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Breaking free of the work/spend/borrow cycle in order to live more fully, sustainably, and cooperatively.

Ideas and inspiration for living more simply. A place to share tips on living with less stuff, work, speed, or stress in return for gaining more freedom, time, self-reliance, and joy.

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Unconventional Simple Living

I moved out of the city to save money while finishing up school. In this sort of underlying way I knew I wanted to move back to the big city, even though I hate the fast life. I finished school and work is starting to pick up and while incosistent, it's pretty simple, I work as a PA (personal assistant). My boss has been instrumental in helping me pick up odd jobs and giving me referals. Some days are stresfull when I realize don't have a full schedule ahead but times have certainly been tougher for me. I started this pt work durring school to take more control of my own schedule but was spending all the money I made just to survive and travel to class. I now pay (moderately fair) rent, not affordable but not outrageous. Ever since I moved back to the city, with many odds against me, I still feel my life is simple. I moved into my old nieghborhood so I know damn near everything I need to survive is within walking distance. I've managed to seperate myself from the chaos of the fast lifestyle around me and am getting back into my hobbies such as activism, plants, beading, and sustainable shopping. My dog is allowed in my apartment and my mental health isn't being sacrificed at the expense of capitalism. My current backround song to my life: ✨️I think I like this little life✨️

01:13 UTC


How do you make cleaning your house align with your simple living life?!

I feel like I’ve changed a lot in my life over the past few years to really align with my simple living life. The one thing I struggle with is cleaning my home. It always feels the opposite of simple living to me. It feels very chaotic and stressful and I don’t want that.

02:22 UTC


I love gardening! I love line drying my clothes! I love simple things!!

Reading a book and lighting a candle! Doing a puzzle and listening to music! These things bring me such joy! It feels good!!

00:19 UTC


The world is already fast, you'll get there

00:00 UTC


Fantasy vs. Reality

As I've gotten older, like many people around me, I've dreamt of leaving the big city lifestyle behind for something more simple. I find myself daydreaming quite often about those small town tight knit communities, a life with a community oriented job rather than the isolating tech job I have now.

For those who actually have pursued some sort of rural or small town lifestyle that is more simple living, what is the reality check here? What's it actually like transitioning from big city life to small town or rural life? Did anyone change careers when they made the shift to that lifestyle? I have a feeling at the beginning it's quite novel but after the dust settles and the rose coloured glasses aren't so rosey anymore -- what is it really like? did some of the issues you were experiencing in big city life follow you to your simple life? and most importantly - are you happier?

Looking for an honest reality check here and to hear some peoples experiences on what was fantasy vs reality

14:54 UTC


Has anybody tried food prep at home like they do at subway?

I mean like buying a bunch of ingredients. Cutting them up and putting them into trays so you can just assemble by grabbing what you want ? Diced and prepped just ready to go?

I just feel like I’m not getting enough veggie in my diet. If it’s already mixed into a salad I don’t always want salad.

Thank everyone I found a small salad bar I might try. :


16:07 UTC


Cultivating abundance mindset

How do you work on your mindset when you constantly keep choosing safest option, take lowest bet? It keeps feeling like living a life which isn't essentially yours, the choices are derived from fear instead taking changes. You feel detached from what you originally are or want.

Now, here when I say 'want' it doesn't necessarily mean materialistic but the way you want your life to be. (Not a conversation about 'we do not need' mindset)

08:36 UTC


We were told the Tree was dead - Today we’ve been pleasantly surprised

11:06 UTC


Kids Tablet Games

Our kids have tablets and most of their current games have in app purchases. We want to find whole games for free right now. Does anyone have any toddler/kid game suggestions that don't offer in app purchases to get "the rest of the game"?

