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Breaking free of the work/spend/borrow cycle in order to live more fully, sustainably, and cooperatively.

Ideas and inspiration for living more simply. A place to share tips on living with less stuff, work, speed, or stress in return for gaining more freedom, time, self-reliance, and joy.

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One part of simple living is being able to reduce gadget usage. I have habit of surfing smartphone before going to sleep. What do you all suggest for being able to sleep early and reduce smartphone usage? Also what are some suggestions for natural deep restful sleep?

One part of simple living is being able to reduce gadget usage. I have habit of surfing smartphone before going to sleep. What do you all suggest for being able to sleep early and reduce smartphone usage? Also what are some suggestions for natural deep restful sleep?

10:34 UTC


Inexpensive alarm clock that has a musical tone and does not require my phone to operate?

I have tried everything. If I bring my phone into the room with me before bed and use its alarm to wake me up, I will look at it before bed and then inevitably spend 1-3 hours of my morning just sitting in bed on my phone after the alarm goes off. This leads me to neglect chores, hygiene, breakfast, etc and I have way less free time before I go to my second shift job.

Recently I have been leaving my phone charging on the oppsite side of my apartment overnight, and this has done wonders for my sleep quality. I'm getting up earlier, stretching, reading, taking care of my hygiene, doing chores, having a healthy breakfast... But I'm relying on my partner to wake me up, and I don't want to do that long-term.

-I need an alarm clock, but it CANNOT be one with a high-pitched beep. I have high frequency hearing loss. Even lower pitched beeps, my brain completely drowns out.

  • It needs to be a varied or musical tone that is LOUD or at least has adjustable volume.
  • Nothing wearable like an arm band. I lose small shit like that all the time.
  • It CANNOT need a smartphone to function, as this defeats the whole purpose.

I bought the Homtime C1 alarm on Amazon as this seemed to meet all my specifications, but it doesn't work at all and I tried returning it and getting a new one. Still doesn't work.

Nothing more than like $50 please. I'm not spending 300 bucks on an alarm clock, no matter how nice the "One Clock" looks lol.

Thank you!!!

00:57 UTC


How to simplify life even more?

I'm asking this because life today can be overwhelming and to have more time for things that matter.

For me a drastic thing is my minimal wardrobe: only black underwear, blue socks, blue chinos, blue shorts, white T-shirts, white shirts, dark grey pullovers. All things go together well.

What are your ways to simplify life even more?

07:40 UTC


Is it worth it to get a mobile home on your own land?

My boyfriend has 10 acres and we were thinking of putting a 100k-150k double wide on it.

The housing market is insane here and it feels like everything is more and more expensive. I know mobile homes can de-value but I’ve also heard it’s worth it if you own your own land. We also plan on staying for the long run.

He is also a carpenter/handy man so we would upgrade it as much as we want and we aren’t very fancy people. We just want a home that isn’t going to cost us a fortune so we can put money into a garden and green house and a family in the future.

Thoughts?? His parents aren’t for it but they also built their home for 100k in the early 90’s and im not sure they understand how expensive things are these days. The house my parents got in 2001 for 300k is almost 1mil now in our area.

15:16 UTC



I'm making some big changes in my life as have been feeling very overwhelmed recently and want to live more simply. I realised I've been over committing and cramming my schedule (2 jobs and family committments while trying to balance study, sport and hobbies on top of everything). I've made some progress on creating a more balanced schedule but have also realised that I've also been cramming my physical spaces as well, such as my room. This means having to cull a lot of my books, as I rent a room at a relatives house (whose very strict on where things are kept) and can only keep my stuff in my room. Jamming over 300 books in a small room, has been making me feel like somewhat of a failure when I look at all the books I haven't read, so I need to get rid of some and come to terms with the fact that I can't read them all. (Would take years to read them all). Have tried hiding them in boxes but makes my room feel even more jammed. How do you all go about rationalising with the part of your brain that doesn't want to let go of items? (Having massive Book FOMO)

15:35 UTC


Good ole days

Anyone else watch old movies or listen to old songs and realize how much slower life was? There was still so much to do back then but I felt like I had time. I just spent the last 2 hrs in bed after a meeting and it felt so good.

For those of us working full time, how often do you get to lounge without a time limit? Lounge till to your heart content? Man I miss and needed this.

Sometimes a simple morning is doing nothing

18:11 UTC


Morning walk at the park 🍃💙🦆

22:26 UTC


Views from a boat.

There’s just something about being around water that just calms my spirit.

