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Underlay for vinyl flooring over OSB


I'm thinking about building a workshop. OSB floor. What can I use to cover the OSB?

I've already looked into rubber, but they are crazy expensive here in Romania. I'm thinking vinyl, but I heard that the OSB may rot if it's sandwiched between vapor barrier and vinyl.

Any advice is appreciated.

16:02 UTC


Trying to make a raised garden

I bought this from Lee valley Stacking Corners for Raised-Bed or Wagon Construction but have no idea the type of wood to buy or size. Pls help :)


1 Comment
15:52 UTC


Chest lid twisted; what can I do to fix it?

1 Comment
15:43 UTC


Going to be staining and varnishing Hevea Butcher Block Countertops. Need some advice.

This a first time project for me and I'm pretty excited about it. Just don't want to mess anything up.

I got two 6'x25"x1.5" I will be using as desktops. I want to stain them this color. As I understand it staining reacts differently to different types of wood.

Would you have any recommendations for stain and varnish/finish for hevea butcher block?

15:18 UTC


Outdoor wood planter protection

Hey all, I’m looking to make a planter similar to this. What’s a good way to protect The wood from water outside? Looking to make it seasonally indoor/outdoor. My first thought it just many layers of polyurethane but anyone have better advice?

14:51 UTC


Table top project - advice needed!

Amateur in need of some carpentry wisdom!


I salvaged a beautiful medium-sized table top made, I think, of iron wood (yes – I understand this will be challenging and may eat my tool blades up).  Regardless, it is too small as is for our dining room table, so I want to make it larger by adding a border.  It is 3” thick and H.E.A.V.Y.  Because of the weight, I want to make sure the border is attached soundly to the salvaged top, which I have marked in the pictures as the “Center Piece,” for when we eventually need to pick it up to move it.


My questions:

  1. Referencing the pictures, page 1&2, how should I attach the Border (3/4” thick) to the Center Piece (3” thick)? 
    1. Edge to edge butt joint?
    2. Timberlock routed edges?
    3. tongue and groove routed edges?
    4. Something else?
  2. How should I attach the Supports (green tinted in the pictures) to the Center?
    1. Dowel joint?
    2. Mortise and Tenon?
    3. Something else?
  3. I have the Border pieces currently at 3/4" thick.  Is 1/2" thick sufficient?
  4. I have the Supports currently at 2” wide.  Is that a good width or is it overkill?
  5. Other construction guidance?


I don’t mind overbuilding some, but I am trying to be somewhat mindful of lumber price and total weight.  I have used pocket screws and other hardware fasteners in the past, but I would like this project to be just wood and glue, if possible (a personal challenge). I have a design in mind for the legs, but I haven’t gotten those down on paper yet.





14:32 UTC


First Rockler Pasadena, now Torrance

I’ve recently rediscovered Rockler in Torrance and enjoy hands on purchases of things like hardware, etc. Got the email the other day that they were closing. Kind of sad really.

14:26 UTC


Mahogany finish advice

We just finished up our new deck build and I’m having a tough time figuring out a good, long lasting finish for the cap rail. The rail itself is 10x2 mahogany, I tried using Ready Seal natural cedar because we are using in other areas of the house. I think the finish ended up looking muddy. I also tried Thompson clear water seal and that seems to fade pretty quickly. Right now I’m trying some teak oil on some scrap to see how that holds up. I’m not looking for shiny, just something that will showcase the grain of the wood and hopefully last at least a year. TIA for any suggestions. I tried to add a couple pics but Reddit is not letting me add any.

14:10 UTC


Failure Modes for Hide Glue (& PVA)

When hide glue fails after a number of years, what has happened in the joint to cause the failure? For example, consider veneer that has lifted after 100 years. Has the collagen broken down? Has the hide glue pulled off part of the veneer wood?

When repairing veneer with the use of additional hide glue when not all the old glue has been removed, are you adding good glue to bad glue that is more likely to fail?

