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Should the country have a standing military and nuclear weapons?


20:55 UTC


I’ve been questioning my morals and I want some second opinions

I consider myself to be a pacifist, and I’m like mostly vegetarian but sometimes I eat meat, but when I do I kinda have a thought eating away at me in the back of my mind that I’m not a good person or a real pacifist because I’m eating what was once another living thing that, in all likeliness, had an awful life and got slaughtered just to be eaten. And I don’t think I’m important enough as a person to justify the life being taken from an animal just for me to eat, because that animal, like me, was another living thing and i don’t know if I feel okay with an animal dying only to be unceremoniously eaten by me. So my question to you all is, am I still a pacifist?

09:35 UTC


What is your opinion on the death penalty?


17:06 UTC


Wisdom, Justice, And Love

05:13 UTC


The Gaza War

I generally have never been one to post much to internet forums. When I do, I try my best to gather my thoughts and curate my post to try to make it somewhat legible, which usually means I just give up on whatever it was I was going to post. But this is one of those situations where regardless of whether this is well-articulated or not, it's important to post...something?

Israel has managed to kill some 35,000 people and wound 80,000 more....in a nation of 2.3 million. This works out to (so far) almost 1:50 people killed and 2:50 more wounded. These are staggering numbers. I mean...to me, even a tiny fraction of this would be heartwrenching, but this is just surreal.

This joins a series of events that has me wondering...has everyone lost their damned minds? This is just insane. Nobody seems to care about this unless they're predisposed to care based on some preexisting political orientation. And then, they care in the specific fashion mandated by that orientation. Does nobody just feel a visceral disgust at innocent people being hurt? I never thought that much at least was a "pacifist" thing. Until recently, I thought that generally was just the way most people were throughout the world. What happened? And why is Israel doing this?

11:38 UTC


What are your opinions on Memorial Day?

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and for those who don’t know, it’s a day to honor dead soldiers. I don’t really know how I feel about it, but what are your opinions?

15:36 UTC


I am a pacifist

If a war breaks out and they try to conscript me and force me to kill, I will have evidence of a longstanding and sincere objection all forms of violence. No interaction required. Thank you so much my dearest companions. Peace be upon all who read.

00:43 UTC


Advice for being a better pacifist

"The pacifist is opposed to using violence but must be prepared to receive it." -Bayard Rustin. How can I as a pacifist be prepared to receive violence? What types of violence should I be prepared to receive? Should it be mental or physical preparation? Or both? (I'm asking this on multiple subs to get a variety of answers)

08:24 UTC


"our democracy"

16:49 UTC


Aspiring pacifist

I'm 16, I live in a pretty shitty city, so violence and crimes were always really common. I was never really interested by all that violence but was never truly against it. But recently, I noticed a lot of changes on how I see the world and what I want to be, I found myself more apealed by helping and forgiving, it's just something that really helps me feel better. I think one of the biggest factor was finishing both hotline miami games, they really made me question a lot and turn me more and more into a pacifist. I really want to become one, I already try my best to do so, and I really think I'm meant to be a pacifist. But I'm still not sure what it truly means to be one, and I have multiple questions about it. This is the one I think the most about. Is being a pacifist really means never harming anyone or anything even if you or your loved ones are in danger? I have no problem forgiving someone harming me, it's not problem at all if I got hit or insulted. But I can't say I feel too good about doing nothing when I see friends and family suffering because of someone. Thanks in advance to all the people that will answer this question and try to help me, I appreciate it a lot.

22:14 UTC


Why do I hear “I’m not a pacifist“ more than „I’m a pacifist“ by those with power?

16:58 UTC


“If you are opposed to war, you are not a fringe minority. You are not a silent majority. You are part of a majority that corporate media tries to silence.” -Amy Goodman

22:49 UTC


If oppressor is going to kill you, will it send better message to face the death penalty or commit suicide?

I don't know much about aspects and types of pacifism but I do like the idea if peace and nonviolence and think it'd be great.

But there are regimes that practice conscription. In some of those regimes, conscientious objectors receive alternative service and are enslaved elsewhere other than army, in some places they are jailed which is still a good option for a pacifist but in other regimes, COs are executed during war.

In many cases, this might happen even if death penalty is banned in country and then it will get covered up... There was a case of Finnish objector Arndt Pekurinen who was first arrested then killed without trial after forcefully being taken to front and refusing to take arms or wear uniform.

Now the question. If a conscientious objector exhausts all peaceful options and is going to be killed, would he send a better message by taking the punishment like Arndt Pekurinen did, or by committing suicide? Because committing suicide would remove the "making example out of" tool for the oppressor and the feeling of dominating someone. Is suicide considered a violent act if you are going to die anyways at the hands of oppressor?

04:34 UTC


"If we aren't violent, the others will be" argument

Please help me with making sense of this line of reasoning that seems to be the default for many to justify the use of violence in war. It seems that most people see the ability to wage war as a necessary condition for the maintenance of peace. With the underlying idea that if we don't build the capacity to be violent, the others will be ready to do so and will overpower us because they are willing to use violence.

Obviously, this type of thinking, if it is never questioned, will continue to produce wars and violence. There is clearly some truth to the argument, but I have a hard time believing that humanity will never be capable of overcoming this idea, since it would mean that war is inevitable and will happen again and again forever until we go extinct. So, is there a way out of this thinking?

