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Does anybody know what might be causing these spots on my gerbera daisies?

01:50 UTC


Zone 4B Central MN - How Do You Eradicate Deep Rooted Thistles in Garden Plot?

My 12' x 12' community garden plot is winding down in some areas, and I plan to rent this plot again next year. Prior to planting this spring, I rented a tiller and dug down a good 18”. But they popped up at all times this summer. And they have thick, deep roots.

What can I do prior to the end of the season, or after tear down of the plot, to get rid of these devilish weeds?

01:47 UTC


[ID] 6b, the flower recently bloomed, but is dying back in this photo. What is it? Im not trying to ID the hosta.

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01:42 UTC


What’s the Skinny on that Red Dort

I’m relocating to Atlanta in March and want to know what crops, herbs, plants are good to grow directly into the soil.

I’ll be starting seedlings indoors and curious what I can grow in the dirt as I’ll be limited on containers due to the move. Thanks y’all!

01:29 UTC


Help identifying wormy thing in my roses

I was pruning dead leaves off this rose bush, and noticed one of the sections seemed properly dead so I went to see if I could snap it off (I didnt have anything to properly cut it with). It did snap off and when it did this little gross wormy guy wigged out and startled wiggling and squirming 🤮

What is it? It looks like it is burrowed in the wood itself. How do I get rid of it and any comrades? How do I prevent it?

This particular rose plant has always had a bit more difficulty than my others, and now I’m wondering if this is why…

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!

01:01 UTC


So much kale this season! And some tomatoes….but two pumpkins!!! ❤️‍🔥

00:46 UTC


Planted some mung beans and i’m planning to just let it grow— do i need to make some structure around it, if yes, what would be the best?

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00:46 UTC


Black Nightshade Harveat

How and when do you harvest black nightshade?

How do you transplant wild black nightshade from a pot that has another plant in it?

I didn’t plant it, it just randomly showed up in the pot with my plumeria, and I would really like to transplant it to its own pot and keep it.

00:24 UTC


Anything I can do about neighbor’s trees of heaven?

About 3 years ago, my neighbor, Ron, claimed my labradoodle, Sadie, was petrifying to his daughters (teenagers), when Sadie was still a puppy. My wife and I were already planning on fencing in the backyard, so I reassured him Sadie’s reign of terror would soon end.

A few months after fencing in the yard, Ron texted me. Which is weird because I forgot I even gave him my number. But weirder because he texted me, “what’re you planning on doing with your backyard?” After pondering his rationale of asking such a thing, I replied that we would keep up with the lawn (yea, it’s due for a mow, but it’s been raining practically every weekend this summer + I have a toddler that wants my undivided attention = daughter over lawn), let our arborvitae’s plotted along our back fence grow out (Ron’s house is on my left), and keep a garden bed (directly below his now impeding and growing TOH’s pictured). He replied something about how much easier it is to cover the back half of the yard off with tarp because it’s not worth keeping up with. Believe it or not, at the time, the back of his yard was not too shabby.

For reference, we live in a relatively busy suburban area, on a steep hill above one of our city’s main roads. The steep hill separating us from the main road also takes up the back half of Ron and I’s backyards (see the big dips in the fencing). So I get where he was coming from about essentially giving up on the back part of the yard. It can be a pain in the ass to maintain. However, I didn’t think he actually would let his go to the point where it’s riddled with such invasiveness. Especially after I told him I disagreed with his suggestion.

Which leads me here, looking for advice on what I can do to not let Ron’s heavenly yard ruin mine. Only things I can think of are probably not legal. And I’m not really looking to go to small claims court with Ron over it either. No time for that with the wife and I both working, having a toddler, and another baby on the way…

Willing to slightly bend moral ethics, but again, trying to keep it legal. Not because I’m an outstanding citizen, more that I know Ron has called the cops insisiting his house was broken into. While he was home. More than once. Where each time - that I’m aware of at least - I was doing something in my backyard.

00:17 UTC


Save or is it a goner?

My MIL bought this grapefruit tree and left it in the nursery pot. Is it savable with a bigger pot, fertlizer and manure?

00:14 UTC


Potimarron looks like it has barnacles?

Hello, I am in the PNW zone 8b and I have a couple of potimarron squashes that have these nobbly bits on them. The rest of them don’t have it. Does anyone know what this is?

