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This is a forum to discuss the continuation of a Neo-Progressive movement.

The movement will be inclusive, with room for disparate political opinions, but will also require a firm foundation consisting of clearly-defined core political positions upon which we can all agree.

We need to formulate our ideals in an articulate and actionable manner – avoiding any pie-in-the sky vagaries.

We seek leaders like Feingold, Kucinich, and Sanders – leaders who balance idealism with pragmatism.

So, how do we continue?

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US Medicare and Medicaid Reform

I’m conducting a short survey on US Political Stances on Medicare and Medicaid reform for my school research and I would really appreciate it if you could spare a minute to take it!


22:14 UTC


Global Finance Is A Bigger Threat To Humanity Than Big Tech

11:31 UTC


MCxDoomBlunt Versus Joe Biden's America Episode IV Femboy Hooters

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Help END Homelessness in NYC!


Hey everyone, I volunteer for a New York City non-profit that advocates for housing-first policy solutions to homelessness. They need petition signatures to get off the ground. Please sign and let the next mayor know we CAN solve homelessness!!!!

20:23 UTC


Biden’s New 2021 Corporate Tax Reforms; Closing the Loopholes, Explained


In order to pay for his two trillion dollar infrastructure plan, Biden is reexamining loopholes in the corporate tax code. This includes creating a new corporate income tax, cracking down on tax havens, and raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. Here’s exactly what’s happening!

23:57 UTC


Survey about your ethnic background and US society (US citizens only; ~8 mins to complete; 18+)

Hello, we are a group of psychology researchers from the University of Kent, UK. It would be a huge help if any US citizens interested would fill out our quick survey (18+ years old only) about your ethnic background and US society in general: https://kentpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cS9EddeWuarPzcF

We are particularly interested in hearing the thoughts of ethnic minorities in the US, which you will have a chance to write about towards the end of the survey if you wish. The survey takes around 8 minutes to complete, and we are happy to respond to any queries or questions. Please private message us to avoid giving away the point of the study to others. We will be sure to post our results here when they're ready.

Thanks for your time.

Edit: The survey is now closed! Thank you so much for all of your time and effort we really appreciate the great response. I will post another edit here very soon with a summary of the preliminary results for anyone that was interested.

16:07 UTC


NYC Public Defender On The Left Wing Case Against Lockdowns

12:05 UTC


This is the finalized survey that some of you may have already seen, I appreciate any responses

This will be the first of the surveys sent to help with this project. Following the final tabulation of all results, I will send you all of your data and the interpretation of all results. As such, this survey will request an email address for me to send the remaining information to. I will send you a total of eight emails, the party platforms, the announcement of the end of primaries and the finalized candidates, a one-question poll, results of the poll, a ballot, a reminder of the ballot being due, and a final satisfaction survey. There will only be three other surveys to fill out with the first one being by far the largest one. If you request it, you will be sent the results of the study, even if you are not chosen. If you take this first survey I will use an appropriate apportionment of individuals based on your state of origin, birth sex, and racial identity to create a sample that shares close proximity to the United States regarding these things.


This is a simulated 2024 election with no incumbents or former presidents running to eliminate incumbency bias. The simulation is centered around a multi-party system with eight political parties, four on the left and four on the right. You are absolutely allowed/encouraged to treat this as you would any other presidential election.


Thank you so much for anyone who does it and I will respond to any questions here as quickly as I can.

19:31 UTC


We can’t keep doing this. There’s a simple solution to fixing American society.

I think we can all pretty much all agree that there are some serious problems with American society, and that we have been on a steady trajectory of ignoring them and/or making them worse. The fact that we have been moving in the wrong direction for so long comes with a certain momentum that limits the range of possible futures we might encounter. At this point, the bullseye of what we can expect is pointing somewhere in the cyberpunk or post-apocalyptic genre. With utopian futurism somewhere off the edge of the dartboard, if it’s still even within the range of possibilities.

