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Opening the Same App Twice

I'm trying to open the same app multiple times on my Mac, but it won't let me. I've already tried using Terminal with the "open -n -a appname.app" command, but it says that it doesn't exist, even if I've used Terminal to verify the name already. Is anyone able to help me with this?

If I click "New Terminal at Folder", this is what I receive: Whiteout Survival.app

However, when I type open -n -a Whiteout Survival.app , it just says that the file does not exist.

13:02 UTC


What do you need Google ? don't think so

03:48 UTC


Organizing files shared with me

I've sarched and looked around for a solution but haven't found anything . . . I have a partition on my Macbook that I use for data and it's organized in a way that makes sense to me. I work in an office that uses both Office365 and Google Suite and there is not any sort of centralized filing method that I can see. People just send invitations to files and links to files and such. Some of these files have names that make sense and most do not. I thought I could just make an alias to each file shared with me (that I ever plan to use again) and put it in my file system so I can find it when I need it without foraging through my emails or whatever else. Is there a relatively simple way to do this when many of the files shared with me open up in the web versions of Office or in Google (I guess I'm too old to deal with web versions of Excel and Word)?

Any suggestions are appreciated!!

20:56 UTC


Why would I join my OSX macbook pro to the active directory domain


I don't know squat about OSX other than basic troubleshooting and software install. Our company has 400 windows computer and an active directory domain environment. For Windows computers, it allows for drive mapping, login using any account from ad, usb restrictions, security policies, account restrictions etc. We just got a mac - it will probably be our only mac or possibly one more - what does AD do for me natively on a macbook?

2023 Macbook Pro Sonoma 14.5


01:33 UTC


Apple Music starts randomly while headset is connected via BT

I have a problem when I connect my Bluetooth headset to the MacBook Air M2 with the latest OS update. I am currently using an Epos headset that is certified for MS Teams, which is connected to the Mac via a USB dongle. The issue I’m struggling with is that Apple Music starts all the time when I use the headset with the dongle. I’ve tried other Teams headsets, but unfortunately, the same error occurs. Is it possible to turn off the auto-start on Apple Music? Other tips are also welcome 😊

12:27 UTC


What does apple care really give me?


I'm guessing this is question will be easy for everyone but me. I've always bought Windows systems and you can buy accidental damage with them - basically you send the smashed remains of the laptop and they'll either give you another one of the same model or repair it. Is apple care the same thing or something completely different?

00:01 UTC


What do people do to run Windows as an OPTION on a mac?


Long ago you could do a cumbersome boot camp and choose at startup what OS you would use but this had a lot of issues. I tried parallels briefly but don't even remember it. I need to support someone that wants to be able to flip easily between OSX and Windows on a brand new Apple computer. I'm pretty limited on my OSX knowlege so i'd appreciate your expertise on this.

15:33 UTC


Here's Every Mac OS Default Wallpaper, from 1984 all the way to the new macOS Sequoia!

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13:05 UTC


Preventing Overlapping Windows

There an app I like called "magnet" where it lets you partition your windows to different parts of your screen. Inevitably though, windows end up overlapping each other and it gets disorganized again.

Does anyone know of an app similar to magnet but it just doesn't let the windows overlap? Almost like it "wraps" the text in a word document. When a window bumps up into now it minimizes the other. Would be a cool feature to OSX.

22:06 UTC


Help with iMac mid-2009

I recently got an older iMac, and it's stuck on version 10.5.8

I've been trying on my own time and with apple to get it updated to El Capitan 10.11.6 but when I click the apple logo and go to software updates, it says I am up to date.

I downloaded 10.11 from the apple downloads website and attempted to run the pkg file. When doing so, an error appears, and if I can figure out how to edit this post I will provide pictures at a later date.

The latest OS the iMac can run is 10.11.6 and l've hit a wall. If anyone knows how to help, please reply!

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10:04 UTC


Downloading a game onto a school library computer

Hello Everyone, I am trying to download a game (Magic Arena) onto a school library computer as I can't run it well on my personal laptop.

First I need to install the Epic Games Launcher which I can download the installer but once I get to this screen I get stuck.

Does anyone know how to download Epic Games / MTGA without going through this step?

PS: There are no rules against downloading games onto the computers, they are for public use, so I am not breaking any school rules. However, they will not give me / type in the admin password to do it :(

Computer details: MacOS Monterey 12.7.4; iMac 2017


08:46 UTC


I have folders in trash that won't delete - file is in use

Hello I need help!

