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How to find subtitles IN IINA

Whenever I click find subtitles online in IINA, this all that basically comes. Does this mean I gotta get opensibtitles VIP to get subs? Or is there anyway to actually get subtitles.



02:29 UTC


Favorite Email Archiver

I have a client who uses over 20G of server space on emails and I'd rather clean them off there and backup into a searchable form. The only app I've heard of is Horcrux but don't know anyone who uses it regularly.

Any suggestions?

20:27 UTC


Which cloud storage providers support File Provider for MacOS?

I'm currently migrating to Dropbox, after discovering I can get cheaper plans with less storage through Lenovo.


Today, Dropboxes upgraded mew to a version that supports Apple's File Provider for MacOS.

File Provider for MacOS give sync control over to the operating system and gives all cloud providers a unified API. This has both pluses and minuses.


  1. MacOS is able to delete files "on the fly" to make space on your drive while retaining a link to the file in the cloud.
  2. Files don't automatically sync down to your Mac. You see an icon to the file, but it only gets downloaded if you access the file.


  1. Dropbox's LAN sync feature, which allows Dropbox to find another machine on your local LAN and sync files from it rather than the cloud, no longer works.
  2. You can't store your Dropbox folder on an external drive. (This is an Apple problem, and not a Dropbox problem.)

So, I'm curious, which cloud services now offer support for File Provider for MacOS.

I know that the followiing do:

  1. iCloud Drive (duh!)
  2. Dropbox
  3. Google Drive
  4. OneDrive

OneDrive doesn't specifically say it supports it, but it says that is has "on demand" file access and if you're on MacOS 12.2 or higher, you will automatically get migrated to the "new on demand access." File Provider for MacOS got introduced in MacOS 12.2, and the screenshots on the website look just like a File Provider for MacOS screenshot. So, I have to assume they're using it.

If you use a different provider and know if it supports it, plans to support it, or will not support it, please leave a comment.

This would be useful to add the comparison spreadsheet.

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17:34 UTC


Adjusting calendar and time format in Sidebar app

I have the trial version of Sidebar and will probably purchase a lifetime license. But . . . I can't see how to adjust the calendar and time format. Prefer 12 hour clock and mm/dd/yyyy. Please help.

17:32 UTC


Goodlinks vs Omnivore + Reeder

I bought Goodlinks a few months ago, but I've never really used it.

It is a beatiful app and I’m really open to learn a few cases that might be useful to me to really enjoy the app, since I already paid for it.

But I can't highlight things in it, it doesn't save a local copy of articles and pages (or does it?), it can't subscribe to RSS feeds or newsletters...

I use Reeder (RSS and a few subreddits updates) and Omnivore (newsletters, read later, highlighting and sending to Obsidian) and I've never bothered to find different use cases for Goodlinks.

Am I using it "wrong"? What are the use cases for you? If you use the same apps I mentioned before (or similar ones), what do you do in Goodlinks that you don't do in those apps?

15:35 UTC


Just bought a new mac. What apps should I get?

Got a new mac for the first time, and here were some of the suggestions so far:

  1. Xnapper - screenshots
  2. Amphetamine - prevent sleep
  3. Screen Studio - screen videos
  4. Runcat - just for fun
  5. Arc - browser

Anything else?

13:52 UTC


Photo restoration app

I’m scanning some old family pictures and I want an app for restoring them (improve focus, reduce graininess, maybe even color correct). I don’t mind paying, but not Photoshop amounts of money.

I tried Photomyne, but it only makes the faces sharper. I want to improve the whole picture.

I already have Affinity photo and Pixelmator Pro, so I can color correct if the restoration app does the rest.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I would prefer a Mac app, but iOS is ok as well

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13:19 UTC


New MacOS user struggling with delete button and navigation on text with the arrows

When I have want to delete part of a text and I press and hold the delete button, it goes word by word very slowly instead of deleting faster as it happens on the iPhone. Same thing happens when I'm trying to navigate through text with the arrows.

I tried System settings > Keyboard > Key repeat rate to fast. It doesn't change.

Is there a fix?

11:35 UTC


Finding a nested folder in Apple Notes - even possible? 

How can I search for a folder in Notes?

I have hundreds of folders, with multiple levels of nesting. Manually browsing is out of the question.

Searching will find an individual note, and the note even tells me what folder it's in. But there seems to be no way to get to that folder...

Am I going crazy?