00:13 UTC


PANIC ATTACK RIGHT NOW! Landlord making me cut down & remove my garden.

If you can't read through all of this, please at least give me a virtual hug and RIP for my gorgeous garden, I'm all alone and it would really help 😭

I'm not asking for a solution. I'm asking please, from my fellow gardeners, simply for some virtual hugs and reassurance that I'm not crazy to love and rely on my garden this much please 🥺 🙏

I live in a townhouse for many years.

No one ever had problem with my plants in yard.

I take good care of them and I have help doing so too everyday.

I even cut my own lawn once or twice a week.

Lawn cutting crew even said they have on their list from the office not to cut my lawn or do yard work.

Yet today, my landlord came over and said the lawn crew is constantly complaining to him because they don't know how to cut my lawn -

  • (total lie, first because I'm on the no cut list, second because the lawn crew always stops by and compliments my garden once a week during their cuts and never says any problem).

There is a tree about 20 meters away that I complained about twice this year that has a massive infestation of those red stink bugs.

Nothing was done.

A few of them migrated over to my yard and on the fence and I've spent money with successful traps and sprays that are working, but even a dummy know that they'll keep coming back until that tree infestation is delt with (puddles of these bugs surround the trunk, ground around it, and branches).

The landlord is trying to say now that I am the reason the bugs have spread to the neighbors yards due to my garden, NOT the unattended infested tree they're coming from.

Oh, and one of the neighbours is screaming about mice in her house when she leaves her front door wide open 18 hours a day.

Landlord says she should be able to do that in the SUMMER and FALL as mice are only around the outside of houses in the winter.

So he says now that that neighbour is saying the mice are coming from my garden into her house and the landlord is legit taking her side.

Oh, and if I don't cut down my garden to NOTHING in 2 days, I face possibility of EVICTION apparently. Oh, and he just upped my rent to almost 1900$.

No, moving in Calgary is not an option right now, it's literally more expensive if I leave this place this year, it's terrible here for pricing.

Please help me to stop panicking. I need this garden for my mental health, I have been relying on it and coping through shitty life with positive gardening, I can't just cut I down.

I even told my landlord that just right now.

Know what he said?

He said he understands how important mental health is and understands that everyone can get mental illness- but still remove your garden now!!!

I feel like I'm going to be one of those tree hugger protesters in 2 days from now strapping myself to my sunflowers and my dog to the tomato plants and my cats to the (vertical, not even horizontal!!) Zucchini plants in protest. I'm not even kidding. I have a physical disability and it's so so hard that I even was able to grow this garden this year, I cannot just up an move either due to it.

I'm not asking for a solution.

I'm asking please simply for some virtual hugs and reassurance that I'm not crazy to love and rely on my garden this much please:(

00:04 UTC


Are my green beans supposed to look like this?

I've never grown green beans before and I want to make sure that those black streaks aren't a problem. Thanks!

23:53 UTC

23:30 UTC


White Snake Root in Front Yard?

Hi all, we noticed a bunch of what looks to be white snakeroot all in our rose bushes in our front yard. I've never in all my years in this house seen these things so i have no idea how they got here. I read they can be toxic, should i be worried here and how do i get rid of them as they're all intermingled with the rose bushes. Im not really a green thumb but will be pull these out by hand if needed. Im in the Northeast in NY and we have had a ton of rain this last week and now we notice this stuff all over.


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23:30 UTC


Can I get these giant bushes of rosemary to root? My neighbor just handed me these

23:21 UTC


A slug bit off a leaf on my pumpkin seedling, will it die?

I put in slug/snail killer pellets for now hopefully they won't come again

23:20 UTC


Advice on Caterpillar damaged leaf on Eggplant

Took this caterpillar for a ride after getting the plant from Lowes. I think the plant will survive, but should I cut the "midrib" of the leafs that got eaten? Or leave it?

Thank you ♥️

23:17 UTC


Florida Anise isn't looking so great, help please

Last few weeks the leaves have been turning brown and leaves are falling off. Does this look like normal prep for winter, disease, pests, etc?

23:09 UTC


Peach tree sapling advice in Michigan - put in ground for winter or wait it out indoors?

22:59 UTC


Old garden bed

Hello. I’ve just moved into a new house that has a raised garden bed on the lawn. It’s a bit old and was wondering what to use on it to add more life to it. Worm pee and some compost? What should I do.

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22:59 UTC

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