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Travel friendly?

In July, I’ll be going on a trip with 20 other people, that will take two days to get there! In other words, I’ll have a lot of spare time. Any rpg suggestions that would be possible to play solo, and in a van?

1 Comment
18:32 UTC


RPG System for the game Colony Ship request

Anyone got a good RPG system for the setting and atmosphere of the CRPG Colony Ship?


17:49 UTC


Polish Translation for Dungeon Slayers

Looking for a Polish translation for Dungeon Slayers, OR any other beginner friendly rpg that is available in Polish (preferably free).

17:32 UTC


I'm creating a mobile RPG that uses one d20 for the entire game. It's called MobileRPG

It's a highly customizable game inspired by DND but simplified to one page of rules to learn. It's made to be an accessible game to be played by any age anywhere. From kids at the dentist to elderly in a home. I'd love if I could get some people to play it and see if it works.

Let me know if you wanna try it out with me. I'll personally GM it. I've written a player guide but essentially, you can be anything you want, you work with a GM to create custom classes and races. I've tried to make it as simple to follow but open ended as possible.

The current story will have you waking in a grove around your fellow heroes unweary of why you are there. But thats just my story. Any GM can make their own.

Currently I am trying to run it as a text based rpg. comment or message if you're interested.

1 Comment
17:12 UTC


Which are some great Fantasy RPGs for oneshots?

I'm currently playing a full-length campaing of Tormenta20 (Brazilian D&D) as a player, but I both want to GM some games from time to time while also giving my GM the opportunity to be a player.

When thinking about this, it would nice to do oneshots from time to time, so I'm looking for a RPG that is easy to learn and play, to contrast with our current camping since there a lot of rules to remember and learn all the time.

I feel more confortable with a fantasy setting, but and can be ANY flavour of it, be it Heroic, Epic, Low, High or even Modern, but I can look into other genres also like Sci-Fi, however I prefer something more light in atmosphere.

16:56 UTC


Why don't more TTRPGs use hex based maps for combat?

Modern D&D and many other games that involve tactical combat use a square grid. It works well if you need to draw a wall or move your character in a straight line. But a hex map gives you more movement options, and it can work well for Area of Effect abilities.

I'm curious for your thoughts. Why don't more games use a hex based map for combat? Is it simply because dungeon maps tend to have straight lines for corridors and rooms which are abstracted onto the grid? Are there other reasons?

16:21 UTC


City Campaign Question

Hello, I have a question about campaigns that take place in a city. I'm preparing a longshot in a city, but I don't know how to keep them together. In classic fantasy adventures, you usually go on a trip and you have to be together for that, but how does it work in a city?

There they can go wherever they want and separate without much problem, because there are no dangers that force them to really be together. Should I put a hook that forces them to work together?

15:41 UTC


Player wants to switch characters at the final boss.

The group I DM for is nearing the end of a long dnd campaign, and the party of 15th level characters are currently fighting their way through a dungeon and about to enter the room of the final boss.

After going through the dungeon they're all very worn down, though they got a short rest so they're all at full hp. I balanced the final encounter with their low resources in mind.

One of my players wants to swap out her current character, a chronomancer wizard, with a previous character she temporarily retired (a paladin). To do this the chronomancer essentially re-writes time to replace herself with the previously retired paladin. In doing so, the wizard writes herself out of reality and she's gone forever. This is a really cool idea narratively, but mechanically it means the player swaps to a fresh 15th level character before the final fight.

I think this is cool lorewise and would be a big moment. But my main worry is that it would undercut the desperate final battle, and kind of invalidate the struggle and resources expended to get this far?

I think it also has the problem of making this one player the star, essentially giving her a long rest while none of the other players do.

I plan on talking to the other players and getting their thoughts, but I still haven't made up my own mind.

So my question is, do I facilitate this swap? To make it fair do I just give everyone a full rest and rebalance the final encounter?

