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Some parts to finish up and might edge highlight em one more time, but looking pretty tasty

02:34 UTC


Can you get previous warhammer play models from anywhere buy eBay?

I love the chaos sorcerer mini but heard that if I got warhammer play now I still would be unable to buy it. Is that true?

00:05 UTC


Is Warhammer plus worth it?

I would mostly get it for the exclusive vampire model and the chaos sorcerer model. Since I’m not in love with any of the other vampires and the current chaos lord makes me sad.

I’d probably watch some of the mater class painting videos and maybe some other stuff. But it’s mostly for the minis.

$100 just feels like a lot of 6 minis

23:43 UTC


Danny The Tech-Priest

23:41 UTC


What would you pay for this??

23:38 UTC


I need some help seeing the models

After a lifetime of perfect vision, I’ve recently had to get reading glasses. I now have trouble seeing things up close. It’s not terribly bad +1.5 readers do it for me.

I just got a new set of models and GD it’s hard to see the cut points on the sprue and shaving cuts is hard to see. Can anyone give me some advice here?

What can I get to help me see up close? I want to be able to inspect models ~ 8” away, not arms length. They’re so small at that distance it’s hard to see what I’m doing.

23:32 UTC


Imperial Armour Compendium 40k

I see that the GW website has an Imperial Armour Compendium for sale but it's sold out.

Is this the old 9E one (in which case they probably just yanked it from the shelves)? If so, anyone know when the 10E version will drop?

23:01 UTC


My take of Chaos Sisters of Battle

this is my take on chaos sisters of battle, their defining trait is their extreme faith so chaos sisters would have extreme faith in chaos.

In the Chaos Sisterhood their faith is as extreme as their Impirium counterparts as such they have a heavy emphasis on exemplifying ALL aspects of the chaos gods, resulting in complicated politics both within the Sisterhood and with chaos warbands. While some may have an expertise in a certain aspect they are still autonomous and often act accordingly.

Due to their level of worship while still mortal, their much higher frequency of blessings and gifts make them vary strong. The only thing holding them back however is numbers, sisters rarely if ever fall and when they do someone takes their identity so no one knows, the chaos sisterhood is something that slowly accumulates over centuries, only occasionally obtaining children often by trading with space marine warbands, or by seeking out sisters of battle who defected.

Due to their faith and unable to increase their numbers most are blessed with long lives and they solely inhabit worlds in the eye of terror.


The order of Black Hearts

They worship all of them as a pantheon, and want to achieve a balance between the gods they act as a base of the superstructure of the greater chaos sisterhood, and the other orders communicate with each other through them. They work closely with Abaddon's Black Legion.


Order of the Brass Blade(or chain)

They worship a god of war, and so their form of worship is to pay homage to all aspects of war.

They forge and maintain their own armor and weapons regardless of their existing Sob gear, refusing to use equipment made by the imperium or in its likeness.

They are known for blunt honesty purifying the language they speak of words and phrases of lies and trickery, they never lie nor insult, and speak entirely in absolutes.

Worship is forging, maintaining, fighting, and training.

While all of them are fighters, in order to retain trust and not collapse into warbands like the legions, each order gives an equal share of fighters, meaning most of the order is relegated to logistical things particularly manufacturing. Many however arm themselves regardless of the job they are given in the case of combat, people who take this a step further and abandon their post to fight are punished severely.

They engage in blood sacrifices, often male prisoners of war and sisters that completely lost themselves to the rage. Due to their small numbers the sacrifice of a sister is a big deal only happening on a holy day with 8 executioners, on the 8th day, in a big ritual.


Order of the Black Lotus

They wish to get rid of weakness though pain, endless pain so that they are numb to it.

They use the Excess of Slaanesh to their advantage getting addicted to pain and flagellation without feeding the addiction past a point, making torture and combat injurys not work on them

and sensory deprivation is a punishment.

While they certainly feed Slaanesh though flagellation it is not nearly as much as other worshipers, the goal in this isnt the next high but to get rid of fear and pain,

Their true worship of Slaanesh comes in art, with untold amounts of mortals dying every second the truest form of worship is to build something timeless, their cities and especially their temples are made entirely of marble, silver and gold, an excess of beauty and an excess of detail.

