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Why does Booth grab the cup and hold it over his head? It was always such a weird scene and I felt like it was out of character for him to hold a piece of history like that

23:34 UTC


They like to torture Sweets just watching the earthquake episode

They blew the Gravediggers head off in front of him. Then bones makes him think Daisy is married in front of him. Then bones makes him think Daisy is someone engaged to some someone else.

23:09 UTC


Some funny inconsistencies... feel free to add on!

I noticed some funny inconsistencies now that I'm on my 5th rewatch. Feel free to add any I may have missed so far or any that you've noticed!

  • Early seasons, Brennan says she was taken in by her grandfather after being in foster care for a while, but after she reunites with her father, it's mentioned that she thought she didn't have any grandparents.
  • The voodoo episode, Brennan holds and is intrigued by the priests' snake, a few seasons later, she's terrified of snakes in the episode where the murderer scares girls to death.
  • Brennan sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper in the episode where Booth accidentally gets shot by the girl who became obsessed with him, but Avalon (the psychic) is played by Cyndi Lauper so she obviously exists in the Bones universe.
22:56 UTC


Do you think these two would get along well?

19:29 UTC


Clark can’t call Brennan by her first name

Brennan reminds Clark that he can call her by her first name. He tells her that he just can’t because it doesn’t feel right. I get it. Felt the same way after I was able to call someone by their first name.

S10 E16

15:25 UTC


What to do now?

Finished season 12 yesterday and I’m not ready to rewatch. Is there something similar to Bones? I was thinking of watching Sleepy Hollow (yk because they seem to exist in the same universe?) or criminal minds? Or maybe I’ll make a trip to the library and see if they have the books. Are they worth reading? How different is the show to the books?

07:59 UTC


Update from my earlier post

Just watched the episode where Mr Nigel Murray dies, and can confirm me and my mum both sobbed like babies. Haven’t cried so much over a character since Endgame but I could relate to Vincent because he and I both like saying random facts when it seems hardly relevant. I loved his character from when he was first introduced, and will continue to love him.

20:10 UTC


Is it true?

For those of you who haven’t - like me - got past 6x22, is it true that in this sub I’ve seen spoilers that Mr. Nigel-Murray dies?

17:35 UTC


Would you have preferred an alternate plot choice for Gormogon

I know there were other factors in making zack gormogons apprentice, the actors desire to leave the show, the writers strike and possibly others but its something that has always felt wildy out of character to me.

I think this is largely because it was not originally intended to be that way. While I enjoy sweets being in the show, I honestly think I would have preferred to have zack fill sweets roll in the ensemble cast.

I think zack and Brennan learning to embrace their emotions together and booth slowly coming to love zack the way Brennan does would have been a really great exploration of all of their characters. I think it would have resulted in the show ending in a more balanced emotions vs science position because we'd have seen booth learn to appreciate that trait in more than just temperance and we could have seen how they process becoming more emotional in different ways. Additionally there's a lot of character moments with sweets that I'd have loved to see through zack, like moving in with booth and Brennan and becoming friends with the squinterns.

While I'm not entirely sure if it was actually confirmed that it was the original plan but I think having sweets as the apprentice would have played really well, I think he could have played a very good sinister apprentice, we see this through the scenes they fake us out with.

Ultimately I can't help but feel that if it had been an option I'd have significantly preferred to have zack remain as the juvenile prodigy of the group instead of sweets. I know he's a fan favourite so this probably isn't a popular opinion and I do enjoy sweets as a character but I can't help but miss zack after season 3.

14:33 UTC


most inspiring chapter

Wich chapter of Bones is most inspiring for you, and why?

05:38 UTC


my face whenever I see people hate on Sweets

05:17 UTC


TJ Thyne in NCIS 1000th episode

I just saw this episode. It is great to see him again and I thought that he did a great job in it, despite it is only a small role.

21:57 UTC


Booth and his taste in women

I think it's hilarious that Booth being a bit more conservative/traditional falls in love woth the most accomplished top of their game trail blazing women. And none of them want to marry and have his kids in a traditional way.

Poor man loves to be told what to do by a woman and noone will wife him it's really cracking me up.

10:25 UTC


S8E21 The Maiden in the Mushrooms

Sorry if this post is too long, but I just finished this episode... and is it really bad that I felt worse about the death of the dog "Iris" than I did about the murder victim Rebecca's death?? Once we found out about the dog being tied up outside on the porch like that only to end up suffering a terrible hanging death because her "mother" couldn't be bothered to put the wellbeing of her dog over the stupid custody agreement she and her ex had, I started to boil with rage knowing how many loving animals that deserve the world are being "cared for" by owners who don't care to give them the good life they deserve. She obviously cared more about what the custody agreement by law gave her than to do whatever was best for Iris, even if that meant giving more custody time to her ex than what their legal agreement stated, if that's what would be in the best interest of their dog.. If it's what would've been better for their dog, then why would it matter what their lawful agreement was when it comes to making sure their dogs life was as good and safe as possible? Obviously she didn't care about that and it came back to bite her in the ass - and I just couldn't feel very bad about her death once we learned about everything that happened with Iris. Maybe that makes me a heartless jackass... but I don’t know. Y'all's thoughts are welcome, I just wanted to see what you other Bones fans thought about that episode and if it's that terrible that my heart laid more on the side of the dog than it did with the murder victims.. 😆

04:50 UTC


Cam as Boss

Other than her wardrobe, what’s your favourite thing about Cam as a boss? Does anyone have a boss/supervisor like her?

