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[Online][5e][EST] Looking for a group!

Hey y'all. I'm a forever DM looking to become a player for dnd 5e. I tend for roleplay, but love a good combat encounter. I like to fill roles and tend for party cohesion / team-building with my characters.

I have a good mic and reliable internet.

Group preference: Online through discord, roll20, or forgevtt.

Experience: 6+ years.

Location/Timezone: USA, EST

Availability: Monday, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays are best for me, due to my job.

Game style: I love almost any style of game. I love a good mix of combat/RP.

14:46 UTC


[Online][5e][LGBT+] Player LF a Villainy Campaign

About me: Ren, 26, it/its, gay.

Availability: Any day but 10:30PM Fridays and Wednesdays.

Style: 40/60 combat/roleplay split. Preference for more combat over roleplay if possible.

Setting: Homebrew is fine but I prefer the regular old Sword Coast if possible. I largely prefer a setting that I'm able to really have some fun with my chaotic evil vampire minotaur druid/barbarian - he was from a Rakdos cult and was a bloodthirsty gladiator for many years, so it seems only apt he would be drawn to similar villains. More so, he utilizes recreational drugs to speak to his deity of choice, so that is something I'd want the DM and group to be okay with.

Experience: 3 months of 5e; I've gotten the hang of the system pretty quickly I feel.

Notes: Message me in the thread or via DM, please. I can then give you my Discord if we mesh well.


14:31 UTC


[Online] [5e] [18+] [Level 5 One Shot] [Saturday 9:30am PST] [LGBTQ+] The Murder in the Shielding Peaks

This adventure sets you on a trail of cold blood leading you onto a glacier just as chilling as the supernatural murder mystery you’re about to uncover. The silent snow here covers many ancient secrets. Testing your survival and investigation skills - and not to mention your sanity as well. Will you continue to look for answers in the freezing lands or will the cold and horror of the aurora fields overwhelm you?

Doing a game of this Level 5 One Shot this morning if possible.

Anyone is able to join, but I do prefer to have a mix of genders male, female etc... to balance out the table. LGBTQ+ friendly. We will go over session zero, backstories, character creation, rules, foundry tutorial and table manners, and any other questions you may have before play.


  1. Have a Clear mic for voice & video via Discord with a quiet background audio while playing. Phones are not acceptable as an audio source (Video is not required, but I like to use it as I am a very social person and I like to Roleplay with the players).
  2. The game is played over Foundry VTT (Virtual Tabletop) via Molten Hosting, as such it requires a good network connection & bare minimum specs of a laptop or pc that can play a game via this generation if you're using a chrome book or very weak or old laptop it will not run good and will lag out or crash constantly. The higher specs you have of a better rig the better it will run.
  3. Looking for 5 players, feedback after the game is always appreciated if you have any insight for me afterwards. Perhaps something needed more context or explaining or if you think I can somehow run it smoother let me know 🙂 always open to constructive criticism.
  4. Character creation will be done on DnDBeyond, Point Buy, Standard Equipment, Sticking to traditional races and classes, No Homebrew. 650gp to spend on items. Any more questions on character creation or anything else can be discussed during the session zero.

Participants 0/5

Feel free to message me for an interview and more information on the game. Or add me on discord @ LiquidSn8ke#7350

Just getting off work and will be home within the next hour here.

About me I’m 34 years old been a dm for over 7 years and professionally dming for the past 3. I’m a big rule of cool dm and I love to do voices and get into the story of the game and love to roleplay. I’m about a 70% roleplay dm and 30% everything else. I do try to follow RAW (Rules As Written) as much as possible however if I can.

14:10 UTC


[Online][5e][Pbp] A casually serious, seriously casual Adventure Time-esque campaign set in a homebrew world

Reposting for visibility.

I'm looking to run a small Play by Post campaign in my own homebrew world. There are no expectations, strict rules, or predetermined paths. That's not to say there's no plot, just that I won't railroad you into some main quest.

The game will be played on Discord with 3-5 players. You can use any character bookkeeping website as long as I can access the character sheets. I suggest Dicecloudv2, but you're free to choose.

