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Shadows of Uprising [Online] [5e] [Homebrew] [Thursday 7pm AEST Weekly] [18+] [LGBTQIA+ Friendly]

🏹 Forge Your Fate in the Fires of Revolution: Mercenaries Wanted! 🏹

🌍 First Session: The Shadows of Uprising!

Greetings, fearless adventurers! The winds of change are blowing, and a high fantasy island teeters on the brink of revolution. Amidst the chaos, a mercenary company emerges, ready to carve their destiny in the annals of history. Will you answer the call?

🕖 When? This Sunday 19th November AEST

🎲 About the DM: I'm B, your guide through an exciting tale of power, betrayal, and destiny. With a blend of strategic combat, intricate storytelling, and puzzles, join me on a journey where mercenaries shape the fate of nations.

⚔️ World building

Mercenary Crew: Form bonds with your fellow mercenaries as you navigate the shifting sands of political intrigue. Will you become heroes or villains in this epic saga?

High Fantasy Island: Explore a vibrant world teeming with magic, mythical creatures, and political machinations. The stage is set for a military coup that will change the course of history.

Dynamic Choices: Your decisions matter. Influence the outcome of the revolution and leave your mark on a world in upheaval.

🌟 How to Join:

Apply and become a vital part of The Shadows of Uprising! Add my discord wthdywtla or message me on reddit with the following.


Name/Nickname: DND Experience: Preferred Playstyle (Roleplaying/Combat): Mercenary Concept/Idea: Discord Handle: Availability: 🛡️ Mercenaries Wanted! Forge alliances, face treachery, and shape the destiny of a nation. 🌌

08:50 UTC


[Online][5e] [Homebrew] [CST Every Sunday 2-4 Hour Sessions] [LGBTQIA+ Friendly] [18+] DM looking for 3-5 players for a medium to long term campaign. | Title: WynnVeil - The End of an Ancient Lullaby

In recent years, the political tensions between Razme and Taluna have only brought suffering to those caught in between, from ruined villages to fields filled with banners and the bodies of these two major powers. The two nations both in search of something roughly translated to “An Instrument of Power” and “Zyianovall”. A familiar client has reached out to you all and is in need of help once more, will you accept the dangers that come along with it this time?
World Intro - Google Doc
-------------------------------------------------------------------- 0/5 Player Slots Filled

Hail travelers, My name username is OrcSmith, but get to know me and I shall reveal to you my true name.
I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 2017, and for a good bit of that time, I have been a Dungeon Master. As for now, I plan to continue that with a homebrewed campaign I wish to run for YOU.
I have DM'd and completed a multitude of short campaigns (8-20 sessions), 2 longer games, the longest running a little over 18 months (Typically every week, with the occasional rescheduling due to player schedule conflicts.)

Any experience level is welcome to apply, and do be warned I am not a professional by any means, I am merely an amateur DM. I do not expect players to be "perfect". Just for you to have basic common sense and understand everyone here is a human being.


A Working Microphone, Access to Discord and Roll20. Completion of the a RPG Consent Checklist provided by myself.
Optional Things- Webcam for those who are comfortable with it.

Game Details:

We will be using Roll20, Discord, and D&D Beyond for those who wish to use it.
Player Characters will be starting at level 2 and will become level 3 quickly. This allows you a little time to play with your character and see where you wish to go with them.

Roleplay / Combat / Puzzle Solving %:

My games are usually more story/roleplay driven, so expect 60/20/20. Combat is typically decided by player actions. For narrative driven combat, expect it every 3-4 sessions? If even that.
When I also inevitably do combat, I make use of the environment quiet a lot. There are many things that may provide you and your team advantages. As well as maybe ideas of what to expect from enemy types. (Scorched Walls? Enemy probably uses fire attacks)

Sessions Times:

I do intend on the game taking place on Sunday in the CST time zone, however, the actual session start time will be decided with players. For now I am thinking sometime between 5pm-11pm CST.

Info and Where to apply:
If you are interested I would love to have an interview with you! Typically I will do this over a discord voice call.
Please add @ orcsmith on Discord and leave a comment here that you are interested with your discord username if you wish! It does help identify those who are interested.

If you have any questions please DM me or comment them below and I will do my best to answer them to the fullest. Till we meet again adventurers.

