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Balance pass wishlist

What are you hoping for the balance pass?

For the two killteams I play I’m hoping they buff melee vet guard to actually be viable. Bruiser getting 4 attacks would be good. Maybe 4/4 or 3/4 but that might be too far. The zealot also needs a buff but I don’t have as many ideas for that. Making uplifting primer 0ap action would be great but perhaps too strong. Kasrkin could also use some slight buffs into horde but not too much. 6 attacks from the volley gun would make it more attractive. Also saw CanYouRollACrit suggesting clearance sweep be 0 cp the first time it’s used and 4 attacks from the combat blade.

Fellgor ravagers could also use a nerf most likely.

What do your teams need/want from the balance update?

17:37 UTC


What buffs are coming for the Yaegirs

Hey y'all, I am just thinking about the soon coming balance patch and wondering what buff the Yaegirs are going to be getting.

I'm sure they are gonna get the free extra inch of movement since the Salvagers got it and the Salvagers have a better save That or maybe even a free dash (although that wouldn't help much with the resource points)

I also think that they will probably be allowed to save the resource points between turns and start gaining them on turn 1 (even if they still can't use it until turn 2)

What do you guys think?

Also here's my team so far

16:39 UTC


Would you consider this an advantage

My primus proxy (r) is a bit taller then the original one. Since he has a silent weapon it might be considered an advantage.

Fixing it is easy (sawing the robe), but i like the height because, well, rule of cool. But id also like to use them in tournaments..


16:39 UTC


What would you change to flamers to make them a more viable gunner option?

Let me preface this by saying, if you like flamers, that's fantastic and rule of cool should always triumph when making a team.

But if you want to optimise your team, flamers generally fall on the way side for plasma and meltas. What would you do if you were given a chance to fix them for the next edition of the game?

Personally, I like the idea that flamers can be used in engagement range. This would give the gunner an option to tie up enemy units without the risk when fighting back.

14:18 UTC


If you could/have made up custom terrain features/rules, what would/are they?

Mine would be using turrets on vantage points or placable like barricades, maybe even PART of a certain missions setup.

Source of damage and AP, limited uses and perhaps a risk to reward, like a Lethal 5 for anything around it, noting the munitions that could blow in the crossfire

Also, the cache trait from expanded rules, letting a crit roll award rate equipment from your list maybe?

What ideas have you come up with?

13:31 UTC


Brood Brother vs Nemesis Claw Batrep

13:05 UTC


The Alien in the Machine (Brood Brothers WIP)

12:09 UTC


Wording clarification

Just getting into Kill Team and putting together a greenskin team from an existing army to learn the rules...

Entry in the compendium states "if your kill team does not include any other leader operatives, one boy fire team can also include one Boy Boss Nob"

Is that in addition to the 5 in the fire team, so 6 in total or instead of an existing operative?

10:56 UTC


How do you display/store your kill teams?

I’ve ran out of space in my display case and need a bigger solution while also being aesthetically pleasing 😅

10:12 UTC


Most efficient 2nd Box for Broodbrothers + Krieg?

Hi there,

i got the Termination Box and also managed to get the Krieg-KT from Octarius Box. Both Teams lack on torsos for the every-option-build, at least this was my Research. Which Box of the imperial Guard would be the best buy to complete both Teams? Anything else i can do to get the maximum out of both teams? Thank you for your Advise!

10:08 UTC


Need help with building Salvagers out of one box.

I got a box of Hearthkyn Warriors from a friend as a present. Now trying to wrap my head around of how and what exactly to build.

Im confident in my ability to build any unit from the killteam with my bits (besides rotary cannon, this one going to be difficult), main question is what exactly to build. It's probably going to be my only salvagers related box I have for a ling while, so I need something versatile.

Im probably building: Theyn (plasma sword and bluetac/magnetized gun arm), Jumppack, Grenadier, Lugger, Kognitaar, Lokatr, Kinlynk, Missile launcher, Beamer, Auto rifle (If I can I will try to build a rotary cannon, but that's unlikely)

Should I still make the effort to build rotary cannon or in general go for different gunner combination, or maybe take medic/dozr instead of someone else?

(Also, Ion blasters or bolters ?)

