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I'd like this sub to be an exploration of strategies for changing the world to prevent dangerous global warming.

A sub for good news in the fight on climate change

Cool tech that might help welcome too

Self posts encouraged.

No real rules just be excellent to one another, bad vibes will get comments removed.

Oh, except misinformation and climate change denial. We don't want that here.

The overall vibe one should have here is: 'things are fucky, but its all going to be ok because_________'

Also: No US politics.


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BOINC Workshop Coming Up Mar 1 and Mar 8 (presentation from climateprediction.net CPDN which uses volunteer computers across the globe to improve climate modeling)

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Help Protect the Dadince River

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'FLOATING CITIES' – a Climate Change (adaptation) solution for low-lying countries? What do you think? 🌊🇲🇻

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Hydrogen module loading operations demo with an ATR72 regional aircraft in Toulouse, France in December 2022. Modular delivery of hydrogen removes the need for special hydrogen fueling infrastructure, can speed up fueling operations, and alleviates transfer losses along the distribution chain.

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Hey all, I found this pod quite interesting. An early stage VC talking about how to remove a gigaton of carbon emissions via businesses. Loved the idea of 'money is a byproduct of helping people', so if you can remove high amounts of carbon - you'll have made a big business as a byproduct

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How insects can help in tackling climate change?


Scientists new finding can provide a revolutionary and sustainable solution towards fighting the climate change. According to a new research, meat like flavors can be derived from insects, thereby providing environment friendly alternatives to traditional options for meat as protein source. Mealworms, the larval form of the yellow mealworm beetle, were cooked with sugar by researchers as part of the study, who found that the process resulted in a “meat-like flavoring” that can be used one day as source of protein in convenience food.

Up until now, the mealworms have been mainly used as snacks for pets or as bait while fishing. But according to scientists, they have potential to be used as a food source for humans as well – they can instill the recognizable flavors of meat without rendering harmful impacts upon the environment. Raising beef, pork and other animal-based foods has a direct air and water pollution as they emit greenhouse gas emissions.

“Insects are a nutritious and healthy food source with high amounts of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and high-quality protein, which is like that of meat,” says In Hee Cho, a researcher at Wonkwang University in South Korea who led the study. “Many consumers seriously like and need animal protein in our diet. However, traditional livestock farming produces more greenhouse gas emissions than cars do. On the other hand, insect farming requires just a fraction of the land, water and feed in comparison to traditional livestock farming.”

Edible insects, like crickets and mealworms, have long been enjoyed in Asia, Africa and South Americas as “superfoods”.

Food’s global production is responsible for about a third of total greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. The majority of emissions are due to raising of animals for meat. “Grazing and feeding livestock consumes about 80 per cent of Earth’s farmland, with everything from cow burps to the mass deforestation of land to make way for pasture causing planet-heating emissions.”

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This is not the solution !!! 30 billion Tons of CO2… Watch With subtitles…

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