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Mary T. Quigley

What does the “T” stand for?

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Major plot hole, need explanation

Season 10 episode 5, Sheldon informed penny why he knocks 3 times. He mentions him coming back home from spring break early bcause they (whatever camp that was) ran out of math to teach him. His mom was at bible study. He walked into his dad having relations with another woman.

But in young Sheldon, as shown, it was his mom cosplaying as “the woman”.

First of all, he was in Germany. And no he did not run out of math to learn as he was tutored by a little girl, which proves that there was much more to learn, but he had to get back home at some time. I don’t know. Is what they showed actually not the situation Sheldon described? Or is George sr actually going to have an affair. That would break my heart

17:06 UTC


Why do they call Sheldon and Leonard by their first name but not Howard and Raj ?

This is mostly in the earlier seasons but also in the Star Wars opener but ive noticed for a while. Why do they call Sheldon and Leonard by their first names but for Howard and Raj it's wolowitz and koothrappali?

Edit:It appears that I've been unprofessional in my university and calling people by their first name lol

Edit: Bothered was a bad word lol

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sheldon and amy millionaires???

in one of the last episodes of tbbt raj mentions that winning the Nobel comes with a huge cash prize. Idk why I was expecting like 50k until I searched it and saw that the prize was literally 1.1 million dollars for the person who won in 2020. Which was only a year after season 12 was released

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The guys on Invincible

Relativity new Reddit user so sorry if this has been talked about already.

How do you guys think the guys would react to the Invincible show? I know the comic was mentioned before so they like it. They are so opinionated in this area so who would like it, who wouldn’t? What criticisms or accolades would they have? What character would each one dress up as?

I think Sheldon would like Robot/Rudy because he’s smart and has high battle iq and him and Howard would fight over who gets to dress up as him because Howard would say he’s an engineer like him!

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Is she wearing her top inside out?

I was just watching episode 8 of 6th season and I think Alex is wearing her top inside out. Not sure if it was a mistake or a fashion trend of that time.


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Why didn’t Penny ever get an acting job?

We all know that Penny was a horrible actress but I think if she got the lead part on a TV show she auditioned for it would have been fun to see.

Maybe the show gets cancelled early on and she recognizes that was her only chance and that’s why she starts to work with Bernadette.

What do you guys think?

03:56 UTC


Season 3, Episode 1- The results

I am still confused how Leonard was in the wrong for faking the results, I've heard it hurting Sheldon's ego (which should be lowered honestly) when he emailed those professors but it's on him for celebrating too soon and not even calculating for human error. Plus, penny acted like Sheldon was a victim when she knows how he is, and if the rest of the friends refused to adhere too him, he would ruin their lives aswell, for example when penny does something 'wrong' to Sheldon, he hangs her interiors on a phone cable.

I understand it is supposed to be unrealistic, but I honestly dislike how it painted Sheldon as a victim, god knows how long he would've kept his friends stranded just to prove his response. In addition, literally everyone conforms to what he says, so it's not even that they were acting on their own will to be there after a while.

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Young Sheldon 7x07 All Sneak Peeks "A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet" (HD) Final Season

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R.I.P. Higgs

Dr. Peter Higgs died yesterday at 94. He has been mentioned in multiple episodes of our show and discovered the Higgs boson.

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Who was the best actor in your opinion?

For me, it’s Sheldon (Jim Parsons)

19:44 UTC


Do you see parent personality in Sheldon and Amy?

I honestly don't. Even after Young Sheldon revealed they indeed had children I'm still unable to see parent personality in them. I honestly see more uncle and aunt personality in them. I always saw Leonard and Penny as the ones with the most parent personality and the most serious to be parents

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idk but i stopped liking Stuart from the time he had weird relationship with Howard's mother and acted like he owned the house

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In The Guitarist Amplification why didn’t Leonard just sleep in Penny’s bed while her friend stayed over, or invite her to sleep in his apartment?

I know people go back and forth in whether or not Leonard was in the right for being uncomfortable with Penny’s friend staying over, but why couldn’t he just sleep with Penny while Justin was there? He was really worried she would cheat on him, or Justin would try and make a move on her, so he could’ve just been there to prevent it instead of freaking out on her.

