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It's definitely the third watch through that gets you in a disturbing way

The first watch through is mostly a "is he real/not real/real in a weird metaphysical way

The second is you feeling terrible, seeing his mental stability and a lot of the things putting fire to flame

The third you realize, this dude hung his neighbors dog, bought it to a kill shelter, almost abandoned him in the woods. Got him neutered as a joke, and used him to cope with a somewhat cruel and cold inner nature when treating others like nothing

02:05 UTC


Monologue about train crash Wilfred love life

There's an episode where he describes a whole horrible scene and follows it up with "so I'm single again". I think he was like describing his love life? I did a scan through the two episodes I thought it was but I think I thought wrong. Anyone know offhand?

16:32 UTC


How did Ryan afford his house while unemployed in the first season?

18:36 UTC


Obvious spoilers but... God damn this show is depressing on rewatch

Like first I feel like a fool for not realizing all the hints, but also knowing for sure it is all in his head and he is crazy makes it much less funny. Still great show and a fun rewatch

Edit: Also the amount of celebrity cameos on this show is amazing

12:16 UTC


Does Ryan ever tell Jenna he talks to Wilfred and sees him as human?

I can’t remember if this happens, I know he tells her about the other stuff.

20:08 UTC


What if Ryan decided to confide in Spencer about Wilfred for some reason, instead of getting rid of him? What if this had led to him becoming a main cast character? What if Cinzia was just luring Ryan to her boat in Italy to extract his liver and sell it on the black market?

14:27 UTC


My take on the ending.

It’s all about perception. Sure, everyone else sees Wilfred as an ordinary mutt, but Ryan perceives Wilfred in his own special way. Is Ryan’s perception any more or less ‘real’ than anyone else’s ? Not at all.

We are but perceivers, and then there is the material world. It takes all of our senses to navigate and explore our reality in order to make any sense of it…

Just because everyone else sees a dog doesn’t make Ryan’s version of Wilfred any less valid.

We all see things in our own unique way.

Ryan’s perceptions of Wilfred are but one of many complex ways through which to see the world 🙃

Ryan’s version of Wilfred is no less valid than Jenna’s interpretation of her pet.

The show is permanently anchored from Ryan’s perspective, so Ryan’s Wilfred is our reality as well.

Here we are 10 years later and still so many relevant applications in these current times of political unrest.

I loved the show and how they managed to wrestle some tough philosophical questions into the format of a 20 minute sitcom.

This was my first watch through and I plan to visit the Australian version next!

Dog bless you Jason Gann for being the original Wilfred since 2002.

04:37 UTC


Pride hits different after the first viewing.

I mean let's just talk about the episode for a second.

"In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes." (Steven H. Coogler)

Ryan gets in a car accident because Wilfred pulls the wheel. Let's say the actual dog jumped at him or put his paw on Ryan's arm, when driving with an animal you should have a lot more of a grip on the wheel than normal because that's a possibility. So. There's that, but he probably pulled the wheel on his own because of the conversation.

He gets in an accident, sees Raffie in the back with Beth's kid, goes to her office at the time she says to be there, and hits on her.

He proceeds to wine and dine her with Wilfred(?) just at her house, and humps the kids giraffe toy. Tbf Raffie has the longest throat in the stuffed animal kingdom, but goddamn.

After watching this show who knows how many times, I don't think Wilfred was actually there, just Ryan's version of Wilfred. And I think that makes the entire thing even worse.

Like obviously the entire situation is terrible. Beth is basically presenting him with "fuck me/eat me out or pay me a shit ton of money", and then "negotiated" anal cunnilingus into the contract Ryan wrote up post accident. I understand that the point is that Ryan needs to decide at what point he'll drop his prideful act and ask for help, and that one of the greatest mistakes referenced in the quote at the beginning of the episode is his approach to "fixing" his problem.

But basically, this is my most hated episode of the series. Raffie deserved better. Beth sucks.

01:18 UTC


Wilfred was similar to fight club

When following the show I was expecting Wilfred to be super natural. Maybe they’d throw us off by showing Wilfred outside his costume, or Ryan would become someone else’s Wilfred. It ended up being all in his head. I watched fight club and it had a similar ending where the side character was completely imaginary.

