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Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, and it may or may not also involve the small scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale. . .

Homesteading is... ponds, barns, livestock, gardens, food preservation, outdoor kitchens, fishing, hunting, shop projects, tractors, bush hogs, pigs, raising chickens, cattle, worms, 4H, permaculture, organic practices, cast iron skillet, neighbor relations, frugality, 5 gallon buckets, crops, grazing, fences, lumber, canning, aquaculture, trees, woodland, diatomaceous earth, farmers, root cellars, smoke houses, mason jars, agriculture, agronomy, horticulture, critter shelter, farm interns, wwoofers, bees, honey, wildcrafting, dairy, goats, raised garden beds, paddock shift systems, nuts, berries, vegetables, growing sweet potatoes, self sufficiency, permaculture design course, off grid, alternative building, alternative energy, wood stoves, chainsaws , wood heat, tools, welding, woodworking, green woodworking, joel salatin, red worms, sepp holzer, masanobu fukuoka, ianto evans, art ludwig, farmers markets, animal husbandry, cottage industry, outhouses, composting toilets, septic tanks, ferro cement, straw bale construction, cob building...

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Our chickens aren’t laying any eggs… are we doing something wrong?

My mothers chickens haven’t been laying eggs lately and I was wondering if it’s because they might now be getting enough calcium in their diet. Is there anything else that might be effecting this?

03:51 UTC


Preditor proofing pea gravel floor barn

Our little barn has pea gravel and dirt floor. We are putting our rabbits in there and I'm afraid of preidtors digging under. We have a ground hog that does occasionally. Other then burying wire around the outside is there any other suggestions to deter coyotes, raccoons etc?

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02:59 UTC


Self-sufficient chicken setup?

We bought some land and are building a house on it, but don't live there yet. There are way too many ticks on this land and I would like to use chickens to decimate the population. I don't care much about eggs or any other benefit this summer.

We don't live there yet, so I can't care for them daily. Is there a way I can automate this whole setup. Feed dispensers, water source and a coop that automatically closes at night? I need suggestions.

01:46 UTC


Rescuing a rabbit fur hat

I recently found a rabbit fur hat that past me had decided to store in a plastic shopping bag. It was in poor condition to begin with, but now I get a fingertip full of guard hairs when I just touch it (shedding), and the flattened hide is very dry. It's probably been in the plastic bag for about 10 years. Is there anything I can do to rescue this rabbit fur hat? I'm expecting to at least lose some of the fur layers in the process, but if it's possible to still end up with a soft undercoat preserved, for example, then that would still be nicer than composting the whole thing.

01:26 UTC


Recommendations Please - Solar Light for 36 X 36 Shed

We have a 36" x 36" shed that our horses are in and we're looking for a solar lighting setup w/battery so we don't have to run electrical from the house.

Ideally it would be a solar light with an on/switch - do not need dusk/dawn or remote control. I just want to walk down to the shed and flip the switch to turn the light on.

Looking for recommendations. Thanks in Advance!

01:24 UTC


I made an egg catching thingy!

I was tired of my chickens shitting on or breaking their eggs! So I made their egg laying box thingy sloped and a catch at the end (I know they sell them). Got my first egg as I was walking to get the stain to waterproof it.

01:08 UTC


Rv range for cabin kitchen

Hello! We are building a kitchen into our 320 sq ft cabin and picked up an rv stove/oven to install. I was wondering if anyone had expertise they could lend about running LP line in through wall/floor to connect with to our stove. It’s a magic chef 3 burner with an oven.

I’ve read that rv standard gas lines are 3/8”. Is it recommended to do a soft line running into the cabin and then doing copper pipe to the stove?

Thanks so much in advance!

00:38 UTC


first DUCK egg!

21:25 UTC


Dogs Attacked.

Anyone here ever had to deal with dogs attacking rabbit hutches? I was awoken at 3am by my dog barking, I went outside to investigate why he was so alarmed. I came across a pack (3-5) of dogs attacking my hutches. I now have 8 rabbits, 3 of which are 5 weeks old, with mangled feet. I did my best to inspect the paws and, from what I can tell, some have missing nails and some have a nail or two hanging on by a hair. I’m at a loss for what it is I should be doing. They all are walking around and eating as normal, though we all seem a bit tired today.

18:59 UTC


Keeping weeds out of garden

I tried cardboard and it didn't help much. Garden is 30x50. It is a full time job pulling weeds and no how much herbicide I use there is still new seed that comes back. I was thinking landscape fabric on the rows and clear plastic between the rows to kill the seed in the soil. But after doing some reading of using landscape fabric in flower beds is a terrible idea. Has anyone used it in a garden or have any better ideas

18:52 UTC


Life in the countryside

17:42 UTC


Alpha-s1 casein in dairy goats!