00:39 UTC


I have depression/anxiety and I was able to work without being paralysed by fear thanks to a piece of advice on here

I suffer pretty badly from anxiety and depression. It’s to the point where I can be a hermit in my room for months and unable to work if it gets out of control. I’m basically afraid and overwhelmed by things in life I need to deal with, so my defence mechanism is to not leave my bed and the things I need deal with just grow bigger/worse as I ignore them so the bed turns into a quicksand I can’t leave.

After being able to just hold it together for a decade I slipped back into a rut of depression and anxiety that has landed me at my parents and unable to work for a few years…today though, I managed to spend a day more or less sat in front of my laptop and get things done.

I got out of bed despite the fear of all I have to face.

I made coffee despite the fear telling me I don’t have time to do this and need to be worrying about things.

I opened my laptop and drank the coffee while reading the news despite the fear telling me to go back to bed because the laptop is where my scary inbox is.

I finished the coffee and made a to do list for the day. I decided what are the important things are that I should do first instead of crumbling at the list of things I need to do.

I phoned the hospital and read my doctors letters to find out when my upcoming appointments are.

I spent time cooking lunch for me and my parents.

I sent emails to colleagues without obsessing my response will make things worse.

I managed for once in years to spend a few hours at my desk and completing most of my to dos. I even “clocked out” by 6:30pm cos I felt tired, in a good way, from being focused on my tasks.

The thing that helped me was a bit of advice I got here from someone which was to do one thing at a time slowly and properly. Every time I was going to buckle and abandon the thing I was currently trying to do out of fear I’m ignoring a more important thing , I’d take a breathe and just think “go slow. Do it proper. Just go slow”. Weirdly it allowed me to do a lot of things. One after the other. As I actually finished the task.

I’m now watching tv with the parents before bed and for once in years feeling I like I’ve deserved to have this evening of relaxing.

Thanks to the dude who gave me the advice to go slow and do one thing properly

20:33 UTC


Feeling Overstimulated and Craving a Simple Lifestyle

It is funny because I was talking to my husband about feeling overstimulated with life in general and a post from this subreddit popped up in my email so I had to check it out.

I am new to minimalization. Up until my adult years, I had lived in messy and cluttered houses starting with my childhood home which had caused problems for me as an adult which caused me to fall into the habits my mom had. Plus a lot of trauma and stress from said childhood added to this.

This is not just a physical mess, but a lot of mental and emotional mess as well. I am starting to work on budgeting considering we have a major move in a couple months due to a transfer to another workplace. The budget is a good thing but there is a lot of anxiety that I am going to mess something up. My thoughts are all over the place as well as my emotions. I am talking with a therapist and psychiatrist but could use some other helpful tips as well.

I hope to learn a lot from this subreddit to improve my own life as well as my family's lives.

03:08 UTC


Tips for a university student to embrace simple living

Hi everyone,

I love the simple living mindset. Outside of this sub I see so much negativity about career, money, affordability, etc. It's been really worrying me and I just want to find contentment with simplicity and living a good life by own my standards. But I'm struggling to not constantly give into to the popular narrative of the 'rat race'. I'm afraid for my future in terms of money, career, and being able to live well.

I really don't want to feel like this. I don't want to always be living in the future and neglecting the present. I want to be able to appreciate what I have and always be content with the things that I have no matter how little or how much.

What's a good place to start to get more into the simple living mindset consistently?

04:05 UTC


Epiphany and a couple questions

Hi folks! I discovered this sub recently and after reading the posts, I realized this is the lifestyle i've been striving for (and somewhat practicing) - I just never put a name to it. I'm really excited to continue reading and learning from everyone.

I have a day off this week and I have my intentions set on decluttering my place and re-evaluating my budget/spending. Seems like a good baseline to start with. I have solid morning/night routines. I can do better with tech but I'm only on reddit/discord so I feel like I'm not too far off.

Which leads to my first question: despite my best efforts to get email under control (I feel I have too many accounts but they do all serve a purpose)...my inbox still piles up. I had a schedule where I'd go through my inboxes and delete/respond on a specific day every week. That lasted a month or so and now I have thousands of emails to declutter again. Do you all have any tips/strategies/resources around simple email management? I feel overwhelmed again just thinking about digging out of the emails currently sitting there and then maintaining the simplicity!