A lot of fans of this show were able to call the ending before it was revealed. I wonder if fight club had some influence.

04:07 UTC


Does Ryan’s cope work?

I do something the same as Ryan to help me with hard times or challenges. I talk to a made up being who knows more than me and makes me do the right. Even the small things like get out of bed and be useful.

But the question is if it’s helpful. I think it is since it’s like having someone to talk to that you can really say the most messed up things that you hate to think about. I prefer it to be something magical like Wilfred since it feels like I have undeniable help with what I need. Iam not humping giraffes like Ryan tho it doesn’t control me.

19:31 UTC


Jason Gann cameo

My husband got me a cameo from Jason Gann for Christmas and I’m crying because I’m so happy to hear Wilfred say my name 😭😭😭😭

That’s all. Merry Christmas! Carne diem.

17:24 UTC


What did Ryan have?

Ryan clearly believed Wilfred was real to the most extent. Clearly developed from his child hood to cope. At first I assumed it was like ocd you know making things up in your mind to control to cope. It can be long term psychosis his mood swings and his bipolar and weird thoughts.

As well do y’all think Ryan’s happy at the end on his own way? Cause at the end he still kinda left relying on Wilfred for help. I think part of him knows that he’s Wilfred, that Wilfred is just his strong and smart side showing itself as a dog to make it easier to help himself

16:42 UTC


Did Ryan cause wilfred's death?

Just smoking weed with a dog in the room?

01:52 UTC


Matamon was real. Even though he didn't exist.

Hear me out lol...

Matamons job is to help desperate people find happiness. Ryan was desperate for happiness. Desperate for peace in his life.

So even though Matamon didn't "exist", that doesn't change the fact that he's solely responsible for Ryan finding happiness. He didn't find himself because of a normal dog, he found himself, and happiness, because of Matamon, even if he didn't exist.

So if anything, the ending is ambiguous. It could have been Matamon. Or it could be the batshit crazy schizophrenic who magically fixed himself in a very short period of time.

He got better because of Matamon, or better yet, the IDEA of Matamon.

You'll have to forgive me, I just spent a lot of time "in the basement".

15:46 UTC


The Ending

Anybody else feel like the ending was a total cop-out? I'm not saying that I was disappointed with the way they ended it with Ryan having been totally batshit insane the entire time and it was all in his head, but that does beg the question, "what the hell was the point of literally the entire show?"

Side note: I do very much enjoy that part in the penultimate episode where Wilfred pretends he died and Ryan flipped out, Wilfred said "Gotcha!" And then the end is him dying. Epic foreshadowing. Also don't think I'm criticizing the show cause it's my favorite of all time ever so... Yeah.

13:11 UTC


Episode where Wilfred is being mean to bear?

I remember an episode where Wilfred is upset with bear for some reason, and being aggressive/hurting bear throughout the episode as a running joke. I really want to rewatch this episode but can't for the life of me find a clip anywhere online and I don't want to restart the whole series.. help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

04:10 UTC


Can't find episode discussions pre-season 3

I'm rewatching Wilfred, on the last episode of S2 rn, wanted to find episode discussions on this subreddit but couldn't find anything before season 3.

Can anyone help?

14:23 UTC


Funniest lines in the show

'I see the squirrel bitch!!'

04:07 UTC


That scene is pretty fucked up when you look back on it

When Ryan is interrogating Wilfred who he believes to be the evil dog god Krungle. In reality, he was tormenting a leashed dog with a can of coins for no reason.

16:45 UTC


Wilfred is such a great comfort show. It’s really gotten me through some tough times.

You know, ever since the tragedy in the family, I-

02:53 UTC


Wilfred on telegram

I hope I don't violate any rule, but I will leave a link to a channel on telegram to watch Wilfred is not completed yet but it is constantly uploading new chapters https://t.me/Wilfredcomplete

05:56 UTC


Scene/Episode where Wilfred repeatedly asking Ryan: “How about now?”

This was one of my favorite scenes. It was just stupidly funny and kinda shows how dogs get excited and how they don’t have the same perception of time as humans.

Nayone recall which episode had this scene?

04:33 UTC


I created a petition for a Blu-ray box set of 'Wilfred' to be released.

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