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This subreddit is dedicated to both amateur and professional engineers that want to build cool stuff at home, challenge themselves to learn new technologies, learn from each others' designs, and showcase their side projects.

This subreddit is dedicated to both amateur and professional engineers that want to build cool stuff at home, challenge themselves to learn new technologies, learn from each others' designs, and showcase their side projects.

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My latest and quirkiest DIY Pet Feeder (with an ESP32 onboard) :)

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15:47 UTC


OLED Display for projector

I’ve found many YouTube videos where they remove a part of an lcd, to put a light behind it and increase its brightness. I want to build my own projector and was unsure if I could do the same with an oled display. Does anyone know better or has a better solution?

14:33 UTC


How to use this screen in a computer or Arduino ??

13:20 UTC


Is this charging station is ok? or i need something more?

I have this little project.

Phone charges when connected to USB, but i'm not sure if gel battery charges and is everything is safe...

Scheme is in picture.

-Solar panel. Outputs about 14 volts on it's own but it's rarely has power to charge phone even little.

-12 v. gel battery

- Power to USB power thingy. Don't remember specs, i think it regulates 6-36 volts to USB's 5 volts in and out.

Should this scheme charge battery and provide constant power to USB at same time?

Sorry if this looks stupid. Am learning things and need some opinions :)


12:53 UTC


Ethernet splitter from Aliexpress is not powering on after working perfectly for 10 mins, suspecting a power supply issue. What should I check with multimeter to see if this is really issue with the USB port

10:54 UTC


How plausible this approach to add PD charging port to PC (assuming power supply is sufficient)

08:28 UTC


Looking for 3-way switch (or similar solution) for external Rad- 2 PWR inputs, for 1 Circuit

I’m currently working on putting together an External Radiator(pump+fans) for my PC custom loop. I’d like the option to either power it via a 10’ wire from my PC PSU, or some form of external Power Source (see paragraph 3) for mounting in my window/use while traveling. One of my main concerns is some form of back surge to my PC (quite expensive HW) should I accidentally plug both power sources in.

The only viable option I found/thought of is a 6-pin 3-way switch, however every switch I’ve seen has a diagram of the circuit being the exact opposite of what I need. They all have a diagram of one power source in the middle, with 2 separate circuits that are powered one at a time, by their respective switch-position. I’m uncertain if these industrial switches have some form of diode that would prevent me from reversing this to 1 load/2 power sources, as it’s not listed. Should I risk testing it or is there another solution I should consider?

Goal for switch control: Position 1 - PC PSU Power Position 2 - Switch centered/off Position 3 - External Power

I’m not set on a specific external power source, but everyone always recommends using a small pc PSU. I’d like to avoid this as it’ll be on an open wall with nowhere to hide it. I’ve been thinking of using a 100w (20/24v) MacBook USB-C wall charger/cable but I’m not sure if this would even be a viable option. Would I need some form of QC3/PD3 circuitry to “trick” the wall charger to deliver enough power? Or would a simple USB-C port with VBUS/GND connected be sufficient?

Brief Circuit overview: D5 Next Pump will power fans as well. Max power draw is 80w.

  • PC PSU(12v) > 24v step-up > 10’ 16awg wire to Rad > 12v step-down > 5v step-down > D5 Next sata Connection

  • External PWR Source (if USB-C) will connect before the 12v step-down

  • 3-way switch would be before the 12v step-down converter.

07:29 UTC


Potlight with nightlight ring. I need help finding a schematic for the funny timer switch that they use.

I'm looking to have a chandelier change to a poker/downright only when I turn the switch on and then off again within 3 seconds like the potlight with nightlight products. Having troubles with finding a schematic. does the chandelier have to be 12 volt? Is it possible to have a switch like that work for 120v? help.

04:39 UTC


is there a way to calibrate touchscreen without calibration option?

02:23 UTC


Retro fit Record player hutch to DJ booth project help

Wanting to swap out the record player and speakers. Add a mixing board and amplifier? The top flips up (only lets me post 1 pic here)

Seeking suggestions for cheap but not total garbage mixing board, amp, etc. Very new to this stuff but I have a few DJ friends that wanted to impress with my home setup 😂 So we can have house parties with an okay setup hiding in this thing lol.

Please don’t suggest cheesy led lights… music stuff first.

01:48 UTC


Absolute beginner please help me!!!!

ISO: guidance for getting started! I want to build my dog a beeper because I can’t find what I’m looking for online.

Hi! I’m super new to this and haven’t even started doing research.

I want to build a device to trigger a beep sound in a remote receiver within a given range.

Minimum distance of 50ft but ideally larger.

My only goal is to have the remote/receiver be extremely minimal. The remote needs to be something I can clip on a small bag. The receiver should be able to clip on to my dogs collar.

Is this even achievable?

Advice would be cool thanks!

00:24 UTC


Think this is doable? Retractable key reel dynamo flashlight...

