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Found Carmichael vann in montreal today

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02:16 UTC


Chuck Intro (Psych Style)

I love this. Two of my favorite shows combined.

12:58 UTC


Just an interesting discussion nothing to do with the show just sort of a post show discussion if you will what do you think the characters are up to as in what do you think they're lives are like do you think Chuck and Sarah are still together THEY ARE BY THE WAY

Do you think Morgan has a few kids do you think Casey comes back for a few reunion dinners with the gang I don't know just what do you think they're up to at the moment and yes I know their fictional it's just an interesting discussion of where you think the characters currently are at this moment and what they're up to

10:39 UTC



do you guys think that there Will be a Chuck 6?

09:24 UTC


So Does Casey Pull the Trigger in 2.01? (Spoiler Alert)

It’s one of the iconic moments of the show—Chuck being saved at the last minute by being the only intersect left. Or that’s the story line, anyway—Beckman (with Graham’s concurrence) tells Casey to kill Chuck once the new intersect is up and running, because you don’t want two of these running around (except maybe for all those men stranding around in the intersect room, but who’s counting?) Casey is upset with the order, but gives every indication of being ready to carry it out anyway. He even lies to Sarah over whether she has anything to worry about (although in a deleted scene, so it’s not clear we’re supposed to know this. Also significant in the deleted scene is the fact that Sarah is concerned enough to ask Casey whether she has anything to worry about.)

What is it we do know? Beckman gives Casey an order, Casey tries to talk her out of it, that fails, and Beckman repeats the order. Later we see Casey, gun in hand, sneaking around Chuck’s apartment, with every indication that he’s prepared to carry this out, qualms or no. But then he sees what Chuck is doing—preparing a meal for a dinner date with Sarah, who may be showing up any second. And in fact she does, with the news that the Cipher was a Trojan Horse, and the new intersect has been destroyed. Whew! Thank heaven for Deus ex Machina—it’s awfully convenient at times. Casey doesn’t know that yet either—he learns it when we do. But before that, he sees what Chuck is doing, and the implication that Sarah will be there soon, perhaps imminently. And he hesitates. Casey is a spy and not a moron, and knows that Sarah is no fool. Then the whole matter gets dropped, and Casey shows up at the Buy More the next day, looking chipper, and he goes off with the rest of the crew to watch Jeff eat Twinkies.

So what does Casey do if the Cipher doesn’t blow up? Well, I think he has four options:

1.     Kill Chuck and pretend he doesn’t know what happened—blame it on fulcrum or something. This might POSSIBLY work except Sarah will know it’s bullshit. But maybe Graham transfers her before she can do anything. Probably not, though. Plus there’s the Ellie/Awesome complication—there are lots of complications, in fact. After Hungary, this would probably be too much for Sarah, and Graham would lose his best agent—he seems kind of indifferent to this, though.)

2.     Sara, of course, also being spy and not a moron, will see right through this. Will she be pissed enough to go after Casey? You bet. Does Casey know this? Ditto. So Casey will either have to kill Sarah as well, or live with the expectation that Sarah might be waiting for him around the next corner for the rest of his life. Not appealing. Casey, still being a spy and not a moron, understands the implications of this. For all the fun of taking out CIA agents that Casey has enjoyed in the past (Bryce Larkin, for example), this one is different, and Casey knows it. Plus he and Walker are sort of becoming friendly at this point.

3.     Casey withdraws, explains to Beckman that Sarah’s presence prevented his doing the job, and tries again to have the order rescinded—perhaps more emphatically. Granted, he doesn’t yet have the affection for Chuck that he does later in the series, but it’s already started. But he also understands, perhaps in a way that Beckman doesn’t, the implications of carrying the order out.

4.     Run away, run away! We find out later about what’s in his Buy More locker, but we don’t know that now. But he knows it’s there—passports and tons of cash. Presumably for exactly this sort of circumstance. He knows that his career being over is certainly possible if he fails to carry out the order. He also knows that the NSA will send someone after him as well. He has lots of reasons to be afraid, actually—being on the run from both Sarah and the NSA does not sound like what Casey thought he was signing up for. (Note that at this point Casey doesn’t know he has a daughter.)

 I would like to vote for Door Number 3. It’s the one that fits the situation best, I think. Casey keeps his dignity and his morals. The Cipher plot device doesn’t fit into this scenario, but it doesn’t need to. It does rely on Casey having sufficient powers of persuasion to get Beckman to agree to rescind the order. A tough sell, admittedly. But I imagine there are occasions when Casey can be persuasive when he wants to be—he hasn’t tried very hard on this one yet, because no one (including Casey) has really thought through the implications of all this. But he can create the opportunity for himself.  (And purely as a plot development, it’s preferable to the others, for obvious reasons.)

