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Breaking free of the work/spend/borrow cycle in order to live more fully, sustainably, and cooperatively.

Ideas and inspiration for living more simply. A place to share tips on living with less stuff, work, speed, or stress in return for gaining more freedom, time, self-reliance, and joy.

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What’s your daily routine to maintain a simple living life?

I’m new to this sub. I’ve just deleted Tiktok. Now I need ideas and thought reading about your daily routines would inspire me.

12:38 UTC


My life got simpler and I’m never going back.

I have accidentally fallen into a simple living lifestyle and I love it.

This year I managed to become debt free (except mortgage), even my car is now fully mine. I’ve had two pays since this happened and I cannot believe how much disposable income I have left over, I mean I can now save for things!! I could never save before because I was trapped in the debt cycle.

I deleted all my socials last year apart from tik tok and Reddit and well today I deleted tik tok. My “friends” have reduced recently but for the better! I have been taking more time for myself, cooking from scratch and I’m starting to make use of the garden I never had time for before. I am considering dropping my hours at work to have more time for hobbies and just chill TF out and avoid this rat race I have spent my 20s and 30s trapped in!

Roll on simple living, I’m looking forward to my 40s now!

10:48 UTC


How do you detach from work which has caused quite a lot of stress and has kept you thinking about it from time to time?

Not easy to turn off that part of my brain. Which ways work best for you?

05:50 UTC


Switching to Nokia 2780 flip phone

So im not sure if this is a dumb question but hear me out.

Currently I have an iPhone 11 and iPad Air, both using Verizon. I want to ditch my iPhone and switch to a Nokia 2780 for my primary device. But keep the iPad (for school, work and easy communication when needed), my iphone is linked to the ipad with my apple account and phone number. So basically I’m wondering how I can link my iPad to my Nokia 2780 with the same phone number. Or would I have to have separate numbers?

Also additional info/suggestions would be welcome as I would prefer to have a flip phone.

Thanks and hopefully some one can give me advice:)

04:10 UTC


It’s picnic season!

21:18 UTC


Contentment in the “in between”

Im at a unique phase in life - late 30s with a family, overcome some things but still struggling with others. Im trying to develop a glass half full mentality and wanted to ask how you focus on what’s working/what’s positive instead of dwelling on whats not ideal.

Most of my angst right now revolves around work/finances/inflation. I went through a hard divorce several years ago and lost money, retirement savings, etc in the process. I was recently remarried and the relationship is so much better. I am so lucky and fortunate to be with her, and Ive healed a ton. But sometimes I struggle with feeling “behind” now that the emotional part of the divorce is mostly in the rearview.

I changed careers from the nonprofit world to sales a few years ago and am now in my second position. I was hoping it would be a long term fit but im not sure that it is. The recruiting/applying process the last six months has been emotionally draining with a good amount of rejection and ghosting (even by recruiters who reached out to me unsolicited).

I know this isn’t forever and that you never know whats around the corner. But I feel like Im less joyful in the moment than I want to be. What helps you practice contentment/gratitude when things dont feel resolved? And how do you deal with jealousy of those who appear “farther along” financially, career wise, etc?

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15:00 UTC


I'd like to learn to be content with where I live

I hope this is the right place to post this. I don't fully follow "simple living" but I've followed this subreddit for a while and I am working on ways to reduce my stress and try to be more content and mindful about my current situation, so I hoped that maybe someone here would have advice on my current situation.

Basically I have felt "stuck" where I live for years now. I moved into a small apartment to complete a grad degree, and couldn't wait until the day I got a job so I could move out. Things didn't really work out how I had anticipated and I wasn't able to find a job so I went through all of my savings that I was saving for a small house. It's probably going to be a while before I can save that money up again. But I'm tired of feeling antsy every day just waiting to leave this place.

