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Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. It is the most widely used form of renewable energy, accounting for 16 percent of global electricity generation – 3,427 terawatt-hours of electricity production in 2010, and is expected to increase about 3.1% each year for the next 25 years.

**Wikipedia: hydroelectricity

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How much energy would a vortex turbine make?

With this flow rate

09:03 UTC


CA dwr apprenticeship

I'm applying the CA hydroelectric worker apprenticeship. I passed the test for mechanic and plant operator. Anyone have experience going through this program? Any suggestions for successful applications? I'm really excited about the possibility of working with DWR. Thanks!

18:13 UTC


What's the best way to just connect my hydro to my homes main circuit?

bascially I'd just like to rig my hydro up to all the sockets in my house - grid ties system I think it's called - anyway can I just get some plug to plug it into the circuit or do I have to faff around with the circuit box. UK BTW also about 500w

23:50 UTC


Anyone ever see anything like this?

Rotary exciter brush holder from a 1940/50s hydro turbine in the Canadian arctic. I’ve been told that this might be the symbol for a water wheel tho I’ve been told this turbine does come from Germany. Any thoughts??

03:36 UTC


Looking for a powerplant to study

Hello there everyone, I'm looking for a powerplant that uses a pelton turbine for a university subject's research project, that ideally has all necessary data (or at least the ones necessary to study its functioning process) available for free. Please reply with all your suggestion of what i should look for, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

15:01 UTC


Electricity from Waves? I made a Wave Generator.

22:42 UTC


2.4MW hydroelectric plant in rural Haiti needs help.

20:12 UTC


Hydro on artesian well

We have an artesian well that we were unable to cap due to pressure, so we just run it out to the stream. We get about 90 gallons per minute out of it, is there anyway to put a hydro turbine right off of it?

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16:13 UTC


How to manage varying river flow

Hi! I am considering building a hydroelectric plant at an old watermill I inherited from my grandpa. We've done some rough flow rate estimations and that would be somewhere from 0.2 to 0.4 m³/s with a head of 13 meters. But that flow can greatly vary in summer and with heavy rains and melting snow.

Would that be better to go with a turbine that could handle the maximum flow or an intermediate one? What is the process to determine what turbine I need (type and power) and how to be sure it would work most of the time with varying flow. How to regulate the input flow to always keep the upstream dam full? In a more general way, where could I find extensive information on hydroelectric engineering?

Thank you!

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16:21 UTC


How to harness the power of my back yard creek

I have a semi fast creek in my backyard I’d like a medium system that will charge a battery battery system I have for a solar project.

15:20 UTC


Anyone here know of US hydroelectric projects for sale?

I’m looking to purchase projects within the US that are sized between 500KW and 5MW. Any leads would be much appreciated:)

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20:39 UTC


Seeking Manufacturer for Custom 50kW Hydrogenerator Design

Hey Reddit community!

I'm in the process of designing a 50kW hydrogenerator for a project I'm working on and I'm looking for a manufacturer who can bring my design to life. The hydrogenerator will be a crucial component of our renewable energy initiative, and I'm excited to find a partner who shares our vision for sustainability.

Here's a brief overview of the specifications:

  • 50kW output capacity
  • Specific design requirements tailored to our project needs
  • Efficiency and reliability are top priorities
  • Open to discussing materials and manufacturing processes

If you or someone you know has experience in manufacturing hydrogenerators or similar renewable energy equipment, I'd love to connect and discuss further. Feel free to drop a comment or send me a DM if you're interested or have any recommendations.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

23:05 UTC


Back up power for outages.

I havea 63584 Gallon water tank. With a 150 feet of one inch pipe and a 100 feet of head To a generator. how long would I be able to power my little House

21:44 UTC


Micro hydro site 3 - Turbine start video! 7kW of Magic!

11:23 UTC


Micro hydro site 3 - KZN, South Africa

Our 3rd Micro hydro install was a Twin Jet pelton turbine for a client in KZN. This unit has the following parameters:

Flow - 25lt/s

Head - 40m

Electrical output - 7kW

The client has a large solar system that this unit will feed into making up for the short fall required to go fully off grid! Nice!



11:21 UTC


Micro hydro site 2 - Western Cape, South Africa

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07:24 UTC


Micro hydro site 1

One of my first micro hydro units built. Setup it's 46m head, 10lt/s output is 3.5kW into inverter.... type is a single pelton jet unit.

Based in Limpopo, South Africa.

Client is off grid from eskom, the unit is able to run 24/7 which generates 84kWh per day.

18:33 UTC


Any one here happen to work for el dorado irrigation?

I have an interview for a hydroelectric system technician and I was trying to get some insight on what to expect

22:08 UTC


guide on grid tied system

does anyone know how I would tie a hydro system to the grid?

18:40 UTC


Questions questions questions

Hello my friends. I have been trying to do my research and have a few questions or problems that I could use help with understanding.

I have a creek running through my property. It is steep terrain. If I understand correctly, then I could have a small dammed up pool with say a 6” pipe running down the water down the mountain at a decently steep slope. The top of the pool would be 148’ higher than the bottom. The creek runs pretty steady and I’ll have a pond at the top that can release extra water when needed.

