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We're here to do something about climate change. We're not here to talk about why it's happening, how bad it is, or who to blame. We're here to brainstorm, organize, and act. Use this space to find resources, connect with others, and learn more about how you can make a difference. Join us for our sub-wide campaigns as we leverage the platform of Reddit to do some good for the climate.

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We're here to do something about climate change. We're not here to talk about why it's happening, how bad it is, or who to blame. We're here to brainstorm, organize, and act. Use this space to find resources, connect with others, and learn more about how you can make a difference. Join us for our sub-wide campaigns as we leverage the platform of Reddit to do some good for the climate.

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Hello I'm starting a Youtube channel where I interview people of various political beliefs and views and I'd like to interview a member of your community, if your interested please dm me, thank you.

It'll be completely anonymous and we'll just speak to each other online.

06:09 UTC


End Meat and Dairy Subsidies!

01:17 UTC


Don't you guys think that Capitalists are benefitting greatly from climate change?

I know global warming and climate change is a real threat for the humanity, but are we doing anything productive? Means we're told to buy expensive electric vehicles, we're told to go towards veganism, we're told that farming is bad. So basically we're being told to change our lifestyle to save the earth. But who are we helping by buying expensive EVs, or becoming vegan? Are we helping the planet or are we helping the Capitalists? I guess we're helping the latter..

15:25 UTC


How did the book 'Silent Spring' have such an impact?

In the 1960s, Rachel Carson released the book Silent Spring, warning about the dangers of pesticides (particularly one called DDT) and their effects on wildlife and nature. The impact of this book caused the US to radically change its agricultural policies, and generally it seems to be considered one of the earliest victories of the environmental movement. I've heard Carson called a pioneer who was vastly ahead of her time, and her book be considered second to Darwin's On The Origin of Species in terms of how important it's been to the scientific world.

I haven't myself read the book, although I expect I will one day. What I want to know though is, how did one single book manage to make this much difference, cause such massive changes in policy and go down in history to this extent? I can't imagine any writer, no matter how important and well-presented their points, managing that nowadays. Did politicians in the sixties care more? Did regular folk put more pressure on? Was there less corporate lobbying? Did Rachel Carson have powers of persuasion that have never been seen since? Or was it actually that there was already enough awareness of what she was talking about to change policy, and her book was just in the right place at the right time to solidify that?

I feel like this is something that should be talked about. It's so inspiring that the book Silent Spring inspired such huge improvements to environmental policy, and I want to work out how it did to see if that could be replicated again.

17:16 UTC


This video is for the activists around the world targeting the fossil financiers - Keep on the banks!

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17:17 UTC


Phone Bank to GOTV in TX May Election

Lead Locally's plans a virtual event, “Join Jane Fonda Climate PAC to Phonebank for a May election in TX". This Event is being held on Monday, 4/29, 7:30-9:30 pm est/4:30 to 6:30 pm pdt. Calling for smaller elections increases turnout in the General Election in November. Sign up now to join at this website: https://www.mobilize.us/leadlocally/event/620924/

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01:15 UTC


I Think We Need A War Time Effort To Combat The Climate Crisis.

I can understand the panic surrounding climate change, especially amongst my generation. As someone who's part of Gen Z, it's hard not to feel doom and gloom when looking at the current pace of transition to renewable energy. I'm no scientist, but I've read about the history of ambitious projects like the space race and wartime mobilization.

It seems clear to me that one of the main reasons the green transition is happening too slowly is a lack of large-scale government investment and support and pushback from big corporations. When nations put their full economic might behind goals in the past, like reaching the moon, they were able to achieve tremendous progress in just a few short years.

Some say we're already in a crisis with climate change, so why aren't we treating it with the same urgency as we did with World War II? If we organized our society and poured resources into renewable technology on that kind of scale, I really believe we could make huge strides towards meeting the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement.

