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A center for all things Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and more! All facets of the hobby are welcome. Check out the directory below for even more awesome Warhammer Communities.

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What Warhammer game would you recommend to a beginner?

Also, is Total War: Warhammer connected to the series in any way?

20:57 UTC


Hypothetical: you have to go on an adventure with gotrek and Felix, BUT you get to bring a modern day small arm of your choice. What you packin?

For me it has to be a siga-12 shotgun. Ak-47 reliability, takes mags for fast reloads, and I can take buckshot for hords, slugs for long range/anything big and nasty, and maybe some high ex

20:28 UTC


In the last 3 years GW has moved ALLOT of kits to Online Only

Have they stated why literaly anywhere or are they just trying to kill LGS via death by a thousand cuts?
AoS Faction Terrain
aos faction endless spells
New characters (AoS heralds and random leaders like Loonboss)
SM & Csm shared vehicles
a chunk of Skaven now including the hellpit abomination

20:12 UTC


An absolute beginners question regarding basecoating

Hey there,

a litte context first: I have never painted a mini before and a friend just giftetd my a Pack of Khorne Berzerkers, because I always wanted to try painting.

I have built 5 of them (great fun :) ) and started painting the first one. So I primed it with the "Chaos Black" spray, and then coated the entire miniature in red.

But while doing that, I asked myself: Is ist better to coat the entire mini this way and paint the details over the red base, or should i only cover the parts that are supposed to be red in red and apply the deatils directly onto the black primer?

Thanks in advance for helping a noob out :)

18:55 UTC


Where to start

I have come across a lot of memes recently about warhammer 40k and also some saddening news (I'm too short to be space Marine 187cm) Where do I start the lore from ? Any books, yt vids etc image related and it's sick as hell

17:10 UTC


Thanks for the help, guys.

Recently I posted about a dilemma I've been in the middle of where I couldn't choose between AoS and 40K, and after reading as many of the comments as I could, I made a choice:

Age of Sigmar, Slaves to Darkness.

Been weighing everything up HEAVILY the last few days, and I think Age of Sigmar is the better choice.

Now, money's the issue 😅.

16:58 UTC


Finished short faction focus for ogors

Just finished short faction focus for ogor mawtribes)I think that with each video my quality gets better) Check this out and tell me is it ok or i should improve some moments? - https://youtu.be/8fbBb9qFOBw

15:08 UTC


Vergilius Cighi - Ultramarine Apothecary

1 Comment
14:37 UTC


Painting My First Mini

Finally started painting the minis from the recruit edition box and thought it would be a good idea to start with primaris lieutenant (it wasn’t). It looks terrible but it’s still a wip, and could look a whole lot worse.

Tips and criticism are appreciated

14:14 UTC


In and out of the hobby since about 1997, finally the proud owner of a cabinet I can fill as I rebuild my collections.

1 Comment
13:01 UTC


Lion eljohnson

Hello everyone I’m just getting into the table top of the game and I’m going dark angels, so the lion has 2 auras does this mean I have to select one in my command phase or does he just have both?

Thanks in advance.

1 Comment
12:27 UTC


The Dwarfs Army in Total War: Warhammer 3 + Mods

1 Comment
08:20 UTC


Necron Royal Warden

05:27 UTC


i wake up every day knowing i will never create a better name for a mini, i will never top this, my magnum opus.

02:42 UTC


Nurgle custodes?

02:39 UTC

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