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'Mom' is a television show based on the exploits of mother Christy, as she tries to get her life on track, including getting along with her mother, Bonny, helping her daughter, Violet, with her pregnancy, and staying sober by going through Alcoholics Anonymous.

The show airs on Mondays at 9:30pm EDT on CBS.

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Why did Anna Faris have to leave

Rhetorical! But I was so sad when she left and when the show ended. I almost hate her for leaving. Okay bye.

21:10 UTC


Adam is such a huge green flag

I just finished watching season 8 last week and I love the episode where Adam took Bonnie out to dinner on Valentine's day. Bonnie already accustomed of Adam not being present on special days such as Christmas and Valentine's because of the bar, and I love how Bonnie understands that situation. The old season 1-2 Bonnie would have thrown a fit of given sa the same situation.

On their 1st dinner in a long time, Adam didn't mind if Bonnie invited the rest of the AA gang over because he understands they needed emotional support that night. He wasn't sarcastic about it, made everyone feel included and at the same time making Bonnie feel special (by giving them one rose each and giving Bonnie 2).

I'm not saying Adam is a perfect guy, he had some flaws as well but that's what makes him lovable and relatable. He made a few bad decisions like impulsively buy expesive things without addressing Bonnie, or walks away everytime conflict appears. But he makes up for it by going to his own support group and being there for his wife no matter what (even if it means going up the stairs because Bonnie is having a meltdown).

Sidenote: I always hated Patrick

17:30 UTC


Why was Christy's kids and a majority of the old cast written out of the show?

When i started watching the show i thought it was just going to be a family sitcom and christys kids were going to have their own episodes centred around whats happening in their lives but as the show went on and they started getting less screentime it felt like they wasted a lot of storytelling potential and its the same for other characters like baxter and christys coworkers. Was it something to do behind the scenes or did the writers just not feel interested in the characters?

10:33 UTC


"Open the big door, or I pull you through the little door."

S3, E12, "Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride," at about 12:30, Bonnie utters the above quoted words (so quintessential Bonnie) while holding Anya's nose. Anya is refusing to attend the wedding because of her judgement of Marjorie based on her past. Bonnie, once a self-centered narcissist who by season 3 has learned to love her former nemesis, is going to get Anya to that wedding. She wants Marjorie to be happy. And Bonnie knows no boundaries, including physical assault (on hysterical Rhea Perlman), when showing her love. "Open the big door, or I pull you through the little door" makes me laugh out loud!

Allison Janney's portryal of Bonnie Plunkett from season 1 to season 8, her growth, her passion-- her redemption -- gives me hope. I was never the complete, laughable (while cringing) trainwreck Bonnie was, but I did things I once believed I could never be forgiven for or forgotten. I have 3 years 8 months sober, and I live in a rural area where no AA is available, much less a women's group. Watching "Mom" over and over is my AA. There is a piece of me in almost every character, and certain episodes make me cry. 💙 Including some involving plucky Bonnie Plunkett, unlovable in seasons 1 & lots of 2, already growing by season 3.

14:50 UTC


Allison Janney - Daisy Dukes despite a terrible accident

She says when she was a teenager she wanted to be an ice skater but being too tall put a stop to that - plus a freak accident. She collided with a glass sliding door at a party which broke and cut her leg. She lost a tendon, an artery, and 3/4 of her blood! Mercifully she recovered and so lived on to delight us all in the Mom episode wearing Daisy Dukes.

13:25 UTC


The weirdly smooth transition to Christy as the star, to Bonnie

I just finished season 7, didn't even realise I was on season 8 (season 7 finale did NOT feel like a finale) and Ia have to say it's just dawned on me, through this season how much the show has really made Bonnie the main character. I don't know when it happened, but at some point, the seasons became more and more about Bonnie and her recovery and less about Christie... hell, we didn't even get a sober birthday for christie this time.

Throughout I think 6 and 7, Christies character had very weirdly been coming out with these insanely childish quirks, and I mean childish. She wasn't like this seasons 1-3 but seasons 6-7 she reverted to a child in the weirdest ways. I mean her LAST line was "I kissed a girl" during Bonnies heartfelt moment.

THAT is how we leave Christie.... it's just weird.

12:35 UTC


I honestly really loved this look on Bonnie

08:16 UTC


Who was Jesus talking about?

In Season 2 Episode 16, Bonnie has a dream where she is talking to Jesus in her kitchen. He said the reason that he hasn’t taken her is that she has to fix her relationship with Christy, Violet, and Roscoe. He also mentions that he almost gave something away, meaning there is another character that she has to go back and make amends to. Who do you think he was referring to?

17:28 UTC


Will Christy have anything that going good in her life?