My timezone is EST, but as long as you're awake when the rest of us are it shouldn't matter. (I'm awake in the afternoons into the night)

The tone of the game is a mix of lightheartedness and seriousness, inspired by the likes of Adventure Time and other similar fantasy adventure media. It's cartoonish in premise, but there will be intense/darker moments, which is why the game is rated 16+.

I'm seeking literate roleplayers who can create meaningful characters and help me develop a significant story together. The game will heavily focus on roleplaying, emphasis on character personality, and relationships, and a good story. Combat will occur as dictated by the story, not as a constant stream of enemies.

I'm 20 years old and have been playing D&D for 6 years, although this game will be different from what I've done before as a Dungeon Master.

The starting level is 3, and you'll receive a free feat at level 1. You can use any core content that fits the setting, and homebrew options are A-okay if you run it by me.

You don't necessarily have to play a morally good character, or even morally gray. However, the difficulty inherent to playing an evil character is, well, difficult, and if you want to do this you should have a good motivation.

Technology is a rarity in the world, with a mix of ancient machines and recent inventions functioning to some extent.

Feel free to bring any unique character or weird OC of yours to the table. I welcome variety and allow custom races within reasonable power levels. However, I'm not the type of DM who avoids killing characters. Death is part of a good story, so don't get too attached, but do get emotionally invested.

The campaign will be collaborative, with player input and ideas shaping the direction of the story. Your choices and actions will have an impact on the world and its inhabitants.

very few puzzles. i do not like puzzles.

The posting frequency is flexible, with hopefully everyone getting at least one response in daily, or more if everyone is on and engaged. (no two week combat, basically)

I will say nothing towards how to conduct yourself at the table, or who is accepted at my table. This should be obvious and not a big deal.

If this all sounds really nice and cool, please fill out: https://forms.gle/dJ1wvUoMYBsxMoLy9

13:55 UTC


[Online][5e][CST Fridays, 7pm CST] Running game for newbies - need players

Hello there! I am back and running a game for newcomers and intermediate players so they can get to know the game we all love. We will play every Friday evening at 7 PM CST. (UTC-6) and hopefully starting next week. We use DndBeyond for sheets, roll20 for maps, and my discord server for everything else.

I am a fairly experienced DM and have been playing 5e since it released and have been DMing for the past few years. I've already run a few modules and some short homebrews and would say that my style leans more into narrative and roleplay with a smattering of combats. The overall tone will be serious but with moments of goofiness and shenanigans thrown in for good measure. Fun is typically the name of the game here so whatever facilitates that is fine with me as long as it's not anything weird. Since this group will mainly be newish players, I'd like to keep character creation to official sources for now. We will be doing one of the official modules and possibly spinning things off from there if people are still having fun after it.

I am seeking people who are:

  • Be 18 +
  • Be willing to be part of a group dynamic
  • Committed to showing up and being present for sessions
  • Have a setup to play on a VTT and talk on voice - meaning a clear mic and sorta modern PC/laptop
  • Interested in RP and narrative elements of the game
  • Just be a relatively "normal" person and have some chill plz.

If all this sounds good, please fill out this application and hopefully we will adventure together soon!


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13:41 UTC


[Online][EST][Other] 2 Players Seeking ST and Others for Exalted 3e or Essence

u/kell_tamer and I are looking to play Exalted 3rd Edition or Exalted Essence via Discord text PBP.

For 3rd Edition, we're good with Terrestrial or Celestial-tier stuff (Kell's open to playing a Terrestrial among Celestials in some cases as well).

  • For Terrestrial, I've got a good deal of Dragon-Blooded ideas rolling around, as does Kell; I'd also be up to play the Puppeteer Exigent, and Kell might have interest in an Architect Exigent or even a Sovereign of Uluiru (though likely one who stole the Exaltation and fled).
  • For Celestial, we've got interest in using the Sidereals backer draft. I'm also interested in playing Strawmaiden Janest, and we each have plenty of Lunar ideas too.

For Essence, I'm very likely leaning Abyssal, Infernal, or Getimian. Kell's interested in breaking out a Fire Aspect Dragon-Blooded, a Solar, or an Infernal.

