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Americans Abroad- How to Vote in the Primary and General Election

You can request your ballot at: https://www.votefromabroad.org/

In recent elections, the overseas vote has determined the winner in many close races, so your vote does actually count.


Also, if you know someone who was born in the US or has American parents, they can also vote in US elections.

This post is intended to be non-partisan, simply showing how to exercise your voting rights even when abroad.


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Greenwashing’s Sly Cousin: The Rise of Sustainability Laundering

In the past decade, there's been a remarkable surge in consumer interest in sustainability. Companies are quick to embrace this trend, but lurking beneath the surface is a concerning phenomenon: sustainability laundering.

What is sustainability laundering, you ask? It's when a corporation presents itself as a sustainability champion while its individual brands or subsidiaries engage in practices that are environmentally or socially harmful. This deceptive tactic not only misleads consumers but also undermines genuine efforts towards building a more sustainable future.

Check out more on this here: https://kaushiksridhar.com/greenwashings-sly-cousin-the-rise-of-sustainability-laundering/

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Introducing the Alpenglow Hy4, a hydrogen-combustion engined supercar prototype!

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Good question!

Do you save water on toilet flush? https://youtu.be/mLIm58chFYo

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Can I support myself with an ecology/conservation Project?

I have 16 acres of monoculture ash woodland in the south west of England that I inherited from my grandfather. It's sadly riddled with dieback and I wanted to take this opportunity to diversify/reinvigorate the ecosystem. I intend to plant new trees, dig ponds, create habitats and wetland, put up bird boxes, bat roosts, and insect hotels. I've been in touch with an ecologist and together we hope to plant violets to encourage the return of the pearl bordered fritillary that used to be common in the area. I also want to make the site a place for the community to come and learn about nature and conservation, through classes, workshops and talks.

The problem is I have no money and I really want to commit to this full time, is there a way I can earn a living doing this? It feels like a pipe dream the idea I could be paid to do something I genuinely want to do, but if there is any way I can i would love some advice, Thanks y'all.

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US Aims for $2/Kg Hydrogen Fuel by 2026, $1/Kg by 2031...

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