Pre info: I'm on 5x16

She's been struggling since the day one. Never had a long relationship, kids totally turned their back to her, never got recovering from the bad financial situations, living in a house that mom provides (somehow). For me, the tipping point about how writers making her character into for worse is when Jill said that she takes advantage of her wealth and bunch of other hurtful things but she went back to covering her stuff up that ends up with losing Patrick. She didn't get into a law school and all these stacked up was such a low moment for her but she still acted like nothing happened. Actually she did get more sad about an older man that she randomly met because of her mom's boyfriend than her childhood dream. Why she didn't moved out to Patrick's anyway?

She never puts herself on first over and over again, I hate to see her character develop into such a passive and desperate person. The only good thing that they gave us about Christy is she is consistent about being sober. But there is nothing else coming up to support that.

Yeah the support group and the AA group is funny and supportive yada yada but I'd very like to poke Christy with a stick to tell her "Go do something outside of these people's life."

21:41 UTC


Finally finished watching Mom

I just finished watching the last episode and I will say I had my reservations about this show. I'm not the biggest fan of shows with a laugh track and quick quips just for the laugh track, but that aside I genuinely enjoyed this show. It had its corny and predictable moments but it's also been a while since a sitcom has made me laugh out loud--like "HA HA" laugh and not blow air out of your nose laugh.

I expected this to be a show I keep in the background but it had a lot of good moments. The show had genuinely heartwarming scenes, funny ones that I would replay again and again, and some scenes that hit close to home which I didn't expect. Most of my favorite scenes weren't even because of the line but how it was said. I think the casting was perfect, and for a kinda random group of people, it really did work. The characters in the group really complimented and balanced each other out (especially in the last two seasons.)

I didn't hate the season finale too. I think it wrapped up everything pretty nicely (except nothing really changed for Wendy but I didn't expect much) I like that the mother-daughter seemed to show how Christy and Bonnie were at the start so it's a nice cycle of people getting better and it's nice that everyone was in a much better place than they were before. (again, except Wendy)

Also I didn't mind that Christy left and was basically replaced by Tammy (who I love), but it seems that many shares my opinion.

12:11 UTC


Certified Christy hater

Ok I made it to the episode where the ladies go to the retreat with Marjorie. Bonnie is reading from her journal and it’s very heartfelt. Christy is looking out the window and blurts “I kissed a girl!” And looks like a 12 year old.

I know it’s her character but if violet did that…she would go on and on about how much of a terrible daughter she is. I think I’m a certified Christy hater. I love the season that she’s not there 😭

13:24 UTC


Violets dad graveyard scene

Anybody else feel bad for the woman who's husbands grave Christy spat on? I know it's just a show but why did she say "I think you know" when she asked why she did it like whaaattt!

02:17 UTC


Very late to the show, just watched Jell-o shots and the truth about Santa and I am annoyed

I mean, this episode was just depressing and I don't think it's the right place for a "sitcom".

The episode is just an asbolutely awful kick in the teeth for Christy and im surprised she didn't go back to drinking after it?

I just don't understand how Bonnie, had yet again, managed to slyly hide this secret that she keeps in touch with Violet on the side and it's just slid under the rug as ANOTHER "cute Bonnie" thing. This episode just feels like a quick throwaway as a way to remove Violet from the show indefinetely with some backward reason.

Everything we know about Christie, is that Bonnie was worse. Way worse. And while Bonnie has changed, she still has a very awful side to her that is constantly shown. Christie on the other hand, her character is too chipper and frazzled but she overall doesn't have that awful streak in her anymore and only her mother gets the brunt of her asshole attitude.

AND YET, This episode does nothing but make Christy out to be awful, Violet to be some "holier than thou" saint and gets a free pass to be the worst human on the show. Boohoo, your mother was awful... but she wasn't Bonnie. Not to mention all the crap she put other characters around her through too that had nothing to do with Christie.

I know it's probably all been mentioned before as I am late, but this episode was the worst. But I think the worst part is how it's just.... tossed aside for a "wings" joke... or a small moment. Like, this was something BIG and yet Christie just moves past it within seconds. It doesn't feel genuine.

21:31 UTC


Season 7 Premiere

It was such sitcom synergy to see Cliff Clavin at an AA meeting. He must have left Boston and realized that he squandered a lot of life and health at Cheers.

Gus should have come to the honeymoon at the mountain lakehouse.

17:26 UTC


Christy abruptly goes to Chicago ?

Did I miss something in Season 6? Last time we see Christy she’s in the car on their way back from that retreat and her last line was, “I kissed a girl.” end of season.

Season 7 Episode 1: Christy is in law school in Chicago. When was this mentioned that she even got accepted?