08:18 UTC


[Online][5e][Weekly][LGBTQ+] [CST] A Most Potent Brew - One-Shot - Beginner Friendly


My name is Raven, (she/her) age 27, I’ve been playing D&D for a little over a year now and am looking to dip my toes into the DMing pool. I’m a brand new DM, so this will be a friendly environment for everyone to learn together.

I will be running a one-shot that could branch out into other adventures if everyone would like to continue.

The one-shot is titled, “ A Most Potent Brew,” and is a level 1 one-shot aimed at new players but is open to more experienced players if you would like.

Here is a synopsis for the module:

Enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons without spending a penny! This first-level adventure is designed to work with the free basic rules offered by Wizards of the Coast. You and your friends can explore, battle and roleplay without having to buy anything other than snacks, drinks and maybe some pizza for the DM!

 Delve your very first dungeon beneath the Wizard's Tower Brewery The party is sent to deal with a problem that should be instantly familiar to all rookie adventurers - exterminating giant rats that have taken up residence in a beer cellar.

However, if they are to achieve their goal our heroes are going to have to get their first taste of a real dungeon as they explore the ruins of an ancient Wizard’s Tower.

Other information:

Date: Saturday, November 25

Time 12pm -5pm CST

Players: 5-6

Age: 21+ preferred

Character Creation: D&D Beyond; and since I am a new DM I would prefer that character options be limited to the Player's Handbook.

VTT: Roll20

Video/Voice: Discors; video is preferred, but will also accept voice only

LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Femme Friendly; hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.

I will close applications on Saturday, November 18 and start reaching out to selected players this weekend.

After acceptance I will message you via discord and will provide a safety checklist.

I will also reach out to everyone to schedule a short solo session zero to discuss any questions you may have.

Fill out the following form to apply:


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07:57 UTC


Online [40K] Dark Heresy 2nd edition

DM and 1 other player looking for additional players for a DH2E campaign, looking for 2 - 3 more players. Playing Wednesdays PST can discuss the time after the players have been selected to confirm with one another's schedule. 18+ no kids sorry we are both adults in our late 20's, don't be a cunt (GMs exact words) e.g no sexism, racism, homophobia or any other kind of bigotry, just be respectful. Mature themes are present within the game, violence xenophobia, gore, and strong language player discretion is advised if you have any issues or topics you would not like brought up inform us before hand, if you're interested leave a comment and I'll reply. Once the group is full I will close the post.

07:03 UTC


[PF2E][Offline][Reign of Winter][Saturday Evenings][Orange County/La county]


Players currently: 3-4 players currently(a mix men and women) we are looking for 1-2 more.

Levels to climb?: 1-20 campaign, you will be starting at level 1.

Who can join?: Anyone, even if you have never touched a ttrpg or the system of pathfinder. Anyone can join and learn. Everyone in the party is friendly, and will do their best to help you guide through it.

Who am I: I've gmd for 5e dnd, 1st edition pathfinder, and 2nd edition pathfinder. I've taught the system to many people and enjoy being a gm.

About the Campaign: So what is Reign of Winter?

'Reign of Winter,' a Pathfinder Adventure Path that blends mystery, and camaraderie. Uncover the secrets of Baba Yaga's disappearance as you navigate frozen landscapes, make pivotal decisions, and forge lasting bonds with your party. This unique adventure spans continents, containing icy realms of Irrisen to distant lands, offering a rich narrative with unexpected twists.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in let me know,dm me or leave a comment below.

06:25 UTC


The Calling of Destruction [Online] [5e] [Homebrew] [Friday 7pm CST Weekly] [18+] [LGBTQ+ Friendly] [Beginner Friendly]

Campaign: The Calling of Destruction

You wake up in the desert, the last week or two are hazy to you, but you can’t worry about that right now because a bunch of strangers are also waking up around you. As you all look at each other you notice you all have the same symbol on your forearms. What happened to all of you? How did you get here? What is this symbol? Are you in danger?