02:10 UTC


Favorite moment in 4x21

Season 4 is my favorite of the Bones/Booth relationship build up. They really seem to grow closer and Bones makes such an effort to relate emotionally to those around her.

The moment that melts my poor heart though, is episode 21. Gordon Gordon sends them off to collect Sweets for dinner and Bones adorable makes it super awkward by sharing her childhood scars. She understood that it is important to be vulnerable and pushes Booth to share with Sweets. Booth only looks at her during his emotional moment, he wants her to understand him and trusts her to be able to share those things. And I melt, it is where I truly wanted them to be together forever. ❤️

01:35 UTC


Song from Sweets

My people, sorry to bring this painful topic up but WE is on season 10. Anyone know the song that was playing when everybody was gathered around at the end of episode 1 “the conspiracy in the corpse”? It’s haunting and I can’t remember if I’ve heard it in another show or if I’ve rewatched this particular episode too many times.

00:35 UTC


Season 7 ending

Does anyone else hate what the writers did to Brennan’s character at the end of season 7 when she runs off with Christine?? I can understand why they did it because she was going to be arrested for murder.. and I can understand them thinking it would make sense because of her parents running off when she was a teen. But that right there is exactly why I don’t believe she would have EVER run off and left Booth. I think they just made her seem too cold by doing that.

22:12 UTC


Angela's skills

I know part of it is Angela sees herself as an artist but she is doing serious work on all their cases and we never really get an explainer but she is so talented despite not being a doctor or scientist

19:45 UTC


Booth looks away from the road way too much while driving

I just started watching Bones a couple of weeks ago (I love the show, just finished s2) and whenever Booth is driving with Brennan, my stress levels start rising. They'll be having their usual pragmatic/romantic banter when Booth just decides it's fine to look away from the road for 5 seconds straight (multiple times !!). At this point I can't focus on the dialogue and start begging for Booth to focus on what's in front of him. And you're telling me they survive for 10 more seasons ??? Lord help me...

09:05 UTC


I’ve never watched Bones. Ask me anything

As said in title. I promise i will not google.

01:45 UTC


who is everyone favorite or most hated depending on how you think about villain?

i detest pelant… but don’t love what the “government” does to sweets and the team either

23:25 UTC


I hate the characters

They take everything that makes the characters unique and loveable and ruin it. The characters actions are so inconsistent and it infuriates me. (I’m on season 6)

Clarke or whatever his name is, absolutely did a 180 with no real reason and it makes no sense. It ruined his character and it was so much better when he was how he was. Why did he need to suddenly become emotional and unprofessional? What did that add to his character?

When did Bones make friends with Hannah and why is she so comfortable being so emotional with her when she’s uncomfortable doing so with the people she’s known for years?

Why is Angela, the ‘empathetic’ one, so emotionally obtuse?? The way she treated Hodgins before they got together, the way she almost unfriended Brennan over a pig (which was somehow Bones fault???).

Why would Brennan give up the Maluku trip? That’s a huge opportunity and even if it wasn’t making progress why would she give that up and claim it was a better use of her skills when she’s the self-proclaimed best in the world and this would be a major discovery???? If anything it’s selfish of her to go back to murders.

The characters were so likeable at first and now they’re not.

And maybe it’s just me, but Booth and Brennan piss me off. If that’s what a mature adult relationship is then count me out. The utter lack of communication, the immaturity. I can’t deal.

07:18 UTC


"facts are not rude, rude is your interpretation of the facts" bones

I’m trying to find a video of the scene in Bones either towards the end of season 6 or the start of season 7 where Bones & Booth are arguing in the car and she says something along the lines of "facts are not rude, facts are just facts, rude is your interpretation of the facts"

00:05 UTC


I've just started Bones

I've just started watching Bones, I don't usually go for American shows but I'm enjoying this one, just finishing episode 4. Im pleasantly surprised that you can actually make guesses at who's the culprit is. It's this consistent in the show? No spoilers please.

23:17 UTC



So I’m rewatching the show for the first time in a while and on S9E18 when they’re walking in the lab there’s the picture of Vincent on the wall and they definitely zoom in so we can all see it and I just thought it was super precious

15:50 UTC


Hot Bacon, well this has to be some kind of condiment or something.

12:00 UTC


Agent James Aubrey

I wish they made more seasons with Aubrey. I loveeee his character so much, and I also wish they gave him more screen time, especially his relationship with jessica. The interns lives are so interesting.

Who’s your fav character that left ??

03:28 UTC


just watch season 6 episode 21: the signs in the silence.

i’ve never had one of these episodes bring me to tears. I’ve seen so many just from randomly watching reruns on tv with my grandparents or actually sitting and going through all the seasons, but never have I had one make me this emotional.

20:38 UTC


The Bancroft Conundrum

I'm rewatching bones for the umpteenth time and I just notice something. In the episode Man in the Mansion (S2E14) Bones and the gang are investigating the murder of Terry Bancroft (Hodgins old friend). In the episode Intern in the Incinerator (S3E6) Angela mentions "Bancroft" as the "Supreme hancho of the Jeffersonian". Is this just a mistake of using the same name or are they related?

07:40 UTC

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