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    Aero Shake on Mac

    08:45 UTC


    run multiple, independent instances of the Messages app on macOS

    16:19 UTC


    How to rename all files in multiple folders?

    Hi there, I'd like to add a word at the and of the filename of multiple items, located in different folders.
    For example, I have 3 folders with 10 files each (1 to 10 folder 1, 11 to 20 folder 2, 21 to 30 folder 3).
    I want to select the 3 folders and add "_edit" at the end of the filename of each file (1_edit to 10_edit in folder 1, etc etc).

    How can I do it? Maybe Automator could help?

    11:56 UTC


    Is there a way to show a red notification dot in the menu bar for apps in the dock?

    I often have to work off of one screen, and typically have Slack, Discord, and Messages on in the background. I end up missing a ton of notifications because of the "Automatically hide and show the Dock" setting that I have enabled to save vertical screen real estate. With the Slack/Discord/Messages icons in the Dock not showing all the time, I miss the little red dot that appears when I have a new message in one of those apps.

    For example, if I step away from my laptop for a second, someone sends me a Slack message, I miss the notification banner, and then the banner goes away before I get back to my computer, I don't see the red dot on the Slack Dock icon until the next time I show the Dock for whatever reason (or CMD+TAB to another application and see it during the switching).

    I've tried making it so that notification banners stay indefinitely, but with the number of messages I get, that ends up cluttering my screen almost as much as having the Dock showing all the time.

    I'm not picky about the Menu Bar being a requirement, either. I just thought of one solution potentially being the Slack and Discord icons showing in my Menu Bar, with a little notification dot that appears as I receive and then disappears as I mark messages as read. Or even if there was a "notification aggregate" app that sits in the menu bar and shows notifications for different apps with a little dot icon.

    Right now my workaround is adjusting my screen resolution for "More Space" and placing a smaller sized Dock on the left hand side of my screen. It works, but man I miss being able to use all my screen real estate at a normal resolution.

    Sorry for the long post! Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏

    TL;DR - I love the low-profile red dot that shows up on Dock Icons when I have unread notifications, but wish I didn't have to show my dock at all times to be able to see those as they come through.

    20:38 UTC


    Is there any tweak to simultaneously show the dock on 2 monitors?

    17:23 UTC


    What if we can just drag to move windows across displays like this in Mac?

    21:34 UTC


    ADB failing to connect to daemon after installing Ventura with Opencore Legacy Patcher

    I recently installed Ventura on my old Mac using open-core Legacy Patcher. Still, after installing android studio, the ADB devices only successfully run when the emulator is connected. Still, when I plug in an Android device, the ADB server always fails to connect.

    Any solution?

    00:28 UTC


    Using PaintCan and CDock on macOS Monterey with an M1 mac?

    I want to know if PaintCan and CDock are supposed to work on an M1 mac running Monterey 12.x. I miss the look of Catalina and Mojave, and I want the appearance of the controls, windows, and dock to look like those. I'm using a 2021 MacBook Pro, if that's important.

    13:23 UTC


    Hate the new Mac notifications UI

    The very little close icon on top of each notification really gets me and I often end up clicking the notification instead!

    Is there any app that can simply just clear all notifications using a single click? I swear if there isn’t one I’ll make it.

    07:33 UTC

    07:47 UTC


    Mapping trackpad gestures to key combos in Ventura?

    Hi all - I've been using a handy piece of software called BetterTouchTool the last decade or so to map trackpad gestures to different key combos. My license expired so I figured I'd take a shot at replicating the 2-3 main features manually as a programming project via, presumably, terminal.

    Assuming this is doable, does anybody have any suggestions where one might look to learn about that sort of thing?

    There’s this:


    …tho if people have done this before some kind of intro tutorial would be amazing.

    10:30 UTC


    use the close button to actually close the app (ctrl + q)

    Hi there!

    I was being told that this is something not possible (since it's the default behavior of the SO) but since this sub seems pretty hacky, does any of you know a way to make the 'x' button of the app window actually close it?

    12:00 UTC


    Instructions for my OS X Tiger theme

    Due to popular demand, here’s my instructions for my OS X Tiger theme on macOS Mojave. (Note: All of these modifications require System Integrity Protection to be disabled.)

    First, for the Dock, you must download cDock, and set the theme to Tiger - 10.4. You can download cDock here: https://www.macenhance.com/cdock.html

    You can download the icons here: https://github.com/MoonPadUSer/macOSMavericksTheme

    (Note: Ignore the .car files, Folder icons, System Preferences, Messages, and QuickTime player icon, for those were different in Tiger. Instead Here’s a link for the Messages (or iChat), QuickTime and System Preferences Icons: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x3hvteu7uJV15FnVWVZ_TQ8wCOrO01Ai

    And here’s a link for the folder icons:

    For the Mean Bar, you need 2 things. You need Mean bar Tint: https://manytricks.com/menubartint/ and balance the colors as so: Top 0% opacity, color white, middle 15% opacity, color black, and bottom, 10% opacity color black. For the blue Apple Logo, you need Classic Menu, but this only works on macOS Mojave or below, since it is 32-bit: http://www.sigsoftware.com/classicmenu/ Be sure to set the color to blue in the Classic Menu Preferences.

