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A community for the discussion of anything related to environmental technology, green technology, or clean technology. The application of environmental science to conserve the natural environment and resources, and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.

A community for the discussion of anything related to environmental technology, green technology, or clean technology. The application of environmental science to conserve the natural environment and resources, and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.

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Small hydroelectric power plants - opinions

Do you think small hydroelectric power plants do more good or harm to society and the environment? They do provide a sustainable source of energy, but they are considered harmful to the ecosystems of rivers. Do you think they're built solely for greedy profit? Do pros outweigh the cons?

17:13 UTC


Biodiversity in England - reasons to be positive

So I've been to a fair few biodiversity/land management conferences here in the UK recently, and I couldn't help but notice the wave of new tech start-ups entering the field. Left feeling really rather encouraged, rather than miserable, about the state of play. In particular we have new legislation on biodiversity net gain coming into force this year in England, IYKYK. Essentially land developers of any size will have to increase the biodiversity of their site/s by a specific percentage to gain approval to build. I got chatting to the reps of a few stands at the last event about how much of a mess it will make of the already dreadful planning system. Turns out there are already solutions for it. Anyway, I'll stop rambling. But I thought you guys would be interested: https://www.joesblooms.com/bng-tool

Looks like you just draw your site on their online tool, point out what "habitat parcels" you already have, and it shows how you can meet the new rules. Pretty neat solution. Now I've just got to go sell some organs to buy the land.

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Climate Tech continues to grow, with a record-breaking $55 billion invested in 2023

Here are the Top 5 emerging Climate Tech startups building for a better and sustainable future:

  1. Oakbio Inc.

  2. SkyCool Systems Inc.

  3. Switch Bioworks

  4. TrueAlgae

  5. Claros Technologies Inc.

Based on Total Funding (Seed - Series A only)

Source: Crustdata

15:24 UTC


resources on wind/measuring/capturing wind + human and wind relation(ship)

Hi, I have two questions, one is that I've been interested in the wind and ways to measure it, to measure/capture it's direction, to capture it itself. So naturally I've been interested in such things as weatherwane and windsock, as well as anemometer. I was interested, what could you suggest for me, as an artist, who wants to do some artistic-researh on wind, what sources could be useful for reading, as well as what kind of anemometer would be enough and alright for the begginer in all of this? I liked the ones that measure more things, I guess, I think I saw some measuring temperature as well as wind speed, wind direction, and if I'm not wrong, something like volume of air (not a native English speaker, not sure of the term:) and also if you know any resources on wind and human relationship, i'd be also grateful.

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Perma-industrial Design Principles Pt. 1: How to Grow Yourself a Free House

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Help us oppose the closest metallic sulfide mine to Lake Superior in history; the Chopperwood Mine would also be directly adjacent to Porcupine Mountains State Park, the largest mixed old-growth forest in the American Midwest

Hello friends,

A Canadian company seeks to build a copper sulfide mine in extreme proximity to four world-class resources:

1. Lake Superior, which represents 10% of the world's surface freshwater

2. Porcupine Mountains State Park, ranked last year as "the most beautiful State Park in the country," which holds the largest tract of mixed old growth forest remaining in the Midwest

3. The North Country Trail, the longest of all national point-to-point hiking trails, stretching from North Dakota to Vermont

4. The Presque Isle River, a waterway with three spectacular waterfalls named after Native American spirits, the mouth of which is prized for fishing and swimming

There has never been a metallic sulfide mine in history which did not contaminate water. Ancient Roman copper mines like Wadi Faynan in Jordan continue to contaminate nearly two millennia later, with plants and animals in the area exhibiting stunted growth and damaged reproductive systems.

The Chopperwood Mine seeks to: build a Tailings Disposal Facility holding 50+ million tons of waste rock within a tenth of a mile from the North Country Trail, and on topography which slopes towards Lake Superior, no less. It would furthermore drill beneath the Presque Isle River and extract copper directly beneath old growth forest on State Park property.

Furthermore, the mine falls in the middle of the 1842 Treaty Territory and poses a significant threat to the hunting, fishing and foraging of the Ojibwe Indians.