So I printed this recently because I have access to a lot of broken cheap retractable badge thingies at work and I like the springs. It's a cool design, but the gears are mostly for show and the sun gear doesn't actually drive anything--but it got my creative juices flowing.

Do you think a geared dynamo that charges a capacitor and powers an LED would be feasible here? I don't want the thing to be gigantic, so I'm unsure if getting all the magnets/wires/components into this small form factor would doable for me.

Any ideas how that could be done? I think it'd be a useful "everyday carry" for me and my coworkers (we're custodians and we're always pulling out our keys).

22:19 UTC


Old beer clock motor

Hello, I recently inherited my grandfathers vintage Hamm’s brewing clock. It’s a neat display, where a two-sided display spins, on one side is a lake scene the other a clock, both lit up by fluorescent bulbs. The lights all work fine but the motor that spins the display, and ultimately the clock is no longer working. I’ve scoured the internet but can’t find anything that would work as a direct replacement.

Original motor marking: Synchron 630 110V 60 CY 4W 4RPM (CW) 30367R-3-2WB 5-6 The D-Shaft is 7/32” diameter with a removable plastic gear that spins the fixture.

My plan is to buy a similar voltage/Watt motor, with similar RPM and Clockwise direction. But with a 7mm Shaft. Then I will remove/cut the original d-shaft from the old motor, I will take a shaft coupler connector that is 7mm - 5mm (boring out the 5mm side with a 7/32” drill bit) and connect the old d shaft to the new motor shaft. I may also have to play with the mounting as I’m sure it won’t line up perfectly. But I’m guessing I’ll just have to drill new mounting holes to bolt or rivet the motor on.

Any suggestions, feedback on my plan of attack, etc?


20:12 UTC


Trying to connect my car amp to my stereo in the house

I have done a lot of experimenting with some of my electronics but this area is something I don't really understand because there's nothing labeled mostly LOL I have an Infinity car amp I took out of my Jeep that is 36670 and a 12 volt 3.5 amp DC output converter that I want to connect it to to run it in the house. There are so many wires on this thing though! I'm wondering if

  1. someone could tell me which wires specifically to connect to the ones on my converter

  2. and which wires connect to the speaker wires on my sub

  3. and then which wire to connect the amp to my stereo

19:39 UTC


Raspberry Pi own-made Expansion Card

🚀 Exciting Raspberry Pi Expansion Card Alert! 🚀

Hi Reddit fellows!Let me share with you my old project for Raspberry Pi. This is an expansion board for making some interesting stuff in electronics and IoT.

🔍 Dive into the Details:

  • Schematic Circuit, PCB, and BOM (All these files are designed in DipTrace CAD).
  • Python Scripts Galore: Seamlessly integrate two powerful Python scripts for ADC MCP3008 and DS18B20 temperature sensor, unleashing unparalleled functionality and versatility.
  • Codesys project for Modbus.
  • Versatile Prototyping Board: Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi II, and Raspberry Pi 3, our prototyping board project opens up endless possibilities for experimentation and innovation. Board includes:

🔍The Prototyping board includes:

  1. Real-time clock;
  2. 10-bit ADC with SPI interface (MCP3008 );
  3. RS485 hardware bus;
  4. Two 5A, 220V Relays;
  5. Two common collector outputs;
  6. 220V, 50Hz power supply;
  7. 4 buttons;

Homemade PCB


Whether you're a seasoned maker or just starting your Raspberry Pi journey, this expansion card is your ticket to unlocking boundless creativity. 💡

Get ready to bring your projects to life like never before! 🚀Click on the link to learn more: GitHub

18:43 UTC


Has anybody attempted making a tape delay with an old VHS Recorder/Player?

That would be rather beautiful! :)

14:00 UTC


Vintage incandescent Minitron displays as LED 7 segment substitutes in your projects.

I thought I'd share these Minitron displays I salvaged out of old aircraft avionics. They are filament 7 segment displays and are very easily connected up to a microcontroller as an LED display substitute. There's a couple of things to watch out for such as their operating voltage and current consumption but they look great in any retro project.

They are quite rare and valuable as they are usually military and / or aviation grade and if you are lucky you can find some that are not too worn out in old aircraft radios.

I made a blog article and demo video of them if anyone is interested

Connecting vintage incandescent (filament) displays to a microcontroller – Adrian’s electronics blog (adrian-smith31.co.uk)

13:46 UTC


How do I make this into a wall socket?

Looks like this turns into a double output wall socket. How do I go about doing that? EU, Scandinavia based here. Thanks in advance!

13:19 UTC


Crackling in NC headphone after added switch


After 6 years of heavy every day use, my Bose QC35 was dying on me a little bit.

The headphones gave the notorious ‘white light of death’, or more like ‘white light of eternal life’: it wouldn’t turn off anymore. When this happens, you can flick the switch, but it keeps draining battery. It does however disconnect from bluetooth, and makes the turning-off-sound. Many 35s develop this issue, and none of the common solutions worked.