But I could be being optimistic. The problem here, as Sarah once explained to Chuck, is that Beckman (and Graham) are old school military, and don’t deal in nuances. So the complexity of the situation Casey finds himself in completely bypasses Beckman—she’s not interested because she doesn’t understand it.

 A conundrum.

16:42 UTC


(SPOILER) Why was Sarah ordered to kill Shaw’s wife?

I’m literally on the finale of the show, Season 5 episode 13 or so. So if this is answered in the finale, please let me know that you can’t answer this question 😂

But otherwise, Shaw seems to be done with for good now. And yet, my wife and I are confused as to exactly WHY Sarah was ordered to kill shaws wife. Which is bugging us because he not only was such a big problem but a recurring one too!! So give us the details!

Did I miss something or was this unanswered?

20:55 UTC


Chuck's Mix CDs

A funny detail from s4e21 (Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner): Chuck's mix CDs that he brought for the fake wedding reception. The titles and covers of the CDs are only visible for a second but show the kind of thought and creativity that the production crew put into the background story.

I'm especially intrigued by the one in the upper right. Based on Sarah's tastes and the picture, I'm guessing it was titled, "I don't ... (like olives), V-Day Mix 4 Sarah." Wonder what songs he put on there...

It's a brief glimpse of a minor detail, but it seems very in character for Chuck and one of the many ways he would have shown his love for Sarah!

17:45 UTC


Going to see how the homies are doing! Let me know if you want some frozen yogurt or sizzling shrimp

00:00 UTC


Chuck Movie Update

Hello everyone, this is the first post I’ve done in reddit and I’ve been meaning to do it for about a month now, so Zachary Levi came to El Paso Comic Con and he had a panel, one if the first things they asked was if well see him as Chuck again and Zach said that he’s planning on doing some sort of podcast where he would be rewatching episodes he was asking all fans to go and watch it when it would be out to use as metrics to show Warner Bros. that people are interested on a movie

Edit: He also stated that when Chuck was not doing too well because of ratings he knew it had to go to a streaming service as it was around the dawn of streaming but execs didn’t want to. Pair that with his new strategy and I think he wants this to be on a streaming platform possibly

19:30 UTC


Did the kiss actually work??

So first of all, let me just say that I absolutely love the the ending... Despite the fact that it basically sinks 5 years worth of character development down the toilet...but it really wouldn't have been as memorable if they'd actually gotten their happy ending.

Everything from the background music(the song at the end is "Rivers and Roads"btw, for my more ignorant friends 😜), the fact that it happened at the beach scene from season 1 ( it felt like coming back full circle) , the flashback, it was bittersweet and nostalgic and chock full of Chuck magic....

But I still think Sarah would've left simply due to the fact that she'd clearly reverted back to her old pre Burbank self and without the intersect there in no fixing that... Anyway what do you think? Would she have stayed? and if so, what would the future hold for them?

18:48 UTC


How did Morgan manage to not fry his few remaining brain cells after accidently uploading the intersect in S05?

So how is it that Morgan MORGAN!! of all people could download intersect and not turn I to a vegetable?

From what I understood, it's supposed to be rare for anyone to have that in their head and not turn into a vegetable and Chuck is one of these rare people but how is it that Morgan is okay after uploading it in his head?

07:11 UTC


Intersect Research Plot

It just hit me on my current rewatch that the probable reason for Orion’s computer, the one that Ellie found in their old car, to be broken is that Orion’s plan was for Chuck and Ellie to work together to solve the issues with the Intersect.

I felt that it would be wildly out of character for Orion to have left behind a broken piece of tech. The only logical conclusion was that it was intentionally broken.

I haven’t finished the season yet, so it’s possible my theory is blown by another plot point somewhere, but as of now I’m clinging to this.

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03:30 UTC


Spotted a geeker on an “install”….

19:05 UTC


Bryce Larkin

Does Matt Bomer play a main role in the show in the first two seasons?

17:06 UTC


Season 5 made my opinion change of Morgan

I used to love Morgan as the goofy sidekick to Chuck and their bromance. It made the show lighthearted. Morgan in S5 (I’m at episode 3) is extremely annoying and overconfident. He has mentioned intersect more times than I could count, and I think Chuck was a better intersect because he always pretty much remained humble. Morgan is an entitled little brat rn, and I miss the old supportive Morgan and not the hotheaded, irrational one. Wasn’t Morgan supposed to stay away from dancer for Alex? Imo, this was the worst decision on the show.

