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This is our private blog, a special resource for Reddit's GMs. Feel free to share and discuss original lore, story arcs, sub-plots, and plans for quests and encounters of all sizes.

Welcome, GMs!

This is our private blog, a special resource for Reddit's GMs. Feel free to share and discuss original lore, story arcs, sub-plots, and plans for quests and encounters of all sizes.

Utilize this subreddit like an incubator for cunning schemes. Need a quest for your next session? Search for one here.

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  • [NPC] RP strategies and backstory for a paranoid halfling Mages Guild alchemist
  • [Faction] Mysterious tiefling gypsies that keep sell their demon-hunting skills for gold
  • [Monster] Shore-dwelling goblin tribes that wield nets and tridents
  • [Item] A glass that never spills when you drink from it
  • [Trap] A tripwire releases a gelatinous ooze on the far end of a hallway
  • [Puzzle] A dungeon floor is covered with rellanic symbols, and must be crossed using a certain path
  • [Dungeon] The PCs find themselves in an organic structure that glistens with slime – that's because they're inside a Great Wyrm
  • [Encounter] A goblin ambush for PCs traveling by wagon
  • [Minor Quest] An odd sculptor goes missing in his workshop
  • [Major Quest] A dwarven king tasks you with uniting his broken kingdom
  • [Location] An industrious dwarven city situated deep below a mountain range
  • [Campaign] In a low-magic world dominated by militaristic tribes, an enraged god plans to destroy all life
  • [Resource] Web dungeon generator


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Barovia and Count Strahd in 5th edition and how to adapt Curse of Strahd...

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Idea: Connection of Divination with the 4 traditions of Magic (Divine, Arcane, Primal, Occult)

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The child Princess of my kingdom was resurrected from death in exchange for her becoming a portal for a fallen angel. If she dies, she lets him in the world. My players have a quest line to sever this link from here. What could be a reasonable downside to this if I decide to go this?

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Hewremmir — The Book of Lengsnacht

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Horrors of the Deep: The Campaign Setting for 5th Edition on Kickstarter!

A Dark Fantasy Campaign Setting themed all around Nautical Horror and Ocean Exploration for Tabletop Roleplaying. You can follow the page and be notified on Launch on the 31st of May: Kickstarter Page

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Cool concepts for flying cities (and larger)?

What are some cool concepts for flying cities (and larger) that really make the most of the idea?

One idea I had was a flying city ruled by astrological magicians. Such is its swiftness that it keeps pace with the rotation of the world, thus letting the city and its astrologers linger within eternal night and the guiding light of the stars.

In Star Rail, the planet Salsotto's rotation came to a complete standstill, leading to half-year-long days and half-year-long nights. To escape both the frigid night and the scorching sun, the inhabitants built floating cities with which to constantly fly along the crepuscular meridian.

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Field of Fire: An ASOIAF Reddit RP

For over half a century Black and Green have clashed again and again, first with flame and claw, then with steel and iron. The whole of Westeros has breathed a sigh of relief as this forever war seemingly has come to its end. Yet perhaps one final dance remains, as the King on the throne continues to err, showing mercy to the point of madness. Be it desperation or truly blind altruism, it matters not, for the great game makes no distinction about the cause of weakness.

Hi there, we’re Field of Fire, a roleplaying subreddit set in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe though in an alternate timeline diverging after the Dance of Dragons. In our story, the Greens ultimately triumph in the Dance, with young Maelor Targaryen being successfully whisked away to safety. Nearly eighty years later, Maelor the Second has ruled over a time of peace since his father’s death in the Red War.

After the tragic death of his beloved wife and his son, Maelor has shocked the realm by declaring the last of The Blacks, a boy captured during the Red War of Dorne and raised as a ward and hostage of the crown, as his heir. Some view it as madness that he would choose a traitor not only to succeed him over his own young daughter, but also betrothed him to her. Others consider the act as a mercy that will end generations of war, but to the new Prince of Dragonstone and his allies, the ultimate opportunity has arisen.

Join us for a new RP with plenty of political drama, intrigue, pitched battles, and more during this new iteration, launching in early June.


- A Small Royal family allowing for others, be they noble or not, to have a greater deal of focus in the RP.

