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Come talk about the USA Network hit TV show "Burn Notice".

Come talk about USA's hit show Burn Notice.

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Pizza Poppa: Where Sam Went After the Events in Miami

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I'm giving away 3 Steam keys for my Burn Notice-style interactive fiction game "There's Always a Madman: Fight or Flight" that releases on Steam in just two days

Hi - my name is Adam, and I'm the solo developer behind the spy thriller interactive fiction game There's Always a Madman: Fight or Flight (Steam page here). To celebrate the game's release coming up on March 22nd, I'm giving away three copies of my game to the fine folks of this subreddit. The three winners will receive their copy of the game tomorrow March 21st, one day before the game's release to the general public March 22nd!

To be entered in this giveaway, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with the code phrase "Michael Weston." That doesn't have to be your entire message (you can say other things as well), but you do need to include that phrase to be entered. Tomorrow, I will randomly select three commenters who use the secret code phrase. These three lucky commenters will each receive one copy of the game.

About "There's Always a Madman: Fight or Flight"

There's Always a Madman: Fight or Flight is a single-player spy thriller interactive novel where you step into the shoes of the suave secret agent Franklin Benjamin. In this high-octane, two-hour satire of James Bond and Mission: Impossible, you'll drive fast cars, seduce beautiful women, take on false identities, and do whatever is necessary to save the world.

But as a secret agent, your best weapon isn't your firearm - it's your quick thinking and your quick wit. Because there's always a madman, and you're the best agent we've got!

The game releases March 22, 2024, but you can wishlist and play a free demo on Steam right now right here! The Steam page has a trailer and all the intel for your mission to stop this madman.

There's Always a Madman: Fight or Flight also plays well on the Steam Deck in my own testing. Here is a company blog post with tips to get the most out of the game on the Deck straight from me, the developer: One Easy Step to Play the Free Demo of There's Always a Madman on the Steam Deck.

Why make this game

I believe there are not enough great spy video games out there. Sure, there are plenty of games where you shoot a hundred enemies each level and do a few spy things along the way, but I want to make a true spy game - a game where the main character carries a gun and is empowered to kill when necessary but largely uses their wit to get out of a sticky situation. In other words, a game where you’re not lining up headshots but instead deciding whether to fight vs. run, to trust a companion vs. go it alone, to make a quip vs. stay on high alert, etc.

With this in mind, I feel there’s a place for a spy thriller game that plays more like a visual novel than a standard shooter (i.e. it relies on careful consideration of options presented to succeed in your mission rather than on quick-trigger reflexes to mow down everyone in your path). Surely there is great enjoyment in stepping into the shoes of a secret agent and seeing if you have the intelligence and wherewithal to accomplish the mission, save the day, and perhaps even get the girl.

The game is text-based. This is because James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, and Jack Ryan all started off in text format with novels. And as they say, the book is always better, so I think a more book-like experience works for this game. That said, although the game is text-based like a novel, an emphasis is placed on visuals and music to set the appropriate mood for each scene, changing based on whether you're in a safe location or you're exposed to danger. And of course, YOU get to decide exactly how to handle each situation, unlike a book or film with a set path that you observe passively. Here, the success or failure of the mission is up to you and you alone.

Similar games for reference

For reference, here are some similar games to help you get a further sense for what There's Always A Madman is like: GoldenEye 007 (and other James Bond games like Everything or Nothing), Mission: Impossible N64, Alpha Protocol, Hitman games, Splinter Cell games, Henchman Story, Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise, Framed, I Expect You To Die, Batman Telltale Series, The Wolf Among Us, Agent 64: Spies Never Die

It also draws inspiration from non-video game sources such as: James Bond, Mission: Impossible, 24, Get Smart, Austin Powers, Archer, Jack Ryan, Jack Reacher, the “Threat Level Midnight” episode of The Office, and the “You Only Move Twice” episode of The Simpsons.

Please wishlist and play the free demo of the game on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2390500/Theres_Always_a_Madman_Fight_or_Flight

And please remember to leave a comment below with the code phrase mentioned above for a chance to win a free copy of the game.

After all, if you don't save the world, then there can't be a sequel!

16:07 UTC


Time for a Rewatch

Yeah, time to start another BN rewatch. 😎

15:14 UTC


On my second rewatch of Burn Notice and can't help but wonder...

How did Michael not have some sort of nervous breakdown through season 6? I get the hardened spy, nerves of steel thing, but seriously, dude should have been rocking in a chair with a straightjacket on.