09:34 UTC


Clop - Copy Big, Paste Small, Send Fast


Clop is a Mac utility that runs in the background or in a floating GUI allowing you to resize images, videos and PDFs on the fly merely by copying and pasting. The size reductions result in minimal to zero loss in quality and when working with images, you can paste into any app. Video size reductions begin as soon as screen recording ends and you can pre-select the type of output file you want, including GIF. You can use hotkeys or floating buttons to downscale images and videos from 90% to 10% of the original size.

  • Set watched folders (like ~/Downloads) to optimize every file that gets added
  • Rename files according to your own template
  • Strip or leave EXIF data
  • Integrates with Dropshare for uploading
  • Preserves file creation and modification dates

Clop has some free features that you can use forever without paying. Clop Pro is a one-time purchase of $15 directly from the developer, The Low-Tech Guys. It is also available as part of SetApp.

Full review

09:23 UTC


Goodlinks Version 2 appears to be in the works!

For all of you who use the read later/bookmarking app Goodlinks. It appears the developer is working on a second version of the app with support for highlights and a lot more!

09:13 UTC


My Favourite MacOS Utilities

Modern MacOS Utilities List with nice UI and useful features

Price list

Free - fully free(sometimes with pro features)

Free trial - can be used for free, but with some limitations after the period or popups to buy

Paid - can be used properly, only If you buy them

Must have apps, that I use daily

  1. Ice(free) - Hide menu bar icons and customise it. Similar apps: Bartender, HiddenBar

  2. Loop(free) - Smooth window management with keyboard shortcuts. Similar apps: Swish, Rectangle, Magnet, Moom

  3. Raycast(free) - Spotlight on steroids. Similar apps: Spotlight, Alfred

  4. PopClip(free trial) - Instant text actions. Similar apps: None

  5. DropOver(free trial) - Drag & drop on steroids. Similar apps: DropZone, Yoink

  6. HazeOver(paid) - Distraction free background dimmer. Similar apps: None

Great apps, that I use often

  1. PearCleaner(free) - App uninstaller and cleaner. Similar apps: App Cleaner, CleanMyMac X

  2. IIna(free) - Media player with more supported formats. Similar apps: QuickTime Player, Elmedia Player

  3. Diffusion Bee(free) - AI Image editor with upscayling and generating. Similar apps: Upscayl

  4. Homebrew(free) - Package Manager, which helps to install Software, tools and developer stuff via Terminal. Similar apps: None

Honorable mentions, that I use rarely or don't

  1. TextSniper(paid) - OCR for copying text from images and scaning QR codes. Similar apps: TRex
  2. LinearMouse(free) - Controlling external mouse or trackpad for smoother expirience. Similar apps: MOS, Better Touch Tool, MultiTouch
  3. Shottr(free trial) - Better screenshot tool with more annotation options. Similar apps: CleanShot X
  4. Menu Bar X(free) - Pin most used websites to the menu bar, also supports dropping files to them. Similar apps: None

Safari/Chrome Extensions

  1. AdGuard For Both(free) - Ad blocker with deep settings and customization. Similar apps: AdLock For Both, uBlock For Chrome
  2. Hush For Safari(free), Cookie Notice Blocker For Chrome(free) - Block Cookie Banners and popups. Similar apps: None
  3. Noir For Safari(paid), Dark Reader For Chrome(free) - Dark Mode for each website. Similar apps: None
07:39 UTC


Forklift 4

I was going to purchase Forklift 4. I can‘t find it in the app store. Seems I read that apps in the app store have to pass certain criteria. Is there a likely reason that Forklift 4 is not in the app store? Did I just overlook it?

01:08 UTC


Which writing apps offer off-line editing, other than Google Docs?

I'll be traveling soon and would like to import my work-in-progress into an app that I can use off-line. I don't know if Apple Pages or others allow off-line.

Any suggestions?


22:13 UTC


Using Spotlight and Raycast Together for Efficient File Searching

Using Spotlight and Raycast Together for Efficient File Searching

I've found that combining Spotlight and Raycast is more effective for file searching than using Raycast alone. I've set the Raycast keyboard shortcut to ⌘ + Space, and Spotlight to ⌘ + ⇧ + Space.

Here's my Spotlight setup (check the attached image for detailed settings):

Spotlight Settings

I've configured Spotlight to search only specific categories, leaving Raycast to handle the rest. The categories I've enabled in Spotlight are:

  • Contacts
  • Definitions
  • Developer
  • Documents
  • Events & Reminders
  • Folders
  • Images
  • Mail & Messages
  • Movies
  • Other
  • PDF Documents
  • Presentations
  • Siri Suggestions
  • Spreadsheets
  • System Settings
  • Tips

Raycast Settings

In Raycast, I've disabled features that overlap with Spotlight, such as searching for files, folders, system settings, system preferences, and word definitions.

