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Do chaos cults work together?

I know the great game exists and at point chaos undivided summoners do summon any number if demons from all the factions. But what I was wondering about is the cults like would a slaanesh cult work with a nurgle cult. I know the one that hate eachother like slaanesh and Thorne might not but do any of the other combos work out side of just all four souped together undivided? Like if one cult finds out another is in the area would basically be gang violence with warp magic. Or would they have some kind of agreement and work together.

1 Comment
06:19 UTC


Black Carapace and Custodes

I know that, not being Astartes, Custodes don't have Black Carapace. I just want to know how the Custodes do to be that good in armour without it, shouldn't they be lacking reaction time or something?

06:11 UTC


Do the Drukhari and slanneshi cultists or CSM get along?

Or at least tolerate each other due to their similar behavior?

04:58 UTC


Do Traitor Legions still use gellar fields?

Or do they instead just have a sort of mystical protection via the chaos gods or something?

04:56 UTC


Is it possible for a normal human to be put in a dreadnought?

Or is it a “space marine only” thing?

04:55 UTC


Does anyone else think the Bequin trilogy will end with the "good guys" stopping the King in Yellow and thus dooming the Imperium?

I just read the two current books of the Bequin trilogy, and I have been thinking about what we know of the Yellow King, who is now revealed to be none other than Constantine Valdor.

I will start by saying there is zero chance it isn't actually Valdor. That's just not how Dan Abnet works, he isn't going to pull an "lol just kidding" and make it be Lorgar or something.

I will then make one conclusion from the fact that he is Constantine Valdor:

The Yellow King is working for the best interest of the Imperium of Man and the Emperor, even if he is willing to cause immense damage in order to fulfill his goals. Constantine Valdor was the Captain-General of the Adeptus Costodes and was a close friend with Big E, or at least as close as you could ever get to a being like him. Custodes are sociopaths through and through, but they are loyal.

I believe the trilogy will end like Eisenhorn's persecution of Quixos. Quixos was an evil, cruel user of chaos, but we as the readers know he was on to something. Had Quixos's plan to reverse engineer Cadia's pilons worked he would have given the human race a weapon with which to end chaos forever. Eisenhorn did not understand what he was facing and destroyed his work, thus throwing away perhaps the greatest chance the human race will ever have for survival.

In the end the King in Yellow's plan will be revealed as some grand plot that will save literally everyone and everything only for the main characters to doom them all.

04:22 UTC


What happens if a Warp Tear is left open during a Jump?

So, obviously a warp jump involves creating a small tear in realspace through which the warp bleeds in, whereupon you make the jump. What if forever reason it was left open? Maybe the ship was unable to enter the warp, maybe it was destroyed in the process, etc. Would the tear just be like that forever? Would it expand? Would stuff eventually come out?

03:30 UTC


What if they made A What if anime For 40K

Here's an example. What if the men of iron never rebelled. or the Horus Heresy ever started. or the loyalists chapters became corrupt I wanna hear your thoughts on this. And what do you think

02:36 UTC


Has anyone ever got transported back In time to the Horus Heresy And if so what happened

Quote really doesn't have to be from Horus Heresy It can be anything funny two works

01:56 UTC


can someone learn english in 40k?

i mean space marines their leader etc are scholars cant they learn english if they for example found out a ship with audio recording of english with a book on how to learn it? im really cursious about this

00:37 UTC


My reading list so far

-(in progress) False Gods -Galaxy in flames -The Fall of Cadia -The Lords of Silence —The Flight of the Eisenstein -Fulgrim -Devastation of Baal -Dark imperium

  • Thousand sons
  • Burning of prospero
  • Ahriman: Exile

-Plauge wars -First Heretic -Ahriman:Sorcerer The list goes on but I’d say this is maybe a years or more worth of reading and trust me when I say the list is bigger.

00:31 UTC


Primaris Marine Chapter with Thunder Warrior Heritage

So cards on the table, I'm not a huge Space Marine fan. I know only the relative basics of their lore. At best I find their minis sort of samey. And call me a contrarian, but I usually usually go for factions that are less common/don't get as much attention.

That being said, I've been stewing on the idea of a Space Marine chapter that in some way can trace its heritage back to the Thunder Warriors. I've been bouncing around on how this could be done. These range in likeliness (keeping in mind that any TW surviving the HH is a Sisyphean task).

The relatively tame: Cawl uses some cryogenically stored TW as a resource to create the primaris, then they get shuffled into a new chapter as their founding cadre (or something similar).