Contrast this with PVA failure: How does PVA fail over time? Does it have any similar failure modes to hide glue? Does it even fail?

1 Comment
14:08 UTC


Made bunk beds for my dogs.

14:04 UTC


End of blind?

I know this is probably the wrong place for this because this is a simple project and you guys are woodworkers, but what kind of wood could I find to use on the bottom of these blinds? It's thin and strong. Thanks.

13:59 UTC


Tung oil over sharpie? Or am I doomed?

I made a play kitchen for the kids and drew burners on with sharpie. If I seal with oil finish now, will it horribly smear or just seal in the marker?

13:44 UTC


Never heard of this brand; is it worth $100?

13:16 UTC


T1-11 shed; want smoother

New shed installed and has T1-11 siding. Don't like the rough sawn aesthetics and regretting not getting Hardie for a smoother finish. In retrospect, we would buy Hardie, but the install is done already. What would you do if you had a new, existing T1-11 and you wanted a smoother surface?

  1. Replace with new siding
  2. Put siding over it
  3. Sand it

I have seen another post with people saying don't sand, but we don't want to waste all the wood if it can be avoided? Maybe starting at 40-60 and moving up, or don't bother?

We plan to paint it.

13:09 UTC


Let the good times roll!

1 Comment
13:07 UTC


Long lasting impermeable sealant for outdoors?

Hi there,

I recently built a pergola and am considering growing vines on it. Once they grow it will be harder to maintain.

I’m wondering if applying a specialized sealant to all of the horizontal surfaces (eg the tops of posts, rafters, etc) would considerably extend its life. Since these areas aren’t visible I’m wondering if there might be a product that isn’t necessarily visually appealing but creates a thick, impermeable seal for moisture (I’m thinking almost like a tar) that would last 20+ years without reapplication.

Is this a good idea? A bad one? Is there a product for such an application? Thank you

12:30 UTC


I’d like to commission a rolling tray

I’d like to have a custom Tabasco/cannabis rolling tray if possible. I have pics as examples. Price isn’t an issue. Any help is appreciated.

12:30 UTC


My wife was threatening to spend an obscene amount on a file cabinet from West Elm... so I built her this from the scrap pile!

We've had this marital debate for years... I hate the look of file cabinets. Their size and form is a dead giveaway and don't even get me started on the el cheapo tin can look of some of them. So she compromised and decided she wanted something wood and mid century feeling. I went with white oak ply trimmed in white oak with a walnut drawer face and a solid white oak top. The piece of walnut I had was juuuust too small so I added the white oak stripe in the center on the drawer faces. The legs were angled and heavily rounded over to give that mid-mod look and feel. The hardware came from a discount store so, not counting my time or the drops I used, this piece came in at less than $40! I finished it with Rubio Monocoat, and this thing's a beaut. Now we can agree, this thing is functional and looks great in our office/guestroom!


12:28 UTC


Best woods for teething ring?

As a bit of a last minute gift, I was thinking of making one of those teething ring chains for my friend’s kid. Has anyone given those a shot? Suggestions on wood? I’m assuming something more resilient like maple, but I’ve got some scrap walnut and purple heart kicking around that might look fun.


12:24 UTC


Optimal Tooth number for finish cuts

I’ve got an old makita circular saw that I want to start using as a track saw. Right now the only blade I’ve got is a 24-tooth, which works fine for pressure treated lumber, but I want to do some finish rip cuts on maple and walnut. Most of the finish cut blades seem to have 60 teeth, but I’m seeing a few that are 90 or 100+. Is more teeth always better for finishing cuts, or are those high numbers for a different material?

12:10 UTC


How to remove watermarks off a deck

There’s a spot on my wooden deck where I left a water hose for a few months and now you can see where the water from the hose has caused an outline stain on the deck and I’m curious what is the best way to remove this? I’ve tried wetting and scrubbing and that does no good?

11:42 UTC

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