This setup has streamlined my workflow, making searches faster and more efficient. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

18:07 UTC


Badgeify: A macOS menubar app to catch every notification - born from a missed message mishap

Hey folks!

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. I had missed a bunch of important messages from my partner, and let's just say they weren't thrilled. In my quest for a solution, I stumbled upon an open-source project right here on Reddit called Doll. It was exactly what I needed - a simple way to see notifications for hidden Dock apps. Inspired by Doll, I decided to create Badgeify (https://badgeify.app), a more polished version with some additional features I really wanted. Here's what it does:

  • Adds menubar icons for apps like iMessage and Email
  • Displays message counts right in the menubar
  • Allows for custom icons (still in development)
  • Uses template icons for better integration with both light and dark modes

Badgeify is perfect for you if:

  • You keep your Dock hidden
  • You've missed important messages because of overlooked banner notifications
  • You want a cleaner way to see your unread message counts

During the brainstorming process, I realized that we could extend the functionality beyond just notifications. Badgeify can also serve as a quick launcher for your applications right from the menubar. This adds another dimension to its usefulness, making it not just a notification catcher but also a productivity tool.

So now, Badgeify offers two main features:

  1. Notification display: See message counts for your apps at a glance
  2. Quick app launcher: Start your favorite applications directly from the menubar

I want to give a big shoutout to the creator of Doll for the initial inspiration. Building on that idea, I've spent the last two weeks refining and expanding the concept to create Badgeify.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you might have. And if you try it out, please let me know what you think!

17:06 UTC


Finder and other alternatives cannot search Google Drive files


I have tried many Finder alternative apps, but only Forklift can correctly search for files on Google Drive, while other similar apps, even the official Google Drive app, cannot do this. The document mentioned by the keyword cannot be found in any location. What is the reason? Can it be solved?

Thank you for your help.

16:06 UTC


I made a native macOS app called ClipSnag that allows you to download videos and audio from thousands of websites.

ClipSnag is a native macOS app with a modern look that supports customizable downloads from YouTube, X, Instagram, TikTok, and much more.

You can download entire playlists, customize each download and specify some advances settings as well.

You can check the landing page to learn more about all the features it supports: https://clipsnag.com/

Keep in mind that it's a paid app (one-time 19$ payment), but here's a 5$ discount that you can use: KYNTGWNW

(For those interested, ClipSnag uses yt-dlp and ffmpeg under the hood. Both are command-line tools that are downloaded and managed automatically upon the first app launch so that users don't have to do anything.)

15:34 UTC


Can I use Peek - A Quick Look Extension in Raycast while viewing files?

Can I use Peek - A Quick Look Extension in Raycast while viewing files?

14:25 UTC


Is there a 'price alert' app?

I'd like to find an app that allows me to set up the product I want to buy and get price alerts. For instance, the Sigma 56mm 1.4 lens dropped to $389 and I was silly not to grab it. A few days later it's back up to $489. So I'd like to set up an alert so that next time the price falls I'm back on it.

I'm looking for a MacOS app, not iOS.

Thank you.

13:34 UTC


Best apps for students?

Hello, I was wondering what were the best applications for a student like me. I am particularly looking for an application that allows me to record my teacher’s voice and obtain a transcript, something like that.

13:11 UTC


mxNotes, a free app to manage notes, tasks and documents

Hi all,

I'm glad to present my app, mxNotes. It's a free app for iPhone, iPad and Mac made with Xcode and SwiftUI to manage textual notes, tasks (i.e., to-dos) and documents.

Each note, consisting of a title and a plain text, can have an expiration date and an indication of its completion. The expiration date may be recurrent (every day, every one, two, three, four weeks, every one, two, three, four, six months, every year). It's possible to attach to a note any kind of file (file of Pages or Word, PDF, picture, audio, etc.). This feature allows to archive documents and find them very easily. If the attachment is a picture, on iPhone and iPad it's available a button to open a preview of it, in which it's possible to pinch to zoom to visualize it better.

The use of the app supposes that the documents needing to be encrypted or formatted (for example, the minutes of a meeting) are written with the word processor within a file attached to a note, and that the text of the same note is reserved for simple remarks (e.g. the agenda of the meeting and the decisions taken), which can be tagged and found by the app. Changes made to an attachment - if it is not a compressed file - are saved in the original file. So, the word processor may be considered as the editor of mxNotes, although only for the attached documents.

On Mac, the content of the attachments can be still searched using Spotlight.

The notes and their possible attachments are automatically synchronized on iCloud between the various devices associated with the same Apple account. However, on each device it is possible to export the notes in plain text format or as a CSV file using tab as separator. This latter file can be opened with Numbers or another spreadsheet, or imported into other apps. On Mac, it's possible also to export the possible attachments.

