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Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, perlite, hydroton, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil.

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Hydroponics - a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel. The nutrients in hydroponics can come from an array of different sources; these can include but are not limited to byproduct from fish waste, duck manure, or normal nutrients.

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Large Kratky reservoirs always get nasty

I have 1-2 gallon vessels that do good enough but these 10 gallon totes always get the little white dots and usually the film on top. What are my options?

I currently wrap everything in tin foil. I use masterblend and used to experiement bleach but have refrained as it didn't help the large vessels long term as I hoped. I am starting to think this is what the airstones are for.

07:49 UTC


Anyone know how to grow mushrooms hydroponicly?

I’m planning on starting to grow mushrooms and just learned about this and its very intresting, would like to do it my self but I cant really find something that I understand…

01:58 UTC


Need some hydroponic tulip advice 🌷

Hi everyone!

I’ve had some light experience doing hydroponics before, (being as in, I have done hydroponics on ponds and fish tanks of mine) but now I wanna get into some light hydroponic biz. That being, I’m an independent florist/aspiring floral farmer that would like to grow Amaryllis at Christmas time, tulips for Valentine’s Day & Easter, Hyacinth for Easter, etc. I have done a lot of research, and YouTube has great videos! The farmers that make them are experienced in what they are doing, and the rules seem pretty linear and not so hefty. HOWEVER… the trays that they are using are seemingly only sold wholesale. I literally cannot find them anywhere- or anything that is a close replica to them. They are called hydroponic forcing trays/hydroponic pinning trays for bulbs. I’ve read more into them and they come from Europe, hence why they are sold wholesale (shipping is way pricey, they want you to buy more at one time). With that being said, can I pleeease see some of your hydroponic bulb setups? Who is growing bulbs in something makeshift that works great? The pins are supposed to keep the bulb just above water line to encourage roots to grow down/I’m assuming also because of mold or rot. I’ll include the pinning crate photo below. Thanks so much!

23:43 UTC


Would it be a profitable idea to start a hydroponic shop in florida?

I'm a 28 year old dude from Northern Virginia about getting my bachelor's in history, if I'm unable to complete my college, or get my bachelor's but unable to find a high enough paying job to get me a place on my own and live comfortably, I was contemplating moving to Florida and getting a loan from a bank to start a hydroponic shop, preferably in either Orlando, Tampa, st Petersburg, clearwater, or daytona. There's a few of them in each of these cities.

21:56 UTC


Hydroponic Strawberries

Changed the nutrient solution to get bigger berries and more flowers.

20:02 UTC


Beauties compared

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My tomato plants are not flowering!

I have a hydroponic tower and I have 2 tomato plants. They are both not flowering but still continue to get bigger. Is this a nutrient issue? I have also heard the type if light can affect the flowering rate?

14:45 UTC


La mia prima coltivazione di pomodoro 🍅

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Hydroponic tomatoes too small. Why?

Hello everyone. I grew these tomatoes on a aeroponic tower on a window sill. They were too small and not as juicy as i would expect. Any idea what could have gone wrong? Which nutrients need to be upped or downed? 🙈

13:23 UTC


Is an indoor hydroponics garden in an apartment possible?

Just wondering if its possible to have a hydroponics system/garden with just a growlight and system since i live in an apartment and my balcony barely has any space and its hot outside 40c+ (104f+) in the summer where i live, have been wanting to get into gardening for fun and to get a few veggies and herbs easily since when i get fresh herbs or vegetables from the supermarket its usually rotten in the fridge within the next few days, ive tried growing herbs unsuccessfully outside on my balcony since heat and pests had been killing my plants.

I have been wanting to get into hydroponics since i thought it might work for me since the balcony isnt possible for me to grow some herbs, If its possible to grow herbs indoors what system should i use and do also any advice since im a beginner? what costs should i expect? and is it possible for me to grow maybe determinate tomatoes and a few other maybe medium sized plants (potatoes, eggplants, etc.) indoors with a growlight and a system when im somewhat experienced enough?