No goodbye scene with her mom or friends ?

The transition was jarring.

They could’ve had at least one short scene.

I’m on season 7. The other actors seem to be carrying the show well. So far.

19:06 UTC


Okay well how do I explain this-

I got so sad when Jill was all depressed about her dentist retiring. She thought it was her fault, and Jill is my second favorite character (with Adam being my first) so when Jill was all depressed I got sad. And I think I cried at the part when she was yelling at the lady at the front desk😭 (who is your favorite character?)

04:37 UTC


Jill’s dentist leaves.

Anyone else get emotional during this part? I know people have mixed feelings about Jill but the relationship they had was so sweet like a best friend/parent figure she never had.

01:29 UTC


Royal blue

Has anyone ever noticed how much the characters are dressed in royal/cobalt blue? Especially in the earlier episodes, it seems someone is wearing this color in almost every single scene, just wondering if there's a significance to this?

07:22 UTC


Season 6 Episode 15 - Discussion on Christy's and Bonnie's Vday dinner

I'm upset that it took six seasons but I am so happy that Bonnie finally called out Christy for constantly blaming her for everything. It was still understandable for the first few seasons, but after a while, Christy just got so whiney and blamed her mom for every bad thing that was happening to her. This was especially annoying because Bonnie showed constant growth as the show continued, yet Christy became more and more insufferable.

I'm glad that in this episode Bonnie finally says something and complains about it. I mean, of course I'm happy that they finally had an open and heartfelt conversation about it and admitted each other's mistakes, I think I'm just getting tired of Christy's character...

10:23 UTC


I'm looking for an episode

There's a scene between Christy and Marjorie and there conversation goes something like this:

Christy: "I lost my virginity in xyz grade."

Marjorie: "XYZ grade?!"

Christy: "Whatever grade makes me sound less of a slut."

13:15 UTC


I’m actually really surprised by this

I feel like I only ever see bad stuff about the later seasons so seeing that they are actually rated higher is a surprise.

22:39 UTC



I’m just now watching mom thanks to tik tok 😅.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by christy? She blames Bonnie for being the reason her childhood sucked and up until she got sober,her adult life sucked…and even after getting sober she still blames Bonnie. But when Violet blames Christy…Christy gets upset about it.

She also speaks her mind to literally everyone but can’t handle it when someone does the same to her. I don’t like her so far.

18:50 UTC


Voilet hide about her baby

Violet blamed christy for being a bad mother and she herself hide her baby from gregory. Even though she gave it up for adoption. But not acknowledging her own baby is so messed up. Seems like she is ashamed of her decision and the baby is coming in her way for her to have a good life.

07:38 UTC


S1 e10 why was Bonnie arrested at the end?

Was the scene explaining her arrest deleted in the Hulu version?

16:36 UTC


How do you feel about the season without Christy?

I remember being absolutely shocked when it was announced that Anna Farris would be leaving the show. Even though at that point Bonnie had already become the main character, I still couldn't imagine the show without Christy.

But then once I started watching season 8, I immediately felt how much better the show got without her. Christy was incredibly immature, absolutely unwilling to change, whiny, demanding and all she did - even seven seasons into the show - was mention what a terrible mother Bonnie had been.

She made a point in telling Violet how much she had changed, but refused to acknowledge that Bonnie had done the same.

It was obvious that the writers didn't know what to do with her character anymore.

13:51 UTC


Random observation

Just noticed that all the girls in the friend group have blue or green eyes! Even Adam 🤣

21:57 UTC


Can we talk about how these two would totally hit it off if they met?

Marjorie / Christy's GA sponsor Ned. They'd have a lot in common?

17:26 UTC


My constant refrain into S4 of my first watch: For a cringefail loser, Bonnie sure handles the various messes that she creates with savvy and aplomb.

17:16 UTC


Season 6 Episode 6

Christy always gets on my nerves but in this one she really made me wish it was possible to fight fictional characters, Her irresponsible and reckless ass borrowed and lost both Jill and Adam's money had payment plans set up with both of them and then decided to get pissed off at Jill for having money and spending it while making Christy owe her money every month, If she didn't choose to be reckless she wouldn't owe anyone money in the first place why does she think everyone owes her something or that there aren't repercussions for her stupid actions? Jill can use the money she gets from Christy anyway she wants and for Christy to say "But you don't need the money" is just the dumbest thing I've ever heard, she owed her that money and she deserved to get every penny that christy gambled away back and use it however she wanted to.

04:03 UTC


Christy's hand/arm gesturing

I think I watch Mom too many times. I've started focusing on Christy moving her hands and/or arms almost every time she speaks and it bothers me. 😅

09:14 UTC

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