01:48 UTC


Exciting Showdown: Sarah and Casey's Dramatic Fight Scene in Chuck vs the Gobbler in HD

Exciting Showdown: Sarah and Casey's Dramatic Fight Scene in Chuck vs the Gobbler!

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20:45 UTC



I feel like it’s so rare to have the actual ship name mentioned in the show and I’m obsessed with the fact that it’s Casey that said it.

14:28 UTC


Bullet and shell?

Why does the intro have an entire bullet and shell firing across the screen? Shouldn’t it just be the tip?

18:58 UTC


Inside Chuck's Last Stand: Behind the Scenes Documentary 'Chuck vs the Final Episode'

Inside Chuck's Last Stand: Behind the Scenes Documentary 'Chuck vs the Final Episode' Featuring Interviews with the Cast & Crew. A DVD Blu-ray Extra from Chuck Season 5.

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04:43 UTC


When does Sarah fall for Chuck?

There has been lots of ink (and pixels) spilled on this issue, because it never gets old. There's a general consensus that agrees with Sarah's 3.13 comments that she fell for Chuck between him fixing her phone and defusing a bomb with a computer virus. That's a two-day period--not a very long time frame to be falling in love, and certainly not long enough to recognize what's happening. But I do think the process does actually start in this period, mainly during the date itself, as a number of people have suggested. Why? Laughter.

The alternate (and more popular) theory, though, is that Sarah fell for Chuck when he helped out the little ballerina (and her hapless father.) Well, possibly, but I think it's more likely that her reaction was that Chuck was--as she later says in the pizza video--being sweet. She even implies this in her conversation with her boss the next evening, right before the date. This is only a couple of days after a hugely stressful episode during which Sarah deposited a baby with her Mom, and the conversation about providing her with the things that Sarah never had as a normal girl growing up--like, say, going to dancing school. So Sarah is primed for this. But I think it's more recognizing the kind of person Chuck is--he's not the mark everyone thinks.

Then comes the date, and I think this is the more crucial part of the story. She does laugh at his stupid jokes (saving his life comes later) because they're pretty funny, actually. More important--and the tip-off--is her laughter. This is the laughter of someone who finds herself delighted with the company she is keeping.--both walking on the bridge, and (especially) when he slides down the bannister. I suspect this may be a first for her--when is the last time, if ever, that Sarah enjoyed a delightful relationship--or even such a date, for that matter? She's clearly having a blast. Bryce was probably many things, but delightful probably doesn't show up on that list. (And Shaw? Just forget it.) Chuck and Sarah simply enjoy each other's company.

So I think this is when it all starts--for possibly the first time in her life, Sarah has found someone who it's actually fun to be around. All that stuff about a different life--that comes later. But finding the right person comes first. And she has, but it takes a while for her to figure it out--(my candidate moment is when they're having that discussion on kissing goodnight in 1:03, and the look on her face when it dawns on her what's happening.) It's her laughter that gives the game away here--it's genuine and heartfelt.

This may also explain in part some of the disappointment people felt after the show's conclusion--we don't want just the relationship back, we want that delight back as well. And while it's pretty clear that the relationship will return in short order, it's less clear when the delight will. At least she's laughing at his jokes again, so that's a start.

21:24 UTC


Chuck Deleted Scene: Casey & Sarah's Secret Plan to Expose Shaw Revealed!

Chuck Deleted Scene: Casey & Sarah's Secret Plan to Expose Shaw Revealed! Do You think they should have used this storyline?

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Gratitude from the Cast of Chuck: A Heartfelt Appreciation and Thank You to the Fans.

The Chuck Cast Thanked us for our Support of the Show. Thank them Back by Signing the Petition for a Chuck Movie.

Sign the Petition for a Chuck Movie https://www.change.org/p/sign-petition-show-warner-brothers-netflix-and-amazon-prime-that-we-support-zacharylevi-desire-to-make-chuck-movies-tell-them-we-want-chuckvsthemovie?recruiter=20145150&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive

Thank You. GOD Bless!

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21:54 UTC


One day

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19:35 UTC


Yvonne Strahovski is totally Adorable in early Interview on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Check out this Early Interview Yvonne Strahovski Had on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She is totally Adorable.

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05:39 UTC


What do you guys think of Emmett?

Me personally I find him annoying af

03:45 UTC

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