The snowball's chance in Hell: TW survives the purge, cures/staves off their cascading gene flaws, get off planet, and lay low until such a time that they are perceived as just some errant black shields, and then...I don't know, get some gene seed to start their own chapter (somehow). Maybe they don't survive to modern 40k, but they leave their mark on this new chapter to the point that they (the chapter) take more after the TW than their founding legion.

The Chaos ex Machina: TWs draw the proverbial long straw and avoid the space cancer most other have, get off planet, warp jump, and are now in 40k and then...get their own chapter.

To be honest, the how of this isn't hugely important to me, but the specifics of fitting this into the rest of 40k is. How would their doctrine and recruitment be different from the "standard" of other SMs? How likely would it be for them to follow the Codex Astartes? Would they be at a considerable risk of being discovered to be "pseudo"-Astartes? Would anybody (like Inquisitors and other Astartes) be able to tell the difference between TW and Astartes?

All comments and criticism welcome. Thanks in advance

Disclaimer: I posted this thread because the totally not TW minis I've seen kicking about look sick. I get that basically everything in this post is about as likely as GW making Malal canon or shitcanning the squats Votann again.

00:15 UTC


Why does humanity continue to evolve into a psychic species?

I've been reading 40K lately and I still find it very stupid that humanity continues to evolve into a psychic species when they are literally prone to becoming portals to demons, they are married daily by the empire with no possibility of reproducing among more disadvantages because more psychics keep appearing despite all that humanity continues to evolve into something evolutionarily unviable.

23:55 UTC


“Modern” music surviving till current 40k

Has any past music survived into the modern 40k setting or is it all organs and catholic chants now? Cuz I was thinking bout how beautiful it would be if a random space marine stumbled across a stc for “Close To You” by Frank Ocean and just shed a single tear after hearing it thinking about wtf he just heard and why it’s making him feel impossible emotions and then he gains empathy or sum shit and realizes he can literally never tell anyone about this or he’ll be insta killed for it, idk but u can’t tell me that scene woudnt be a 10/10

23:47 UTC


So, I Always Wondered What The We way Looked Like.... But....

Edit: that is supposed to say Webway but looks like my phone changed it.

In the new Rogue Trader crpg, we finally get to see a cutscene of your party going through it after escaping Commorrogh.

I never expected it to look something similar to the Warp. There is all sorts of bizarre angles and landscapes and strange, huge Lovecraftian creatures roaming through it.

I get sometimes artistic license but aren't most Wh40k games done under Games Workshop approval now?

Personally I think it looks pretty cool but I've expected something more like empty, round smooth tunnels and not the complete weirdness that they show in the game.

For what it's worth, Commorrogh is absolutely perfectly depicted in the game.

23:13 UTC


Any in-lore examples of humans and xenos getting along?

Any off-grid hippie worlds where humans and xenos live peacefully and don’t fight each other? I know this goes directly against the grain of the whole grimdark thing, but just a thought that popped into my head.

22:00 UTC


Will the Tau eventually 'win'?

Supposing the Tau reach the technological level of the Dark Age of Technology, or higher (is there higher? Necrontech presumably.)

For this suggestion to be valid, we have to suppose that their current civil war is poetic licence, and that they aren't as fractious as humanity apparently was.

They're resistant to the warp, not prone to in-fighting, and presumably with Dark Age technology can deal with most of the threats. (I think the analogy with Star Trek is misguided but certainly Star Trek magic looks capable of overcoming anything.)

A Tau-dominated galaxy wouldn't be utopian, but it seems possible.

I know people think the Tau won't survive long enough, but I'm not sure why they wouldn't, and let's suppose they do. Is there something lurking in their lore that suggests they have a special vulnerability?

20:58 UTC


So, whats the appeal for those that want traitors to become loyalists and vice versa?

I noticed these kinds of posts from time to time, asking about what if GW decides to make a traitor primarch be "redeemed" or a loyalist joining chaos. I am well aware that out of universe, GW wont do this because the people who actually collect the armies will be pissed off if their character just change teams.

But I still wonder, whats the reason some people want it? I myself dont really want it, but considering how these posts come every month or so, I was interested in the reasoning. What makes you interested in characters changing sides?

20:52 UTC


Any great crusade in the horus heresy books?

So, i just started reading Horus Rising, and it starts in the middle of the crusade. Are there books in that series that focus on the ascension of the imperium or did GW put that sort of info somewhere else? Like, im curious to read about the various primarchs upbringings and shit. Just curious, cuz so far it's not what i expected. Hell, it starts after ullianor, which seems like a fun war to read about

20:31 UTC


So, Chaos is "bad", but the Warp is not, right?