The mine would create jobs. But it would endanger them too. This is a thriving outdoor recreation area. Outdoor rec contributes $11 billion to Michigan's economy annually; mining, just $1 billion. That's more than a ten times difference. Chopperwood would subject this area to: subterranean mining blasts, light pollution which bleaches the night sky, air pollution from a fleet of 24/7 generators and heavy metal dust spewed up from the exhaust system, the threat of a tailings dam rupture which would spill waste rock into Lake Superior, and the certainty of acid mine drainage: a by-product of extracting copper from chalcocite is a tremendous quantity of sulfides which then combine with air and water to create sulfuric acid (a.k.a. battery acid), which then steeps over rock and river sediment to leach heavy metals into the environment.

This is just an introductory post. For a full break-down, please visit and sign our petition.

sign the petition!

You may find more information at our website: www.ProtectThePorkies.com

And you may contribute your own ideas at our subreddit: r/CancelCopperwood

Before anyone makes the case that "copper is necessary for green energy," please remember that extraction and primary processing of metals and other minerals is responsible for 20% of health impacts from air pollution and 26% of global carbon emissions, according to the most comprehensive environmental study undertaken on extractive industries.

Even if you thinking mining is necessary, one could still easily make the case that some areas are more suitable for mines than others. Even a toddler can understand: in the middle of a thriving eco-tourism area, next to some of the last remaining old growth forest, and at the shore of the largest freshwater lake on the planet is simply NOT A GOOD PLACE FOR A MINE.

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Experience with solar kettles(ovens)? (GoSun Go)

Hi there,

I am a heavy coffee drinker and would like to supplement my jetboil minimo with a solar kettle to not be reliant on fuel. Geographics are middle europe, germany/netherlands/france.

After reading lots of negative reviews about the 4Patriot sun kettle, I am leaning towards the GoSun Go.

I'd love to read about your long-term experience with the GoSun Go and similar vacuum-based solar kettles/ovens. Are they practical on a day to day basis? Will they still be used once the novelity factor has varnished after a few weeks? How about longlevity?

This guy has shrimps sizzling within 30 minutes during winter at 10am: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw1Q08k68Ag

My coffee consumption is about one grande cup (400ml) every two hours for about 2l total per day.

The intention is to let the next cup boil directly after pouring the first one. It should be boiling within 30-120 minutes after start, which would translate to a "90 minute boil" in the fastest case.

Thus it'll be quite the "instant on demand boiling water" situation if everything goes according to plan.

The first two cups of the day (6am,8am) would be made using a jetboil as there would be not enough sun yet.

07:40 UTC


COP28 action agenda aims to cut 22 gigatons of emissions in 7 years

BIG deal if this can be achieved! Dr. Sultan Al Jaber is formulating a plan with the worlds BIGGEST oil and gas companies around the world both nationally owned and private sector to reduce their emissions in line with Paris 1.5C He’s doing this with green tech. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/cop28-action-agenda-aims-to-cut-22-gigatons-of-emissions-in-7-years-11695298591057.html

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This Week in Cleantech - 15min roundup of top stories in cleantech

14:53 UTC


Feedback on my Climate Solutions Database & Resource Hub Please

Hi Reddit, I made a climate solutions database, Slack & Whatsapp community and resource hub (via Notion) for climate companies looking to fundraise, network & find partners or clients, land grant funding and more...


Love to know what you think and how I can improve this to make more valuable for the climate community and promote more synergies between startups, corps, VCs & govts to accelerate green transition

06:47 UTC


Why are recycled plastic based pavement tiles (interlocking) so unpopular?

My brother and I have pondered the idea for years and are finally working towards execution. Far as I’ve read the only downside is something called compressive strength. While there’s no consensus on the issue, eco-friendly pavement tiles are more durable, have more elastic, are more heat resistant and yet have less compressive strength than cement tiles. First off what does this even mean considering plastic tiles are more elastic? Why are they less popular in general? My first guess is low profit margins after spending time and resources acquiring and sorting the plastic waste, other than that it makes no sense that plastic based tiles are not more popular especially in rural 3rd world.

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What are the best pieces about positive futures?

What are the best books, articles, seminars, media of any sort by experts on positive futures for environmental tech? How will things get better in the future?

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12:45 UTC


Who are the leading thinkers on positive future in environmental tech?

I am wondering who the leading writers, thinkers, and activists who discuss positive futures in environmental tech are. Who are the people talking about how environmental tech will curb the negative impacts of human involvement? What are the seminal works in this field?