Hello! I’m jokerfan67, I’m gonna be running a DND campaign on Friday’s at 7pm CST in my own homebrew world, well universe really. I already have 1 player who’s a good friend of mine, but I’m looking for about 5-6 more people. A little about me, I’ve been playing DND for over a year now and have been DMing for most of that time, I tend to use a lot of homebrew rules to have more fun, I like to have fun with roleplaying while also having some fun combat here and there. I tend to be a little loose when it comes to character creation, if it doesn’t contradict with the already set lore, which it most likely won’t, I’ll likely allow it. If this is something you’re interested in, please fill out the application below and I will reach out to you over discord. Thank you and good luck!


05:59 UTC


(Online)(Flexible)(Thursday)Looking For Most Anything Except 5e


My Thursday night game kinda fell apart so I'm looking for something new. Willing to play pretty much any system except 5E (because I can't stand WotC anymore). I'm 36, male, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC friendly. I've been gaming for about 15 years, I prefer RP heavier games but combat is also fine. Into punk music, and have experience with Pathfinder 1e, WoD (and its spinoffs), M&M 3e, Fate, Shadowrun 2e &4e, and a few other smaller titles/ones I'm forgetting.

05:46 UTC


2 players looking for a group (online) (5e) (Other)(lgbt+ friendly)

Howdy call me Zen (He/Him), The other player is Penny (She/Her) Looking for a Friday game, anytime works, we are (pst), preferably 5e but open and willing to learn most other systems like path finder, anime 5e, call of Cthulhu. Vampire, etc., I mostly have experience with dnd, Played in a couple campaigns and a few one shots. Penny has Played Many Campaigns and many systems, would prefer a game that uses maps Discord: Zentrixjv,

Also can make early Wednesdays or Thursdays work, were both good for longer and shorter sessions, also hoping for a campaign that's planned to go on a while.

05:36 UTC


[Offline] [D&D] [3.5] [5e] [Boardgames][Wisconsin][30 plus]


I'm Jora-in-da-house (named after a GW character) a 40 year old woman who doesn't have much experience with D & D/boardgames. I like sci fi/fantasy and have side interests in science and history.

Looking to join a group that I might fit in with ( I don't smoke/do drugs and like drink only twice a year), and am also open to making friends thru playing D &D or boardgames. I would prefer to play games with other adults ( I don't have kids, but am fine with them as long as they are well behaved and have proper supervision from parents or other family). I am LGBTQ friendly, but prefer a relatively family (and newbie) friendly and respectful gaming group free of a lot of sex and really violent content. Could meet up during the day on a weekend twice a month most likely. Would prefer a public place or a gaming store unless it turns out we've met before in some capacity, which is unlikely.

I am located near the Fox Cities area most of the time but sometimes (but very, very, rarely) go as far as Madison for necessary family stuff. I could consider a group that far with caveats (mainly related to travel....if its snowing heavily I likely wouldn't make something that far!) that I would need to fill you in on before we got going though.

If you think I might be a match for your group or you'd just like to get to know me a bit more first feel free to reach out. Also, nice to have all existing group members approval before joining something as that way any potential conflicts can be averted before a new member actually starts playing.

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04:38 UTC


[Offline][Perth WA][Cyberpunk] Looking for a ttrpg group in the Perth area

Hey everyone!

I miss playing at a table and would love to join a campaign. Recently been looking to dig my teeth into cyberpunk as a fan of the IP. I haven't bought the books yet since I want to have a group before investing.

For now I'll just call myself M, I'm 24, male originally from Estonia but I've been living here for over a year now.

I have around 6-7 years of ttrpg experience, mostly DND as both a player and a DM.

04:17 UTC


Forever DM Itching to Play [18+][PST][5e][online]

Hello, I am Magne. I’m a DM of 4 campaigns (one ongoing) and overall player of DnD for 7 years. However, I suffer from being a forever DM, and I really want to play.

Availability: Monday evenings, tuesday afternoons, friday afternoobs

What I’m looking for:

  • Traditional fantasy setting focused on character development and storytelling (e.g. a setting like World of Warcraft / LotR)
  • discord vc
  • i like seeing maps so maybe owlbear rodeo or roll20
  • long term, reliable and consistent sessions
  • fun, friendly group thats 18+

Extra: I’d like to believe that I’m good at roleplay and I’m decently friendly. I’d really like to find a fun group that is truly passionate about the game.