15:34 UTC


Looking for PbtA suggestions

Hello, seeking help to find a proper system. First of all, I am looking for PbtA, want to try this engine.
The theme of the game:

  • Oneshot or 2-3 session
  • Urban fantasy but not horror with a drip of surrealism (like I don't need to explain why human has extraordinary strength, it is just like that)
  • I want to run detective/investigation/mystery solving (some secret to uncover). If speaking about references: Big Fish, Durarara, Hot Fuzz (in some way).

Games that I already thought about:

  • Urban Shadows 2nd edition - want to play, but actually I prefer to try it like a campaign to touch political aspect
  • City of Mist - it seems to be perfect except for 2 things: it is made for the noir genre and I hear that the game inherit also FATE mechanics, and I looking for pure PbtA
  • Mask - I doubt it because of the main theme, teenage superheroes, don't know if I can twist it.

So, if anyone has a good suggestion I will be thankful to see it.

14:58 UTC


Forbidden Lands with Ark mechanics

So I'm really into the idea of running Forbidden Lands, where the PCs are from a community and all the hexploration is in service to save their dying village. I was thinking of reworking the Ark mechanics from Mutant Year Zero to simulate this, since Strongholds seems to be more of a 'selfish', for lack of a better word, money sink. Anybody have thoughts or advice on this?

13:45 UTC


WALDEN RPG | A RPG for Spectrum Autistic People

In the twilight of an era shrouded in the mystical legends of treasures veiled by the whispers of time, the kingdom of Walden finds itself at a crossroads between history and myth.

Walden RPG is a medieval fantasy analog game designed to introduce young people on the autistic spectrum to the world of tabletop RPGs. Its manual contains rules that are simple to learn and easy to adapt, with a focus on constructing an improvised narrative.

The game can be played by anyone over the cognitive age of 10. To play, you need a group of 2 to 5 players, with one of them playing the role of Guide. A solo game mode - in which the Guide is replaced by an Oracle - is also included.

The original game was written in Portuguese, so I translated the rulebook and sheets to share it with everyone!

Itchio page: WALDEN RPG
Translated version Here.

13:39 UTC


where can i find the japanese modules to dnd

i have been interested in finding the japanese story modules for dnd for a while (i mean modules made for japan not just translated to japanese) specifically the versions from the 80s and 90s i want to see how the prefered story telling japanese dnd differed from western dnd of the era

13:34 UTC


What is it called?

I'm not a native speaker, so I am having trouble searching for this word. In a lot of adventures, for example we have a phrase given to someone after their names.

i.e - Ozen "The Immovable" Bondrewd "The Sovereign of Dawn"

Also, does someone know a place that has a bunch of those "names"?

12:55 UTC


You don't need to be a good GM.

Looking at some of the top posts this weeks, I was reminded of something that always bothers me. Just how many and how urgently people stress being a good gm. The imposter syndrome, the hours of books read and videos watched, getting genuinely offended when someone calls you a bad GM, some of it I feel too, but a lot of it doesn't really connect with me. I'm aware that the sentiment I'm about to express isn't exactly revolutionary either, apologies if this is a common post topic here, but you really don't need to be a good gm.

There are plenty of hobbies, heck even this hobby if you're talking to a forever player, where skill takes a bit of a backseat. I get that there are differences, as a gm everyone's fun might depend on your performance, but the key word there is might. A lot of time you can more or less just coast and it'll still be a pretty fun session. Even if you mess up or make bad decisions, things will probably still turn out okay, if not exactly incredible. Another reason is how much effort, weeks of planning even, might go into a say two hour event. You want to do everything you can to make sure that isn't a waste, isn't a disappointment, and so you end up spending even more time trying to up your success rate only for player problems, scheduling/irl issues, or you just having a brain fart/not feeling it on the day to potentially ruin things anyway. I can understand the feelings that lead to the fixation, (pardon the overstatement but I'm a sucker for alliteration), but I do wish I knew how to convince people to take things a little less seriously sometimes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's OK to relax and just let yourself be a bad, or at least mediocre gm every now and then. Heck, its fine to do that most of the time if you still enjoy running games that way. Are you having fun most of the time? Are your players having fun most of the time? Then why does it matter? If someone calls you a bad gm, after they're disappointed with a session you put a solid amount of effort in and any they put in was to the detriment of everyone else at the table, well... maybe they're right. But you don't need to be a good gm.