11:48 UTC


A Dm(me) is looking for another Dm,to help him worldbuild from session to session.(Online)[5e]

So,i have a lot of ideas,a lot of juicy lore waiting to be implemented,but not enough time to write them down,polish them and then implement them all into the campaign,EVERY WEEK.What or rather who i am looking for,is someone who either has the same problem,and needs help just like me,or someone who doesent,but is still willing to help me out,mostly polish all that ideas gameplaywise.What i need is a synergy,someone who does well,what i dont,someone who does poorly,what i do well.This campaign is beeing made,week by week,and its fully made from scratch.Our current schedule is 11 gmt at saturdays,and there are mostly 2 players,sometimes 3,ill work on that later so no worries,ill find more.So,to put it simply,i need someone to spread my workload with,and yes,we can swap from week to week,once i Dm,and once you,whoever youll be,do.As for work,well discuss how the creative process will be going,once ill find someone.Have a good day you all,thank you for reading this.

09:46 UTC


[Online][Other][NA][PbP] Servants of the Imperial Inquisition

For more than a hundred centuries, the Emperor of mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the Master of Mankind by the will of the gods and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass, writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology.
He is the Carrion Lord of the vast Imperium of Man, for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed
every day, so that he may never truly die. Yet, even in his deathless state, the Emperor continues his eternal vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the daemon-infested miasma of the Warp, the only route between distant stars. Their way lit by the Astronomican, the psychic manifestation of the Emperor's will.
Vast armies give battle in his name on uncounted worlds. Greatest among his soldiers are the Adeptus Astartes, the Space Marines. Bio-engineered super warriors. Their comrades-in-arms are legion: The Imperial Guard, and countless planetary defense forces, the ever-vigilant Inquisition,
and the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, to name only a few.
But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat to Humanity:
from aliens...
and far, far worse.
To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times.
Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be relearned.
Forget the promise of progress, and understanding.
For in the grim darkness of the far future... there is only war.

You are scum. Detritus from the corners of the Imperium and beyond. You are the heretic and the alien, or at least you were. By the authority vested in Lord Inquisitor Rickard von Alvensleben, you have been given a chance for redemption in His name. By his power you have been given great authority, freedoms, and opportunities. Do not disappoint him. He is always watching.
I'm interested in telling a tale of the dark future. Prior knowledge of the setting and systems is utterly unnecessary. The system is Dark Heresy 2e, which I can provide. The game is PbP, with the purpose being to allow all the players to investigate individually, with the group gathering every once in a while for important investigations, meetings, and combat encounters.

I'm interested in players who love getting immersed in deep atmospheres and who enjoy both tactical combat as well as fun roleplay.
Shoot me a dm on discord at decks999 for more info

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07:46 UTC


[online] [5e] [LGBTQ AND POC Friendly] Looking for 2 more players for the Icewind Dale module

Hi! Im youknow and I have played D&D for about 4 years now. I have always been a player, so this will be my first dming experience! So expect some hiccups in play.

We are going to use roll20 for play and character sheets, and discord for voice. I expect sessions to happen every other Sunday around 1:30 central time, but it could change depending on what happens. Sessions last 3 to 5 hours and end naturally most of the time. We currently have 3 players, so this would be a 5 person party. There will be a mix of combat and roleplay, sometimes leaning into roleplay.


North of the Spine of the World and west of the towering Reghed Glacier is a frigid expanse few dare to explore, let alone inhabit. This icy land of windswept tundra recently became locked in a perpetual, dark winter without reprieve. Auril the Frostmaiden, the divine embodiment of winter's fury, has withdrawn to this cold corner of the world to live among mortals. Further, she has cast a terrible spell over Icewind Dale, to the detriment of most of its denizens.You must be able to use a mic

This is a dark setting (literally and figuratively) so some things like claustrophobia, extreme cold, isolation, off-screen cannibalism, mental assault, ritual sacrifice, and murder along with other standard D&D tropes.

if all that sound good to you, submit to the google form below, and ill do my best to get back to you.


If you have any questions send me a dm on discord (youknow#5015)

07:39 UTC


[Online] [5e] [Sundays 6 PM EST] [LGBTQ+ Friendly] [18+] Long-Time DM Searching for Experienced D&D Players or Group of Players for an Open World Sandbox-styled 5e Campaign!

Hello there, I'm Ivy! I'm a 20 year old DM of nearly 8 years now with a ton of campaigns and one shots under my belt. I'm looking for a group of around 4-6 players to run a long term campaign with in an open world setting!