So, I would strongly suggest that what is needed now is radical change. However, I would prefer it not be violent revolution, because aside from that being horrific, it would likely make the situation worse before it gets better, and likely just delay solutions to what needs solving.

When I stay up at night wondering what will be the ultimate fate of this society, there is only one outcome that gives me hope. A populous uprising, through democratic means, that forces our government to change into one that benefits the common people over the interest of the elites.

The thing we are fighting, the source of all of these problems, is corruption, primarily that which has captured the two major governing parties. How well we solve this problem today will dictate how well all of the other problems rampant in our society are allowed to be fixed tomorrow.

I am working locally to institute new legislation to reform our elections, which will allow for new parties to replace the current establishment, or at least threaten them into action. However, the two-parties are largely united against this reform since it undermines their base of support. So, I have dreamt up an idea for a movement to force that change to occur faster.

It’s called Split Your Vote. It’s a bipartisan movement for people who are dissatisfied by their representation under the two-party system and want to support the growth of alternative options. Right now, support for both parties is at an all-time low, yet people are forced to support them because they see the other party as a worse alternative, so are trapped into voting for the lessor of two evils.

I’m encouraging people to pair up with trusted friends or family who are going to be voting opposite them and see if they can come to an agreement to both support third-party candidates instead. Since their votes would have cancelled out anyway, this is a way of supporting alternatives without the worry of throwing off the ratio of the two-party race. I’m hoping to generate some momentum for a mass migration of people withdrawing their support from the two-party establishment.

You can read more at www.splityourvote.com. If you want to help you can read through the site about how to take the pledge to join. I also just set up a subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/SplitYourVote/ if you want to assist promoting the movement.

TLDR: Society is broken because of corruption in the two major political parties, so let’s try and replace them both by triggering a mass migration away from the current establishment. The mythology of which will be people pairing up across the aisle and voting third-party, since then their votes would have cancelled out anyway, they don’t have to worry about throwing off the results of the two-party race.

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Help with School Research

I've been conducting research on voting methods and attempting to find the best possible system, I hope that this post doesn't get taken down and I'd love feedback on the entire concept. I'm not endorsing anything here, just attempting to conduct a survey


02:10 UTC


US Environmental Policy

I’m conducting a short survey on US Political Stance on Environmental Issues for my school research and I would really appreciate it if you could spare a minute to take it!


03:56 UTC


Australian government sim, discord server

  • there are eight parties to chose from or you could run as an independent

  • Chat with others with rp characters or just chat out side of rp about politics or anything else

  • Become the Prime minister, deputy Prime minister, a cabinet member, president of the senate, senator, speaker of the house, house rep members, judge or party leader.

  • Keep up to date with rp events with news channels

  • Get money with the economy bot

The server is still new and we are waiting to have a few more members to have our first election so join to be apart of the beginning of the Sim


00:46 UTC


The Trump Project

I'm a middle-aged man seeking help. Your help, if possible.

Tl;dr: I'm making a project to document the lies and corruption of the past 4 years for generations to come. I will do this regardless of your help, but I'd appreciate it nonetheless because it will be an ENORMOUS endeavor.


I am a lifelong registered Republican who always voted R up and down the ballot.

In 2016, I was fired up by the non-establishment potential of Donald J. Trump.

Many, such as myself, felt left out to dry by the years upon years of unfair practices by the Democratic party. They were responsible for bailing out Wall Street, they increased my taxes, and they did not care about the small person I was to them.

I passed out on election night 2016 after watching Trump's chances of pulling off a victory drop to 1%. Of course, my surprise and joy over his victory the next day were as great as anyone else's.

In 2017 I found myself with more time on my hands and able to keep track of the news. It wasn't long after that I realized the mistake I made in voting for Trump.

Policy wasn't the issue, nor was lack of decency the problem (although it was). It was simply transparency, truth, and corruption that made me realize how badly we had screwed up.

After getting exactly what I wanted and then being disgusted at getting what I wanted, I was able to vote blue in 2018 and 2020. Science, logic, and truth began to win again.