TLDR: Is Chaos the main reason that it's so dangerous for Psykers to use their powers, or is there something beyond the ruinous powers that makes the Warp dangerous?

Not talking morally or anything, mind you. I'm more so talking about for one's health. If a psyker in the Materium draws from the warp, they risk attracting the attention of malevolent entities that exist in the Warp, mainly daemons. Before the existence (or rather reign of) Chaos, were Warp based powers much safer? I know that the Immaterium wasn't 100% safe, since things like the Enslavers existed, but pre-WoH it must've been much safer to use psyker-like abilities, right? Or do we not know these answers?

20:16 UTC


Could the War in the Webway have had a better conclusion if the Archimandrite had not quit?

Finally finished Master of Mankind (parts of it are a huge slog to read through tbh) and I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth when reading what the Archimandrite and the Mechanicum as a whole, did.

What the hell? Did they still not realize that they were dealing with warp spawn (the literal forces of hell) and not simple heretics? And then so many stupid decisions. They are all scattered, why are they marching headlong into nothingness? Scouts didn't come back from the other side, how is it logical to go through the mist anyway!!!!!!! You turn back! <- I'm referring to an entire platoon marching into pure warp because they didn't know what was on the other side.

And then reading the "growing horror" of the Archimandrite as she realizes her folly would be hilarious if not for the fact that losing the Webway far surpassed whatever Horus and the traitors did. Even if they lost the Webway, the blow would have been softened if there had been more Custodes, Sisters, Titans, Protectors and Skitarii to defend the Imperial Palace. Hell, they might have ACTUALLY held the small pocket of the webway just in front of the palace portal with the forces they had. Then after the conclusion of the Heresy, they could have pushed forward into the Webway to retake what was lost.

The Emperor had 0 trouble striding into the Webway and killing everything he looked at. But he had no forces left - so of course he had to close the gate.

I just can't believe what I read honestly.

20:14 UTC


Genestealer Cults being part of the Tyranids makes no sense?

This has been in the back of my mind for some time, but the Genestealers being a part of the Tyranids feels like it cheapens the horror of both of them.

Genestealers being some unknown low-frequency psychic cult that eats away at the Imperium from the inside, is amazing by itself even without the wonderful body horror. They were a delicious taste of the eldritch unknown in a setting where causation is more or less explained by interactions with the Chaos Gods. Why not have them influenced by some thing within the deep warp? Maybe there's some unknown Xenos species that can only propagate through psychic possession? Hell, maybe life in the Imperium is just so miserable that it breaks humans on such a level as to push some of us into becoming a new species?

The Tyranids are the other side of the coin. They are a force of nature that exists to consume, and nothing more. There is no "stopping" them because they already are. Their existence means they always have been, and have always won (their plausibly "innate" avoidance of the Necrons aside). No matter our weapons, our ingenuity, or our perseverance, they will consume. I imagine it's how the peoples of ancient civilizations felt about earthquakes, famine, or hurricanes.

Connecting the two (1) doesn't make any sense because what does the Tyranid hive mind care about the mental state of the populous they're about to eat? and (2) limits the storytelling possibilities of both by creating a direct causal link between two entities whose stories feel like they would go in opposite directions.

Now, a lot of this is just up to how the writers want the setting to work. I get that. Personally, I prefer Peter Fehervari's view of how nebulous and interconnected everything is. He uses an intentional blending of insinuation and correlation to create an image that we, the audience, have to put together. Of course, this makes creating an established canon that much more difficult, but the multitude of interpretations it seeds creates another layer of interactivity between us fans and the material.

I am 100% open to changing my mind, btw. There's so much out there that some writer somewhere has probably written something to explain away anything that annoys me. So if anyone knows of something, please let me know! Until then, I'm curious to know if this blending bothers anyone else, or am I just a crazy man?

19:21 UTC


Gunner Ferik Jurgen headcannon

Every time Jurgen drives (especially a scout salamander), Cain talks about how any tech priest would be upset at his driving: squeeling metal, general recklessness, pushing the vehicle as hard as possible, etc... BUT, Jurgen is an excellent driver. I think its because the machine spirits of those vehicles are actually LOVING how Jurgen drives.

From what I can remember, the vehicles Jurgen drives have worked flawlessly, and Cain always talks about just how good Jurgen is at driving. Like, he pulls off wildly precise maneuvers with ease (the only casualties being bushes, mailboxes, etc...). And the vehicles have only failed because of outside forces (like a snow-covered crevasse, hybrid with an rpg, or a whole ass tyranid swarm).