    Now, for the most important part, the system theme. I am already aware of the bugs, and I will try my best to fix them as the time goes by, but for now they’re the best I’ve got. So here they are: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AZToclcq83F3schxBDzKXsQbAGaRUoGj?usp=sharing Place them in /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemAppearance.bundle/Contents/Resources, and be sure to make a backup of the original files.

    So that’s it! Please let me know if I missed anything. Cheers!

    EDIT: If anyone can help me with adding brushed metal, I would greatly appreciate it!

    06:45 UTC


    My OS X Tiger theme on my 2017 MBA with Mojave. Still fixing the little bugs, but it's pretty good so far.

    17:12 UTC


    Anyone know how to make the menu bar transparent on macOS Mojave? TIA.

    11:48 UTC


    Anyone know of a theme for Safari 14 to look like Safari 5 or 6? TIA.

    06:32 UTC


    Any way to disable Safari Tab Switcher View, Or disable the 'pinch' to access tab view

    Im always activating the tab switcher view page in safari by accident, spreading to zoom out but not realizing I am already max zoomed out. Is there a way to disable the tab view page completely, I never use it. Or at least disable activating it via "pinch to zoom" method?

    19:38 UTC


    TotalFinder or XtraFinder on Ventura (Intel)

    Just updated my MacBook Air (Intel, mid-2018) to Ventura as a test-run before I upgrade my main system. Installed all my apps just to get back up and running, but had real problems with TotalFinder. It basically broke my system and I had to uninstall it and re-enable csrutil just to get through the day. Alas, TotalFinder was the replacement for XtraFinder that I'm using on my M1 Studio with Monterrey.

    Has anyone found a way to get TotalFinder, or an equivalent, to work with Ventura?! I'm dying over here without my coloured sidebar, cut+paste, and reasonable tabs.

    Obviously I'm not the first one to comment on Ventura's looks (the Dock, the rounded corners), but the Finder is just as terrible as it ever was. Help is appreciated!

    UPDATE: Looks like XtraFinder works. There are no updates on the site, but since it's Intel, it still works. We'll go from here.

    UPDATE 2: TotalFinder has launched a new version which works with Ventura, on Intel (tested and verified). My personal issue is solved.


    TotalFinder admits that it doesn't yet work on Ventura. According to their site:

    > macOS 13.0 (Ventura): Not compatible, please follow our forums for updates

    15:49 UTC


    Best Version of macOS to install on M1 Pro to enable tweaking?

    I'm currently on Ventura; however, I'm considering downgrading to be able to utilise MacForge again. I've installed their beta release; however, most tweaks don't function. What would be the preferred release to install? Thanks :)

    1 Comment
    01:33 UTC


    How to prevent monitor from dimming / shutting down while using the Preview App?

    I regularly use the Preview App for drawing reference. I have my monitor set to save energy, so it'll dim and shut down within a couple of minutes. Is there a way to prevent the monitor from doing that while you're using the Preview app, without having to change the energy saving setting every time? I want Preview to work similarly to how VLC or QuickTime will prevent the monitor sleep mode while a video is playing. Same question goes for the iOS counterpart.

    17:32 UTC


    Systemwide existing text replacement on macOS

    I'm looking for a tweak that has a similar functionality to this jailbreak tweak from a few years ago: called Ersatz. Not to be confused with text replacement while typing, this tweak replaced (nearly) all instances of a user-specified string in the system and applications with another string.

    For example, I could replace "New York City" with "NYC" and the weather app, and Maps, and Siri would all show "NYC" where it would normally have "New York City". I'm not sure if this is even possible in macOS but it would be cool to see a similar tweak if anyone knows of one.


    20:33 UTC


    AquaLickX - an Aqua type theme for macOS Monterey

    AquaLickX is a revamp of older AquaLick themes I made

    Download over on GitHub

    Download the code directory to get all files - Green button that says Code

    23:13 UTC


    AfloatX on M1 chip

    I was able to get Macforge running via a beta release, and AfloatX (transparency) works on most everything BUT Electric Sheep, which bugs me. Anyone else have this issue, or any suggestions? Can I somehow make the window render differently so AfloatX can pick it up?

    00:42 UTC


    Properly editing .car files

    Is there a guide out there or someone that knows how to edit .car files? i want to make the traffic light transparent so that i wouldn't be able to see it but i don't know how.

    I've tried themeengine but i opened by Aqua.car there and had no idea what to do.

    11:57 UTC


    Any way to trick MacOS into thinking two screens are a single monitor?

    I'm not a big fan of spaces, and am looking to somehow enable a full screen experience without getting the secondary screen blacking out that MacOS does without spaces. My idea is to somehow make MacOS think two 1080p monitors are actually a single, 3840x1080 display.

    Does anyone know of any apps or methods to do this?


    11:02 UTC

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