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How can I check which program is using or blocking selected shortcuts?


I have a problem with my MacBook. For example, I can't set shortcuts like "left control + space" - it's not working. Also, "left shift + left control + left alt + left command + m" is not working. How can I check which app or script has blocked it?

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07:04 UTC


Ad Hoc Network/Computer to Computer network, Sonoma

Im trying to set up an Ad Hoc Network from an Apple Silicon MBP running Sonoma. I couldn't locate the "Create new network" option, show legacy network options didn't help either, and I couldn't find a working configuration for "Internet Sharing". Ventura probably has similar issue.

Can someone share how to create an Ad Hoc Network on Sonoma, Apple Silicon MBP.

06:40 UTC


Macbook pro 2019 (Windows Bootloop)

Hello Everyone, I have been running windows on my MacBook pro 2019 and today suddenly it has gone into a bootloop. It is stuck on this blue screen. Not even the windows logo show up but if i press and hold Options, the windows partition is there. Can somebody help me on how to fix this? I don’t want to lose my data.

23:54 UTC


Whole network adblocker the runs on mac?

I have a mac mini running as a plex server and I wanted to get a whole house network ad blocker. I was thinking of pihole but then I gotta find a pi and those are not cheap now. So I thought there must be something for the mac that will work for the whole network but search came up empty.

Any suggestions?

17:51 UTC


Help – final removal of files, confirmation keyboard

Hi, quick question.

How can I confirm the final removal of files using the keyboard?

So, if I delete a file with ⌘ + ⌥ + ⌫ I get the following warning dialog:


However, I cannot confirm with ↩ but have to use the mouse unnecessarily.

That gets on my nerves a bit ...

This should be possible, no?


13:16 UTC

20:38 UTC


What should I do?

Context: I got this 2007 a1181 MacBook from my dad whose friend gave it to him because it was from one of his friends and he didn't know what to do and I went to go into utilities to format the drive and then reinstall Mavericks. However, when I tried doing that it didn't work and it came up with " this item is temporarily unavailable" so I went on YouTube to find a tutorial and while I was trying to do it this would happen. Here's the link I held down command + s and I tried doing the same thing that the guy did but I wasn't able to. Can you guys please help? FYI: the disk drive for some reason doesn't work.

19:23 UTC


My notices are sinking!

My notices have started showing about two inches lower and I don't know why. I don't know of any setting that would do this. It looks like there is room for 1 notice above the visible notice. Has anyone else noticed this? I don't think I have seen this before.


15:38 UTC


Migration Assistant or Restore from Time Machine?

When restoring a Mac (from a freshly-wiped system drive), should I boot into recovery mode and choose "Restore from TM" there, or am I better off to set up a fresh user account and use Migration Assistant?

A little background: I've got a Mac that was frequently shutting itself down. Went to the Genius Bar and they're going to wipe the system drive so that I can restore from my Time Machine backup - just trying to find the best approach. I obviously don't want to restore any 'damaged' parts of the my previous Mac OS install that may have led to my problem in the first place

17:38 UTC


Mac replacement for TeraCopy?

For the life of me, I cannot find an OSX app that does this properly. The Windows utility TeraCopy (from CodeSector) replaces Windows copy/move functionality. It's powerful for copying/moving and merging files/folders as it simply prompts if it finds a date created/modifed conflict such that the target file is newer than the source or the source is newer than the target. Click one button to overwrite or not, for all files. And it verifies. And skips open files and doesn't just stop like Finder. When dragging/dropping files with the same names, something that intercepts and gives "overwrite/not overwrite" options? Can't figure it out with cp/mv/rsync, and CodeSector's Mac version of TeraCopy is unstable/undeveloped. Thanks!

18:33 UTC


Force Mac to shutdown if entering battery mode on UPS

I am on Mac mini M1 with OSX 11.6.4. I live in an area where occasional blackouts occur especially during winter. In order to avoid dirty shutdowns and abrupt power loss to my Mac I've purchased APC UPS with data port support. It's a usb cable from UPS to Mac to signal if there is a power loss to automatically shut it down using built-in tools. The UPS will provide a runtime between 15-30min at most. I did not buy it to work during blackouts but rather to allow time for clean shutdown. I've opted for UPS for a bit more running time in case there is a task such as an update or in case Mac draws more power than usual.