Shoot me a message or dm me on discord (discord: rice_cakes)

04:08 UTC


dming a dnd campaign online [5e]

the party consists of rogue druid bard/warlock warlock do dm me for more info however fair warning i am a new dm and i may get things wrong and whatnot and ill need you to have patience please and thank you (leve 8 players 8pm est friday nights but for tomorrow we start at 9pm for once and only once)

03:45 UTC


(online) (18+) (M) (other) Looking for friend groups to TTRPG with

i'm more looking for a long-term friend group to have fun with. i have both adventure and characters i wanna play through.i have Discord, Roll20, and D&D beyond. a good mic but no webcam.

i'm most familiar with the D&D 5E system. i would love to learn pathfinder, i also have plans to get the fallout ttrpg book(s). My schedules at this point is also fairly flexile. with normal life exceptions obviously. If i find a group it'll be my first time using a tabletop system though i have experience with play by post/ text based.

I also want to stress that i am looking for a friend group, not just a one off campaign.

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03:33 UTC


Online The Haunting of Ada: Streamed PF2e 1 shot Thursday 11/30 @ 7:00 PM ET

[Time]: Thursday November 30th @ 7:00 PM ET

[Requirements]: Clear Microphone/ Webcam/ & strong internet

[Summary]: A team of adventurers have been stranded on the haunted island of Ada and must find a way to escape with their lives! PC's will be level 1 & this adventure will be streamed. Potential for additional 1 shots/games to follow. Please apply to the link below!

Will be streamed to my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TeganJGaming


03:05 UTC


[online] [5e]

Hi, my name is destiny and I’m looking for a group to play with! I’m a beginner dnd player and have the starter set along with die. I do have discord as well! Please leave a comment if interested!

03:04 UTC


[Online][5e][CST] Looking for 25+ or 30+ group with an opening

Hi! Looking for a group that's 25 or 30+ to join. I have some DnD 5e experience, but have not been a part of a long term campaign because scheduling always ends up being an issue. You won't need to teach me the rules from scratch, but I am still a beginner and may need some reminders on the nitty gritty stuff.

Not available on Mondays or Wednesdays, but somewhat flexible otherwise. I'm located in the US in central time, so something reasonable for that time zone. I can't do super late nights, and I can commit to a weekly or every other week schedule.

Ideally I'd like a group where I won't be the only female player. And one where everyone is looking to have a fun time and not stress too much about how the dice rolls. No preference on setting, I'm just eager to jump in and play some DnD.

Let me know if you have some room for me to join!

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02:59 UTC


[Online][Flexible][UTC-6] GM looking for players to play a variety of systems

Game system: Many different systems

Using Discord and Foundry VTT

CST (UTC -6)

My two available time blocks are:

Monday - Friday 8am - 1pm

Monday - Friday 8pm - 1am

Frequency: Meeting once a week

So if there is interest, the time and day will be set based on people's availability

Open to everyone

I'm wanting to form a group of players who would like to explore a variety of game systems. Ideally what I'm envisioning is having a stable group of 3-5 players who are willing to be part of a series of shorter campaigns (3-10 sessions, depending on the story and how much fun people are having with that game) and the occasional one shot for systems that don't facilitate longer runs. As a GM, I generally prefer to run roleplay heavy games with a focus on story and characters much more than just combat and dungeon crawls.

I don't expect players to learn an entire new system every time we switch, I will do my best to condense the important rules down to 3-5 pages. So you'll be required to be willing to read up to 5 pages every few months. I'll be more than happy to help with character creation as well, since that tends to be a more lengthy part of getting into a new system.

Any experience level is welcome.

About me: I've been a GM for the past 20+ years. Over the past 10 years I've really been enjoying games where fighting isn't the only solution to a problem, and that has moved me away from some of the bigger games out there since too many people approach all situations that way. Some of my current favorite systems are Cortex Prime, Burning Wheel, Savage Worlds.

If you have any questions or are interested, my Discord is GMBen

02:59 UTC


[Online] [PbP] [Pokerole] [Other] Pokerole Mystery Dungeon Into the Endless Chasm


You wake up in a new world, and you are not sure what happened but you get taken in by the "Appletun's guild of dungeoneers"... which only became official yesterday and only has 7 members including the master himself. The guild's mission is to get to the figurative and literal bottom of the mysterious Endless Chasm dungeon as well as solve the sudden appearance of a new kind of mystery dungeon.

