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Sheldon trying to "blow up" Leonard's head in Season 1 - is this consistent with his beliefs as a scientist?

Given how factual Sheldon is, I was surprised to see this kind of behavior. I would think he'd think things like mind control as silly. Is this just a reference to his belief in metaphysics? Or is it a slip in the writing?

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Things we know about Amy..

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Penny forgetting Leonard’s DOB

The show has always tried hard to convince us that Penney is in love with Leonard but not sure how to feel with S9 / Ep 9, when Penney sort of admit she does not know Leonard’s DOB.

Just playing out this in real life. Would any spouse not wonder if my spouse really love me if they don’t even know my date of birth? 😬

Leonard also played it off quite cool and didn’t get upset really 😬

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Southern California People

Hi! I only recently found the Big Bang Theory on TBS. I'm obsessed! Does anyone live near me in Southern California?

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Wil Wheaton Celebrity Paradox. Fame in show vs real life

I was just thinking. Early in the series when Wil Wheaton first shows up (season three episode five) he is pretty indisputably a bigger star than the main cast. Yes they're probably already on their way to being a big hit at this point but Star Trek is iconic and that includes The Next Generation. After all, Captain Picard is, to date, the only character to have a Star Trek TV series named after him. (Spock had a Star Trek movie named after him but no TV show) (Edit, Bob Discovery and Keisha Voyager both had a Star Trek series named after them. I apologize for the oversight)

Wesley Crusher wasn't exactly the most popular character on TNG but he's well known.

But by season 12, I think its safe to say that Jim Parsons if not the whole main cast is as big or bigger than most of the celebrities that appear as themselves on the show. Some of these stars were bigger in their heyday.

Its just a little weird to see the main cast fawning over other celebrities when the actors and actresses were some of the hottest celebrities at the time the show was airing, at least later in the show's run. Captain Picard's Star Trek Picard series ran three seasons but Sheldon Cooper's Young Sheldon had seven.

I mean, outside of a dedicated Firefly fanbase, who even remembers the likes of Summer Glau and Nathan Fillion at this point? (Other than you because I just reminded you. Be honest, do you think about either of them when you aren't watching the episodes of Big Bang that they're in?)_

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Stuart is a really good actor

Rewatching some episodes, Stuart really makes me laugh 😂😂😂

Wanted to know if people find him as funny as I do?

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Amy's character is the most inconsistent thing on the show.

amy's character is so damn inconsistent.

initially, she appears to be an asexual human like sheldon, who is shown to go on romantic dates once a year to keep her mother satisfied. she established clear boundaries to sheldon on their first date about how she didn't want a romantic relationship, and when she was sexually aroused by zack sometime later in the show, she was suprised that it happened and took a while to realise it, implying that this was probably the first time in her life that she was aroused this way.

later on, however, there have been instances where it's been implied that she always wanted to have a romantic relationship, but nobody ever pursued her. for example:

  1. when she said that the only time a guy ever kissed her was to get his inhaler back (very molest-y, not sure how this was skimmed past on the show)

  2. when she spoke about how she woke up with more clothes on when she passed out at a party (probably hoping to be stripped off her clothing to get some sort of sexual interest)

  3. when she said that she danced with a mop on her prom night (as she didn't have a date)

after they portrayed amy as the asexual individual initially, they made her out to be a woman who's clearly dying to have sex with sheldon, which is inconsistent.

moreover, we see that she is robotic and monotone initially, which later changes cause obviosuly you cannot have a person on the show for so long without giving them more of a personality.

but more importantly, she was shown to be incredibly mature sometimes and very weird/creepy/stupid in others. she shows incredible maturity several times when she handles matters with sheldon (for example- the first time she was about to confess her love for sheldon, she made it clear that reciprocity was not necessary & also on the day of their nobel prize acceptance, when she explained to sheldon what the problem in his behaviour was), but then they show her as a caricature on the other end of the spectrum, who: overstays her welcome without understanding that she should leave (her gynecologist, leonard and sheldon's apartment), has a clearly (somewhat) of a gay attraction to penny which becomes creepy very fast, and behaves like a catty highschooler.

the show never settled on a real personality for amy, and kept swinging it about like a possessed pendulum.