11:59 UTC


si vis pacem para pacem

Soldiers only protect against other soldiers.

There is nothing soldiers can do for humanity, civilians can't do, except for going to war.

05:46 UTC


Good books about pacifism? Looking for recommendations

04:16 UTC


Argument against Absolute Pacifism

Pacifism sees War and violence as unjustifiable in all circumstances.

However what if theres a genocidal tyrannical country like Nazi Germany for example, then what? Just sit around and dont get involved?

21:56 UTC


My state is trying to make it a felony to protest without a permit


It's already a misdemeanor and now they are trying to make it a felony.

They have already passed awful laws making it a felony to camp on public property like parks, which ostensibly was meant to target unhoused people, but I think an additional "benefit" that they gain from that is the ability to crack down on forms of civil disobedience such as sit-ins and occupations.


And now this new law curtailing the time and place that people are allowed to protest because of permit requirements.

I feel like this will ultimately result in more violence as people are given fewer and fewer means of expressing themselves and fighting for their rights peacefully.

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21:45 UTC


Facts or bs?

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21:37 UTC


Has anyone ever had genuine homicidal ideation which led them down this route?

I have cptsd and I learned very early to solve my answers with violence

Homicidal ideation runs on both sides of my family so I was set up to fail

I think seeing and deeply fantasizing about it mqde me see how messed up violence is in our world

04:19 UTC


But violence is fun tho.

As a pacifist I respect those who may disagree with my philosophy on the grounds of it being impractical to fight against human evil. Of course, I disagree, nonviolent resistance has been proven to be twice as effective in fighting against tyranny, bigotry, and oppression, but that’s besides the point.

However, there’s one sub-section of detractors that makes my blood boil. The the kind of people who rejects pacifism and nonviolent strategies because they unironically think war is fun. I have meant them, one of my cousins literally said he only joined to military so he could get a chance to shoot people. These people tend to see violence and war as a sport, rather then life or death situations. They also possess a naive “Hollywood” view of violence, where if your skilled and strong enough your guaranteed survival. In reality fights are messy and unpredictable, they are completely different from the well-choreograph and rehearsed fights you see in the movies. (I say this as a kid who was beat up in a school bus, was physically abused, and have been in fights before). A fight can be over in one blow, faster then it started! Even if your physically stronger and have years of MMA training, all of that will fly out the window with one shot to the head. Not to mention, people also have this “action-movie hero” idea that you can fight large groups of people at a time. And this is not true. Even MMA fighters need breaks in between matches, and this is after years of training. So people should really drop this idea of war being fun, violence is not a sport and it’s nothing like the movies.

20:13 UTC


Henry Kissinger & The Politics of Grief

17:16 UTC


Silence is the Enemy of Peace

Silence Is The Enemy of Peace

Before we become aware

Little eyes spot a flare

Who will take the lead?

In seeing humanity succeed

Certainly not those who bomb

Little fingers and his mom

That he tries to grasp

As mom struggles for a gasp

We should find our way to the side of peace

Realize that we do not hold the lease

To little fingers’ right to life

Be the one who starts to drive

Towards peace for ALL

We are the reason for the fall

Of peace, justice, and freedom

Bring yourself to fathom

That silence is the enemy of peace

That we do not hold the lease

To tiny fingers’ right to life

He rots away under the rubble

And we keep existing in our naïve bubble

Will you be the one to make the choice?

That it’s time to stop being the one who exploits

It’s time to say that we are done

Allowing death and chaos for wealthy fun

19:08 UTC


guilt from telling workers to “f*** you” after being potentially profiled and denied services at a supermarket… need advice

recently went into a supermarket/grocery chain that’s local to me and was refused alcohol because they did not believe my id was me, i’m on of the ethnic minority-people n my area and i tend to get profiled a lot, this was a first however.

i returned around 20 mins later with my passport alongside my ID and my bank card which had my name and they still refused to serve me to which i responded with a “what the f*ck, fuck you”

ever since i’ve taken up pacifism i’ve felt guilt for acting out in anger in general on the rare occasion i do, but this feels different

i’m feeling conflicted, confused, any advice ?

20:40 UTC


What do pacifists of this sub think of weapons?

A weapon is a device primarily used to cause harm or injury to others. Weaponry can range from traditional arms such as guns, ballistic missiles, military aircraft, tanks, and submarines, to more everyday objects like sticks, rocks, umbrellas, knives, baseball bats, pepper spray, and vehicles.

Some pacifists are closer to absolute pacifism and would refuse to use weapons.

However, what do you think of the ownership of weapons? When you take into account that a weapon can be used for another reason than murder, do you find it morally permissible to own a weapon?

Do you think that the world would be a better place if all weapons suddenly vanished from existence?

What do you think of using weapons for sport?

07:14 UTC


Got called a coward for being a pacifist.

I was on Christian sub talking about pacifism. One of the commenters couldn’t comprehend me being an absolute pacifist. They went down the usual line of questioning.

  1. what would you do if you do if you saw someone being harmed by another?

I’d speak up and try to scare them off.

  1. what if they didn’t get scared and still kept hurting the other person.

Then I’d use my body to shield the person being hurt.

3)what if they said they were going to kill you and then the other person.

Then I’d die shielding the person.

It was then I was called a coward for some reason…

17:54 UTC

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