About the game

This will be a light-hearted game (with some serious moments when deserved) with a guild/town that you can influence and requite members to the guild. There is an "endless" shifting dungeon using the random dungeon creation from the rulebook (think of Mementos or Tartarus from the persona games) and also premade dungeons.

About the GM

I'm a new GM who has more of a laid-back playstyle I'm a bit socially inept and young and I really like games series like:

Zelda, Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, ect

I tend to take heavy inspiration from the stuff I'm into at the time

Game Details

  • System: Pokerole 1.0 (Mystery Dungeon module)
  • Number of Players: 4 or 5
  • Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
  • Platform: Discord & Tavern-Keeper



02:54 UTC


[Online][Other][CST][25+] Looking for 1 more

Hello! My name is Bored!

I am currently in the process of putting together a campaign for Witchcraft by CJ Carella. It's a modern campaign with Magick in an alternate history earth. It's going to be a decent mix of story and combat, with the amount of combat being up to the group in general.

Currently, the time is a bit in the air, but looking for players who can make Monday or Friday from some time between Noon to Midnight CST. This post is to gauge interest and see if anyone wants to join. I currently do not have a start date, so when I have enough people, it will be decided. (It will not be until December though.)

Small summary of the campaign to spark a bit of interest: Roughly 40 years ago, the Awakening shattered the balance of the world. With Magick being made an open secret, groups known as Associations aided the transition into a new era. In current year, your Cast Members are attempting to live their lives, and make it through to the next day. You are a member of an association or like minded group that seeks to keep the tentative peace of the world from shattering.

You may have noticed that I am looking for people of ages 25 and up. This isn't because I have a problem with younger people, but because I am 27. Obviously, this is a new system for a majority of people, so knowledge of it is not needed. Personally, I've played it once and know quite a bit, but I am not completely knowledgeable of it. We will be learning together. My only ask besides age is that you are mature and accepting of all people regardless of race, sex, or orientation.

If you are interested, please feel free to send me a message. I am looking for 1 more person, to make a group of 5.

(This post will remain open until I have the amount of players needed.)

02:44 UTC


[Online][5e, Heavy Homebrew][Pacific Standard Time 7-11 PM Sessions][LGBTQIA+ Friendly] DM looking for 1 person to join a long-term campaign that meets every other week on Friday evenings

Would you like to join an established group joining a story involving Feywild politics, the eruption of war, and plenty of gods meddling in mortal affairs?

If you are interested in immersing yourself in an original world and playing through a long-term character-focused story, read through at least the first two pages of the following intro document. If you're an experienced player wondering how mechanics might be different, read the third page as well. For experienced players, I am using my own variant based loosely on the variants made by Treantmonk, with lots of other changes and other HB changes/subclasses by other homebrewers. If you're an interested new player, read only the first page, and worry about learning mechanics later. Also sidenote, we will only be accepting those who are 18 or older.

Intro Document

If you have a character concept you're set on, please read through the associated variant pages found in the balance changes found here to see if your concept still functions, or what if any alterations you might make. Most classes have been changed to some extent, some in minor ways, like the wizard, druid, and bard, some others in more substantial ways, like monks, warlocks, artificers, fighters, and rangers. Of note, not all options are viewable in the public gmbinder link above; some will only be visible once you've joined when I can share more private google docs.

You would be joining a group of 4 other characters at level 15. If you'd like to take group composition in mind when you make your character, the other players are a Great Old One Warlock 15 (frontline), Dreams Druid 14/Knowledge Cleric 1 (controller/healer), a Master of Arms Fighter 15 (frontline), and a Jotun Runekeeper 15 (frontline grappler, a homebrew class).

We usually have 4 hour sessions on Fridays at 7:00 PM. Before the session, I would also require a 2-3 hour session with me to create your character, discuss background, and create the goals/ambitions of your character. A voice interview may be in the cards as well depending on what we think of the applicants.

If you are interested, fill out the application here. The deadline will be 11/17 at 7 PM PST, after which we will stop accepting responses.

02:39 UTC


[Online][D&D 5E][CST][20+][LGBT+ Friendly] - Experienced DM looking for 3-5 would-be Adventurers to explore a Homebrewed setting.