What concerns me is the following. Sometimes apps would prevent Mac from shutting down. I have configured my Mac to shutdown during the night. However, in a number of instances, an app, such as Visual Studio Code or iTerm would prevent that from happening. I know that someone will suggest a workaround to manually close apps before leaving the Mac, but it has 2 major disadvantages:

  • user error: one can easily forget to close active apps, especially after a long-day
  • inconvenience: if I need to leave my Mac during the day, it would be super inconvenient to close all apps and re-open them, plus it ties with previous point where if something urgent comes up, one will easily forget to close all running apps

My question:

Does anyone know or can confirm how Mac will shutdown when entering a battery mode in UPS and when one of the thresholds for shutting down is reached?

My concern is that if it is a request rather than forced shutdown, and an actively running app will prevent a shutdown, the Mac will continue to run on UPS battery until it is drained and dirty/abrupt power loss occurs.

23:38 UTC


How to tile Safari windows to left/right of screen?

2020 Macbook pro - since updating to 14/sonoma, I can't tile safari windows (or any window) in full screen. I can only move them to the left and right via the same method

I mostly use full screen so any ideas on how to fix it? or if apple just removed the feature

23:19 UTC


Displaylink woes in clamshell mode

Hi guys, have been facing this issue since forever and I can't take it anymore.

Current setup: 14" M1 macbook pro (with displaylink) connected to a Ugreen Revodok Pro 12-in-1 4k Docking Station, which is connected to 2 x 4k external monitors. I have ensured that my HDMI cables are v2.0, which supports 4k displays.

Problem: All is well when I am using it, but the issue occurs when I lock the screen and when it goes to sleep. When I try to "wake it up", it shows "Your screen is being observed", and it isn't registering any keypresses on my keyboard (i can't type my password to login).

Current solution: Disconnecting Macbook from the dock, and reconnecting it again (sometimes fixes the issue) else i'll have to exit clamshell mode, login, and then bring it back to clamshell mode after I have logged in. Also, after logging in, I will find 2 screenshots (of the login page) of both my screens on my 4k monitors in my downloads folder.

Occasionally, after logging in, both my left and right mouse clicks are registered as right mouse clicks (which annoys me greatly), and I'd have to repeat the steps above to get it back to normality.

Has anyone faced this issue and please do advice on how you resolve it 🙏

03:32 UTC


How do you make your screensaver your wallpaper because i can't seem to find a way to have any non-animated screensavers

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14:46 UTC


How to change the default action from mirroring the display to extend the display when new screen or projector connected to MacBook?


The subject basically says it. I do frequently connect to various projectors or displays and the default screen action is to mirror the display. This is annoying, as a) my screen is shared to everybody b) resolution on mac's display goes usually utterly wrong and c) I do in any case switch the display to extend, so that I can have presentation notes on laptop and material on projector. Or whatever I may be showing to the current audience.

Basically setting the display to extend is not a solution as this is per device setting. New location and new projector is new situation.

Hopefully somebody does have a solution.

14:02 UTC


What is the Archive folder in mail.app doing?


I use IMAP for my personal email server as well as my work emails. Since basically the beginning of my early internet days, all emails which I have read and answered, I move manually to a folder called "DONE". This keeps my inbox clutter free and I have ever only about 10 emails the most in my inbox. This is stuff I have to do later, or for whatever other reason the email is important. In my DONE folder is everything else. I can easily find my mails with the search function or if I really have to, I can sort them by date and scroll through manually.

And a few years ago there comes along the "Archive" folder. Ignored until now, and I don't know what it is doing. Is it compressing my emails? Can I still search through them? Is it somehow deleting my emails automatically after a while?

I basically haven't touched this folder of fears it will shenaniganizing my emails and my DONE folder is a simple folder without any special features.

Right, so I would like to know what you guys think. Can I move my 77.100 emails into the built in Archive folder or what will be the consequences. I don't trust any automated folder when I don't know what it is doing so I am very careful.

Many thanks!

20:10 UTC


Installing El Capitan to Early 2008 iMac with Linux

Currently been gifted an early 2008 iMac A1228 but has Linux preinstalled. The mac has no recovery partition so I wanted to create a USB installer. The problem is I cannot run the installer on my M1 since it is not compatible. Any way around this to create a USB?

