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Chicken Stock

Got ALMOST a full pressure canner load. (Our Presto can do 18 pints; this is 16) I love how amazing the house smells after making good stock!

11:35 UTC


Reusable lids

Do y'all like reusable lids? Are the worth the extra cost?

06:35 UTC



I'm looking to buy a large amount of jars this summer.

Where are the best deals found in the US?

06:34 UTC


Canning Classes

Just took my first canning class on meats.

Have to get seals put in canners. Then I should be good to go.

06:16 UTC


Boiled lids for ball jars

I just got some ball jars that I was going to use to make some fruit syrups in, and thought I needed to also boil and disinfect the lids that came along with it. As they were boiling I decided to look it up just in case and found that you're not actually supposed to do that, and quickly took them out but they were in the boiling water for about 5 minutes. I compared the orange rubber part to the lids I didn't boil yet and yet do indeed look a bit puffed up compared to them, probably from just absorbing some of the water? Are they safe to use to reliably seal the jars or did I instantly destroy two lids for my jars?

1 Comment
01:19 UTC



Help needed Just canned 7 jars in pressure canner all lids came out loose lost half the liquid in the jars I retightened and now have sealed are they any good

03:47 UTC



My wife has recently taken up canning. I’m excited, seems like fun & a great way to save some money. However she is taking advice from an old school canner while I’m very by the book & trust the science.

I have spent all day discussing the dangers of water bath canning a meat sauce. She firmly believes it’s safe because the old school canner says so & the Amish have done it for years.

I’ve researched this all day and have yet to find a sliver of evidence showing it’s safe to water bath meat. I trust the science and have shared it. She still refuses to hear me out about buying a pressure canner.

I guess I’m more or less asking for help finding the best resources to share showing how dangerous this is. Apparently scientists, the makers of the jars & the government isn’t enough.

02:06 UTC


Have you / do you get your canner checked regularly?

I’ve had my (new) canner for a year or two, I do keep it in my garage but I’m going to try to find a place for it in my house. I want to fire it up and getting some stuff up on the pantry shelf but I was wondering if y’all get your canner checked at your extension office? I contacted mine and they do offer this service. One of the canners I bought at a garage sale. I’ve never used it and it’s in great shape and I replaced all the parts but I feel like I should get it checked out just to make sure it’s good to go. I was just wondering if it is something you’ve done. Thanks 😊

18:32 UTC


What did I do wrong?

Not canning but I figured this group might know the answer. I search the group and no avail. My first time rendering tallow. Super proud but I look at the jars and at the bottoms there is darker liquid. What did I do wrong and how do I fix if I can?

13:53 UTC


Tomatoes for canning in South Florida

Hello, I'm looking for bushels of tomatoes in South Florida for making sauce. Finding it really hard, especially since coming from Toronto where these were in abundance in August/September time.

03:33 UTC


Strawberries in syrup

So I canned some strawberries in syrup, I like having plain fruit in syrup for baking and drinks. I went to go make quick bread with the strawberries and I tasted them and they taste off. Not in a spoiled taste but how some berries just don't have a sweet taste they're sour. It's in the oven now, so we will see. My question is how do I prevent this in the future? And has anybody else had this experience?

03:27 UTC


Paksh Jars

I am interested in doing some canning as soon (hopefully this year) I will have a surplus of pears from the trees in my yard. My parents heard that and bought me a package of "Paksh glass mason jars" for Christmas. I've only ever canned one thing as a test. Some apple butter that I made. I used a ball jar and it turned out pretty good. These jars don't have the same button mechanism on top that is how I've always known a seal is made, and I'm nervous that the website listed is Pakshnovelty.com. has anyone used this brand before? Is it just as good/safe as any other?

03:18 UTC


Do you have a CANNING RECIPE for BLENDED SALSA that either uses Pickled Jalapeños or is based more on chilis than tomato’s?

I hope I’m asking this clearly enough… and apologies for the title.

I’ve looked around and haven’t found a recipe for a blended salsa that uses either pickled jalapeños or a blended salsa recipe that uses more chilis than tomatoes.

Anybody have any safe reputable recipes?

An example of one of my REFRIGERATOR salsas would use:

(I’m guessing at most of these measurements because they aren’t critical).

1lb sliced drained vinegar pickled jalapeños, 1 sliced habanero, ~1/2-3/4lb diced tomato- drained, 1/4-1/2 onion, 2 cloves garlic, ~1tsp salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, cumin,and msg to taste...

All sliced/chopped then blended nearly smooth and lime/lemon juice or jalapeno vinegar to taste and thicker consistency.

I’m dreaming of a safe and reputable CANNING recipe with similar traits.

Please and Thank You!

23:02 UTC


Safety questions on pressure canned beans.

I processed some beans in my pressure canner the last week. Quart sized, 90 minute, where I goofed up is not sure if I started the 90 minute clock when I placed the weight on or when it reached correct pressure. So I’m guessing the beans processed at the right pressure for at least 75 minutes. Should I chuck them or would they be safe to eat?