Same issue with my work email but I've given up trying to tame that because there's little time to do any organizing during work hours.

My downloads folder is an absolute mess at work too.

That leads to my second question: work meetings. I read the pinned resource in this reddit about how to get started and it mentioned noticing when you feel happy or more at ease, and when you feel stressed. There were some options about work life given but I don't think I'll be making any dramatic shifts anytime soon (just got promoted, work/life balance is reasonable, and I'm currently training for a career change, but it'll be a bit of time before I make it).

However, the one thing I noticed is that I have soooo many meetings. And I've tried doing the typical things...breaks in between, blocking out time on my calendar, etc. Still, at the end of those days I'm exhausted (hi, introvert here 😆). In an ideal world, I'd have no more than 2 meetings a day. But I don't think I can dictate this.

Any tips around this? Anyone in a similar situation?

14:45 UTC


I'm grateful to get so much joy of the simplicity of walking

18:48 UTC


Book rec: How to Do Nothing - Resisting the Attention Economy

By Jenny Odell. Great perspectives, great actionable information, thoughtful, easy read.

14:24 UTC


Took a moment to enjoy the reflections of a tree in the front glass of the underground metro.. music is playing Lou Reed on the headphones for the afternoon walk...

09:59 UTC


Simple living in less than ideal circumstances..

I was just wondering if anyone has any experiences to share about simplifying your life when you're living in less than ideal circumstances. I am chronically ill and disabled and have been for many years (I'm in my 40s). Now I'm also a caregiver for a parent who suffered a ruptured aneurysm. Our lives changed overnight. At a time in my life when I crave simplicity, order and calm, my life is chaos. To add to the chaos, a unexpected feral cat colony adopted me and now my mother is having health issues. We all live in a small house full of too much stuff (I can only control my own stuff, which is frustrating). It's all overwhelming, but I don't know where or how to begin.

I read posts here from people who have made changes in their lives to strip down to just the essentials or what lights up their soul, but what if you have a bunch of huge life changes that you have no control over and you don't have much freedom to change things? What options do you have when you long for things to be simpler, but life keeps saying, "Hang on, just one more thing. And another. And.."

Are there any other caregivers out there or chronically ill people who have managed to make a better life for themselves despite the chaos? Thank you for any help or insight.

21:37 UTC


Keeping productivity simple

Hey I need your help.

I use a index card as a weekly habit tracker. At the end of the week, I write next weeks list. Here I put in all of my recurring stuff. exercise, morning and evening routine, cleaning, mealprep, even things like going to work etc. I literally only use a pen and a index card to manage my life.

But I struggle a lot with general tasks like for example: cancel smartphone plan, repair car tires and also appointments. I need something stupidly simple to manage them and also work them off. I don't like digital stuff because it overwhelms me

19:04 UTC


Beauty in the mundane

19:38 UTC


"thought of you" gifts

With the amount of people in my house right now, my life certainly isn't simple in terms of stuff. We have plenty. But we certainly don't need more. I'm well aware of it and make a conscious effort from time to time to remove stuff from the home.

Here's my situation- does anyone else have a person in their life addicted to shopping and constantly giving them gifts of some sort? My mom is a goodwill fanatic, and now that she knows about temu, she's in DEEP. She doesn't even have to leave her house. We're constantly being given gifts out of kindness.

I try to display some of them for a while so when she comes over, they're there. She'll ask about them if she doesn't see something, or if she didn't see me wearing an item she purchased. But they're not my bag. And most of it is excess.

I've been "lucky" that I have a "free table" in the locker room at work that I can clear out items in my house and include some of these things after enough time has passed that she has stopped asking, without my mom knowing or her feelings being hurt. And knowing that they're being passed along without any CEO lining their pockets.

