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Wind power news and articles, including onshore and offshore, and related technologies, including turbines and wind farms. Wind power is one of the oldest, cleanest, and most plentiful sources of renewable energy on Earth.

Wind power news and articles, including onshore and offshore, and related technologies, including turbines and wind farms.

Wind power is one of the oldest, cleanest, and most plentiful sources of renewable energy on Earth.

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Tech in Lubbock Tx

Are there any companies hiring in Lubbock Texas ? About a year in and basically know everything about maintenance

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23:45 UTC


How much does a wind turbine cost per MW?

Hi all!!

I'm having trouble with my bachelor's thesis in private/personal renewable energy installations. Im hoping reddit can guide me on this lol.

I'm searching for the price per MW of wind turbines in corporate acquisitions (preferably examples in the EU and as up to date possible).

Does somebody maybe have a great source of info on this? Some public accessible data on acquisitions and their prices?

Thanks in advance 🫶, J

15:11 UTC


First climb today

It was my first day and I was supposed to be setting all my IT equipment but it wasn’t on site yet, so I was sized for all my harness and given my safety gear.

Since today was a maintenance day in two towers my boss asked if I wanted to do a free climb today. Of course I said hell yeah!

It was brutal on my forearms more than my legs and back. My forearms were on fire when I got to the top, after taking a break at every platform going up. One tip to any newbies that want to train for this to get in shape: Farmers Walk but putting it down and picking it back up every few steps to recreate the squeeze and release action you’ll be doing.

I know it’ll be easier with the climb assist, but I was not ready for that to be that hard, because I thought I was “in shape”

02:02 UTC


Pros and cons of low ground clearance wind turbines

Enercon has released their new turbine E175-EP5-E2 7MW, with hub heights(HH) 112m, 132m & 162m. For 112m HH, with this huge rotor, the ground clearance to the lower tip is only 24.5m. In which surroundings/conditions, this turbine with 112m HH would be preferred over the other HHs? Can an expert give their insights?

07:51 UTC


Career move to Wind Turbine Technician

Hi, I'm looking for a career change into becoming a Wind Turbine technician. I have 25 years experience in Network Rail as a Signalling technician fault finder/maintenance. I would like to eventually try to work offshore but will start any way I can. Would getting training before I start be of benefit to me or can I get training on the job. Is there any company's that take on experienced technicians from other industries. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am based in Scotland but I'm will to relocate or travel.

08:34 UTC


Tool for blade selection

Is there a tool or a website where i can input the site conditions and it would tell me the suitable blades/turbines? (Offshore)

18:08 UTC


Offshore Wind Training in New Jersey

Any fellow New Jerseyans looking to enroll in the Offshore Wind Technician program in South Jersey? I haven't received any responses from anyone in charge of the Wind Power Ready program, at least for the technical portion. I know there's the safety training, but it appears to only be for ONshore.

20:49 UTC

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04:53 UTC


Difference in Turbine Capacity

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew why France were using offshore wind turbines much smaller in capacity then other nations.

I'm doing a thesis and noticed projects such as Calvados and Fécamp both due to be commisioned over the next 2 years are using 7 MW turbines. While other projects like Dogger Bank in the UK due to be finished around the same time is using 13 MW turbines, much bigger in size as well.

is this due to long wait times in France's system or did they not predict this growth in the industry? or maybe is it for an actual reason such as soil conditions or other concerns?

I cant find any reasoning online, so I thought id check if anyone had any inkling. Thanks

17:04 UTC


Banning wind

Hey y’all I’ve been thinking, and whilst walking outside I’m really sick of wind. I was thinking we should ban it. Thoughts?

00:29 UTC


Video interview for sky climbers

I’ve got an video for entry level position at sky climbers. Just wondering what to expect and questions there might be thanks

21:22 UTC


I have 5.5 acres of land in the UK. Is there anyway i can make money from wind energy?


17:20 UTC


Getting off the road?

Anyone in here leave wind; what did you end up getting into? Been traveling for a little while now doing MCE and have to stop traveling later this year. I’m super confused on what to do next and feeling stressed. Just looking for advice or people’s experiences.

03:25 UTC


Electrical grounding interconnection of wind turbines

I’m working as an engineering manager for a wind developer. Currently there is a wind farm construction project and I’m preparing technical specifications for the BoP part. The external engineering company who does grounding studies says there is no need to interconnect the ground between the 4 wind turbines and the substation, but the wind turbine OEM says we should in their specs. Have you ever come across this issue and what did you decide to do? knowing interconnecting the parc comes with its price.

23:33 UTC


Canada, entry level with no experience

Just trying to get into the industry, does anyone hire people with no experience other than sky climbers? There’s a college course for the year which I don’t mind doing but that would start in September and mean not getting started for another year. So I’ve applied for entry level site positions nearby but been rejected and haven’t heard back from a few including skyclimbers. But most people seem to say they hire everyone and yes I’m aware of their terrible name but a foot in the door is all I’m after. T

19:00 UTC


Blade repair job

I I'm Canadian, and I'm looking for a blade repair job I'm new to wind turbine But I have studied composite fabrication and repair and have my diploma

Do you guys no any good company looking for people And I would love to travel internationally if it's possible

Thanks you for your time

11:49 UTC


Residential wind turbine

My friend is buying an old farm in Iowa, there's always wind and he has several acres he can build on. I'm looking into setting up a wind turbine for him. What's the best brand to go with and any advice? He's on propane and electric baseboard so anything to reduce his electric bill will really help.

00:54 UTC


New career

I am interested in starting a career in wind power. I like using my hands, fixing things, problem solving and really think I would do well in this industry considering the work environment. I just left my amazon job of 4 years and need something new. I went to College for IT related stuff but have sadly lost interest and dropped out then started the Amazon thing and took two promotions and spend 4 years only to realize it is a totally dead end job with no true growth involved.

There is a wind turbine tech program local to me which I feel lucky to have but its 20k for a 7 month program. I could relocate to a place far away where school would be cheaper but I wouldnt have a place to stay so it would in the end be similarly expensive if not more expensive for me to relocate for cheaper school. Not sure what to do. Please help.

What is the best and most reliable way to get into this industry?

18:19 UTC


End of life wind turbine blade

Anybody know where I can get an end of life wind turbine blade or part of one? TIA

14:45 UTC


HUET training

Can anybody who's been through HUET let me know how it was for you? I've expressed interest in going to this training through my company. I was told that the two techs that they sent had to go to the hospital due to exhaustion or something. This makes me worried about whether or not I can hack it. Please share your experiences with this training, so I know what to expect or prepare for!

18:40 UTC


How a startup upcycles wind turbine blades into benches, planters, and picnic tables

15:42 UTC


High altitude wind generation

I have an idea for high altitude wind power. What projects are currently out there for this?

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20:24 UTC


NW REI. Electric/wind industry

hi. I made an account for Reddit, so I don't know how to work Reddit well yet, just to ask this question regarding the wind/electric industry.

Specifically for those who attended NW REI, is it possible to still be in the wind/electric industry with the education/training you received at NW REI and NOT be a wind turbine tech?

I am thinking of heading toward that career path however I heard it's a good idea to get an electric engineering degree as well in case becoming a wind turbine tech isn't what I like/want. I am still learning about the courses/school so any advice would be very helpful if possible to give.


19:31 UTC

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