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Wallpapering First timer

Hi Guys,

2 questions about wallpapering, as I attempted on Sunday and it didn't come out as intended.

1/ I'm going to size the wall, how much time before I can then wallpaper on this?

2/ If I mixed the paste on sunday, can I use it this sunday, 7 days later? Its been stored in the bucket with a bag over it.


11:00 UTC


Wrapping corners

Hey everyone, I'm looking for tips on how to wrap asphalt felt around corners to ensure a tight seal. Any advice on the best techniques or products to use for this? Where i should cut the felt? Thanks in advance for your help!

1 Comment
09:32 UTC


Planning a small paver patio

So I'm looking to do a paver patio in my back yard. I've done some paver work before and am familiar with the "proper" setup/prep. Some quick background. The area in question had an above ground pool on it for 2yrs. Now that the pool is gone it's footprint is exactly what I want to paver. The dirt in this area is very well compacted after having all the water weight on it for so long.. my question is, would I be OK to just spread paver/concrete sand then tamp and screet it and lay the pavers? 🤔 The area is fairly sunk so my pavers won't come too high over the grassline. This is out in the yard a ways off the house and will be roughly 8x14

09:30 UTC



Hi, iam looking for one specific part but I just can’t find it and don’t know what it’s called can anyone help me, this is what it looks like. It’s for a shampoo dispenser

08:50 UTC


What is this sensor coming out of my ground in back yard?

I know this pic is pretty bad but it's a screenshot from a larger pic. No access to the home from my location ATM. The white top has vertical slots cut around the bottom edge it seems. There used to be an oil tank in the crawl space in the crawl space under that side of the house. The old oil tank vent is around the corner next to the fill and is plugged.

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08:39 UTC


What are these bricks for on my chimney?

New to me house and I wonder why someone put these bricks on top of my chimney? The stack of four are all bonded to each other but are sitting loose at the bottom so I’m worried they could blow over and damage the roof below. Should I remove them?

08:18 UTC


My first moss wall art

Wanted to add a large piece of art in my entryway. I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars, so I bought some frames, different types of moss, and found some branches from my neighborhood. It took me a total of 3 days to complete due to needing additional supplies, but I’m so happy with the final product!

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07:52 UTC


Help recalibrating electronic temperature switch

Hi. I'm trying to fix/recalibrate the electronic temperature switch in the pictures (brand: LAE; model MTR 4).

The switch controls a motor-actuated valve that switches the hot water supply either through or around the gas water heater; water first goes through a solar panel on the roof. I'm supposed to use it to set the water temperature at which to enable the gas heating.

So, the switch was originally working fine, but it displayed temperature values that were way off. After exhausting the leeway provided by the programmable temperature offset (up to +/- 20°C), I noticed the two little screws on the circuit board. Figuring they're some kind of variable resistor, I turned them hoping to tweak the sensor reading - and they did tweak it, just not as I had hoped.

Unfortunately, my change threw the reading off. It seems that my change didn't affect the offset of the reading but more like some response coefficient. Now the temperature switching is not reliable enough to use it automatically.

Any suggestions for how I could go about trying to recalibrate this thing? I contacted the manufacturer hoping for a service manual or a procedure of some sort, but they just told me to throw it out and buy a new one :-(



07:48 UTC


Wacky idea? PVA Glue as sealer (soil side) for raised garden beds?

I'm looking for a veggie-safe sealer for the inside of some 2x12 cedar raised beds. These beds will be Shou Sugi Ban/Yakisugi treated (burned) so this would be a "bonus" sealer for the interior sides (bottom will be open). Some people build the beds and let them roll naked. Some line with plastic or landscape fabric, but I don't want either. Some people use various oils (pure tung oil seems the least toxic but it's super expensive and most reports say it doesn't last that long). I've also seen a couple "non-toxic" commercial sealers (one of which looks a lot like diluted pva glue at 4x the price).

So I started wondering why I couldn't just use diluted Titebond2. It's very water resistant, It's food safe. It's reasonably cheap, and I have it on hand. It may not last forever, but I'm thinking it can't be much worse than tung or other oil, and a lot cheaper.

Anyone try titebond etc as a sealer?

07:38 UTC


What you guys think about this

06:57 UTC


Using plastic tubes for water in bathroom shower

We are remodeling our bathroom. The plumbing crew is using plastic tubes inside the walls to carry water from copper pipes to the shower head. Is using plastic tubes a standard practice? See the picture below.

06:07 UTC


Extremely loud rattling noise coming from dishwasher/garbage disposal

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but twice now me and my fiancé have been awoken at night by a LOUD buzzing/rattling noise (best way I can describe it is it sounds like how an older washer/dryer would sound after they were finished but louder). It seems to be coming from our dishwasher as we only run it over night and that’s when we heard the sound both times. However, this past night when it happened we noticed some food remnants that was in the garbage disposal looked like it rose out from it as well. My guess is that there is a draining problem with the dishwasher and because the dishwasher and disposal/sink draining are connected that could cause this somehow. I want to reiterate how loud this is as it rips us both out of sleep and scares the absolute sh** out of us.

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06:02 UTC


Baseboard, inside corners, outside corners. What order?

I'm building a booth/room at a crafters mall. I sell 3d printed products. Anyway, I want to install baseboards, inside corner trim, and outside corner trim. What order does it go on and does the inside corner trim go to the floor or to the top of baseboard?

As I understand it, the outside corner trim goes on first because I'm using it like door casing. I'm putting the outside corner trim around the entryway as there is no door.

What has me wondering is the inside corner trim that I'm using on the interior 4 corners. Does it extend down to the floor and the baseboard butts up against it. Or does the inside corner trim extend to the top of the baseboard. Do I need to miter the edges of the baseboard if the inside corners extend to the ground or do I use square edges to butt against it.

This I'd the order I am currently considering.

  1. outside corner trim to the floor
  2. inside Corner to the floor
  3. baseboard square butted against the inside trim and outside trim.

Thank you in advance!

05:35 UTC


How can I remove this section of cabinet while causing minimal damage to it? Where are the nails?

04:31 UTC


Based on this instruction, how would you interpret this? The anchor provided can be used in drywall? Or must reach to the stud?

04:11 UTC


Basement flooring

Can I use DMX (the dimples underlayment) for a basement that has minor leaking during very heavy rains without dumping 10s of thousands of dollars into getting the water to stay out? Will it mold or smell musky if I essentially let the water run to the drain underneath the DMX underlayment?

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03:32 UTC

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