12:03 UTC


DWC water temperature question

Hello, I have some dwc, Rootspa, black 5 gallon buckets. Would putting some white reflective tape on the buckets lower the water temp 1 or 2 degrees? Thanks for your feedback.

04:17 UTC


do nutrients pass through cardboard?

Hey all,
I am looking for more options to growing hydroponic leaf lettuce, and thinking about using one sided cardboard as grow media, sprinkling seeds on it, then a little top dressing potting mix. if I put it into a NFT system, with nutrients passing under the cardboard, will the plants pull the nutrients through the cardboard?

Asking for a friend,
Thanks for any insights


02:02 UTC


Help! Why the yellow seedling?

I popped this guy in about a week ago. The only nutrients I'm giving it is mycorrhizal fungi so far. The water temp has been fluctuating from 65-72. Also the temp in the tent has been pretty high from 70 all the way up to the high 80's due to my light not being dimmable and the temperature in my garage. Any advice?

01:16 UTC


I think we've cracked the lettuce code - salads for days!

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Front drain nft

Like the title says, I'm contemplating making my nft system drain to the front. So I have a greenhouse on a hillside with a slight slope to it. The ground isn't perfectly level but nothing really noticeable while walking around in it besides a couple low spots that I'll be fixing.

My conundrum is, in the picture, you can see the start of the frame, the front(right) legs are 3" taller than the rear. The trough as hard as it is to believe is nearly level in this test and drains out the front. I would have to raise the front another 3" to drain out the back as originally planned.

I still have to put the middle support in as well as all the bracing so don't worry about that.

If I leave it as is and allow it to drain to the front, it would make for very easy drainage maintenance/cleaning. Whereas if it were on the back, it would be a bit of a pain to get to between crops.

Would it be a horrible idea to plumb the water feeds from the backside but have shutoffs for each line up front so I can turn it off come harvest time?

I figured, if I affixed the feed to the frame so it wouldn't move and put blocks between troughs to keep everything aligned. It shouldn't have any issues. Or am I crazy?

21:47 UTC


What to get?

Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a hydroponics system I can use in my home. Any suggestions? I'm not too worried about spending a bit of money on it but only if worthwhile. Thanks!

21:21 UTC


Why is my basil lacking magnesium?

Why is my basil lacking magnesium?

It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but my basil is showing beginning interveinal chlorosis. So I guess this is a magnesium deficiency.

I'm using Terra Aquatica TriPart (GH Flora Series). They recommend 1.8mL/L Grow + 1.2mL/L Micro + 0.6mL/L Bloom. I substituted this for 3mL/L Grow, as I didn't want to buy all three for my first hydro experiments. I first thought "now I need the Micro part for magnesium", but the magnesium is actually in the Grow part and not in the Micro part (see below).

My theory is that this is caused by my very hard tap water with very high calcium (101ppm) and low magnesium (14ppm). From what I understand, the high calcium can inhibit magnesium intake. Would the three parts of TriPart not be enough for this tap water? Do I need to add extra magnesium or use bottled water?

The plant has grown substantially from two leaves to this size in just two weeks. I haven't changed or refilled the nutrient solution (not even refilled with water) in these two weeks. Could that be relevant somehow? From what I can tell with litmus paper, the pH is constant around 7. I know this is a bit too high, but every source I found says that high pH causes iron and manganese deficiencies, not magnesium.

The Grow contains:

  • NPK: 3-1-6
  • 3 % N; 1 % N-NH4+; 2 % N-NO3-
  • 1 % P2O5
  • 6 % K2O
  • 0,8 % MgO

The Micro Hardwater (that I am missing) contains:

  • NPK: 5-0-1
  • 5 % N; 1,5 % N-NH4+; 3,5 % N-NO3-
  • 6 % K2O
  • 0,01 % B
  • 1,4 % CaO
  • 0,01 % Cu-EDTA
  • 0,12 % Fe-Chelat (6 % EDDHA, 11 % DPTA)
  • 0,07 % Mn-EDTA
  • 0,02 % Zn-EDTA
  • 0,002 % Mo
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