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Anything relating to public policies to manage human activities with a view to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harmful effects on nature and natural resources, and ensuring that man-made changes to the environment do not have harmful effects on humans.

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Earth Diplomacy Leadership must meet the needs of people, nations & transcendent human rights

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If we care about the Environment Then Why do we still have Mailbox Marketing?

The amount of paper and resources being wasted on the stupid mailbox flyers and coupons has to be in the millions.

If we all cared so much about saving the planet then why do we not start banning the mailbox marketing?

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This is how I'm going to remember Diane Feinstein. As a pawn for big oil. rude to children even

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Green Bonds Demystified: Are They Effective for Your Business? Dive into SG Analytics' Insightful Blog!

Hey Reddit community,

Ever wondered about the impact of Green Bonds on businesses and the environment? Look no further! SG Analytics has put together an illuminating blog post that breaks down Green Bonds and their effectiveness.

In this informative blog post, you'll find:

🌱 What are Green Bonds: Understand the concept of Green Bonds and how they're shaping sustainable finance.

🏢 Business Benefits: Explore how businesses can benefit from issuing Green Bonds, both financially and environmentally.

🌏 Environmental Impact: Learn about the positive effects Green Bonds can have on our planet.

💼 Is it for You?: Assess whether Green Bonds align with your business objectives and sustainability goals.

I found this blog post to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in sustainable finance and its potential benefits for businesses.

You can delve into the full article here: Green Bonds Explained: Are They Effective for Your Business?.

Have you explored Green Bonds in your business or investment endeavors, or do you have questions about them? Join the conversation below and let's discuss the role of sustainable finance in shaping a greener future! 🌍💼

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Demystifying Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) with SG Analytics' Insightful Blog!

Hey there, Reddit community!

Interested in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) but not quite sure where to start? I've got just the resource for you. Check out this informative blog post from SG Analytics that breaks down SRI in a clear and concise way.

In this blog post, you'll find:

🌍 What is SRI: Understand the core principles and objectives of Socially Responsible Investing.

📈 Why It Matters: Discover the impact SRI can have on your investment portfolio and the world.

💼 Investing Responsibly: Learn how to align your investments with your values and ethical considerations.

📊 Evaluating Companies: Get insights into how to assess the sustainability and social impact of companies you invest in.

I found this blog post to be a great starting point for anyone curious about SRI and its potential benefits. Whether you're an experienced investor or new to the world of finance, this information is valuable.

You can read the full article here: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Explained.

Have you explored SRI in your investment journey, or do you have questions about it? Join the discussion below and let's exchange insights on responsible investing! 🌿💰

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Will Sunak's Gamble On Achieving Net Zero Satisfy The Conservative Party?

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Is PCB poisoning from the PCB from electronics?

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Woodsy The Owl (1977) Help Woodsy Spread the Word

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An Environmental Case Study: The Threat and Consequences of Mining in Sibuyan Island, Philippines

The Philippines is renowned as one of the world’s hottest biodiversity hotspots. This indicates that the country is home to an exceptional number of endemic plants and wildlife species, which faces serious threats and exploitation. Among the country’s 7,641 islands, one island has recently captured attention due to the discovery of a long-hidden battle – Sibuyan Island.

Sibuyan Island is a stunning paradise and home to a significant portion of Philippine endemism. It boasts crystal-clear waters, dense rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, and magnificent mountains teeming with life. Unfortunately, this paradise’s ecosystem is now under the threat of alleged illegal mining operations. Larger mining corporations, supported by power and money are overshadowing the local community and silencing the underrepresented minority. 

This ongoing battle for Sibuyan Island has already resulted in tragedy. In 2007, a former environmentalist from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature-Philippines and a town councilor in Sibuyan, Armin Marin, was shot dead by heavily armed guards after leading a rally against a mining attempt that could destroy Sibuyan’s precious ecosystem. Recently this year, a clash between the authorities and a human barricade attempting to stop another mining operation has left two locals injured, one town councilor arrested, and countless others affected. There are also alleged cases of public teachers on the island being held with their rights to participate in any anti-mining activities, and students being forced to issue public apologies for opposing mining on the island.

Today, as the fight against mining continues, these corporations promise job security, wealth, and development through unsustainable actions. But beneath these enticing promises lies a critical question: What will be the true cost of these actions? What will be the price paid by the environment and the community? And when will people fully grasp the importance of balancing development and environmental preservation?

Read the full original case study article: A Peril in Paradise: The Threat and Consequences of Mining in Sibuyan Island, Philippines

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