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19:12 UTC


Seeking Advice: Minimizing Emissions from My Industrial Setup

Hey folks,

I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to reach out to this amazing community because I'm just a regular guy with an industrial setup, and I've got some serious concerns about our climate. It's been keeping me up at night, and I'm determined to make a positive change.

I would genuinely appreciate your help, advice, and insights on how to minimize emissions from my industrial operations. I believe that together, we can make a difference and protect our beautiful planet for future generations.

I'm not an expert on this stuff, so I'd love to hear your experiences and suggestions on effective strategies for emission reduction. From what I've read, energy efficiency, waste management, and sustainable practices seem to be key areas to focus on. But hey, I'm open to all ideas!

I've been doing some research and stumbled upon a company called n0c.. I'm curious if any of you have had any experiences with them. Are they reputable? Do they truly provide effective solutions for reducing emissions in industrial settings? I'd love to hear your honest thoughts.

Here are a few questions I have:

Have any of you successfully reduced emissions in your own industrial setups? What steps did you take, and what were the results?

Are there any specific technologies or practices you've implemented that made a noticeable difference in emission reduction?

What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them? I'm sure there are hurdles I should be prepared for.

If anyone has insights or experiences with n0c, I'm all ears. Are they a reliable partner in the fight against emissions?

If you have any other tips, resources, or inspiring stories related to minimizing emissions, please share them. Let's join forces and take meaningful action to ensure a better future for our planet.

Thank you in advance!!

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16:02 UTC


Best College Major for Climate Tech

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'll give it a shot.

I'm a rising sophomore in undergrad and I'm trying to figure out how I can best prepare myself to go into climate tech. I'm not really sure what specific sustainability field I want to go into (carbon capture seems really cool, but I don't really know a ton about what it's like to work on different technologies). What are good skills to have/programs of study for someone interested into going into climate tech? What things can I do outside of class and in class to explore climate tech?

***By the way, here's some more on my background. I took a pure math class that I really liked so I want something with abstract thinking. I've always loved watching the mechanics Rube Goldberg machines and marble runs as well as building legosets, so mechanical eng seems inviting. Electrical eng is also attractive because of the abstraction and physics is cool. I'm also considering CS but I don't really enjoy writing code, but I do like figuring out how to solve the coding problem logically (I like thinking about possible solutions to a coding problem, but converting my thoughts into computer language isn't that fun for me). I'm a declared data science major. I want to switch out because I don't like coding that much, but machine learning seems cool so I don't know if I want to abandon that completely.

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Why did the US push for a greater adoption of 100% EV cars instead of hybrid cars?

Wasn’t sure where to post this questions so apologies if I’m in the wrong place.

In short, I heard an interesting opinion about how society has messed up by pushing for 100% adoption of EVs bc it

  1. Causes too much strain on mining industry
  2. Will screw the impoverished people who are mining these minerals bc now there’s more unsafe mining needed
  3. Gas prices are increasing and will increase at a pace the lower classes will struggle keep up with


My curiosity stems from the original question though. Why wasn’t there a stronger push for innovating on hybrid cars?

A core issue of ICE cars is city pollution, which would decrease with hybrids since combustion doesn’t kick in until about 30 mph.

It all helps ease gas price increases since there’s still a stable demand.

Mining for minerals used in batteries can ease into scaling.


Would love to hear any objective reasons and sources if available.

02:59 UTC


Can you guys help with some ideias for a research grant for Sustainable tech linked to agriculture/rural areas?

So my university posted a grant for developing technology and creating products linked to green tech and/or agriculture and i am super excited to take part in that, not only to have a positive impact in the world but also to get some hands on exp.

My background is as a CS undergrad and the grant talks about AI, IoT, sensors and a lot of tech that i am interested in so thats a plus! I am also Brazilian.

i had some ideias like:

  1. Creating an easy-to-acess database of modern and sustainable farming techniques for people in rural areas to use, both to help farming and the environment.
  1. improving the acess to the carbon credit market for our farmers and rural people, since thats a growing market (especially with all the interest around the amazon greenforest) but not many people here know about that.

  2. Something to help optimize the use of water around large platantions, especially soy plantations which consume a lot of water.

any other ideas? i am excited to see the discussion and sharing of ideas here!

21:52 UTC


Toroidal propeller up to 20% more efficient than conventional

06:03 UTC

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