Of course, there are no easy answers and switching our entire energy system overnight would be incredibly difficult. But it seems the longer we delay serious action and investment in climate solutions, the worse off future generations like mine will be. I can't help but feel we need to muster the collective will to declare something like a "war on climate change" and start mobilizing all of society's resources toward protecting our planet.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Thank you for your replies. I recommend sending this to your local representative, MP, senator, congressman, or head of state, depending on your country of origin, for consideration. This is the fight of our lives and we can’t wait any longer.

21:53 UTC


Engineers Collaborating for Climate Action

If anyone in this group is an engineer and looking to specifically discuss how you use or could use your influence as an engineer at work to minimize climate impacts or actively change the way we engineer with the health of our ecosystem in mind— i just created a subreddit yesterday called r/ECCA. This is something definitely lacking in my workplace, and so i thought maybe could connect with likeminded people here!

15:53 UTC


Californians: here are several Assembly and Senate Bills for solar which need your support

Here are the relevant bills:

  • AB 1999 - cap what energy companies can charge as a utility tax and ensure it can’t increase faster than inflation.

  • AB 2619 - require the CPUC to set net metering goals which help the state meet its renewable energy goals. Also require the CPUC to set goals which ensure that solar installation in disadvantaged communities keep pace with the state average.

  • AB 2256 - setup a commission to regularly consider issues for low income energy customers

  • AB 2054 - prohibit a member of the CPUC from being employed by an entity subject to regulation by that commission for 10 years after they leave the CPUC

  • AB 3118 - make solar energy the official state energy of California

  • SB 1374 - allow farmers, multi family buildings, and schools to use solar energy which they produce on their property

  • SB 938 - prohibit private utilities from using rate payer funds to lobby. Also setup a zero-emission equity fund which is funded by fines resulting from this bill. The fund focuses on helping low income households transition to lower emission appliances

There are three actions that you can take on these bills:

1) Call the Assembly Speaker (Robert Rivas) at (916) 319-2029 and tell him that you want to see AB 1999 and AB 2256 both brought to the floor for a vote.

2) Tell your Assembly Member that you want them to support AB 1999, AB 2619, AB 2256, AB 2054, and AB 3118.

3) Tell your Senator that you want them to support SB 1374, and SB 938.

If you need to lookup who your reps are and what their contact information is then there’s several easy to use websites out there. Google will help you find them.

15:43 UTC


Protests at CitiGroup Earth Week

18:26 UTC


If you had unlimited money, how would you end air, water and soil pollution?

I think that the best way to put an end to pollution is by investing in developing eco-products that can compete in price, quality, value with non-eco ones, that as a mean of prevention, apart from cleaning up the waste that already exist in river, land etc

17:47 UTC


Looking for a Job to Protect the climate?

NOW LIVE: President Biden's American Climate Corps is now accepting applications. Kickstart your climate career today: clmtpwr.us/ACCapp -ClimatePower

19:51 UTC


Write to Thank BLM on Policy Change

Huge news: A new vision for protecting public lands, waters & wildlife from more drilling & mining. Send a letter to thank BLM and the Biden administration for protecting our public lands. https://act.sierraclub.org/actions/National?actionId=AR0433609&id=

23:51 UTC


Personal carbon offset recommendations

I swore off flying because of the heavy carbon footprint. I made it several years but finally had to hop on a plane to go deal with a family emergency.

Most of the rest of my lifestyle is increasingly carbon neutral - I've been dialing it down for years step by step.

Carbon offsets, like Papal Indulgences of the past, have some problematic issues. Don't want to debate that here. But some outfits that offer Carbon offsets are more reputable and verifiable than others.

If I were to offset 248 kg of carbon emissions, how would you recommend going about it?

13:49 UTC


What are good climate actions for people who don't live in the USA?

I don't mind the specific actions that are being suggested on here, but I think a lot of them are very targeted at people who live in the USA. That can make those lurkers who don't, myself being one of them, feel a bit helpless.

So I thought I'd start this thread. What are some really good courses of activism that can be undertaken if you're living elsewhere than the USA?

13:10 UTC


CDR Researcher here. You can AMA if you want, but my friends are getting pessimistic by the day.

20:28 UTC

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