It makes me wonder if what actually keeps him going is all that adrenaline, so I would be very interested to know what happens to someone like Michael when he doesn't have that action to keep him motivated. In other words, how the hell does he live the rest of his life in Ireland with a kid and Fiona without having serious PTSD and stress issues?

08:36 UTC


Anyone watched Bloodline?

So Barry quit money laundering and became a coroner....😂

23:05 UTC


obsession with south siiiide

s2e14 - Truth and Reconciliation

You know Sam. He's got the, uh... the big office with the big windows... south side of the building, the glass doors.

s3e16 - Devil You Know

Mike, what happened up there?
Things didn't go quite as planned.
Yeah, no kidding. Look, we're down on the street, south side.

s4e3 - Made Man

Road team, set? Set.
Perimeter team, set? set.
Sniper team, set? set.I got eyyyes on security, South siiiide of the building.

s6e6 - Shock Wave

South side's clear!
There's nothing over here!

s6e7 - Reunion

Get down! South side's clear!

s7e10 - Things

Michael, it's me. I'm here. I'm at the south side with my men.

s7e11 - Tipping Point

We got four shooters on the rooftops, two on the south side.

14:57 UTC


Theory: Michael Westen – Hero or Villain? >!spoiler here!<

Alright, Burn Notice fans, let's stir up some controversy and dive into the enigmatic character of Michael Westen. Is he the noble hero fighting against corruption, or is he a manipulative mastermind wreaking havoc in Miami?

For those who need a refresher, Michael Westen is a former spy who, after being burned by the government, becomes a freelance operative using his skills to help those in need while searching for answers about his own mysterious past.

But here's the twist – does Michael's quest for justice justify the collateral damage left in his wake?

On one hand, Michael is portrayed as a virtuous vigilante, using his intelligence and resourcefulness to take down criminals and help innocent people caught in dangerous situations. His loyalty to his friends and his moral code are commendable traits that have won over many fans.

However, others argue that Michael's methods are questionable at best and downright ruthless at worst. He's not above using deception, manipulation, and even violence to achieve his goals, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Is he truly a force for good, or just another dangerous operative with a personal vendetta?

Let's not ignore the casualties of Michael's war on crime – innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire, relationships destroyed, and lives shattered. Could Michael have pursued justice without leaving behind such chaos and destruction?

So, fellow Burn Notice aficionados, what's your take on Michael Westen? Is he a noble hero fighting against corruption, or does his quest for vengeance paint him as the true villain of the series? Let the debate begin!

10:40 UTC


My phone is listening to Burn Notice

I'm in the middle of season 4 and watched the episode where they cracked Kendra. Today I open Facebook and this ad is in my feed. Coincidence?

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16:19 UTC


Season 7 Question (spoilers)

Did Michael really want James/Sonja to kill him?

17:26 UTC


Halfway through season 4

First time watching; Halfway through season 4 and I'm seeing Madeline changing. She seems like she's consistently pissed at Michael now. What's her deal? Is she believing that Michael is a bad guy? Shouldn't she know better? Is she hurt because he's not more of a doting son? Is it because she made a Friend and then had to be mean to her to complete the job?

02:26 UTC


Effects: Season 3 (practical) vs 4 (digital)

I am rewatching Burn Notice and just started S4E1. I’m hugely disappointed to see CGI drone attacks, explosions, and fake fire on the ground.

One of the reasons I like rewatching TV from the 2000s and earlier is the practical effects.

CGI looks like shit, even when it looks real you know it’s fake and feels like you’re watching a cartoon.

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01:03 UTC


Chuck Finley

Was going through some of my old baseball cards with my son, and look who I found… Greatest character in Burn Notice history

01:17 UTC


What are the best Burn Notice fanfics that give the following characters: Lucy, Paxson, and Oleg an expanded role?

I have been wondering lately on whether there are any fanfics that give the following characters: Lucy, Paxson, and Oleg an expanded role?

Here are some examples:

Lucy: Instead of undergoing Chuck Cunningham syndrome have her show up in other seasons as an ally of Michael and expand on her past and tutorship under him. And maybe she decides to hire Jesse for her firm.

Paxson: A trope writer on Tv Tropes noted that Paxson could have been used in later plots asking Team Westen for help in some cases. She could also serve as a potential love interest for Michael.

Oleg: Since he used to be with Russian Intelligence one potential plot involving Oleg would be him becoming a reluctant informant for them again to keep tabs on Michael.

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12:17 UTC


Michael Weston on Frasier

Daphne Does Dinner, S10E14

Too bad he didn't have a scene with Management. 😂

01:32 UTC


What do you think about handing over Schmidt?