22:21 UTC


Simple life in the big city

There have been a couple of posts recently noting that simple living is not just for rural areas. Here is a nice green space in my city's (guess which one) downtown core which is a nice place to eat a snack or drink a coffee during a work break or lunch. Its so relaxing and refreshing to do that.

19:45 UTC


they’re having the time of their life and i hope you are too

19:40 UTC


Uncertain how to behave in this situation

I understand this might not be the kind of question that would entirely fit this community, but I've been observing /simpleliving for a while now and I am hoping maybe this is precisely the place where likeminded people could understand this rather simple and yet stress-inducing predicament I'm facing.

Long story short, my partner's sister is throwing a big wedding party and we were invited to stay at the venue overnight. It was all good and exciting until the month before (that is last week) she requested from my partner and me a hundred pounds each. For some context, this is a British family and I am a Polish expat. I've been living in Britain for nearly five years now and have been with my partner for two years, so naturally I was invited to the wedding.

The problem I'm facing is the fact that not only was this unexpected from a cultural point of view, as requesting money from your wedding guests is unheard of where I come from, I have also realised quite late that on top of the one hundred pounds I have already sent the bride, I will have to spend much more for new clothes as I really don't own even a pair of elegant shoes at the moment. I will also burn with shame at the event if I don't have a gift wrapped and ready. This wouldn't be nearly as problematic and I would've gotten over it quickly if it weren't for the fact I had bought two expensive tickets abroad for my partner's birthday last month and I am, to put it simply, rather skint. Again, I understand this is poor planning on my part. I've only started to think about all this now that the wedding is so close. Typical.

TLDR; I have to spend a few hundred pounds in order to attend my partner's sister's wedding and I feel bad about spending so much money for something I am less and less excited for. I don't know what to do. This is a very first-world-problem, but it also sits at the back of my head and I know the problem won't solve itself if I don't make some sort of decision. Have you ever face a situation like this? Am I overreacting?

EDIT: Thank you all, and I'm sorry I didn't reply to every comment as there were too many, thanks again! I have decided I will buy some cheaper but still elegant enough clothes to get me through the event. Not sustainable but worth the money and effort so as not to damage my relations with my partner's family. The two hundred pounds requested from the bride is indeed a charge for the room. Again, something I have to deal with and as some great comments suggested, I will do my best to forget the money spent and try and enjoy every moment at the wedding. Thank you

18:47 UTC


Canning kosher dill pickles and spicy dill pickles.

Next, dilly beans!!

16:35 UTC


Being Boring by Wendy Cope. (Is boring and simple synonymous?)

15:25 UTC


A lot of simple cooking tips

I love Derek Sarno’s videos generally, but this one really highlights several simple living / cooking techniques. https://youtu.be/rcZWcitaIj0?si=zRtR7WwEObX7WPpR

00:53 UTC


How can I change my routine to be more smartphone-free?

I have somehow gotten myself into this routine where I open my phone and start scrolling as soon as I come home, especially when I've had a tiring day, intending to use it for 20 minutes or so but it always turns into an hour or more. Sometimes I start cooking dinner and tell myself I'll just watch YouTube shorts until the food is done, or sometimes I think to myself, "just until I have rested my feet a bit," or something like that.

If you have had this problem, what do you think I could do to avoid the temptation to open social media right when I get home, or more specifically, how can I hijack my routine for the better? I was reading Kindle books for a bit but the only reading material that I won't resist picking up is murder mysteries or other second-rate fiction that equally makes me feel like I'm wasting my life.

I'm curious what other people are routinely doing when they get home from work, especially if it doesn't involve a smartphone!

03:46 UTC


Going to the library is such a simple pleasure

I have found such joy lately in walking to the library. It’s such a simple thing to do and it feels so wholesome. I just put my books in my bag, go for a nice stroll to town, find a new book and bring it home. That’s it.

Then I get home, put my feet up and read for a while. Peace and quiet, maybe a cup of chamomile tea.

13:45 UTC


Is anybody favorite superhero Superman ?

I don’t know why but Superman reminds me of simple living. Just the way he is as a person before a hero. People think he’s boring because he’s not too depressed or evil. I think he’s a good guy who has hope and strive for a normal life.

00:06 UTC


I feel like I was born in the wrong generation.

I want to be a millennial so bad! I said so because I understand older people well and have a knack for establishing more relations with them than I could ever dream of living with the people of Gen Z. This generation only loves their technological devices and making any effort to interact physically is useless, and only results in pain because of the one-sidedness in every friendship/relationship. I simply hate the fact that I have to text someone on a piece of technology to hangout. Calling is not even an option when majority of the people prefer texting over it because it's "easier". People shrug off any interaction that comes across their lives as something where they don't want to "bother" someone. I get why loneliness is such a big part of my life because I was born in such an anti-social generation, whereas volunteering for the elderly is the only thing that gives me happiness today.