09:50 UTC


Question: can a die be "retained as" twice?

Example: a Corsair Voidscarred Warrior, with Outcasts active, shoots his Shuriken Rifle. He rolls 6 6 6 1.

Using Outcasts, he can retain the 1 as a hit, so he has 3 crits and 1 hit. So far this is ironclad as far as the rules go.

My question is, can he also retain the 1 (which is now a hit) as a crit using Rending?

09:19 UTC


Can i kitbash force staff into rubrics to make sorcerers?

Hi, I'm new to warhammer and painting. Decided to start with Grey Knights because they are a simple team (or so i have been told) and can be made with one strike squad box.

As I was bashing the pieces, I was thinking that i wanted to play Warpcoven as well, since both faction use "magic" to some degree, and i love that concept. So the next box to buy after the Grey Knights are finished are the Rubric marines that come with a sorcerer.

Here is where my doubt lies. The Grey knight squad brings 2 force staves that I decided to keep for the rubric marines and kitbashing them into sorcerers. Also managed to make the squad with only 3 falchions, so i have about 4 falchions left, 2 of each arm. I know the staves and the falchions are not "in lore" and don't even match thematically, so my question is more of a "will it be acceptable?"

I am very excited to finish up the GKs, though i still have a lot of time to think about the rubrics. If i buy rubrics i will end up buying tsaangors and upping my skill by painting them.

08:39 UTC


Mandrake Nightfiend

08:14 UTC


Roses are red, vilolets are blue… AVE DOMINUS NOX! We have come for you! (Nemesis Claw C&C)

So here is my new killteam: Ninth Claw. By the dark art of kitbashing, they’re also ready to serve and take action as Legionnaires Of The VIIIth.

As I suffer from a shoulder dislocation at the moment, I had to make some artistic decissions. Namely: do I wait another month, until I regain some rudimentary dexterity or do I go with that slightly impressionist blurry look, with no clean details and edgelights (not that I could paint them well beforehand anyway).

It turned out, I couldn’t wait to Clad the little sociopaths in Midnight.

C&C welcome!

Any sugestios about the detalis I could add in the future are most welcome as well!

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05:43 UTC


Beta Decima terrain box, a discussion about the current distribution model.

I now have all the beta decima terrain, and while it's not the best, it's much more functional with everything. Here is my thoughts. BD is unplayable out of the box. Its missing about 1/3 of the terrain set. LOS blockers on the ground, light terrain scatter, and big bulky terrain blockers. However, I don't believe any KT terrain set would be playable under these circumstances. Imagine Moroch, without the platform, the dish, and the tower. Chalnath without the smaller building, and without a bunch of the ruins. Nachmund without pipes, the 2 plasma inverters, or the steam towers. Octarius without the oil drill, half the scatter, and 2 less buildings. These would also be unplayable out of the box. If they continue in this fashion no base terrain box for kill team will be playable without all the expansions. I hope this will not be the way forward. People buy those terrain boxes expecting them to be playable out of the box, not playable in a year's time. Just putting my thoughts out there. Unfortunately I am guessing at best we get one big box for the "edition" ex Octarious. The rest will be base boxes plus these drip fed boxes which in my opinion are not a great distribution model. Thoughts?

02:17 UTC


Is there a way to pin posts?

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01:06 UTC


“Silent” special rule

If your weapon has the “silent” special rule does your model still stay in conceal after you make your shoot action?

23:30 UTC


Carrying case

Had an old gun case laying around and had a free idea on how to carry my guys around and came up with this

23:15 UTC


What would I need to come back to KT?

I have a lot of minis and terrain. I know most stuff can be find online, but what would I need if I was to buy it? Is it a good time to come back or is there a new edition coming and learning anything now is almost pointless? Thank you!

22:46 UTC


What is needed to start in Kill Team if you already own 40K models?

Me and my buddy wanna get into kill team. We however already have many models from the main 40K game. Space Marines Necron Thousand sons…. So forth. Plus lots of terrain and such.

What would be needed to get started with kill team? Obviously the rule book. But what else?

we don’t necessarily wanna buy a starter set, but would if it’s more advised.

Thanks for any help :) 🙏

22:29 UTC

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