What do I mean by this?
I mean the entire world is your oyster, while there will be plenty of interconnecting threads, plots, and more, the entire campaign will be player driven. Don't feel like killing the evil cave dragon? Don't! Leave it to some other adventurers and go do what you want to do! I want my players to enjoy themselves how they want to, if they choose to follow any story threads it is because they are interested in that particular story. Not because of a railroad. Most of my campaigns tend to be RP heavy, with combat happening often enough, but not constantly.

I will ensure that the lack of an overarching story is not boring though! I will have plenty of smaller things you will have to deal with, arcs based on your backstories (yes I read them), and interesting NPCs for you to interact and make friends with. I have a bunch of player resources for crafting, running businesses, and even more to give you things to work towards. I like my PCs strong, so I will do everything I can to make you feel like badasses.

Now what am I looking for?
I'm looking for 4-6 players, or one group of players that already know each other. Some themes I delve into can be a bit dark, as well as things I say that can be NSFW, so I require you to be 18+ (non-negotiable). I would also like players with a good amount of experience in the game, all of the homebrew mechanics and systems may be a bit much for people who do not understand the game. Additionally the monster encounters I make (specifically boss ones) can be VERY difficult with how I run them. No boss will be just a sack of hitpoints though, each boss has different mechanics to deal with them, or something to shake up the flow of the game just enough to make it interesting.

If you have any questions, other than homebrew rules (which are mostly QoL and benefit the party anyway), feel free to pose them in the comments.

You can apply at this link here:

07:01 UTC


(Online) (other) looking for more players

I'm a player in a homebrew game, where we use a custom system and have the option of either playing by post or having sessions on a few days at the end of the week.

I'm looking for some people who would be interested in playing characters connected to or from the same land as my character.

I play Ironside, a warrior noble from Greatwoods. He firmly believes that strength is the most important trait and seeks eternal glory.

Here are some lore entries from the DM

In the winter of 1452, the 64th year of King Armelin De Etearn, the Demons of Azrakim Angel of Doom flooded up from the south into the lands of Etearn. . .

The strong kingdom fought bravly, and many heroes faced the darkness of Armageddon with the valor of ancient heroes. . . But it was not enough... The demons slaughtered their way through the armies of the king's vassles, and besieged the throne city, Etearn, herself. While the city was besieged, the provinces were at the mercy of the Demons, and thousands were killed, each Province was forced to retreat into their strongholds, or build new ones. Fighting great battles the warriors of Etearn's provincial lands prooved their worth in battle, standing strong against the horrors of the enemy. As the winter solstice passed, the sky turned black, storms of red lightning and burning blood torrented the whole kingdom for nine days and nights... upon the morning of the tenth day, the sun rose, and the demons were no where to be found. Only the corpses of their servants, and the shattered husks of demons slain littered burning battlefields. Riders came to the city of Etearn, finding the remains of a titanic battle, the Castle blasted to ruins, Prince Ethroin lay dead, among his fallen knights, and the remains of many foes, while the king and Azrakim were no where to be found, only the ashes and dust. The crown was shattered upon the alter of the High Gods... Scattered survivor knights reported stories of the King standing blade to blade against the Angel of Doom himself before the final night but none saw the killing blow.

5 years have passed, with the scattered survivors of the provinces and heartlands working to rebuild in a time of uncertainty, the roads have long faded away, the villages are abandoned, and the Lords squabble for resources. Starvation and depravation are the norm, and compassion is in short supply. Opportunistic monsters and brigands stalk the woods, and the watchful nights close in. . .

Recount of session 0

2nd Month of Spring, 1457, 5th year of the Ruin Crown.

This tale begins with the lord of the Northern lands, Alfred of Yorvik. For months the region of Yorvik had suffered raids on their supply lines and scavenger group. The need to conserve warriors due to mounting tensions with nearby Highmoot left the Lord of the North seeking private contractors for aid. This he found in prominent men, the First of whom was a local Scholar, Aillen from the Mournlands. With Aillen went also Zormo who was well known even now for his ability to aquire wealth and artifacts, and the Grander Knight Gallus Ironside and his Retainer Mugrush Gabnor.

These four were dispatched to the scrubblands south west of New York to discover where the attacks were coming from.