04:48 UTC


Young Sheldon | Georgie & Mandy Spinoff Cast Interview

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I know people hate Howard but let’s take a time to appreciate Simon Helberg’s performance

I’m rewatching TBBT and yes, Howard is creepy and a bad friend but the actor’s performance is so on top that sometimes I just like Howard because of how Helberg portrays him.

In the first seasons he’s super funny and the only one that puts Sheldon in his place.

But more than that, the actor can juggle, do magic, have perfect timing humour and is an amazing impersonator. I was shocked when he managed to impersonate Bernadette which is not an easy thing to do lol.

Same could be said with Ross in Friends = great actors, bad characters morally speaking.

I know all the praise went to Jim Parsons but Simon Helberg really carried that role even though it was not that easy.

In my book he’s top 2 of the best actors on the show

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Should I skip S06E15 "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation"?

(Please no post-S06E15 spoilers here)

I don't read any of the posts here because I haven't finished Big Bang Theory yet, but I thought it'd be a wise decision to post here and ask you guys for advice before I finish this episode.

I've seen the pre-intro segment of this episode and Sheldon has already given out 2 of the biggest spoilers in Harry Potter 6 and 7. Lucky for me, I already knew about those, but I really don't wanna get caught off-guard.

Is this episode seriously gonna just spoil several major franchises? If so, which movies/TV episodes are getting spoiled? Does the episode contain important details for the Big Bang Theory story, or is it safe to skip it?

23:39 UTC


Young Sheldon - Georgie and Mandy Wedding Preview

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who do you think is the most attractive out of the main guys in the show; leonard, sheldon, howard or raj?

and who do you think would be the most tolerable to date?

19:16 UTC


Unpopular opinion: Anu was great and a perfect match to Raj as well as addition to the group

I understand that there was a point to the whole airport bromance scene straight from the movies between Howard and Raj. I also get that not everyone had to have a partner by the end (even tho some are p*ssed Raj ended up alone). Also, ik it's "just a sitcom", but discussion is what this sub is for, right?

First of all, I think Anu was great for Raj. It's one of those cases where opposites attract. Raj is a hopeless romantic, sensitive, caring, emotional... while Anu is more analitical, but ultimately supportive. I think they would nicely balance each other out. (I also don't think Raj would be well with someone exactly like him.)

I think she would also get well with the group. She would vibe well with the girls and then also with the guys (she might be a lil playful like Priya was w Sheldon at first, but then she'd get along).

I know we didn't get much of her since she appeared pretty late, but she'd be great. I liked her character and maybe it was the actress who did the job as well.

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Since we're on Reddit, let's play a Reddit inspired game for TBBT. AITA? Sheldon v. Leonard

I hope this hasn't been done yet, but let's have some fun! The episode is S3 EP15: The Large Hadron Collison. In this episode Sheldon is upset with Leonard who decides to take Penny (his GF at the time) to Switzerland to see the large Hardron Collider. This inspite on Leonard signing the agreement stating he would take Shledon. Honestly, I can see both sides of this debate. On one hand: Sheldon is well in his right to be angry. Whether or not the roommate agreement is ridiculous or not, Leonard agreed to take him. However, I also see and 1000% understand why Leonard would want to take his GF on a trip to Switzerland I believe during valentines day as well. Yet, the counter to these arguments. Sheldon has willingly and blatantly stacked the deck against people he makes sign agreements with, and is shameless when he attempts to circumnavigate the agreement for his benefit. Take one instance where he was moody, and Amy reminded him that per the agreement they are not too be moody during date nights and he responds with "I only put that in there for Uterus stuff". Also him basically bullying Penny during the topic episode was obnoxious. Along with that, in my opinion Leonard doesn't have much of a leg to stand on. Regardless of it being "ridiculous" Leonard agreed, and only did because he never thought he'd get a girlfriend in the first place. So, ramble over please vote below on where you land on the debate. I know where I land, but I want to hear your opinions. Thanks 😊.

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