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A community for sharing and discussing Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

Conservation kɒnsəˈveɪ

The action of conserving something, in particular: preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment and of wildlife.

A community for sharing and discussing links about Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

If you believe that you can help educate people or help save a species, then feel free to discuss it here.

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For 24 hours, your internet now shows search results from the year 2124. What conservation-related topics do you search up?

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I’ve been wondering this for years and wanted to see if anyone could answer it

So around where I live nearly every creek and stream has a very steep muddy slope on both sides usually ranging from 2 to 6 feet deep before you get to the water is this caused by erosion overtime from the streams or is it because of human action, making the streams more shallow (I want to add pictures, but this community doesn’t allow it)

15:43 UTC


Environmental Stats

I am currently a student pursuing my bachelor's in wildlife conservation.

I'm trying to find an existing wildlife monitoring program that has available statistical data for one of my course projects. Does anyone have any recommendations of existing monitoring programs or places to look?

Ideally it is a mammal or avian species within North America.

13:08 UTC


Conservation or regret

I am rlly torn. I have always been a big outdoorsman. In fact, I am a hunting, fishing and outdoors fanatic.

But I don’t just love doing them, I love everything about them.

I love taking people hunting/fishing. I love introducing people to these activities.

I love studying animals, plants, and fish. I want to understand everything about why they are and where they are.

I could read for 24 hrs straight about animals. Even the monotonous stuff like laws regarding animals.

I like connecting with others over animals and discussing controversial topics within the wildlife conservation realm.

I want to protect wild places and wild animals. I want to write about them. I want to be a part of initiatives to protect them and ensure their resilience.

Everywhere I go, I’m constantly staring out the window thinking about the inhabitants of that vast empty space.

I don’t just like one species. I want to hunt, catch and learn about lots of species.

I stress myself out during hunting season when I can’t understand a mature deers habits.

I buy books on fishing and Turkey huntings tactics and carry mouth calls in my center console.

When my mind wanders 8/10 it’s thinking about how I can improve my property to benefit the wildlife.

This is all true and has been for sometime. The only problem is…I am just now realizing the scope of this passion.

I graduate with an undergrad degree in ag business in 2 months. The plan all along was law school. Nothing in the realm of wildlife. Now I am unsure.

I truly love wildlife conservation. But I’m scared to pursue a career in it.

I found out I can get a masters in wildlife at another university. I want the grad degree if I’m going to do this.

I read about how hard it is to start a career in this field and I don’t like the idea of moving a lot.

I know this has been a vague post but these are my real feelings. Anybody else deal with this uncertainty? What helped you overcome this? Lastly, I know you’re not me, but if you were in my shoes what would you do?

06:20 UTC


Masters Research: Asiatic Black Bears

I need help!

I need to come up with some possible research titles for my Masters.


  • Will spend time collecting data in Japan, with a conservation group specialising in Asiatic Black bears
  • Data available: As well as the few months I spend in japan, I will have access to prior data sets. this includes bear location data (telemetry, GPS), winter den data, feeding habits etc.
  • the area has a lot of human-wildlife conflict. things like rare poaching, but mostly animals disturbing towns and farms.

I was thinking something geared toward human/wildlife conflict, or toward the ecology of the bears in that context .e.g. distribution patterns in relation to the towns and farms.

ANY IDEAS would be super helpful. the masters is only 8 months long, so I can’t be too ambitious. a simple, solid question with simple methodology and a strong answer is best.


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Journal Publication Cost

Hello! Im an undergraduate student from the Philippines and I just recently finished presenting my thesis. I was told to prepare for its publication (including the costs). Does anyone know which journals are available? And how much would it probably cost? I studied Mollusks.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

16:45 UTC


How to conserve conservation workers?

There's been a lot of talk about the issues of in conservation and related fields- I posted a couple months about them even. Overworked, lack of diversity, underpaid, lack of relocation, etc.

But I'm wondering what are some changes that could be made that would lessen these issues and conserve the workers we have now and grow the field to have more people from all walks of life. There are some obvious ones, like higher pay, but I'm wondering if there are other things that need to be addressed too.

22:48 UTC


A Conversation with Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson | HR #210

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Are notions of ecological conservation against notions of evolution? How do we make space for evolution if we don't let anything go extinct?

17:15 UTC


Sharptail Grouse Leks

Looking for any educated explanations or scientific papers pertaining to sharptail grouse leks in partially forested areas, or in montane habitat.

Bumped a flock grouse in an unexpected spot for me, counted at least 10 birds. I am curious about learning how often sharptails live in semi forested areas, lekking behavior, and estimated longevity with no additional habitat management.

If you’re interested my observation about habitat below.

I think it waspretty damn cool to see a typical grasslands bird somewhere different.

Went hiking today in a 90% ponderosa pine forest at 5,400 feet ASL. The area is a collection of shallow valleys, gradual slopes. And wide tops. The portion I explored encompassed approximately 70 acres and from my observation there existed identical habitat all around making total potential habitat at ~300 acres.The area had been logged back in 2014.

It was basically a vegetated clearing, small-medium bunch’s of aspen trees (guessing a stem density avg of 30-40) in the bottom of the valley with other small shrubs like choke cherry and other shrubs native to the western mountains. Lots of knocked over pine as well creating, what to me looks like good ground cover. Young ponderosa ringed the valleys.

Confident birds are at least semi permanent, I found fresh- very old droppings in the area I was at.

22:26 UTC


Meadow management resources?

Hi all, I want to learn more about managing meadows for native biodiversity and ecosystem health. Does anyone know of any resources (apart from getting a second Master's degree, lol) that would help me with this? Professional courses, e-learning, etc.? Thanks!

(I'm in lower New York State, if it matters)

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15:36 UTC


Green Corps?

Anyone have experience working with Green Corps as a campaigner or organizer? What was it like (specifically the traveling aspect)?

23:57 UTC

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