12:38 UTC


Slow burn investigation or hack em up?

Do you prefer a long and slow investigation? Or do you like a game that is combat heavy when it comes to gaining clues?

Do you like to play games that don't even have combat, or is that a genre few enjoy?

Is combat essential to your vision of "role playing"?

11:28 UTC



hello guys! I saw that there is an online free legit copy of the Troika! rules. Do u know where can i find an italian version? thxx

10:46 UTC


What are the big new rpg kickstarters?

I'm out of the loop with this hobby sadly, ever since covid.

I've heard of the MDHM game by Matt Colville. I'm sure the Critical Role people, who seem to have become massively successful, are doing something.

Is there anything else? Are Onyx Path working on a new CoD game perhap?

10:12 UTC


Simple one shot campaign for beginners

Hi, me and my friend are looking for a simple and beginner friendly one shot campaign. We are more interest in the role playing aspect, we are not so good in math.

I'll be the GM and there will be 3 players, can you suggest me something to begin with?

Thank you in advance 🩵

08:33 UTC


Advice on dealing with different player personalities

I have just done a session zero for VtM it is a second attempt at a chronicle that I have played previously, and I am returning as effectively the same character I played before, who has an existing relationship with the key NPC who sets most of our tasks/quests.

I will be playing as a Toreador Siren a very social focussed build who will be the face and apparent leader (at least at the beginning) of the coterie, I personally am a deep thinking, slow to speak introvert (probably Autistic).  I often enjoy the challenge of playing against type, quiet me playing a CHA build but sometimes what I am trying to do is not understood or respected by other players.

The first time we tried to play this chronicle one of the reasons that I eventually ran out of spoons was that the only other PC was an extrovert playing a character who was the tech brain but they were social kryptonite. I was eternally frustrated with the other PC not leaving sufficient space in conversations for me to say my piece and repeatedly not stepping back in situations that called for the party’s face to take the lead and make the rolls with my veritable bag full of dice.

Anyway, having just done session zero for this new game I have discovered that we have a coterie with 3 quieter players and one who never draws breath and totally dominates the conversation. They info-dump their lore knowledge, don’t leave enough space for others to get into conversations and constantly interrupt when others speak.

What are some strategies that I can use, tactfully or otherwise, to ensure that both myself and the other quieter players get not only a fair amount of airtime but also get the opportunity to shine in their characters moment(s).

Additionally, what are some strategies that the ST could implement at the table to ensure it is not dominated by one player?

08:13 UTC


German 5e character creators?

I'm planning on hosting an open table in my area and it'd be really handy to have a bunch of premade characters so people can just jump in. However DnD beyond only let's you make characters in English. Of course I can always make stuff by hand but that just takes way longer. Anyone know anything that might help? My Google skills have failed me so far...

08:01 UTC


Just had a disaster of a session

I know there's not really much to discuss, I just wanted to vent a little.

I tried running a one-shot at a local game meetup tonight. At these events, typically a handful of people will offer to run indie RPGs and everyone else will join whichever game sounds most interesting. In the past there have been roughly 20 people to attend. My partner was accompanying me tonight, and 3 other people joined my game. Of the 3 others, one of them was great fun and really nice to talk to, but the other 2 people were quiet, passive-aggressive, and seemed thoroughly confused about the entire game. At times, I actually wondered if they even knew what an RPG was, which was mystifying since one of them insisted he had actually already played the game we were playing. They never involved themselves in any of the scenes, any time someone tried to get them involved they would just shrug and say "I don't know" or literally just stare at their character sheet and not respond. Any time I roped them into a scene they would actively try to remove themselves from it as quickly as possible. The story just ground to an absolute halt every single time it started to get moving.