Good Evening, Everyone! I'm The-Windsorian-Guard and you're potential new DM. Don't worry, I'll share my actual name with you later on.

I'm an experienced DM and have been DMing for 4/5 years now. I've completed 3 full Campaigns andamy One-Shots and other short D&D endeavors.

I'm not 100% sure about which setting I'd like to run yet but it will likely be pretty "Traditional Medieval". My tables are also normally Roleplay-Heavy with Combat that actually matters. Please continue reading before if you're interested and I hope you hear from you all! Also, please be patient!

IDEAL PLAYERS: Are 20+, Inclusive, Patient, and Friendly! I'd like to be able to reach you easily on Discord.

PLAYING TIME/DAY: I'm looking at playing at 7:00pm/8:00pm CST on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays starting in December 2023/January 2024. Sessions would likely be Bi-Weekly with a chance at playing more frequently.

PLAYING METHOD(S): I like to use Zoom, Roll20, and D&D Beyond. We also will be chatting between Sessions in Discord. CAMERA'S ARE REQUIRED. If you're not comfortable showing your face while playing, unfortunately this table isn't for you.

MY DEAL-BREAKERS: Lone-Wolfing, Homophobia, Racism, Murderhoboing, PVP, and Sexual Assault of any kind is not allowed at my table or in my Campaigns. Concepts such as "Fantasy Racism", Slavery, or Torture might come up in-game. Please be aware of this if you're interested.

IF INTERESTED: Please send me a Chat Request on Reddit with (A) your name, age, and pronouns, (B) your current Timezone, (C) how many Campaigns you're currently in, (D) what days work the best for you to play, and (E) you're favorite genre of music!

02:09 UTC


[5E][LGBTQ-friendly][Online][play time tbd](EST) (18+)Looking for adventurers who aren't afraid of extra fun

Hello brave adventurers! I am back once again for an NSFW sandbox homebrew campaign!! I am a long time dm here in search of new players for my games. I go rule of cool as well as any and all homebrew so long as ran by me. I myself am a trans and pan member of the LGBTQ and love meeting know folk but Anyone is welcome so long as everyone treats each other well. any who apply for this game must be 18+ as there will be dark themes as well as erotic moments. the game will be through discord call and eventually roll20 however a down time rp channel will be provided.

For any and all interested message me here or on discord(username is the same on disc)and be ready for questions and if you have any I will answer openly

01:43 UTC


[offline] [5e] [massachusetts] Is there any new player friendly groups around Brockton/ Stoughton Massachusetts?

I’ve never touched the game and I only know what I’ve seen from Dimension 20 and Critical Role. I feel like I’ve done enough research as well. I have a lot of ideas and I play role playing games. I’ll bring snacks. But I am completely dumbfounded. I would probably have to be helped step by step for at least the first entire session. So I was wondering, is there anyone that would let me join in the area?

01:40 UTC


[5E][In-Person][IRL][Los Angeles][Offline][Pasadena][Altadena] Lvl 7 Party in Search of New DM!! In-Person Tuesday Nights 645-1045pm in Altadena!

Hi All! Lvl 7 Party in Search of a New DM!

Our DM up until this week just ran into scheduling issues regarding sleep and work and needed to pull out of the game, however, we would like to continue with a new DM!

Up until now, we have been playing out of Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, exploring The Betrayer’s Rise, but we recently went through a portal to The Feywild so anything could happen!

You could put us in the middle of Wild Beyond the Witchlight, or you could do absolutely anything else with us you like, as long as its D&D 5E and we can keep our characters and backstories to some extent.

We are a party of five Level 7 adventurers:
Eladrin Bladesinger Wizard
Changeling Psionic Rogue
Kenku Fey Ranger / Shadow Druid (custom class that you can rule on)
Human Cleric of Light
Goliath Barbarian

We are located at my house in Altadena, either in my back yard or my living room, depending on temperature. We have been playing Tuesday nights 645pm-1045pm and we are all set on that time, day and location.

I’m a forever DM who is in this game as a player for once, so I definitely want to keep it going. I will do all the scheduling and logistics for the game, you just DM, and I’ll help you out as needed. I also have a house full of minis and terrain and DMing accoutrement. We have a Discord server we put things on during the space in between games.