It's just very small to the point where it's hard to do much (I live with my SO and it's about 660 sq feet, including my work space because I WFH). I'm working on decluttering and having fewer things, and making the best of it, but at the same time it's a very cheap apartment so things are constantly breaking and it's hard to get maintenance to do much. It's hard to have less stress when your toilet or garbage disposal breaks weekly, or when the common room washing machine leaves stains on your clothes rather than removes them. I don't feel like I have enough space to do hobbies I enjoy, like cooking is hard due to lack of counter space for example. I have no outdoor space of my own so I can't have a small garden or sit outside and be alone if I want to. I also can't do much to customize the place in terms of painting the walls, etc. so it feels ugly and plain to me. It just doesn't feel like a "home" to me. I also don't like the town I live in. It's very bleak and ugly and polluted and there's basically no nature around me to enjoy unless I want to drive 20+ minutes and then it's hard to find parking, bathrooms, etc. The place I want to move to is more well known for having lots of nature, lakes, outdoor life, etc.

Does anyone have some advice on feeling content and peaceful with what you have? I want to focus on feeling comfort NOW rather than dreaming about the greater comfort and contentment I could have later when I am where I want to be, but I find that difficult due to the above reasons.

15:46 UTC


Is this sustainable?

First of all, I am very proud to get this organize today. I know for most people making the closet nice is easy but for me, it makes me dizzy. Ironic that I'm a pretty organize person other aspects but the closet is quiet a challenge for me. For those who are living or lived in a tropical country, am I doing this right? My dilemma is I noticed that my annual decluttering became more like eliminating stuff for pure cotton pieces, heavy pants or items for colder seasons. I think I was not very mindful in the past that I buy pieces that will not match most days of the year in my country. Average day is like 90 F, warmest is 110 F (so far), and coolest is 70 F. To cut the story short, I caught myself always grabbing for the lightest pieces I could wear - to the point where sometimes I'll just put on my running attire for errands.

SO and I are sharing this closet for over a year now. Mine is the right side. This is the biggest "closet" we owned together after the 6 layer drawers that we had for years which we turned into a storage for towels, beddings, rugs, and some are empty for guests. For the past few months, my side of closet looked like a dampster because I keep rambling trying to look for clothes that'll not be too warm for the weather. I literally woke up and go straight to get the job done. After I decluttered, I now have 46 outfits in there. ( together with sleepwears and boxer shorts - not in the photo) That excludes the gray bins that has my socks, swimwear, bras, panties and the single drawer below for my running clothes (drifit and sports bra) which are just enough for no more than an entire week.

I live in a tropical country so these are mostly comfy tees, tank, tops, linen pants, and linen shorts. The only ones I have for colder seasons (70-80 F) are - 2 pair of pants, 2 pair of hoodies, and 2 pair of sweaters. I only go out 1-2x a week for errands or recreation. I find that toring clothes for the colder seasons will just be a waste of space since we only have 3-4 months having 70-80F - and some days on those months can be humid too.

15:51 UTC


Another step forward at living simply

I’ve decided to use this as a place to update on my journey to attempt at living simple and breaking out of a depression/anxiety rut that’s crippled my life for the past few years. Thanks to advice on this sub I’ve started to get better and want to keep moving forwards.

Today, i successfully battled my fears to get out of bed on time for the 6th day in a row and went to the cafe in town to work while reminding my self of the “go slow - just focus on 1 thing at a time and do it properly” advice from here so I didn’t crumble from anxiety. It was a busy day and there was only one small 2 seater table with a plug I needed to charge my phone that was already occupied by a girl but I decided I ask if she’d mind me sharing the table. She was happy for me to use it and a few hours into studying, I noticed she took out some yarn and began knitting. Curious, and wanting to practise decreasing my social anxiety, I tried striking up a conversation by asking what she’s making. I found out she’s studying to be an art therapist and it’s for that course. She went on to tell me that she struggled herself with anxiety for a long time which meant she couldn’t leave the house (just like me). Before I knew it, 2 hours of chatting went by on our shared mental health challenges, attempts to get better and how we’re trying to live a simple life. By chance, the owner of the cafe approached us and offered us a free scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream just for the sake of it which we shared. By the time the cafe was closing up around us we were still chatting and I returned home that day with a win against my anxiety and a new friend.