Jurgen also respects the hell out of the machines he uses. By the time of Vailglorious, >!Jurgen has had the same lasgun for decades, and has had the same melta since Gravalax. Jurgen even turned down a new lasgun offered by a tech-priest, that was literally fresh-off-the-press.!< . And from what I can remember, Jurgen has never experienced a weapons malfunction.

I think that machine spirits like Jurgen, and are eager to have a moment where they aren't coddled and treated as delicate. I think the squeeling of the engines is more a scream of "HELL YES LETS GOOOO" because the machine spirits of the vehicles he drives are happy to really show what they can do. Even though Jurgen is a blank, I think he picks up on the capabilities of a vehicle fast. Not by sensing the machine spirits, but by virtue of him being insanely good at picking up details he deems relevant (and the feel of an engine is exactly what he'd pick up on). I think a vehicles machine spirit is happy to recognize that the driver trusts them to work within their capabilities instead of being treated like they're made of glass.

19:54 UTC


Could parts of chaos defect from their respective chaos gods?

So I'm pretty new to warhammer and I've been parsing through podcasts and wiki pages, I know curze and his people didn't buddy up with a chaos god, but what if a group thats already affiliated with a chaos god, for example Ahriman from 1000 sons in his search for a way to undo the rubric, could he denounce Tzeench and become a separate part of chaos. Can those bound to the chaos gods escape their grasp?

19:53 UTC


How many times you reckon did the God-Emperor die during his existence?

He is a perpetual after all, and 50+ thousand years is a lot of opportunity to get in to all sorts of trouble.

for example, he was Alexander the Great, whose history we know from childhood. Could it be that Emps died somehow, and ended up being growing up again in the macedonian royal family?

Even if the chances of a deadly accident are 1:10000, he statistically likely have died like 4 times before the Horace Whoopsiedoodle.

19:52 UTC


Question about war travel

Listening to the Infinite and the Devine right now and it mentions how a human task group came out of the warp a decade before they left. Does that mean there are now two versions of everyone aboard existing? Are there any continuity issues that they have to be aware of?

18:17 UTC


Were there Imperial Worlds that were unaffected by the Heresy?

Were there Imperial Worlds that were unaffected by the Horus Heresy and were totally oblivious as to what was going on?

18:05 UTC


Is it theoretically possible for some faraway cult to meticulously and deliberately create a new Chaos God, or at least an inferior entity, by focusing their efforts on a single new emotion, or is it just playing on Tzeentch's playground?

17:48 UTC


Gene-Seed Doesn't Make Sense

Hello everybody,

Yeah I do have a lore based question marks. Hope you can explain to me.

First of all I do understand functions of the Space Marine gene-seeds, although some of them doesn't make sense for instance in the lore space marines described to have eidetic memory & thinking like a computer, ofc doctrine & training they receive they could develop some level but not enhanced super human level, wise.
Or for instance what happens with other organs? I do know they receive second hearth but main function is to help the body in the combat & be repair part if the main heart got destroyed / injured. Or third-lungs, main function would be help them breath in hostile environment that for a normal human to impossible to breath. But what happened normal lungs and hearts, are they enhanced as well? Biscopea is hormonal, does gives strength to muscles only, but other organs should also be enhanced to make the 6'5'' Futuristic warrior to keep alive. Are there any other biochemical enhancements they receive which alters the normal organs or is it simply all 19 Organs (or 22 in Primaris cases) work together to change everything?

If I made some mistakes about what I have explained above, please feel free to correct me.

Thank you for all the answers!

16:52 UTC


Weekly Novel Discussion Series: Audio Dramas: The Ascension of Balthasar

This series is intended to give all you listeners an opportunity to discuss each audio drama in detail. Please post and thoughts, opinions, and questions you have about this week's audio drama. This series will cover audio dramas, not audio books.

Every post will be filled with Spoilers from the novel so if you haven't read this week's book then proceed with caution.

#Audio Dramas: The Ascension of Balthasar

Author: CZ Dunn

Released: October 2012


When the world of Stern's Remembrance comes under attack by the forces of Chaos, it draws the attention of the Dark Angels. Company Master Zadakiel leads a squad of the Chapter's deadliest warriors – the Terminator armour-clad Deathwing – to purge the traitors and their dark master. But a greater plan is in action, and it falls to Deathwing Sergeant Balthasar to defend his commander from the machinations of the Ruinous Powers.

Extended Synopsis link: https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/The_Ascension_of_Balthasar_(Audio_Drama)

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16:04 UTC

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