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The Missing $1 Trillion

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10:14 UTC

08:33 UTC


Spot + 2

Solcellernas production såldes till EON för SPOT + 10 i ett tillsvidare avtal. Nu har de egenmäktigt ändrat avtalet till SPOT + 2 och jag känner mig rånad.

Vad har du för avtal?
Vilket bolag erbjuder bäst el avtal för närvarande?

20:09 UTC


When will we stop using fossil fuel?

Seems like although renewable and EVs are taking off (no doubt thanks to China) we won't ever stop using fossil fuels. We are producing record amounts of oil and gas and the numbers seem only set to increase.

I don't think peak oil or gas will ever hit and that we'll destroy ourselves before we hit it.

17:50 UTC


Global renewables growth fails to offset the rise in coal use in Asia

It may be pleasing, from a climate health point of view, to watch the decline in coal-to-power use in much of Europe and North America, but things are still done very differently in Asia. New Energy World Editor-at-large Steve Hodgson FEI has been looking at statistics.

14:57 UTC


Halliburton Sees Heady Days Ahead for US Natural Gas

By Andrew Kelly www.energyintel.comApril 23, 2024View Original

Oil-field services provider Halliburton is confident that the US natural gas market will eventually rebound from its current doldrums, driven by growing demand for electricity and LNG exports.

12:03 UTC


Crude Oil Spotlight April 23, 2024

Crude Oil Spotlight April 23, 2024.

The crude oil market is consolidating in a lower price range due to seasonal pressures and war risk premium fading. Key resistance reamins at $86.50 for WTI and $91.50 for Brent.

The stories traders are following:

Middle East tensions are easing with the Iranian foreign Minister stating that Iran is not seeking any further escalation/retaliation with Israel. Israel has made similar public statements. Bearish

But tensions clearly remain as there was a rocket attack launched from Iraq on a US Military base in Syria Sunday. It is assumed Hezbollah was behind the attack. Bullish

Furthermore Israeli rockets hit Rafah and killed 22 over the weekend. Israel is still planning to expand their ground offensive in Rafah. Bullish

Heavy refinery turnarounds in Europe for April adds to pressure for crude supportive for products. Bullish crack spreads

The US has reimposed sanctions on Venezuela which will come into full effect on 31 May. This will trigger more oil sales from Venezuela being handled by intermediaries and dark fleet again. Neutral

China reported economic growth of 5.3% in the first-quarter which is above expectation so there appears to be green shoots although the recovery is fragile and the property market is still facing headwinds. Bullish

Global air traffic is now above pre pandemic levels but Jet fuel consumption has not increased correspondingly as jet engines are more efficient. Bearish

IEA reported that global oil consumption increased about 1.6 mill bd in Q1 2024, but expects average increase for 2024 at 1.2 M bpd. Last week we said an average of 1.6 for 2024 which was a typo. However Goldman Sachs forecast an average increase in oil demand of 1.5 mill bd for 2024. Neutral

Reuters reports that Saudi has increased exports of refined products by about 147 Kbd and crude exports by about 20 Kbd. Bearish

EIA reports US to increase shale production by 16 KBD in May. Bearish

There is ample supply of crude oil in the market with Nigeria struggling to sell some of their light crude oils for May loading. Bearish

Here is what to watch going forward:

  • China is the biggest buyer of Russian crude oil hitting close to a record high of 2.55 M bpd.
  • The US oil rig count increased by 5 last week.
  • Tensions easing has been priced in, and the war will expand as 22 were killed in Rafah over the weekend.
  • Crude is being more and more influenced by macro sentiment, global inflation, and equity markets.
  • No signs of a cease-fire or negotiations improving.
  • The strength of the USD limits the upside on crude oil today.
  • Traders will remain focused on Middle East tensions and seasonal price pressures.

Opinions are those of a 40-year veteran crude oil trader. Not meant as trading or financial advice.

10:44 UTC


U.S. natural gas consumption set annual and monthly records during 2023

10:17 UTC


Urban gas pipelines after a switch to heat pumps

Just wondering what will happen to the urban gas pipelines that connect to homes(mainly in Europe and Asia) once the society changes to heat pumps(or other alternatives)

Are there examples of this? Can these existing infrastructure be used to something like district heating/cooling?

05:51 UTC

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