13:04 UTC


Easy way to get into bird watching

I’m really enjoying a new simple hobby. It started because a bird built a nest and laid eggs near our patio - near enough for me to see the parents coming to feed the babies. I wanted to know what kind of bird it was so I downloaded an app (from a well-known university, one of the first results on the store). I found out the type of bird and that they mate for life, which is why I was seeing both parents.

The app allows you to record bird songs and identify the birds from those as well. I had no idea how many birds were around me every day even though I enjoy their singing. Identifying which bird has also sharpened my ear to pay attention when I hear a song I don’t recognize. I highly recommend it as a way to deepen appreciation for wildlife that lives right along humans.

The same university publishes bird conservation suggestions, so that will be the next step for me.

11:32 UTC



I’ve made a post about this already but I wanted to get deeper on this topic. I think that the lack of community in the West causes us to be more desperate for relationships because we don’t have a good amount of people to support us. I’ve been struggling with this lately.

This ties in with simple living due to the fact that simple living is based on including aspects of life that is usually brushed off in the fast paced life which includes community.

I wanna move in the future some place with more community. Any recommendations?

03:23 UTC


Can a woman live alone in a remote HOA subdivision

I recently inherited a tiny single family home in an HOA out on the far outskirts of a small North Carolina town. There is a tiny lake just beyond the property line. I feel like selling my city place and moving in as soon as possible—except for one thing: I feel concerned that I will be an outsider as a single woman. I want to know if it makes sense for me to shelve this fear and go forward with my dream of embracing this newly simple life that came to me from out of the blue.

02:33 UTC


Tying knots as a simple hobby.

I've been keeping a roughly 6 ft (1.83 m) piece of paracord on my person and it has been a simple little fun addition to my day. I'll use it as a fidget toy sometimes when I want to busy my hands by tying slip knots, chain sinnets, and sheet bends over and over. Sometimes I'll get on www.animatedknots.com and see about learning a new knot. I'll tie a trucker's hitch between two legs of my foot stool when I'm just piddling around. In addition for being fun for filling the small moments, it helps me to learn and be able to tie various knots that, when confronted with a need for such a knot, I can then do easily having practiced so much!

I call mine my emotional support rope 😆 and it has been a simple (cheaper than half price dirt) thing that helps make more of the minutes of my day happier and I wanted to share with everyone.

01:36 UTC


Making dandelion jam and honey

01:25 UTC


"Mediocrity is for losers" and how you can't enjoy a hobby unless you are better than average

I don't normally go into youtube comments (I know they're usually a mess) but recently I was browsing the comments of a Cal Newport video talking about spreading yourself too thinly in terms of hobbies.

Someone was saying: you cannot truly enjoy a hobby unless you are better than average at it. Mediocrity is for losers.

I'm laughing at this. I genuinely cannot believe there are people out there who think like this! If it works for him, that's fine. But they way he perceives the world seems so sad to me.

I do understand his stance a little, because aiming for competency provides a nice goal and structure to a hobby (especially fitness related ones). But to cast such a harsh judgement on others seems very sad.

Have you ever met people like this in your hobbies? These "I am good at everything I turn my hand to" types. I find their approach to life anthitical to having a simple life. Or do you feel there is any truth to his statement?

11:27 UTC


backpacking in asia

I am from a thirdworld country, and have backpacked in asia for weeks alongside people from the west.

came back feeling depressed and like my work doesn't really count unless i work somewhere else.

it was too sad to see them, some so much younger than me, give 200% tip saying "lol it's not even 3 euros" and them saying "how can people who only earn this much afford this trip?" and well yeah i cowered knowing I only earn "this much"

suddenly my "simple life" seems like a "small life" and i'm just rly sad about this, just sad that I'm in a full time managerial position and a 19 year old who works part time earn as much as me..

i've always known the world is unfair, but i never really saw it til now

11:52 UTC


Does anyone want to share tips for helping with internet addiction? I've recently come across one by accident and I feel compelled to share.