In the options of the app it is possible to enable the automatic synchronization of the notes having a deadline with the user's default calendar. The title of these notes can then be viewed in the Apple's Calendar app. Each change made to these notes in mxNotes is mirrored in the calendar, but not vice versa. Their title is preceded by an emoji that can be changed in the options of the app.

The notes may be exported to Apple Reminders, and the tasks of Reminders may be imported in mxNotes. In this way the user may easily fetch all the tasks already typed in Reminders, or go back to this app if mxNotes doesn't suit his or her needs without loosing the existing notes.

It is possible to disable iCloud synchronization in the device options. In this case, mxNotes stores the data exclusively in the device itself, without deleting any data already entered and synchronized on iCloud.

mxNotes requires iOS 16 or following on iPhone and iPad, and macOS 13 or following on Mac.

The app is in https://apps.apple.com/en/app/mxnotes/id1581312006 [updated link, thanks to MaxGaav]. See the link App Support for the manual of the app.

I hope it could be useful to somebody out there beyond myself 😀.

08:48 UTC


Day One Journal, Popular for a Reason

Day One Interfaces

Day One, a universal app from Bloom Built Software, a subsidiary of Automattic is a former Apple Design winner and app of the year. It's one of the most popular apps of all time, having been downloaded 15 million times. It has over 200K 5-star reviews. I've been using it for over 10 years and have 18K entries in five journals.

My journals are:

  • Exercise - auto entries from the calendar created by my exercise app
  • Gratitude - manual entries of three bullet points a day
  • News - auto entries created by tagged read-it-later articles
  • Eating Out - manual entries
  • Journal - a mix of manual and automated entries from many different sources

My automated entries (via IFTTT) include:

  • Daily weather report from Weather Underground
  • TV shows and movies watched from Trakt
  • My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Mastodon posts
  • The RSS feeds from my different blogs

Day One is FREE to use forever with unlimited entries. Additional features, including unlimited photos, videos, and sync are available with a Day One Premium membership. A yearly subscription to Day One is $35. It's a universal app with availability on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. I've never lost any data.

Full Review

Day One on the App Store

10:11 UTC


Update to Bliss: Zen Sounds Now More Efficient & New Sounds [v1.1.7]


I'm thrilled to announce that the latest update to Zen Sounds, v1.1.7, is now live! You can update the application directly from within the app itself - no need to download it from the website!

I've been working hard to make the app more efficient and responsive. In this update, I've reduced memory usage from over 500 MB to approximately 200 MB, ensuring a smoother experience without compromising performance.

I've also fixed the pesky memory stacking issue that occurred when switching or changing audio, and added four new sounds to our library: ॐ, Vishnu's Sanctuary, Flute of Love, and Meditative Escape.

If you'd like to support me, I'd be grateful if you could contribute on Gumroad - it helps me cover costs and continue improving the app based on your feedback, keeping Zen Sounds free and maintaining its high quality. Alternatively, if you're unable to support financially, a review on Reddit and GumRoad, sharing your thoughts on the app and any suggestions you may have, would mean a lot to me!

Download on GitHub | Support & Download on Gumroad

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06:15 UTC


toothfairy issue on macos sonoma

The setting in question

ive been using this setting for over a year and it worked great but now on sonoma 14.5 it stops working all the time when i talk in discord when i accidentally activate siri when i use the mic on ps remote play it always does that super annoying hiss and i have to disconnect and reconnect. i even choose a different mic in Soundsource and in System Settings something just triggers the headphones mic and its so annoying.

06:04 UTC


what kind of devices do i need to buy to put my sim card into macbook m1 ?


my simcard doesnt allow hotspot… so how can i put my sim card into my mac? any recommendations?

00:59 UTC


Any F1 fans here? a Formula 1 calendar right in your menu bar!

03:10 UTC


Arc Browser's Security and Privacy

Right now, I'm using Firefox on my mac (and Safari on my iPhone) and Arc says they block trackers, but on my phone, safari blocks so many more trackers than the arc browser for ios. Is that the same for on macos compared to firefox? I know its based on chrome but I could get security extensions, like ddg privacy essentials and such.

Also, is Arc good on security and privacy? they make you create/use an arc account to use it, and say they don't sell data, but is this true? I want to switch to Arc, but idk if I should, I like my browser to be secure.

02:01 UTC



I'm looking for an OCR that supports dozen of languages especially Japanese. I'm using it as a tool to learn targeted languages. I've tried a lot of OCR but none of them properly works.

01:41 UTC

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