Thank you.

17:09 UTC


Overnight Broth Saftey

I made a huge pot of chicken broth and put it on low heat overnight, thinking it would stay warm enough.

The chicken parts were roasted/fully cooked at 425f in the oven, then brought to a boil, and I skimmed the foam off the top before leaving it.

When I woke up this morning the pot was at 108 degrees with a partial fat/oil layer on top with floating veggies. It’s been 10 hours since boiled.

HOW unsafe is it to keep?

I was planning on pressure canning this broth, which I believe would kill all the bad toxins, if any?

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12:35 UTC


Just had these bad boys given to me

Sealed box!! Wondering if anyone has a rough year for them. Got these and a bunch of glass you can kinda of see in the bottom of the pic.

03:13 UTC


Never Canned before. Went straight for pressure canning beef.

I watched several videos and read my all american 925 manual. Followed the instructions. Kept the juggler jiggling 3 to 5 times a minute the whole 90 minutes. I'm right at sea level so the 10# weight was called for. Raw packed beef, no liquid. 1 tsp salt in each quart jar. My seals look good. The liquid is not completely covering the meat in the jars (I read that is still ok??)?. Do I have anything to worry about? Total newbie here. Seems like I did everything right. Still nervous to eat meat off the shelf lol. Going to try canning some other things soon as well.

02:11 UTC


Easiest thing to can/baseline?

I have been canning for just a couple of months. I've done about 3 water bath batches and 3 pressure canning batches.

At this point, I'm trying not to get discouraged with pressure canning but I have a lot of issues with failure.

yesterday, I pressure canned pintos. I facetimed my mom, who is a VERY experienced and EXTREMELY strict safety canner (you think this sub is picky -hold her (non-alcoholic) beer.) She helped me ensure I had the right ratio of beans to water, the right headspace, I debubbled and wiped, finger tighted, set the pressure canner (Nesco) right, etc. However, only 2 sealed.

This is typical. We reviewed steps and gear and she suspects I may have gotten a bad batch of lids...but I have also used the lids that came with jars too.

So we feel like maybe I need to just do a pretty fail-proof batch of food because the things I've been trying to pressure can are more prone to failure (ground beef, turnips, and beans).

She said I should try potatoes- being careful to keep them in water during prep so they don't blacken.

Thoughts? Tips? again, I ONLY follow safe practices noted here and I only ONLY use safe, tested recipes from the sources in this forum. Same for my mom.

I am having 100% success with Weck jars in water bath canning.

20:07 UTC


Tested Red Bell Pepper Soup Recipe?

I am looking for a tested red bell pepper and tomato soup recipe, if one is available. I see many ‘canning’ recipes online but they do not specify if they are tested or not. My Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving has a recipe for spiced tomato soup, but I’d prefer a recipe that has a more or less equal amount of red bell peppers and tomatoes, if not more red bell peppers. Any resources available would be helpful!

20:04 UTC


Trying to use a quart of my canned broth. Need math help.

If one and 3/4 cup water cooks 1 cup of rice in my recipe, how much rice will one cup of broth cook?

Yeah, it isn't a simple one to two ratio. I don't want it too soupy. Any math whiz here?

Thank you to everyone for the answer and the explanation. This is very useful information. I am 80 and high school math was taken a really long time ago.

17:41 UTC


Olive oil and garlic still good?

I placed some garlic, honey and olive oil in a jar. It is probably a month to 1.5 months old. I just opened it today. It smells divine and has some carbonation to it. What did I do and is it safe to eat? Thank you.

17:16 UTC


Vegetable Processing Times

I am canning for the first time and am doing small batches. When looking at the processing times, they are all within 5 to 10 minutes from each other. Ex: process time (pt) for asparagus is 30 minutes and pt for carrots is 25 minutes.

Question: Can I process both vegetables together for 30 minutes or would it just ruin the carrots?

14:59 UTC


Fridge Jam Re-Setting Question

My partner made a fridge jam using strawberry, sugar, vanilla, and lemon (including peel for some pectin), but it didn't set as well as we'd hoped. If I bought some store bought pectin could I re-boil the jam and re-set it?


01:54 UTC


Refrigerator Cofit

Thinking about making some confit, in wide mouth quart jars.

I know that there are many issues with canning lots of fats for preservation, but any reason not to confit in the jars in the pressure canner and then just put them in the fridge for non-preserved consumption?

00:34 UTC


Favorite starter canning recipes?

We are getting ready to plant our first garden and after looking at what yields are for some of the plants, It's time I learned to use the water bath canner I got for Christmas.

Up until now I've been too intimidated, but soon it'll be either I've learned to preserve food or we let the work go to waste.

So, what are some of your "foolproof" canning recipies? Some to maybe build confidence and comfort with the process?

00:21 UTC


After water bath tomato sauce went way below headspace is it safe?

20:37 UTC


Dark specks in very recently canned food. Any idea what this could be?

19:42 UTC

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