The long battery life is pretty crucial for me, and I didn’t want to let it go without a fight, so I tried something. This mostly succeeded, but also may have caused some other damage 😅.

To fix the battery draining, I added a tilt-switch on the outside shell. This interrupts the positive lead from the battery. So, problem solved! No more batt drain :).

One problem I created however: for a while there's a noticeable crackle on the left side. It sounds like an old analogue radio.

A few odd details about the crackle:

  • CQ35 has three NC setting: full, half, off. The crackling sound is only there when the NC is fully on. It is not there when the NC is either half, or off.
  • It lasts a few minutes, before going away, or at least getting to maybe 5-10% of what it was.
  • When the (new) switch is on, but the official button is set to off, the crackle spreads to both speakers, at about half volume.

Why may be causing this?

I thought for a while that it may be the connections or the soldering I did (I still got a long ways to go in those areas). However, since the problem mostly goes away after a little while, I think there's something else to learn here.

Is the switching creating some reverse polarity issues? Is it creating voltage spikes? I have a bunch of components I could use from some of those basic electronics starter-sets, but am still early-days in my electronics course 🤓. Any help is highly appreciated.


Ps. I know this is a rather heavy handed solution, aesthetically speaking. Personally, I kinda dig the home-made vibes this gives, and I’m planning to double down on it in some way. Maybe add a dash of cyberpunk to it, idk. Ideas? “If you’ve got to be a bear, be a grizzly”. Plus I just love the tactility and that sound ('THWOCK!') of these switches, and lemme tell you: that’s just even better when it is directly on your skull.

TLDR: added tilt-switch to headphones to interrupt battery draining, now it has an analogue-radio-crackle to it.

10:24 UTC


Akai EIE PRO repair /Advice


I have purchased a second hand usb audio interface.

It has a broken knob.

I plugged it in and the pc doesn't see it, the leds do not power up.

I have replaced the potentiometer but still the same issue.

Any tips?

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10:19 UTC


Repurposing these 18650 lithium-ion cells, Yay or nay?

08:45 UTC


Simple Coffee Table Light

I am trying to find a nice coffee table lamp, but I have an idea for making my own with a glass vase and a wooden laser-cut base. However, I am lost when setting up the circuit for this thing's lighting components. ChatGPT can only get one so far.

My idea is to use two (2) WS2812 (HKD WS2812 NEOPIXEL 8 LED STICK) connected with wire in parallel and soldering them with wire to a DC Power Socket that will be powered with a 5V 1A DC Power Adapter.

Is this doable? I'm not familiar with this LED strip, and it's probably made for waaaay smater applications than what I'm planning on using it for. I would however like to explore the ability to control the LED colours later on.

So something like this.

08:18 UTC


How would you add a card reader like this to one of these machines that have essentially no electronics? Is it even possible without adding more electronics/motor?

Just wondering if this is possible. I looked up digital payment gumball machines since they are similar and it seems they do exist but are pretty bulky and ugly so I’m assuming the same concept would apply to these.

05:40 UTC


How do I make a USB mouse wheel stronger and more firm, Can a new strong metal spring change it?

03:06 UTC


Any idea for a DYI project with 7 inch tablets?

So i have 30 huawei tablets 7 inch T3. 2 tablets do not work but the other all work. The reason why I want to do something with them is that they have 1 gb of ram + bloatware and you cannot do anything on those tablets. Huawei unfortunately does not support Rooting them so no option there.

I want to give them a life and use them in a diy project. This means that taking them appart is also an option. Any ideas?

02:26 UTC


I nedd help please

Hello guys, I need an app or whatever so that EVERYTHING that is typed on my keyboard is saved in some way, this is because someone will soon enter a password that I need and it is too long to remember just by watching them write.

00:06 UTC


How to best protect my 12V battery array from accidental shorts to mains power.

I was soldering a small relay coil yesterday. It controls a mains AC load. The relay coil is powered by a circuit connected to my battery array. I noticed the AC and DC pins were very close together.

This troubled me. I started imagining what could happen if the mains power accidentally shorted over to the battery bank.

I had the idea to hook up large diodes on my batteries. Normally they would do nothing. If an AC load were to hit, I thought the diodes might cause a short and blow the AC breaker.

Does anyone have any good advice?

23:43 UTC


RPI 5 alternate power supply from battery.

I am using RPI 5 with a m.2 ssd hat. I am running some data intensive peripherals and all of them work perfectly fine with the RPI power supply. When I move to a different power supply RPI says low voltage and not capable of 5A.

How to solve this issue. I need 5A because I tried by giving regular 5V and RPI shuts itself randomly.

I tried
1 - 14v battery step down to 5v buck converter and connected sparkfun power delivery qwiic board. Didnt work.
2 - 5v 17A meanwell power supply same issue

How do I resolve this and I need to power my pi using a battery. Please help!!

23:04 UTC


On/On Switch Question

20:55 UTC

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