01:51 UTC


2 locations one IP solution

Hi all,

I'm looking for a solution to install a VPN (server?) on a Mac in location 1 and install a VPN on a Mac in location 2 that will have the public IP of location 1.

Any recommendations?

Thank you

14:46 UTC


Internet Sharing - "Share Connection From" drop down doesn't list vpn connections - Sonomaa

I want to share a vpn connection that I am connecting to via wi-fi to a usb ethernet adapter. The drop down in the internet sharing dialog does not list the vpn connection. On an older computer running High Sierra, the vpn connection is listed.

Was there a change made to Sonoma that prevents vpn connections from being shared? Can this be tweaked somehow?

18:01 UTC


Question about TV app - Symbols in the film title

I can figure out the meaning of the "HD" symbol and the films MPAA Rating, but what is the TV icon?

And how do they get updated/why do some files have it but not others? I tag all files using metamovie.

Some have only the TV symbol, some have only HD, some have all 3, some have another combination of 2, etc



21:46 UTC


Terminal Keyboard

iMac running the latest version of Ventura (can't run Sonoma), I have the Magic keyboard with the number pad, the number pad doesn't with when using Terminal. This is a major PITA when typing IP addresses, etc. Is there any way to make the number pad work in Terminal? Is this a MacOS thing or something in the Terminal environment?


From a stack exchange post:

“Preferences > Profiles > Advanced > uncheck Allow VT100 application keypad mode”


From the echoes of the past, the VT100 was a DEC terminal that was rather spiffy for it's day. It must have provided a nice emulation set to be still in the emulation list approximately 45-years later. If you're not familiar with what a terminal is, try Google first and then ask me. I used a VT100 back in the day.

01:37 UTC


Can’t enable iCloud Photos on mac and asks to buy iCloud storage

I already have 200gb of storage with iCloud, my mac has over 250gb of space. Why does it ask me to purchase iCloud storage? I am signed in as the same account as my phone, but it’s like the computer thinks I’m not. Any ideas?

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22:38 UTC


How to activate keyboard for Ventura that work both on Windows and Ventura (using KVM switch)

I have a work MacOS Ventura laptop. I have the keyboard and mouse connected to a KVM to allow to switch from my home Windows PC to work Apple Laptop. I could never get my keyboard working on MacOS so I bought a keyboard that work for Ventura.

So when I switch to Ventura, I move the keyboard that I use on Windows to the side and move the keyboard connected directly to Ventura to type with.

Two times now (including today) the keyboard I use on Windows is working fine on Ventura. What is the magic trick that I somehow performed that allow the keyboard to work fine on both Windows and Ventura. So that I can just use one keyboard instead of switching keyboard every time I switch.

15:25 UTC


Email Search Not Working Mail App OSX Sonoma

i try to search an older email and it returns 0 searches. NOTHING. How is this possible and what is a quick fix as updating to Sonoma 14.1.1 today still didn't fix this!

Mail app Version 16.0 (3774.

I have tried rebuilding the spotlight according to this article, Rebuild the Spotlight index on your Mac – Apple Support (UK)

and it worked but then few days later it stopped working again.

So annoying when you count on Apple Mail and you need to actually work and send emails but you can't search. The only way I can use it right now is using it in the browser version on icloud.com

This so embarrassing from Apple. Guess i will switch to google mail like the rest....

14:19 UTC


Using latest Ventura, I do not see a "power nap" option, contrary to Apple support's page:

08:28 UTC


I have just started coding sockstat for macOS

19:19 UTC


iBook G4 - TenFourFox or something else?

Looking for a "modern" browser that works for my G4, even if it's just a frame/wrapper (that works decent). TIA!

00:01 UTC


Strange 'unknown' files in Downloads on MacBook.

They were about 5 or so KB in size. I didn't open them but used 'get info' and they had absolutely no information, not even an extension or anything. They appeared to be text documents with no preview. I've deleted them now. Anyone know where these came from? I found a few forums saying it's a bug with reloading pages in Safari. Anyone else have this issue?

11:30 UTC


run multiple, independent instances of the Messages app on macOS

16:20 UTC

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