We took a 10 minute break about halfway into the session, and I decided to just pull the plug. I told everyone I wasn't feeling it and me and my partner left. I apologized to her for even inviting her to this meetup because it went so badly. I've had tons of fun at previous meetups for this group, and I've talked up how great of a crowd it is to my partner, so for her first experience to go this badly made me feel even worse. She was understanding of course, but I feel bad nonetheless.

Everyone has bad nights, that's just how it is. I was just really looking forward to this meetup and it ended up being a serious disappointment.

Feel free to commiserate with me over your bad game nights.

05:31 UTC


Looking for opposed dice pool systems (there's a caveat)

To be more specific, D10 dice pool systems in which: every roll is a contest, and each die higher than the opposition's highest is a hit/success/detail.

I've already checked Ron Edward's Sorcerer, Donjon (despite it being a d20 pool), Cold City/Hot War, and a new one called Raven (they use custom D6, but it's a 50/50 system, so any dice could work).

I think I've seen more like it before, but I just can't remember now.

03:22 UTC


2nd copy of Eat the Reich

Hey all,

I recently was accidentally sent a 2nd copy of Eat the Reich. I’m happy to give it to anyone who wants it, you’ll just need to pay the shipping cost :) I’m based in Australia so anyone from there it shouldn’t be too expensive.

03:15 UTC


Borderlands: Bunkers & Badasses / Homebrew

Wanted to kind get a sense of the general sentiment out there. If I were interest in running a Borderlands (mainline not spin offs) TTRPG campaign where and with what have people found success with?

I own and have run B&B and it certainly seems it could be adapted to fit a more standard Borderlands campaign but I imagine there had to be systems out there that might work better out of the box or even already created adaptations for B&B.

Any guidance or recommendations would be appreciated!

02:43 UTC


Looking for a good fit for a generic/genre neutral system

I'm looking to find a good generic system to match my needs. I'm coming from mostly PF1e and D&D5e. I prefer medium crunch with some level of concrete elements in their options. I don't really care for games that are hyper narrative focused at the cost of definition of gameplay elements (which is why I've ruled out Fate from what I've seen of it). Easy on the GM to prep. Generally prefer to play with higher power cap characters, though low power for some gothic games. I'm mostly used to trying to run longer games, though part of the reason I'm looking for a generic system is to start running shorter games that allows my ADHD to finish before I lose interest.

Genres I like to play/run (often combining multiple genres)

Fantasy- High, Dark, JRPG; I like a lot of magic in my games; IPs I'd probably use include Final Fantasy (Ivalice, FFXIV), Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age (yes I'm aware of the system, see below). and Magic the Gathering.

Gothic Horror- Combined with other genres listed (like Ravenloft for gothic fantasy) or as low-power investigative (looked into Vaesen for this one)

Science Fantasy- I don't typically like straight Sci-Fi, more like Star Wars and Starfinder style games

Supers- I like teen heroes (playing in Masks right now) and supernatural supers (like Justice League Dark)

School/Academy game- Mixed with the above.

Games I've kinda looked into (always open to info/suggestions as I have not actually played most of these; really would like to know how most of these games play out)

GURPS- Looked a little bit into it, seems a bit overwhelming and my dumb monkey brain doesn't like roll under mechanics.

Genesys- Tried it and did not care for it. It's a little too narrative and loose for me. I'd like some more definition in my game.

AGE- This is the system I know the most about in this list. I've actually been looking into Fantasy Age for my main homebrew fantasy world, but not sure how well the system as a whole would do for other genres. I tried to make one of my super OCs with Modern Age and it kinda just felt weird. Plus, I'm aware of all of the late game flukes the system has.