- No Dragons, the fate of the realm is up to mortal men and women to shape

- An active mod team

- Open slots for major characters

- A growing community with experienced leadership

Our Lore: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kFxi6PaPuPEheL61SnieI9rHguL8y1muSG3QGCyXXHo/edit?usp=sharing

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/vCkWSgXfDe

Our Subreddit: r/FieldOfFire

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[NPC] [Faction] Admiral Wooyou Senn, the Star Wars Imperial leader in "Balance of Power" - and his Asian-style insular people, the Rin

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[Faction] Need ideas for 12 mystical/magical/mythical beings to serve as wardens of an ancient extradimensional prison.

I've had this idea in my head for a while now, and I could use some help fleshing it out.

Basic premise: There's a prison that exists in a place outside of our space and time. This prison was built centuries, or even millenia ago, to house some of the most evil, horrific, deadly beings in history. Demons, monsters, evil mages, fallen gods, if it was too dangerous to be left in the living realm, chances are it wound up there. This prison was a joint development by beings all across the world, and as such has architecture reflecting nearly every ancient civilization known, and over time was even expanded on by others with extra cell blocks reflecting other architectural philosophies.

To maintain this prison, there were originally 13 Wardens, individuals chosen from around the world to keep it all in check. Over time 12 of them have died, whether at the hands of escaped prisoners, taking their own lives through insanity, or from one of their fellow Wardens going mad and killing their friends.

It's those twelve I need help figuring out. I already have the thirteenth, a nine-tailed Kitsune is the sole survivor left with this task.

I'd like to have a good variety for the rest: A monk who achieved such a perfect state of inner peace they slowed their own aging, a tribal medicine man blessed by their god, are just a couple of ideas I've had. I'd like a mix of mythologies from around the world. While I'm currently using this as the basis for a DnD 5e campaign, I'd prefer to use DnD specific elements sparingly as this is something I'd like to be able to revisit in other ways in the future.

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[Setting/Game] AMA About "Army Men: A Game of Tactical Plastic" With The Creator and Head Writer

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One of my players receives visions, so I made this video for the last session where we all watched it together and they saw flashes of what they were going to be facing

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Aberrations of overflowing life?

Have you ever seen RPG settings wherein conventional undead are juxtaposed with their antithesis and logical extreme: living creatures so brimming with life, positive energy, and nigh-immortal regeneration that they mutate into cancerous aberrations?

Maybe an undead-besieged nation, in a desperate bid to fight off the living dead, built a reactor-portal to the Positive Energy Plane that imbued everyone with overflowing abundance... at a very mutative price.

Think less 3.5 deathless and Eberron Undying Court, and more Ragnorra from 3.5 Elder Evils. (Or Yaoshi, the Aeon of Abundance, from Star Rail.)

"Fertility god(ddess) who cannot bear to see the living wither and die" is a thematic that I have grown very fond of lately.

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Bluebeard - Ravenloft Lore

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A Drink to Remember: The Tale of Barry Dingle - PC Backstory for my player's drunken master owlfolk monk

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"Under Fire," Audio Drama and Kickstarter Promo For 'Army Men: A Game of Tactical Plastic'

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Last Time on Dolban - A Courtly Endeavor

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[Resource] "Calling Up Bones," When The Moros Mob Boss Realizes That The Hit He Sanctioned Might Be a Bigger Problem Than His Boys Can Handle (Second Story in The Geist/Mage Crossover Series)

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Secrets of Blaustein - Ravenloft Lore

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Ten plot hooks and little encounters to help inspire both you and your adventurers! [High Fantasy Related]