If you want a TL;DR just skip to the numbered bullet points.

It's not the devices themselves that are the issue, it's our relationship with the internet that is the issue. The internet wants our attention and we as a species typically want to give it that attention and as such we have made it incredibly easy to do so. Even if you decidedly want to give the internet less attention, it's a difficult thing to achieve because of the combination of the convenient access that is built around the internet and the neural pathways in our brain railroading us to consume media in the shortest path possible. The easiest way of going about using the internet less that I've found is to make the internet less convenient to use. I recently stumbled across a really solid way to do that while still maintaining actual access to the internet if needed and I figured some of you out there may find it useful and maybe others will share their own tips.

So backstory: I've been on a heavy privacy kick recently, I'm usually fairly private in all regards but I've been looking into furthering my privacy specifically in the technological realm. Relating to that, I recently started using a dedicated password manager and I access that password manager from my browser as a browser extension that I need to login to prior to being able to access any of my passwords. This is an important piece of the puzzle that you can't ignore if you want to do this. I host my own vaultwarden instance because 'muh privacy' and I think it's neat but that's unnecessary and diametrically opposed to what one would do if they are trying to live a truly simple life. Just use bitwarden, it's free and great. Create an account at bitwarden.com, download their browser extension and login on that.

I was doing some research in furtherance of my goal of technological privacy and recently, I've found that Brave is a pretty solid option to stop information-thirsty entities on the other side of the web from identifying you specifically based off of your browser fingerprint so I went ahead and installed that to give it a test spin and combed through the settings where I essentially just turned off anything that related to sharing or saving my information, intending to further my privacy but unintentionally also just generally taking away convenience. Here's a quick rundown of the pertinent stuff that I've done:

  1. Install Brave browser and disable Brave's native password manager
  2. Create an account for and install the browser extension for a password manager that requires you to login to it before you get access to your passwords, be sure to use a long password. (Just use bitwarden: https://bitwarden.com/learning/getting-started-as-an-individual-user/ )
  3. Go through all of the websites you spend too much time on and change the password for them to use randomly generated passwords so that you won't be able to login to them without the password manager or a dedicated effort to remember them, but if you're at that point, you don't actually WANT less internet exposure. You have to want it for this to work.
  4. Configure Brave to clear all browser data on exit, at a minimum clear sign-in data and cookies, but clearing all browsing data on exit is the least convenient for you and that's out goal.
  5. Use duckduckgo as your search engine. It doesn't have the best search matching so it can be frustrating to use when you're used to google spoon feeding you the most obscure query using the smallest morsel of a hint as to what you were looking for. Remember we're going for inconvenient. (optional but helpful)
  6. Configure Brave to disable auto-fill in the URL bar so you need to manually type full URLs to get where you need to go, keep bookmarks(for the things you don't need to moderate your use of only, ofc) or wade your way through duckduckgo. No more typing 'y' to get to youtube. You're going to need to type at minimum 11 characters to get to youtube and that gives you 10 extra characters to think about why you're going there. (optional but helpful)

The end result is that you open a browser to do some internet-related doom-scrolling, but because you're logged out when you closed the browser last browsing session, nothing is personalized to you anymore so you have to either dig for something that interests you, or deal with unlocking your password manager. In either event it gives you 10, 20, 30 seconds to think about WHY you're on the browser in the first place and about all of the other things you could or should be doing instead. I open my browser, open youtube, see absolute nothing looking back at me, scowl and close the browser because I should be doing dishes right then.

You may think that this sounds like you're absolutely crippling your browsing experience, but actually not, you're just adding a blockage on the neural pathway of seeking mindless entertainment. It's plenty usable if you use a good password manager like bitwarden that auto-fills everything for you. Meaning that if you're on the computer for an actual good reason, you'll just spend the 20 or 30 seconds to login, and it's largely the same browsing experience post login to whatever sites you need to be on since first party cookies and sign in data are only removed once the browser actually exits.