Savage Worlds- I see everyone say this game is pulpy. I feel kinda dumb, but what does that mean in terms of game play? Haven't played it, but I have been suggested this by a friend. I have read a lot of people say this one doesn't do higher powered supers very well, which does cause some concern and I'm not 100% sure how I feel about how swingy the rolls can be according to

Cypher- I picked up the Humble Bundle and I've been looking through it, though I very much get that it is a very divisive system. From my basic look, I do enjoy the sentence character-building structure. I'm more iffy on the stat pools as "HP" and I do feel like some character options are missing (wanted to try and build a Poison Ivy expy and haven't been able to find a set of adjective, noun, and verb that works out for it yet).

Mechanics I like and dislike (Nothing hard on either front, just what I personally prefer)
Dice Pools-I think the idea of rolling pools and counting successes seems like an interesting idea.

Using multiple types of dice (d4, d6 etc): I like variety and I want to use all of my different dice.

GM not rolling- I have a lot of math rocks and I want to use them

Card based initiative- I don't want to add more accessories to my game .

Weird Dice- Combine the two above; I have a lot of regular dice and I don't want to hunt down specialty dice (Looking at you Genesys; and yes I know there is a free app)

Roll Under- I'm mostly coming from PF1e and D&D 5e and thinking about rolling under kinda just makes my brain hurt.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and any systems I might have missed.

01:55 UTC



So, I want to get into Starforged. What should I get? Just the rule book? Thoughts on the Asset cards and are they worth it? What about the reference guide? Will the deluxe edition rule book include all of this?

00:09 UTC


What is the appeal of a "dwarf" to you?

What is the appeal to you of "a dwarf"? When you play a dwarf, what makes you want to play one? When you use dwarves as a gm, what makes them useful for you? When you hear a game has dwarves , what do you expect them to be like? What do you hope they are like? What are your favorite version of dwarves?

23:59 UTC


Unofficial Avatar The Last Airbender Systems

Preface: I own and enjoy the Magpid Avatar The Last Airbender offical system. I have run two campaigns and enjoy it. I like the PbtA engine. However, I also know it isn't everyone's cup of tea and that PbtA can push particular play styles.

Whenever an official game comes out, it can kind of erase all the people who tried their hands at their own games over the years. I think that can be an interesting discussion, all the fan games that predate the official release.

Avatar the Last Airbender is a special situation for this one because it is a popular fantasy setting with a unique magic system. People were making hacks BEFORE the original series ended.

I want to show some I know of here and ask if any of y'all k ow of some yourself.

  1. Legend of the Elements by The Logbook also uses the PbtA engine but does things completely differently than Magpie. https://thelogbookproject.itch.io/legend-of-the-elements

  2. Avatar The Second Age is a phenomenal Genesys hack made by an acquaintance of mine. A really well fleshed out hack of the system between Star Wars Edge of the Empire.


  1. Avatar The Last Fatebender is my hack of Fate Condensed to model the Avatar Universe.


  1. The World of Avatar The Last Airbender is a weird one because someone tried to sell this on DTRPG. That didn't last long as it is unlicensed. It uses the same system as Witch Girl Adventures. https://mega.nz/file/U4MXzIaa#fFEBLQyOXch3FLKoUCMTsmpDDCIdku1BCTl82nvDin0

  2. Savage Avatar is a Savage World hack for Avatar. https://mega.nz/file/Uk90mJ7Y#WQ7PUppU2uxITO4tuYwuiOc7V3nwVM1sbhbRHuhaF1Y

  3. Avatar The Last Airbender Elemental Classes for 4th Edition D&D is what it says on the tin. https://mega.nz/file/gxERWBJa#xXD7W-VVCUFZ1ALOsJ_TspLHY9nKewqGfaxA2mrnKa8

  4. Avatar The Last Airbender 3.5 is a D&D 3.5 class hack for Avatar. https://mega.nz/file/x51S2Yya#t1_JKurO32ZRwF1VmzpGZkH4nZVYs8d8P-HTEebxcxs

  5. Incarnate: Last of the Lancers is a 5e class hack for Atla.


That's all I know of. Does anyone else know of any?

Once again, this isn't to belittle the amazing work of Magpie but highlight other fans and indie devs who did their own work making AtlA or Atla inspired TRPGs.

22:44 UTC

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