels

17:32 UTC


At the time of release, was Star Trek: TNG considered an "expensive looking" show?

I watch the newer Star Trek shows and the production values are consistently very good with updating the aesthetics, costumes, and makeup. They definitely poured alot into the production values. Shout out to Picard season 3 for being an excellent sendoff for the TNG cast.

TNG I don't want to call it cheap looking, but it's very charming and presents itself as futuristic without feeling bombastic. Carpet on ships? Sure why not. It's all part of the aesthetic of a optimistic future. Special effects are simplistic looking by today's standard, locations are reused, and sometimes the same shot of the ship flying around is recycled in the same episode.

So to fans who watched TNG at the time it was coming out, was the production pretty impressive and was the show considered "expensive" looking at the time?

16:45 UTC


What are you watching and what do you recommend? (Week of April 19, 2024)

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15:00 UTC


Welcome To Wrexham - Season 3 Trailer | Premieres May 2nd on FX

13:56 UTC


Good Times: who is this for?

Seriously, who is this show for? I have the same issue (to a lesser extent) with the Proud Family remake.I tried watching the first episode and couldn't even stand it. I can't knock Yvette for defending the show. I know that black VA's gotta eat. However, the Cleveland show is a far cry from....whatever this is supposed to be.

12:44 UTC


Any Scene In A Drama When Someone Is Digging A Hole

You figure by now the person digging has to realize that there is a big possibility they've been lied to and the hole is for their own body. Why take chances? You have the shovel in your hands. Give it a good swing at the guy telling you to dig and you might get lucky.

I'm thinking that TV crime dramas must exist in an alternate reality where their crime dramas have never included a digging scene.

12:41 UTC


Ghosts (US) delivers a terrible episode last night

The “bait and switch” of the Flower story arc was lazy writing.

The sounds effect-only of the police approaching was cheap production.

The sudden left turn to suicide was handled too lightly, especially with the title card wedged in at the end.

It’s a comedy show. I was expecting a hidden escape tunnel to the well Hetty’s husband had installed during her absence.

11:46 UTC


What are your favorite character turnarounds?

Someone you started out hating but ended up cheering for.

I'm thinking of cases like Chrisjen Avasarala on The Expanse, who's introduced ordering a man tortured to death, but ends up being one of the good guys.

11:37 UTC


Is British TV getting even shorter as American TV does?

I remember several years ago that many people were talking about how British TV was better because they had shorter seasons than the standard 22 episodes of American TV. British TV used to have 8-10 episodes a season.

Now that American TV seems to have adopted a shorter season as the default of 8-13 episodes at the most. With the possible exception of procedural shows that still put out 22 episodes a season.

However, I noticed that more recently British TV has gotten much shorter. There’s Sherlock which is often 3 episode seasons and I was looking up a British show called Time that is only 3 episodes long. Obviously, Sherlock had episodes that were 90 minutes long, but it was only a single narrative mystery to be solved.

Are British TV shows getting shorter?

04:22 UTC

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