There they found an ancient crypt sealed by magic runes. It was Aillen who shattered the spell with the chant of the Duraga kings, a song he recalled from his mourner youth. Inside the crypt they came upon their supposed quarry, a troop of undead led by an a death knight. Mugar rose to the fore to challenge the dark champion as the company battled the host.

Aillen wove a firestorm shattering bones to dust, leaving scorch trails in the stone. The mighty Gallas Ironside stood a wall of warrior might, that weilded sword and foe alike as weapons. Then Zormo took up the earth itself, a stone and with a great heave felled two foes.

Mug and the Dark undead warrior paced through the battle the unarmed orc blood warrior steadily broke into a dead sprint. The Death knight raised its blade to skewer the warrior but the mighty Mug dodged aside and took hold of the Dead ones blade. With a heave he struck the sword like a thunderbolt, shattering the brittle steel. Then Mug lifted the undead warrior high and tore it asunder, casting it from him. So another blade was added to the collection of Mug Blade Breaker...

Info on greatwoods

The Greatwoods were long the charge of house Leonidan, and High Marshall Harold has stood in the vanguard of that fight since birth. From the west, the demon host did not come, and what threats have come out of the greatwood have been utterly smashed upon the great scarlet shields of the Lion Knights. During the invasion, Marshall Harold fought both the great beasts of the west, and the hordes of the demons flowing from behind him out of the capital, the defenses held, by the gods they held. During this dark time, Harold allowed Orc and man to fight as one, and his Lion Knights have earned the respect of the Orc warlords in battle. Some call him a traitor, more call him a hero.

If your interested send me a message with any questions and tell me about yourself or what kind of character you want to play

06:10 UTC


[Online][Other][GMT+2] Looking for an OSR game.

I'd fancy joining a game that has a decent focus on things like inventory management, time-tracking, dungeon exploration (therefor mapping), little focus on big pre-written plots and more focus on letting the dice fall as they will and making stories out of that. Out of whatever ends up happening. Random tables and the like at work. More interested in just going to dungeons in search of wealth and quite possibly dying if that's how things go than having a pre-determined destiny of becoming a great hero or whatever. No dice-fudging, no pulling punches.

One of the main reasons I turned away from 5E and the like was because I got tired of cute little goblins and animal people so I can't say I'm very interested in cute fantasy. Looking for slightly 'grittier' themes, or just a good old classic fantasy vibe. The more metal the better. Dipping an arm in trash should pull out a few flesh-eating maggots, dammit!

Bonus points for hexcrawls.

Bonus bonus points for not using race-as-class. Big dwarf fan.

06:09 UTC


[Online][Other] Hard(ish) Sci-fi One Shot

Hello, we are playing a one-shot Sci-fi game that is quite similar to Traveller (but it is not Traveller, but that is the closest relative.) We are playing a one-shot on Monday 5pm June 19th to share the game and see if everyone gels. If this is a game you like and we all get along, it is a weekly game. This is a mature game and all of the players so far are older. We have an equal amount of roleplaying to gameplay and there is a ton of game writing outside of the games, if you enjoy character development within writing. Many of us are quite good writers and it has been amazing reading the story along with the game.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please send me a DM or respond to this message and I will send you a DM with more information.

Take care!

05:37 UTC


[A4GM][5e][[Online][Play by Post][1 on 1][5e][Homebrew][CST][17+][Long-Term] An Infernal Invasion!

"Fear the old blood; you've no idea the curse you have brought upon us," the old man said, his pale frame rested against the body of a large woman staring down at him. Her entire form was obfuscated by the thick, plated armor covering her body. The woman lets out a low growl as she plants a hand on his shoulder, and pushes him off of her blade. She stares down at the body, her expression behind her helmet remaining stern, unbroken, and unrelenting...

"You must be unrelenting," One of her... Mentors, of sorts, had told her all those years ago. His large muscular frame was imposing against the smaller, pale girl beneath him. Her arms and legs had white scales along them, and she had a tail not unlike a dragon's. On her back were two wings of matching color.

Her breathing was ragged and heavy, and in her arms was a battle axe she held limply. She had been much younger at the time, but was still quite large for her age. Still, her mentor had dwarfed her.

