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A sub dedicated to the international movement of students who skip class on Fridays to demand action to prevent climate change.

A sub dedicated to the international movement of students who skip class on Fridays to demand action to prevent climate change.


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Activist mission creep and coalition-building

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Musical rendition of one of Greta Thunberg's historic speeches

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Alternative to civil disobedience

Ever considered frequently suing drivers for traffic rule regulations? As a driver I would find this much more annoying compared with blocking a road in protest. In Germany this could generate a tremendous impact, e.g. Anzeigenhauptmeister.

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Survey for Green Smart Home research

Hello! I'm an Italian researcher who is working on the design and development of an application for the management of smart homes with a "greener" approach. As a part of my project, I need to understand how people use smart devices and how much they care about environment.

For this purpose, I kindly ask you 5 minutes of your time to fill the following form:https://forms.gle/Xb8thbuyvwmW9X6B7.

As stated in the introductory page, all the data are anonymous and managed in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Thank you so much!

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For the past 20 years, it's been a key tactic of fossil fuel companies to direct the blame of climate change to the individual. Without a good understanding of the scale of greenhouse emissions, it can be hard to tell if they're right or not. Here's a quick data visualisation to un-muddy the waters.

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Solar Geoengineering Research

Hello all! I'm conducting research to understand the climate movement's current position in regard to solar geoengineering. The research output will be used to inform strategy going forward. Given the global effect of the technology, it's vital we in the movement engage in this debate whilst we still have chance. If you have 2 minutes then please fill out the survey. Thank you!


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What are your US 2024 presidential predictions?


Hey everyone!

Founder and creator of a site called Politarian.com. A free website for people who like to make political predictions; letting people post who they think will win in a future election.

Complete Anonymity: Make predictions with full anonymity – your account details stay private. Predict the Future: Dive into predicting federal and state elections for 2023-2024. Decode the paths to victory. Public or Private: Share your predictions publicly or keep them all to yourself – it's your call. Candidate Insights: Access comprehensive candidate info – news, endorsements, bios – everything to make sharp predictions.

Politarian is nonpartisan regarding any political party; rather focusing on transparency, holistic information, accountability, and a simple-to-use interface as to navigate the complex political landscape.

I would appreciate any feedback and look forward to seeing your predictions on Politarian.com!

Update: 1.1: Hey y’all! We just made an update to Politarian.com!! We added Social Media to the candidate profiles. Hope you guys can join us in making a primary prediction for the 2024 election :)

Update: 1.2: We have become more enlightened! I've made changes to the Map and added a counter along with a progression bar so you know the total votes. Let me know what you think!

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Let's get Greta to #1 in this climate song contest (Like the video on YouTube to vote)

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How This Doughnut Could Solve The Climate Crisis And Global Inequality | Degrowth Explained

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ClimateTriage - Contribute to open source focused on climate technology and sustainability

We just launched 🚀 ClimateTriage.com, a platform helping you to contribute to open source projects focused on climate technology and sustainability.

🌏 ClimateTriage is being launched as a dedicated 'Good First Issue' platform focusing on the open technologies that help us to transparently understand and cooperatively manage the stability of our natural resources. Start making your first impactful contribution to climate change, sustainable energy, biodiversity and natural resources.

🤝 The Open Sustainable Technology community works closely with the Ecosyste.ms platform, which provides metadata about the entire open source ecosystem and is therefore independent of the GitHub platform. At the same time, this will enable projects to be sorted by download numbers and other dimensions from a variety of package managers in the future.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Projects that are looking for contributors can visit the main repository at Open Sustainable Technology on GitHub, then follow the guidelines provided to submit their project. They should label issues as 'Good First Issue' or 'Help Wanted'. In this way, open source communities help new members to familiarize themselves with the project and thus contribute to the growth of a lasting community. Ecosyste.ms will do the rest in the background and the project should soon after appear on ClimateTriage.com.

👨🏽‍💻 Whether you are a seasoned developer or a newcomer eager to contribute, ClimateTriage.com provides a curated directory of impactful projects and a pathway to making your first meaningful contribution to open sustainable technology. Simply visit the website and search for projects of interest to you to view what types of contributions they are seeking, then start contributing.

Website: https://climatetriage.com/

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Why We Need Degrowth

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Lists of non-greenwashed products and tools

Hey everyone. I just built a platform where users and creators can recommend their favorite products. It's called Favolist. I secured d around 50k for this startup so far.

The lists are based on categories defined by interest of the user, so in example, you can create a list termed "My Travel Gear" or "Eco Friendly Hygiene".

I also want to curate some lists/profiles which will be featured on the platform. One of profiles - out of my anxiety for the future - should be about non-greenwashed products, green tech companies and the like.

I was wondering if you know where I could find such products and companies endorsed by Fridays for future.

As an example of a profile, see this Tim Ferriss profile.


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A dumb idea

Taking sea level co2 and pumping it out in the high atmosphere where it will do more than 5x damage. Engineering is sound... no accountingfor stupid https://news.sky.com/story/uks-first-air-capture-plant-is-turned-on-to-remove-co2-from-the-atmosphere-and-turn-it-into-jet-fuel-13025531 .

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FREE ebook download


The co-founder of XRJapan's book is now available for FREE download. Simon Whalley's book Dear Indy: A Father’s Plea for Climate Action is a clarion call to humanity to look inside itself and see the damage our species is inflicting on the natural world, the animals that share our incredible planet, and how this is leading, ultimately, to the sixth extinction, that will likely include us.

The book takes us on a journey around the world to see how the climate crisis is already impacting our planet and where we are heading on our current trajectory. From natural disasters barreling through cities and deluges destroying crops; heatwaves killing thousands, and wildfires killing billions of animals, the book looks at the risks we face from ignoring the threat of climate change and biodiversity loss. It also highlights the threat of both economic and societal collapse. The impacts humanity is having on the natural world are described and our treatment of non-human animals is detailed with links being made between the future of ecosystems and our own.


Dear Indy then goes back in time to the start of the inequality and the beginning of our thirst for greed. We then travel forward, stopping briefly to identify key events and salient individuals that have led us to the precipice we currently inhabit.

Finally, we look at solutions that our elites are pushing us towards in order to continue the march towards “progress”, and then look at alternative solutions that would benefit the masses, rather than the few, while simultaneously allowing us to remain within our carbon budget, and give the forests and oceans a chance to bounce back from the brink.

Download now for FREE from www.dear-indy.com

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The coral reefs are DYING. Thoughts?

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We want you to take Climate Action!

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well! 🌍

I work with a startup on a mission to make climate action accessible to everyone! Our community-based app lets users create communities and join forces to take collective climate action while tracking their progress. We had an incredible pilot run in South Africa, and now we're excited to start fresh in Europe.

But here's where we need your help – we're looking for awesome individuals like you to test our app and give us feedback on the user experience. We want to make sure that using our app is not just easy but also empowering for you. Your input is invaluable in shaping an app that truly works for the community.

If you're up for joining us on this exciting journey, we'd love for you to fill out this quick form.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to know more about what we're up to.

Thank you for considering being part of this! Wishing you an absolutely fantastic day! 😊🌿

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Looking For Chapter Directors!

Hi all my name is Shourya Mehta and I’m president of a non profit organization called Green Pulse Education that works to promote environmental literacy/a more sustainable future. In the past we have partnered with our local state government in Illinois as well as local universities to host events. We are currently looking for similarly motivated environmentalists internationally to start/head chapters of our organization in their local communities. If anyone is interested please DM me/comment! 💚🌲🌿

Here is our website: https://www.greenpulseedu.org

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