Feel free to share tips or tricks you have or critique my setup, I figured I'd just share what I have so far.

06:53 UTC


Can’t tell if I’ve screwed up my life or if I’m living the dream

Graduated 6 months ago from a business management degree after which I got an area sales management position working all over Europe sleeping in luxury hotels and meeting big accounts.

Regardless, none of that detracted from the fact that deep down I knew that I needed to work for a business in accordance with my values (and incidentally, that wasn’t screwing me over). I quit. With no plan B.

Flash forward to 2 months later and I’m living in a caravan, working a seasonal job in a sleepy seaside town where my biggest concern is wether I’ve overcharged that kid for a snickers.

It’s amazing the journeys life takes you on. Still get twinges of anxiety that I’ve irreparably screwed up my life but at the same time I feel like this is what I needed to do.

I’m bulk buying, cooking and freezing to save money. If anything I’m putting aside more money than in my corporate job where I was renting and living a more wasteful existence.

I’m also getting sunshine and waking up to amazing views every day. I feel like this is what life is meant for.

20:19 UTC


Hobbies and pastimes

I’m new to the simple living community, and trying to get off my phone and back into the real world. I work from home and while some days are busy, some days I only really work maybe 5-6 of the 8 hours. I’m hoping to find little hobbies that I can easily pick up and set down (so not anything like pairing, which requires, prep and clean up)

Do you have any favorite ways to spend time in the home?

15:01 UTC


Journaling — new ideas!

One thing about simple living that I love is journaling. I resisted doing it for a long time, but now I love it. I just found this video with some new (to me) journal practices and now I’m excited to try them. https://youtu.be/U8RQsJ0Q3Mo?si=IjbgcYJE37n5u52I

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16:00 UTC


Simple living in 2020 vs 2021 vs 2022 vs 2023 vs 2024

These are 5 important milestones in my journey towards simple living:

2020: Tent living in the mountains while looking for my ideal land.
2021: Finding said land, admittedly a bit remote.
2022: Buying some acreage and building a small cabin with the help of a dear friend. (now a guest house).
2023: Building a tiny "room", this time, by myself, where I spend most of my days.
2024: Growing my own food and still living simply on my tiny space.

That's it. Just felt grateful and wanted to share.






18:11 UTC


How would you spend 30 days off?

Next month, I will have 30 days of no obligations and am curious what you all would do with that much time off? 🗓️

16:15 UTC


Unconventional Simple Living

I moved out of the city to save money while finishing up school. In this sort of underlying way I knew I wanted to move back to the big city, even though I hate the fast life. I finished school and work is starting to pick up and while incosistent, it's pretty simple, I work as a PA (personal assistant). My boss has been instrumental in helping me pick up odd jobs and giving me referals. Some days are stresfull when I realize don't have a full schedule ahead but times have certainly been tougher for me. I started this pt work durring school to take more control of my own schedule but was spending all the money I made just to survive and travel to class. I now pay (moderately fair) rent, not affordable but not outrageous. Ever since I moved back to the city, with many odds against me, I still feel my life is simple. I moved into my old nieghborhood so I know damn near everything I need to survive is within walking distance. I've managed to seperate myself from the chaos of the fast lifestyle around me and am getting back into my hobbies such as activism, plants, beading, and sustainable shopping. My dog is allowed in my apartment and my mental health isn't being sacrificed at the expense of capitalism. My current backround song to my life: ✨️I think I like this little life✨️

01:13 UTC


How do you make cleaning your house align with your simple living life?!

I feel like I’ve changed a lot in my life over the past few years to really align with my simple living life. The one thing I struggle with is cleaning my home. It always feels the opposite of simple living to me. It feels very chaotic and stressful and I don’t want that.

02:22 UTC

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