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The show seems different after season 4

Idk if i’m just crazy but I just started season 5 and the writing, vibe and characters seems so different than previous seasons. One thing I noticed specifically is that Sheldon seems to have a different voice/accent

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I always feel so bad for Stewart

Guys, hate me all you want for this take, but I always feel really bad for him. Sure, he is creepy and weird, but I guess I have too much empathy and I always end up feeling so bad for him, always being left out and made fun of. I know it’s just a sitcom and whatever, but I like him and it’s sad to see him be left out imo, even though I don’t like his character all that much. It’s pretty much just pity, but damn I just feel for that guy. I haven’t finished the show yet and I’m on S9, I don’t really care if I get spoilers but yeah. He’s obviously not a main character so obviously it’s going to be like that, but that’s just how I feel. I didn’t really feel too bad for him mooching off of Howard and Bernadette while he was living with them, but he still seemed like a nice guy in general when that wasn’t happening, I just felt sad 😔

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Favorite Sheldon insults?

Mine are when Sheldon gets the extra marshmallow for good luck… must be the kind of math they do at Princeton 😂

Also, when Penny says not knowing is part of the fun, what is that the motto of your community college?

I’ve watched it million times and it still gets me every time

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In defense of Bernadette

I know she gets a lot of hate here, but she is one of my favorite characters.

I know she started as a sweet and quiet person and became harsher and much more outwardly rude, but her arc made a lot of sense to me it just was as explicit as other characters.

Bernadette's parents don't get as much flack as others on the show, but they were incredibly flawed. As the only daughter in a traditional catholic household she was forced to take care of her brothers, even though I'm pretty sure at least a few were older. I know relatives that were in similar situations and a lot of them turned into either the earlier or later version of Bernadette.

Also her crib was kept next to violent crime scene photos, really we're all lucky she became a phd instead of a serial killer 🤷🏻‍♀️ her mom is meek and almost silent, while her dad is purposely cold and absent. She had to work so hard just to be noticed.

On top of that she is 5 foot nothing woman with blonde hair and a squeaky voice in a male dominated field. She has to work so freaking hard to be recognized at all, so to be on top and successful she has to be ruthless. And she does have to be successful, because while Howard is respected in his field he earns very little. It must be so frustrating to have to do all that and see Howard and Leonard especially be reckless with their job and still be respected and sought after in their field.

Also she has to raise 3 grown men, two infants, and handle a crazy MIL. I would have snapped so much faster than her.

Mostly I think her change is her friends fault though. 100% of the cast members self sabatige in some way, gentle Bernadette didn't get through to them. Crazy Bernadette got penny a career, helped Amy be more confident, fed and housed Stuart, etc.

TLDR: if Bernadette wasn't a crazy lady her friends would be worse off, squeaky voices may be a curse, and putting crime scene photos next to your infant daughter is psychopath behavior.

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Howard’s mother

I love TBBT but I find one story arc in particular to be hard to understand. For the first several seasons Howard has nothing but bad things to say about his mother. Then at the time of her death he is just devastated. He’s finally free of a seemingly huge burden but then is inconsolable when he gets his often-made wish for her demise. Other than a natural love of a son for his mother, I never felt this inconsistency was adequately addressed.

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The psychic was right...

When Penny took Sheldon to see a psychic in season 7, the psychic said once he fully commits to his relationship with Amy everything else will fall into place including his professional career. Well on their WEDDING DAY Sheldon, with amy, finally figured out super asymmetry and their Nobel prize Worthy work finally fell into place.

Just cute I think, probably not intentional and I personally of course don't believe in psychics but I thought that was so funny when I was rewatching right now.

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