Gift giving is 100% her love language. I don't know if there's any way I can tell her to cut back, other than to decline when she asks about an item beforehand. Has anyone been in a similar situation?

18:09 UTC


simple living in a busy hectic city

Hi everyone! I have been following this community for a while and been really inspired. Currently I am finishing my 3rd year in a pretty cutthroat university in Singapore, a very urbanized Asian city that has a horrendous hustle culture. Quite literally, networking and internship opportunities are being forced down our throats. I spent my formative years being an academic perfectionist and I'm now realising, having been exposed to a variety of different people and perspectives, that this can be really mentally harmful.

What are small things you do in a hectic busy city to appreciate simple living?

04:11 UTC


Waiting patiently

00:21 UTC


What is your home decor style?

When thinking about "simple living" I often correlate it to vintage/cozy/grandma home decor or, in the opposite spectrum, minimalist.

I'm curious, what's your style?

20:08 UTC


Took a moment to appreciate the flowers

19:52 UTC


I repaired two things today instead of throwing them away, and it feels so good!

I am not a handy person, and most repairs have always seemed beyond my skills. Also I keep things for a long time, so typically when something starts to fall apart I figure it's lived a good life.

But not today!

This morning I broke my nail clippers. I had no clue how to fix them, but I decided to tinker with it. I tried several wrong ways before I figured out how it needed to fit on, and even then it took some work and fine motor skills to get it fixed.

Then I tackled a sweater that I love but that has a small hole. I have one of those small portable sewing kits, but I've never sewed before. Even the beginner videos on YouTube didn't explain things slowly or on a basic enough level. So I hit pause and re-watched sections over and over at half speed. I pulled out tweezers when my fingers were too big and clumsy to do things like knot the thread. But I did it, and it doesn't look half bad!!

I can't explain how satisfying it felt to fix something rather than get rid of it (especially something that I really like, like the sweater). I feel like this is unlocking a whole new way of simple living for me and I am very excited about it!

18:27 UTC


How Far Do You Commute For Work? Do You Like It Or Dislike It? How Much Does It Impact Your Budget?

I commute 30 miles to work and then 30 miles from work to home, each day. this takes me exactly 30 minutes each direction. depending on fuel prices, this costs me between $225 to $250 a month.

I do not mind the distance, the drive, the time or the cost. well... I mean, of course I mind the cost, but it's one of those things you just eat, because your forced to, because... reasons.

I find the drive to be relaxing. 100% of it is rural country, farm and ranch land. it gives me a chance to mentally plan my work day. It lets me have a chance to unwind and plan my homestead chores and farm work for when I get home.

18:39 UTC


what do you guys do for work?

I'm a server and I love it. I'm working at a small vegan restaurant in town. I don't make much because it's small but the work aligns with my values, my coworkers are awesome, we have great regulars and I have enough free time to have a healthy work life balance.

In the off season I have more time to focus on my art practice, family and friends. Sometimes I wish I earned a bit more, but I'm doing okay for myself at the moment and I'm not willing to give up much more of my free time.

What do you folks do for work? How does it help you live simply?

18:51 UTC


Seen this movie the other day. Hard recomend!

18:41 UTC


Has anyone read Radically Content by Jamie Varon?

I just started so I don’t have an informed review, but so far I’m really resonating with everything the author is sharing, I think in part because I’m the target demographic (white middle class woman in her 30s).

I have found it hard to put into words my journey towards simple living and my desire to opt out of the current Western system so it feels like a relief to have found words! It never ceases to amaze me how impactful it is to have the right word and I hadn’t realized that what I’ve been feeling lately is deeply dissatisfied. I’ve loved this sub for inspiration on how to feel the opposite- deeply satisfied- instead.

I recently finished Simplicity Parenting so I’m hoping this book will continue with lifestyle themes I can put into practice with my family.

Has anyone read this book? Any reviews or thoughts from those who have read it?

18:34 UTC

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