They are predominantly the Engineers of the greater Chaos Sisterhood.

Unique units

torture engine.

A modified version of the Penitent Engines having lost access to the stimulants that cause pain and guilt to power the machine they are equipped with torture tools such as thick wires with rose like thorns tightening around the arms legs and torso, and a red hot iron that acts as a heat sink made in the shape of a brand

The people who use them are high ranking sisters, as the pain would consume a less experienced sister in a manner similar to an overdose. they do leave it after battle and it is not used as a punishment.

because of how it extracts pain from the occupied high ranking systems are often identified by a black mark of slaanesh on the back of their shoulder blade

Before they are used it battle there is often a ritual made so that the pain brings forth warp energy making the suit especially likely to turn into a helbrute like creature. As well as acting as an anchor for demonic entities to stay in realspace

Naga(name work in progress)

A sister whos bottom half become a snake tail the crushing force of which allows them to punch significantly above their weight class the older and more blessed the sister the longer and stronger the tail


Order of the endless fates(name work in progress)

They by far are the most secretive out of all the chaos Orders, followers of Tzeentch yet hardly have any psycers, on top of even most followers of chaos not knowing fallen sisters exist. They use this to their advantage posing as normal cultists, finding either something of value like geneseed or blackmail, and or stealing things of value, facilitate trade deals with chaos warbands in exchange for women and girls to indoctrinate into the sisterhood (often they do this in the service of the other orders)

They have connections to the thousand suns, and have built up a decently large library of eldritch lore hidden on their homeworld

Unique Units

False Saints

They look exactly like the pic in the link


They have wings that allow them to fly around, the eyes arent just for show they can see with them

Some see like normal eyes, some may see various futures and some may see the past. all simultaneously, as blessings of the chaos gods tend to come slowly sisters suspeced to becoming a false saint are given special training to truly see though their eyes, as the endless cacophony of the futures would drive them mad (or blind)

They have unique force staffs, either regular force staffs corrupted by chaos energy or a specialty made one, the eye of witch sees like a demon, not seeing the physical but seeing the souls of mortals,

They got the name False Saints because they have often tricked regiments of guardsmen into falling to chaos, as the existence of chaos sisters isn't known most have no reason to not take them at their word.

Inside the order they are referred to as the Exalted Ones, or simply Saints 

They often act as the librarians and protectors of their library.(librarian in this case being literal)

22:47 UTC


my first adeptus titanicus model(paint job rubbish even at 3ft lol)

22:19 UTC


I drew the emperor

20:49 UTC


Got a Kroot Lonespear, tips on how to paint it an Axolotl skin like color?

I want my axolotl-cat guy looking like his inspiration because they're cool animals.

20:41 UTC


Anyone know much about doing customs??

I’ve been getting into 40k lately and saw some Imperial Fist Cataphractii Terminators made by joy toy right, and I love the design. Then I thought of what if I got another and repainted it as a dark Angel. How would I go about that? Specifically so my paint job doesn’t come off?

20:06 UTC


I tried to get the red as vibrant as I could!

1 Comment
19:43 UTC


I tried to get the red as vibrant as I could!

19:42 UTC


What figures are these called I got them and don’t know there names and can’t find them online

18:20 UTC


Just Some Little, Little Guys - Astra Militarum Ratlings

1 Comment
16:39 UTC


I have never touched warhammer before. Ask me questions and I’ll answer like I know what I’m talking about.

15:53 UTC


Has this piece of terrain come out yet?

15:49 UTC


Ragnar the White Wolf - Chapter master of Ghost Fangs

15:44 UTC


Go go power rangers!

Couldn’t decide which color scheme to use so i just experimented.

1 Comment
15:21 UTC


Warhammer Painting: Typhus

Can someone help me with a painting scheme for Typhus? I’ve got list of paints for Deathguard Patrol and Poxwalkers, do I need some extra Citadel colors for Typhus or I can use the same colors?

List of colors:

Layers: Pink Horror, Pallid Wych Flesh, Wazdakka Red

Base: Screamer Pink, Death Guard Green, Rakarth Flesh, Bugman’s Glow

Contrast: Baal Red

Air: Ogryn Camo, Castellan Green, Elysian Green

08:42 UTC

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