I have several empty old onedrive folders that are in my trash bin. When I try to empty the bin it says " The operation can’t be completed because the item “name” is in use.

I've tried

Get info (says I have permissions and I am the only user anyway)

Unlinking OneDrive


Rebooting in safe mode

using Clean My Mac X

csrutil enable/disable

I have tried to understand terminal commands but not all of them seem to work...

I have MacBook Pro, MacOS Sonoma 14.5

Any ideas? It's driving me nuts!


01:55 UTC


how to remove a custom uri protocol scheme ?

OK. I installed 'MS teams for home an school' (the new one)

I uninstalled it but it has left a custom uri scheme "msteams:", that triggers an error every time I click an ms teams meeting: "There us no application set to open the URL..."

I did look about and find other 'LSHandlerURLScheme' for https and Game Center in ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices/com.apple.launchservices.secure.plist

but sadly no sign of a LSHandlerURLScheme for msteams

Where else should I look?

the error

20:34 UTC


Updating an OSX Installer USB

I need an installer for OS 10.10.2 but I can't find any, so if I download the OS 10.10.0 installer and put it on the USB stick via Diskmaker 6 and update it with the OSX combo update 10.10.2 it could work?

13:31 UTC


Copy/Paste with styles

Hello everyone, might be dummy question but can't find my answer anywhere...
I need to copy/paste text AND style (markup). When I paste with CMD+V I only get the text but no style.
I did confirm on keyboard shortcuts and CMD+V is marked as "Paste and Match Style".
What am I missing here?

09:43 UTC


Here's Every Mac OS Welcome Video - from Mac OS 8 to OS X 10.6! (in glorious 4K!)

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14:21 UTC


MacOS things that don't work with Mac on Personal Hotspot?

Outside of Apple's wondrous "Certain apps and features that require a Wi-Fi connection might not work" at the bottom of the Hotspot set up doc, does anyone know of a list of what's broken when a Mac's connected via the phone? No, I don't need workarounds, not trying to fix anything.

It's well-known that Photos don't sync, but I've also found iCloud doesn't update and, most annoyingly, Mail search appears to rely on the backend e.g. You can *see* the emails from fred@fred.com in your local mailbox but if you search for "fred", if they didn't arrive *today*, they don't show up.
(Google has not been my friend, not that it's been very good nowadays, and seems fixated on the Photos side of things)

11:50 UTC


Slide show with equal viewing of photos from two different folders

I have two folders, one with 400 images and another with 150. Is there an easy way to have a slide show randomly show photos from both folders while keeping an equal amount of photos shown from the folders? I know that photos from the folder with fewer images would end up repeating more often but that is okay.

14:57 UTC


MacBook Pro M1 (2021, 14") won't charge when switched on

This is a weird issue that just started yesterday morning for no reason I can think of. My MacBook will not charge at all when it's switched on. I've tried the original Apple charger and an Anker charger over USB-C that's capable of charging it.

If you shut it down it'll charge but incredibly slowly. Last time I booted up I think the battery had drained I think so I'm not certain on that. I've tried booting to safe mode and the charger still isn't recognised - I also can't run diagnostics as it needs to be plugged in.

The charger lights up the whole time, I've had it switched off and plugged in for maybe 20 hours now and the light's still orange. My last plan is to see if it'll fully charge, then format and resintall macOS to see if it's a software issue. Battery health is 87% so it should hold up to a format. The above points to a hardware issue though I think.

Had a Google and a few people have experienced this but I can't find any solutions, anyone please got any ideas? Big, big please lol

09:51 UTC


Computer won’t boot at all

Late 2013 27inch iMac 3.5 GHz i7 Intel 16 GB RAM 3 TB Fusion Drive

Went to turn on the machine after it was properly shutdown a few days ago and nothing. Goes into never ending boot loop, and then a kernel panic before boot loop again.

Can boot into recovery. I have already:

  1. Used Disk Utility to run First Aid. First Aid reports no issues

  2. Attempted to re install OS from recovery mode. This doesn’t work. It fails after about 90% complete and throws a kernel panic.

  3. Rest SMC, PRAM and NVRAM same issue.

  4. Attempted internet recovery. Same issue

  5. Booted into single use mode. Receive Disk I/O error and can never actually get to run a command such as fsck.

  6. Attempted to install OS from bootable USB. This gets me further but it still fails.

This is an older Mac running 10.15.7 I use it for my home audio recording studio to demo songs. It has been good to me up to this point. There have been 0 issues leading up to this. Write and read to and from the fusion drive have showed no issues, boot times last week were normal, and there have been no strange noises coming from the drive. It is using an old spinning HDD along with the pci ssd on the board. I’m hoping that this is the culprit. I plan on going to buy an external ssd today to see if I can install the OS on there and boot. If that allows me to actually boot, then I plan to replace the internal with an ssd. I’m hoping that it’s not the pci ssd located near the logic board. As that is a PITA to get to. Is there any way to tell other than opening the machine to see which one has failed?