I wanted to go over alpha s1 casein in dairy goats! It’s pretty interesting it is a type of protein in milk and is known to give milk its sweeter taste. Nubians are typically high producers which means they have delicious milk and it’s great for cheese making! I also went over why we chose Nubians as our dairy goats here but if you aren’t interested in that skip to 13 minutes for the casein facts!


17:41 UTC


Best floor bedding in barn for chickens

I have taken over a neighbours poultry farm. They are using deep litter method. They breed beautiful show lines and have a wonderful set up but the flooring in the barn in the pens are just layers of shavings. They hadn't been removing them just raking and adding more.

I've had very bad luck with deep litter and since I'm now breeding and running a hatchery where I need a mite free environment. I've been digging out the 20 years of old shavings and poop and I've finally made it down to the ground. What I've reached is compacted dirt, with some rock mixed in.

Now my question is do I leave the dirt floor or should I start using shavings again? I don't have the budget here to bring in sand or anything that makes good sense but they have given me a ton of pine shavings.

Do I leave the dirt or do I add shavings again?

17:21 UTC


Living in peace in small european town

We have 20 hectare farm on which we have 25 chickens and soon a few pigs,we are thinking of buying sheep beacuse wee have many grasslands!

15:15 UTC


Solar Grants/Funding

Looking for recommendations for obtaining NYS grant or federal grant for solar panels to power energy to a yurt. Property is zoned fully residential.

14:09 UTC


How do I keep my geese from soiling everyone else's water?

Our geese and ducks live in the same quarters as our goats, with our chickens occasionally making their way into the pasture. How do I stop our geese and ducks from soiling the same water that our goats depend on?! It's become an hourly water change, but the water bill is getting high and I have obligations outside of the hobby farm!

Please help!

13:17 UTC


My 5 am routine with dairy goats

I have a longer form video on this as well if you want a more in depth video on how my mornings go and how long they take 💖 https://youtu.be/CdNWlO_idNg?si=QWCHzDSedmOUmgQ2

11:11 UTC


Filling Raised Beds

11:05 UTC


Tractor choice

I can’t decide on what to do. I have 8 acres of mostly rolling pasture with about 1 acre of it heavily wooded and over grown with thorny brush. My goals are to clear my wooded area of the brush as mow the other 6+ acres. I want to get a grapple for clearing woods and moving logs and also bush hog for mowing and clearing the wooded areas of brush. I also eventually want to get a tiller for a roughly half acre garden and maintain a pond and build a shooting burm. Along with the normal road maintenance, mulch/earth moving and log/stump removal I don’t have a lot lest I’d be using it for. So I’m basically stuck between the Kioti ck2610 and ck3510. The difference in price is about $5000 at the dealer near me. If I go with the 2610 I can get it now if I go with the 3510 I’d have to wait a few months and right now Kioti is doing 0% financing and it’s not known if that will last for much longer. Should I wait and get the bigger 35hp tractor and bust my back for a few months or would I be ok with the smaller 25hp ck2619? Thanks in advance

04:13 UTC


Possum: friend or foe? Found one in my chicken coop. At the very least it taught me where a predator could get in. Shooed it out.

01:42 UTC


Favorite tomato varieties to grow.

Pretty straight forward. I have never grown tomatoes and I am curious what your preferred varieties to grow are?

01:27 UTC


Pecan graft not taking?

Pretty sure my graft has decided not take, it’s been about a month and a half. Thoughts?

01:22 UTC


Well Water

Hi everyone! We have had quite a journey with our water but we may have finally had something good happen.

Our well originally was drilled about 500 feet down at a static of 100 feet with over 100gpm.

We hired a company to install a pump and they made several mistakes causing our well unusable and they refused to come back and fix their mistake. They said our well wasn't replenishing very well and at that point it was at 250 static and that's where we last left it about 9 months ago.

Today we opened our well cap to drop a line down to measure the depth and it's literally at 4 feet. We were shocked cause we thought it would still be at 250.

We currently have a cistern. We put it in since we couldn't get our well up and running.

What should be our next steps to get water into our cistern? We want to do as much as we can cause we can't trust the locals.


23:26 UTC


Watch out ladies. He’s single and ready to mingle.

21:59 UTC


Youtube Channel Recommendations

I love watching homesteaders on youtube that have relaxing videos, caring for animals and their gardens, building stuff with what they have, rather than buying everything new. And only talking about homesteading stuff, without any other agendas.

My rec is "Whitt Acres Homestead" (animal care) and his other channel "Whitt Acres Nature At Home" (Veg & flower gardens & ponds)

Does anyone have any other channels they can recommend?

21:54 UTC


Ram Pump state of the art?

I'm interested in building a ram pump on some land with a running stream, but I'm seeing so many designs of DIY ram pump. Is there any existing design that represents the best practice in ram pumps so I don't have to kludge together something and endlessly experiment to optimize the efficiency?


21:15 UTC

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