I got out of the echo chamber. It took time, but I paid attention and was willing to change.

However, for me, this isn't enough.


Some of my friends and family are stuck believing everything they've been told and refuse to see how bad (and frequent) the lies were, how much corruption the party could get away with behind Trump's distractions, and how deep the swamp thickened.

Not to mention 75 million other people.

I am beginning the Trump Project. My aim is to prevent the fascism and authoritarianism that we narrowly avoided by a few thousand votes in 2020 because the next, more competent 'Trump' can and will be able to corrupt all of America.

Historians will write unfavorably about Trump, but I'd rather write the narrative now when these events are fresh on our minds.

I am asking for your help to:

1) Compile Trump's scandals. All of them.

2) Gather the evidence behind them. Videos and tweets will be the most useful, of course.

3) Document the context behind each incident.

Any help is appreciated, but not expected.

I want to show everyone how close we were to losing our democratic republic. If only Trump were more competent, I truly believe we would have.

My wish is to prevent that in the future- for all of our sakes.

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13:00 UTC


Legalize It: The House Votes to Legalize Marijuana by Passing the MORE Act of 2020


In a historic vote, the House of Representatives has voted to remove Marijuana from the federal drug scheduling system, the basis for much of federal drug policy, and eliminate criminal penalties for anyone who possesses, distributes, or produces marijuana. Here is exactly what that means for the future of marijuana in America.

01:30 UTC


20/20 Insight forecasting contest

Hi all

I hope it's OK to post this here.

My name is Jonathan, I am a research psychologist at Ben Gurion University. I am currently running a contest and study in the science of forecasting. In the contest, participants predict the outcomes of a number of burning global questions, including US elections, COVID vaccine, peace in the Middle East, and more. The most accurate and best-reasoned forecasters access a prize pool of 6,000$ USD

As engaged and curious people, we'd be happy if you participate in our contest.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you would like to try out your smarts while helping science. please sign up!

More details here: https://www.gileadlab.net/insight2020.html

I'm here to answer any questions,


06:50 UTC


A challenge for Biden-Harris supporters.

Living in a red state can be quite some fun, you know? Trump-Pence bumper stickers on every other car, every other person has a MAGA hat or some other piece of Pro-Trump merchandise, Trump-Pence signs, in your neighborhood no less. Hell, even living in the red part of a blue state, you can see this stuff.

I don't know how much money the Biden-Harris campaign has raised up until now, but last time I checked, they are behind Trump's campaign. I pose a challenge to Biden-Harris supporters everywhere. Every time you go out in public, whether you're working, grocery shopping, or just going out for a walk, and you see someone sporting Trump-Pence merch, or see a Trump 2020 flag, or a sign, or whatever it might be, donate $1 to the Biden-Harris campaign. That's every person you see, every house or building with a Trump 2020 flag or sign. For every Trump rally or crowd of Trump supporters you happen by, donate $100, if you can't count them.

I'll even up the stakes, for every person you know that has, or has had COVID, or has even died, buy 1 article of Biden-Harris merch, whether that's a shirt, a hat, a flag, or even a mouse pad. Whether it's a family member, a friend, or a family member of a friend.

It's starting to make me gag seeing how many people are willing to overlook the grossly weak leadership from the Trump administration. The pandemic still rages on, riots are breaking out, his own supporters threatening to purge EVEN PEACEFUL PROTESTORS. But Trump would rather worry about Chinese owned apps and accuse them of sending information to the Chinese Communist Party so they can spy on us, which I don't see why China would want to spy on people outside of their jurisdiction.

Most importantly, make sure you are registered to vote, and actually do vote. We must hit the polls in droves on November 3.

01:57 UTC


what are your greatest pet peeves about the world and how should it change?

I am researching for a story and would like to hear different point of views

23:32 UTC


DemCon Day 1 - RealPolitik's Livestream & Commentary, Sponsored by Matt Taibbi's Substack by Real Politik Pod

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