  1. While staying in a town during their travels the word of a tower that sprung up over three days and was built by little masked cloaked figures reaches the adventurers ears. The tower is described as being being built hollow, with no windows and only a single Darkwood door which faces due north and has a large an ostentatious lantern shaped knocker on its center. The same day they hear of this the adventures receive a letter with a wax seal shaped in the same style of as the knocker on the tower. The invitation is from someone only referring to themselves as "The Wizard" and requests their presence for a dinner party.
  2. While the adventurers are staying at a road side in, the only patrons at said in on this particular evening the front door burst open and in hurries a young blonde haired elven child carrying a wounded snow owl in her arms. She rushes to their table begging for help to protect her and her mother from "them". When prompted about who or where her mother is, she motions to the wounded owl in her arms.
  3. The adventurers are hired by local townsfolk to look into the disappearance of several people. The trail leads them to a small hole in the forest floor that leads to an old abandoned root seller with another hole that leads through unworked stone then to a large set of double stone doors with the symbol of a long dead god or religion engraved on their face. Blood splotches can be seen on the stone doors and the floors, some look years old while others look very fresh.
  4. While traveling along the road the adventurers run into a traveling halfling sales person with a horse and cart who offers to sell them his lucky rocks and is rather insistent on selling them to the adventurers and not too much of a stickler on the price. Should the adventurers turn down his offer he drops to his knees and begs them to buy them if not for him than for the sake of his family; all thirty three of his wives and all sixty six of his children.
  5. While camping along the roadside or in the nearby woods the adventurers spot a larger than average black cat with a white spot on its chest. The cat stands up on its hid legs and makes a low bow introducing itself as "Calix The Cat-sìth" who would like to hire them to retrieve one of its prized earing that was stolen by some "bandits". Calix agrees to pay them in either gold or information should they recover it.
  6. The Adventurers arrive late in the evening in a small human village with an even smaller aging population, in fact they notice there is not a single child in town and all of the adults seems to have one foot in the grave. Should they stay in the town, when they awake the next morning all of the aging human population and the adventurers have turned into children. Only the adventurers have memories of their adult lives.
  7. While traversing a dungeon or underground cave system the adventures enter a room or cavern and discover they have an extra member in their adventuring party. The new member is a dwarf who insists he's been traveling with them for years and even has specific memories and stories that tie in with events that have happened to the adventurers, both individually and as a group such as the last big monster they killed and the names of parents and siblings. He claims that they all must be under some kind of spell and offers to help them "regain their memories."
  8. While traversing through the woods the adventurers come across a large clearing with a single pink and white blooming willow tree in its center. At the base of the tree are two individuals having an argument, a Satyr and a Dryad. The argument revolves around who gets to keep the clearing, the tree, and a number of other items strewn about the base of said tree after they finalize "The Divorce." The pair attempts to recruit the adventurers to arbitrate the finer details of the split.
  9. While shopping in town the adventurers come across a shopkeeper arguing with a finely dressed Ratfolk trying to buy a grappling hook, crowbar, set of thieves tools, chalk and a hooded lantern. The shop keeper is refusing to sell the items to the Ratfolk because he "Knows their kind" while the Ratfolk is insisting she wants the items strictly for academic purposes in her investigation of some local ruins. Close Observation of the Ratfolk reveals she is a member of some well known adventuring society.
  10. The adventurers enter into a town and find themselves accosted by "adoring fans" asking for autographs, caricatures and regaling them with the stories their have heard of their exploits; "When you slew that red dragon in with one swing, when you summoned that Angel to slay that demon, when you managed to sneak into the most secure vault in the land and take the fabled scroll" and the like. The stories these fans tell are events that have obviously never happened to the Adventurers. The fans insist that the adventurers are all being modest and pressure them to go and see their biggest fan in town, the one they call "The Oracle."

Thanks for reading hope these inspire your next adventures!

Happy gaming,


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[Resource] WFRP Beyond the Walls (Unofficial) - CH Publishing | Raising Money for Get Well Gamers

I am pleased to announce that our first publication is now live. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/432061/WFRP-Beyond-the-Walls-Unofficial

'Beyond the Walls is a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplement that provides a diverse range of buildings and locations, reflecting the diversity of the Empire’s people and its rich history. The examples detailed in this book serve to inspire and can be easily adapted to suit any campaign setting, offering unique locations to enrich your own creations. While stat blocks are created using the 4e ruleset, they can easily be converted into other edition formats with some tweaking. '

If you enjoyed the book please consider supporting Get Well Gamers by donating here: https://tiltify.com/@simon-ch/get-well-gamers

'Get Well Gamers is a charitable organization based in the UK, which distributes video games and consoles to healthcare facilities such as hospitals and hospices throughout the United Kingdom, where gaming can offer a much-needed boost.'

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Bestiary of a Nighthunter

Bestiary of a Nighthunter is a visual novel following the story of Dedris, a monster hunter attempting to document every known monster so that future generations may stand a chance against the horrors of the night.

If you are interested in exploring this dark fantasy world, inspired by bloodborne, DND, and the Legend of Zelda, check it out on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/@midoranbestiary

In the near future there are plans to develop this into a custom DND module with stat blocks for all my custom monsters and NPC's and a campaign module to accompany it that will be periodically updated.

You can support this project on patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/Midoran_Bestiary or just by checking it out and spreading the word.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Bestiary Entry # 006 - Bonebloom

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[Resource] "Russian Roulette," A Geist: The Sin Eaters Story (Taken From The Chronicles of Darkness Supplement "50 Geists")

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