Now with that info, what else do I need to calculate how much Head the pipe would have and therefore, how big of a generator I’d need at the bottom.

If I am completely off and don’t understand how this works then please point me in the right direction lol

Thank you so much in advance!!!

04:58 UTC


Hydroelectric car idea

Would it be theoretically possible to make a “water wheel” type contraption connected to an alternator that then stores the energy in batteries to power a car? The water wheel in my sub 2 minute design would be turned by a small diameter high powered jet of water that continues to run until the batteries fill even if the car is turned off. The original power source used to charge the batteries the first time would be done by a hand crank or you could hook the batteries up to a charger if you’re lazy but it would all be done using the power from the water after the initial charge assuming my idea works. Any thoughts on the idea would be appreciated and if anyone has a better community for this question please lmk because I’m genuinely interested!

05:44 UTC


Dam rights & Hydro potential?

Thanks in advance for viewing. I recently acquired a parcel of land from a man who had owned and ran a historic sawmill before logs knocked out his dam years ago.

There are still ramparts, and some old gears from the 1800s in place that including the Francis Turbine complete with all its wooden teeth and the pinion gear. The original head height appears to be approximately 11ft. It’s seems to have been rather forgotten and has been in the family for almost 80 years.

The river swells in rain and flows year round except for freezes in mid winter. The annual average flow appears to be 50cuft/s according to town records.

I have two ideas I would love to pursue. A) a restoration of the mill as a historical educational site and museum of sorts and or pursuing rebuilding of the dam for hydroelectric generation. The lot is zoned accordingly and abuts a state highway so distance to infrastructure is close by.

Any thoughts on potential generation from this location would be a great start. It sounds like there are some very knowledgeable historic mill resources and hydroelectric engineers on this forum.

The deed still includes sawmill rights. The property extends up river where the pond used to exist and down river for 650ft. Except from the deed below.

“A certain mill privilege situated on the ————- River in ————, in the ——- and State of ——-, and bounded as follows: Beginning at the north part of the Wharfing which extends up the River from the Mill Dam; thence running down by said River seventeen rods to a stone and to land formerly belonging to the ———— homestead; thence northeasterly by said ——- line to the Town way leading from the highway to the ——- Farm, so-called; thence Westerly or Northwesterly by said Town Way to a point opposite to the place of beginning; thence Southwesterly to the Wharfing begun at.

Also all interests in and to the mill, Dam and all machinery and rights of flowage which have been enjoyed with said privilege.

Meaning and intending to convey herein no property on the Westerly side of the said ——— River except the right of attachment of said Dam to the Westerly bank of said River.”

03:41 UTC


Beginner Advice - Hydro Charge System

Off Grid Hydro Charging System

I would like to preface this by stating I am an ABSOLUTE novice, so please speak in simple terms.

I recently purchased this gadget from Amazon. I’m able to produce approximately 25 volts with my breath (I know, it’s meant for water).

I have a reliable source of water near my cabin that flows year round and I’d like to utilize this to charge a 12 volt car battery for supplementary lighting.

From casual research, I’ve observed other similar systems require a dc to dc charge converter, but I have no clue what I should be looking for on this front. I guess it’s used to regulate the voltage due to the variable nature of the power generated?

My rough idea is:

Hydro turbine —-> DC to DC converter —-> Charge controller —> 12V Battery

Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially regarding the DC converter.


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Looking for HydroEletric engineer for consulting service

02:33 UTC


New turbine for hydroelectric power

My friend George, who is not on reddit, is an inventor who has developed and patented a more efficient turbine for use in several applications, including hydroelectric power: https://gmcbride.substack.com/

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03:00 UTC


Question about reengineering Enguri hydro electric plant

I’m a newbie on hydroelectric plants but thought this might be an interesting discussion for all of you who are well versed on this topic.

I am from Georgia and part of my countrt is occupied by Russia (never heard that before now have ya)

Problem is that half of one of our biggest plants wound up on the occupied territory and we are forced to provide workers, fix and maintain infrastructure while they receive 30% of the generated electricity. The plant was bigger back in the day but whatever it’s left now, part of the tunnel that brings the water to the generators and the generators themselves are on the occupied part connected to a small reservoir. While we are left with a huge dam, two big reservoirs and aqueducts

Link of the map of the entire plant. Put red lines for you to understand the occupation line and sorry for the Georgian script: https://ibb.co/C2XzHPR

Question here is, is it technically possible to reengineer this and have the control tower where the generators are on our territory. The small resevoir on the occupiers side doesnt have a purpose at the moment because it was connected to another tunnel with generators which is out of service after the war. The river enguri itself goes to the black sea and acts as the occupation line/border between the rest of Georgia and the occupied territory. How much of a trouble is my country in with this?

18:05 UTC


What is inside of these towers at Lake Murray, SC?

05:06 UTC


I and someone else wants to learn more about teneeeble energy sources that is less known. How and where should we start to learn?

19:26 UTC


Nictaux Hydro Plant. Nictaux falls, nova scotia, Canada. This old thing has been going strong for many decades.

18:32 UTC

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