Any other ideas what this could be if it’s not one those issues. Just super weird because there have been no problems with this machine. I know it’s old, but it serves its purpose and the specs are still pretty modern. I have no problem running the OS from an external of that’s what I need to do going forward.

TIA for any other tips or helpful comments.

11:54 UTC


Yosemite tip: dark mode + reduced transparency + 11% grayscale = super-clean interface with 'frameless' menubar (looks like the items are directly on the desktop)

00:58 UTC


Installing Windows 10 via Boot Camp on Mac Pro (2012) with an already installed Radeon RX 580

Hello, a few days ago I bought a Mac Pro (mid 2012) with an already installed Radeon RX 580 running Mojave. Now, I would like to install Windows 10 via boot camp. I have read that although it is possible to bypass boot camp not being supported by my Mac, I will not be able to install Windows 10 due to having the RX 580, which is not Mac compatible. Thus, I won't be able to see the boot screen? I'm not sure if this is true because when I start my Mac, I can see the booting Apple/OS X screen.

How can I successfully install Windows on this type of Mac? Thank you for your help :)

19:11 UTC


Chromium legacy is gone

Just tried to install chromium legacy on a new machine. The GitHub repo is gone off the face of the earth. (https://github.com/blueboxd/chromium-legacy)

16:41 UTC


X2GO Mac key combinations don't work

I use X2GO on a Mac with OS X via XQuartz. None of the normal key combo commands work (Copy, paste, step back, save, everything). Yes I tried the Ctrl instead of cmd key. I don't know anything about X2GO yet and my understanding of Terminalservers etc is nonexistent, so if you try to help me, full permission to talk to me like I'm stupid 👍

It's probably not a keyboard specific problem, I guess the issue is with the Clipboard? When I want to Copy and Paste a folder via buttons im told there is nothing on the Clipboard to paste...

I thank everyone who will dare a couragous try to help me, or can reference a source where this question has been answered and solved, because my research doesn't show anyone who has this exact problem and a promising answer (I can understand) :/

16:30 UTC


Bluetooth USB dongles known to work with Sonoma?

Hi, I have a mac studio and I want to add a usb Bluetooth dongle to it. I want to use it in addition to the built in or replace it.

Does anyone know of a usb Bluetooth dongle that works with Sonoma?

16:12 UTC


Bottling a Build using homebrew

I am installing an application on Mac using homebrew. But the issue is that when I normally install it it does not work correctly. However when I installing using --head flag, it compiles from latest code and this version works correctly. From my understanding it is poring all the dependecies as it is and only building my required library from code. Now I want bottle this code and just pour it whenever I need to install. I want use homebrew to install all the dependenes as before and only pour my required application from custom bottle. Is there some way to do this?

18:03 UTC


How can i change File's from opening default in the top left corner?

I am running OSX Catalina, i can not find any useful info online, about Changing the spot on the desktop where a file can open? I want to change it from the default position that is in the top left position of the Mac screen/desktop.

23:03 UTC


Upgrade to Sonoma

I have a 2019 27 inch Imac (5k Retina) with about 1.5 TB hard disk space left, everytime I try to upgrade to sonoma it gives me the not supported by this hardware error )after downloading and attempting to install etc... Any wisdom?

21:26 UTC


Stumped: Images not showing on websites, Safari

Issue: Images on just Safari, and just a certain site, won't display for one account on an OSX computer (14.5).

The rub is, that the images do show on the same computer for another account using Safari. I ultimately deleted the OSX account in question; however, the issue exists even for a totally new account and just for Safari.

What I've tried:

  • Delete all history
  • Confirm all extensions are turned off
  • Tried different DNS
  • Tried different browsers
    • Works on Safari, Chrome, Brave on all accounts except for the one single account where it doesn't work on Safari
  • Rebooted router to clear any routing caches
  • Logged into a different account on the same computer and there is no problem -- all works fine on Safari.
  • Ultimately deleted the OSX user account in question, and created a new one, and with no changes, the issue persists only for Safari.

I am totally stumped as to what to do next. Many thanks in advance for any ideas to try.

19:51 UTC

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