If Weston had handed him over to the forger guy just because what Schmidt did to them when they saved him a few times, that'd made more sense and aligned with the rest of the show.

Also why Sam was THAT upset about this guy when he happily tricked the kidnappers kill each other in Q&A episode (s0302) and also in Mr. Slicey one.. Michael did the same thing "sending people to their death" in number of episodes. that type of Sam's yelling to save Schmidt was out of character.

FFS, Weston shot the guy dead with "Fiona is not my past" comment so we know he is "really, really good at raining down hell" upon anyone trying to test his friends and family. So saving Schmidt three times was BS.

02:23 UTC


Season 5

Hi guys! I’m a first time watcher and I started this show so long ago but OMG I LOVE it so much the first 4 season amazing! I’m having such trouble getting through episode 1 of season 5 though,I’ve stopped watching for a while came back tried again then stopped again. I don’t know why this episode is hard to watch and I’m worried the rest of the season is going to be like this, so do I keep going? Or does it get better? TYIA

15:02 UTC


Has any licensed music been changed for streaming?

As many of us know, older shows are often having their original licensed music gutted due to licensing issues. I would like to watch this show and am curious if anyone has noticed if it has had that same treatment on streaming services? Because if it has I would rather hunt down the DVDs as I could care less about resolution. Thanks :)

05:28 UTC


S4 E17, “Out of the Fire” - why can’t they just stop Brennan’s damning audio file from being sent to Vaughn?

I’ve been rewatching the whole series and loving it, but yesterday when I saw this episode it had me wondering why they couldn’t do anything to stop the recording Brennan was using to black mail Michael from being sent in the first place, especially with all the other hacking and spy stuff they’re always doing? Brennan is dead, Larry is no longer a threat and I’m pretty sure I heard Michael saying they had at least 4 more hours before the file was set to be automatically sent causing all hell to break loose.

Am I missing something? Maybe they just didn’t have enough time to pull it off, too tired and decided to just rest up for the inevitable standoff with Vaughn? Or is this just one of those cinema sins type plot holes?

02:33 UTC


In Miami for a few days, film locations to visit? And general tips?

Hey, so I'm in Miami for a few days for spring break. Not much of a beach party goer so am going solo to visit Burn Notice filming locations to occupy my time.

I know there are some comprehensive lists out there but does anyone know of the standouts that I should go to? Going to the Challenger Memorial now at Bayfront Park. I am limited by bus and I'm staying at Beach Place Miami (a bit away from miami beach), so I'm looking at any locations that are like 1.5 hours from bus (I could take an uber if it's a really cool place I should go)

Also since I'm going alone, I don't have anyone to help take pics of me, is it alright if I ask people on the street to help take pics? Or should I just err on the side of caution and not ask

Thanks so much all!

19:45 UTC


I am learning to love Michael's mom

First time watching the series and just started season 4. I'm really learning to love Madeline. She truly loves her son. In the beginning I just thought she was a huge pain in the butt, because she seemed so meddlesome. But now I'm seeing the loving momma bear that she is and her truly kind heart.

02:23 UTC


Seek and Destroy is one of my favorite episodes

just all the times that michael drops a line that he’s actually the thief right in front of chandler is great.

18:09 UTC


Do you think Burn Notice will get the Suits resurgence treatment?

I was very surprised and happy to see Suits resurge in popularity.

I've seen articles about USA bringing back blue sky shows like Monk and talking about White Collar and Psych, but I never see anyone talk about Burn Notice.

Do you Burn Notice will be discovered as a hidden gem?

What can we do to make Burn Notice rediscovered so we can finally get that Sam Axe and Jesse spinoff?

01:44 UTC


Burn notice was a clue on jeopardy

01:39 UTC


Watching for the first time

I've been wanting to watch this for a while, but the hubby didn't seem interested. Finally got him to take a chance with the promise of, "If you don't like it after 5 episodes, we'll look for something else." Eureka! We're watching the season 3 finale tonight. Looking forward to the next 4 seasons.

17:27 UTC


Rewatch after many years

I watched Burn Notice when it was first on but never saw it all the way through so recently embarked on a rewatch. It’s probably more noticeable because I’m binging but his mother is so annoying. If I hear “Michael, what is going on?” Or “I know Michael, I’m not stupid”, one more time I may just scream.

06:53 UTC


Season 7

Is great, but very dark compared to the first six seasons. I miss the laughs, the bikinis and the jiggle shots!

23:10 UTC

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