Please answer the questions on this formhttps://forms.gle/CE7NdgwDj7AY4dhg7so we know if we’ll get along, and then hit me up on Discord at JaykGallagher#4539 or email hobartwfink at gmail dot com to talk further!

01:09 UTC


[Offline][Flexible] Looking for a group in the Kent, OH area

Looking to join or form a weekly or bimonthly TTRPG group in the Streetsboro/Hudson/Kent/Stow/Akron/Cuyahoga Falls area.

After losing my in-person group to the pandemic and time, I spent the lockdown running and playing TTRPG games on Discord, but am now looking to play again in person! I'm open to any system but would prefer to play something other than DND 5e.

During the pandemic I played and/or ran: DND 5e, Call of Cthulhu and Pulp 7e, Mothership, PF1e/2e, Starfinder, OSR, BX, Mork Borg, VtM 5e and others

00:58 UTC


[Online] [5e] [MST] [GMT] Two players looking for Long-term Campaign

Another player and I are looking for a long-term campaign to play on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday or Friday anywhere from 10am MST/ 5pm GMT onward. We have varying levels of experience and know how to use Discord, DND Beyond, Roll20 and a miniscule amount of Foundry Virtual Tabletop but found it really enjoyable. Message me any information you have for your campaign.

Age: 18+ Paid games: No

Thank you

00:57 UTC


[Online][5e][18+/LGBT Friendly][Open availability]

Hiii, I'm Dan (they/them). I've got a character from a group that I left for personal reasons. He's a lvl 5 barbarian Minotaur/Minorothe and I'd love to use him in another campaign. Not super experienced with the game but I got a few sessions in and run in another group for a different set of characters. My schedule is pretty open at the moment since I work part time.

Online, can use discord, I have roll20, dndbeyond, and google docs sheets for him. I enjoy balance of combat and RP but i'm fine if it tilts one way or the other. My discord is smokedtrash :3

00:55 UTC


[Online][5E] Newish player looking for an online group.

Hey, somewhat new player looking for a 5E game online. Discord is fish_knight. Live in eastern time zone. Free most evenings, except Saturdays. I want to use a homebrew class, specifically u/LaserLlama 's alternate blood hunter, found here: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-NLlETPNSzqxgQ92pnd- .

00:45 UTC


Baldur's Gate Pre: The Story Before Baldur's Gate 3 [Online][5E][Streamed][5 Player Slots]


The party is thrust into the depths of chaos and ruin as their animal companions and home get thrust into the depths of the 9 hells. Will you be able to save them from doom and fire?

A Streamed Adventure on Twitch. Viewers can impact the adventure directly with chaos, fun, and gifts of inspiration, potions, and magic items!

About Me:

My name is Paladin, and I am a professional Game Master and Owner of Paladin's Archives! I stream on Twitch and am the current world record holder for longest continuous TTRPG session a 440.5 hours along with 73 other friends.

I have over 15k hours on Roll20, use Foundry, create my own art, and love to give a well rounded amazing experience with music, in-depth lore, voices, voice modulation, Vtuber skins, and the option for tables to also go live on Twitch if wanted. I use safety tools, gaming style tools, campaign organization tools, and use my Paladin's Archives discord server for communication and hosting games.

I love playing with people from many different backgrounds, identities, and cultures. Myself, I am LGBTQ+, a Marine Corps veteran, and worked in the field of neuroscience! I hope to meet you soon!!

Time: Very Open, 4 Hours

System: 5E

Platforms Used: Discord, Foundry, Twitch



Webcam or Rigged 2D or 3D VTuber Model (No PNGTubers)


PC/Laptop to play Foundry on

To join reach out to me on Discord at: dungeonmasterpaladin!

00:23 UTC


[5E][Offline] Arlington (Dallas area) Tx need players for in person game at Darkhound Game Center on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 10 pm. Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden.

I have been playing 5E for about 5 years now and looking to start a face to face game first time for me as a DM. Have been offline since COVID. Planning on running Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden. I enjoy a mix of Role Playing and Combat and feel I have a good deal of experience and a good sense of humor. Sessions will be every Wednesday from approximately 6:30 pm to 10 pm. At this point we have 4 players and looking for 1 more. This game is open to all ages (will want to talk to anyone under 18 first). The emphasis will be on fun.

Tell me a little about yourself.

23:45 UTC

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