21:40 UTC


It’s no measure of health to be adjusted to a profoundly sick society

Does anyone else feel this quote really resonates with them?

I live around London, UK. I really feel life in the west is profoundly sick.

As well as all the problems you can read or see on the news eg war, health problems, political problems, the global north causing all the environmental problems we face at the moment, crime etc

There’s also just something about the way ordinary people live that to me seems ‘sick’

Let me explain - the constant desire for pleasure, chasing happiness leads to a constantly busy work, personal and social life. This leads to stress and a feeling of unfufilment. Also this leads to a lack of gratitude for what we have - shelter, food, internet etc

The way we see success is having lots of stuff or at least wealth. There’s so many better attributes that successful people can have such as intelligence, empathy, kindness, problem solvers, charity starters, sustainable living. People who live in smaller spaces, collect rainwater, grow food are often seen as the odds ones out…..

18:20 UTC


Smartphone Too Appealing, But Can't Bring Yourself to Go Full Dumb Phone? I Found the Perfect Middle Ground Phone Between a Smart Phone and a Dumb Phone: the Cat s22 Flip.

After completely frying my smartphone battery with a sweat-soaked run and hearing that a fix was over a week out, I needed a quick solution. I did a same-day order of a $65 phone that...actually may end up being my new phone: Cat s22 Flip.

Yes, Cat, as in Caterpillar, as in construction equipment. The phone is a heavy duty flip phone (waterproof, dust proof, feels quite military grade), but runs a version of Android 11 / Android Go that allows you to run most Android apps — albeit it from a 2" touch screen.

So, while you could technically run any mind-numbing doom scroll app on it, it is far from an appealing experience. Still, if you needed to find a restaurant menu for takeout, use Google Maps, find a detail in an email, or still want to listen to music or podcasts, you can. But you won't likely linger on the phone after you have.

The Difference:

To me, the biggest difference is that this phone feel like a tool, not an escape from boredom. Reading anything more than a few sentences kinda sucks, videos are like watching it on a domino, and typing on the touchscreen keyboard will soon send you to a computer if you need to write anything longer than a paragraph.

For all of those reasons, I really like it. I've never once felt like the phone was sucking me in. I've usually wanted to get the info I needed or pop off the two sentence message, slam it shut, and throw it in my pocket.

So, as the date approaches when my regular phone is fixed...I'm not sure if I'll go back.

16:06 UTC


Do you prefer nature view or sea view for your place for simple living? Why so?

Torn between the two.

21:03 UTC


Productive day

Hi everyone,

I just had one of the best day I had in a long time and thought I would share it with all of you. My partner and I are in the middle of converting a van into a camper.

We have spend the whole day in our backyard working on the van. Building furniture to go inside the van from scratch. Planning and measuring and sanding. It doesn't sound like much but it was really nice to see things coming along, and to have the satisfaction that we made things with our own hands.

We tied up in the backyard as well, watered the flowers and just enjoyed the day and the woodworking.

The weather was really nice today so I was able to put my washing out as well so that was another wee bonus and the cats really enjoyed the sun too

To summarize I had an amazing day doing things I really enjoyed doing and I'm really happy with the progress we made and how productive the day was so I just wanted to share my happiness with yous

21:02 UTC


Longing for a simple life.

I'm super exhausted and rotting on the couch. It's just me a 29F living with my 35M boyfriend in an apartment and we having a hard time lately. We get bothered at our jobs, bothered in public ie grocery stores or driving, and bothered at home. It feels as if people are picking at us until we short-circuit.

We're tired of people problems, our family problems, and our damaged mental health.

We just want to be left alone to our devices such as bonding with our pets, tend the garden, do a little travel or hike. We miss reading, napping, baking and other delights.

I know life is stressful but it has gotten to us personally. Im day dreaming to get up at leave, cut off everyone and everything.

20:41 UTC


Once-a-week Bathing - Problems?

The bathroom at the place I am living at is likely to be out of action indefinitely and bathing in the kitchen is out of the question because of the lack of privacy.

Some time ago I decided that bathing at the local gym would have to be the way of things but realistically I am only able to get down there once a week.

Are there any problems with bathing chronically only once a week? Sores? Hair loss including beard hair? Anything else?

16:26 UTC

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