"This isn't fair!" She groaned. The axe was easily two sizes too large for her, and the energy required to wield it was clearly starting to take its toll on her.

"Life isn't fair, child. Do you think your enemy will give you a break if you get tired? Again," He responded, his voice as stern and uncaring as ever.

In a gust of flame, her mentor was gone, and she alone once more. Arms sore and shaking, she stands tall but tired against the red sand beneath her. She can barely lift the axe, leaving the blade to rest on the ground, as a portcullis across from her slowly opens.

Behind it, a chain devil stood. Its frame was lithe and strong despite the evidence of hunger being written across its body. It is quick to action upon the wall between them having been lifted, and begins to spin a hook at the end of one of its chains as it approaches. The woman shakily hefts her axe, resting it on her shoulder as she meets its gaze with one of her own-- one of equal parts determination and fear.

Hello all! My name is Nihilism, but you can just call me Nihil. My post is a bit long, so I'll be posting a condensed version here, with a more in-depth version here!

The basic concept I am looking for is a game wherein you and I would collaboratively make the world in which we tell the story of a Doom or Berserk style Demon Slayer; someone on a rage-fueled, heavy metal demon killing spree. The excerpt you read above is meant to show off the character I intend to play, alongside show as a sample of my writing style!

If all of this interests you, feel free to DM me! Before you do, though, here are some things to know about me:

  • I am 19! As such, I would like for my partners to at least be 17+!
  • I am pansexual!
  • I use Any/All Pronouns!
  • Due to the above two points, I would obviously need my partner to be comfortable with both my identity and sexuality, and not bigoted!
  • I draw a lot. Like a lot a lot. It is almost certain that I will draw something if the story is something that gets us particularly invested! I already have some art I am making for the character at the moment, too!!
  • I tend to write a lot, especially whenever I have a lot of things to describe, or my muse for a particular situation is very high! As such, I can tend to write a large bit from time to time. Now, keep in mind that doesn’t mean all the time; when it comes to things like combat, dialogue, etc etc, that length is subject to change. There’s no specific amount of characters or words I am trying to reach, nor is there any expectation for you! As long as your post is well written, and I can see the effort you’re putting in, we’re good!
  • I’ve been role playing and playing TTRPGs regularly for about 6 years now, and dabbling with them for about 9 or so. I’ve also been very into writing for 8, but have always wanted to make stories! I wouldn’t say I’m the best writer out there, but I am relatively experienced, and hope to make something interesting, engaging, and well written. Something worthwhile for both of us!
  • I like to discuss with my partner what we are and aren’t comfortable with prior to starting, so expect me to ask that of you! Look below to see my TTRPG consent form!
  • I'd prefer to run this in a Discord server for organization, ease of writing, and use of bots!
  • I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a softie; I generally don’t prefer to kill off player characters! I like to have stories reach a more satisfying ending than “you die.” I’m here for a story, not a struggle to keep my character alive.
  • I tend to write in third person past or present tense! I think I lean more towards present tense.

With all that said, if you’d like to write a story of demons, devils, aberrations, and a woman’s righteous, hate-fuelled war against them with me, DM me on Reddit! Be sure to include the word “Detritus” in your message and, if you’d like, your favorite joke! That way I know you actually read the post (or at least skimmed it well enough to notice this)! If you don’t do this, I may not respond, as I will give your message less priority than those that use the passcode!

Can't wait to see who responds~!

05:08 UTC


[online][other][PBP][LGBTQPlus] Looking for up to 3 more players for a Pokemon game!

Copy and pasting from r/pbp cause why not! As the title says I'm looking for two or three people for a pokemon game. We will be using one of two PbtA systems depending on which type of game people are most interested in - Fellowship, or Pocket Monster of the Week. Let's do some quick and easy dot points about what's going on. Some of these things will be repeated in the application

  • asynchronous text over discord, using full paragraphs (actions are not in all italics)
  • players must be 18 or over
  • look for two or three more players - duos and trios are more than welcome to apply!
  • game is focused on Unova and pulls inspiration from all across the franchise
  • this is my first time running a PbtA game, so we'll be learning together and playing things nice and loose
  • no money is involved in this game, I will provide any books needed- if you wish to spend money that is your own choice

Two game options:

  1. Unova Legends - Using the PbtA hack Pocket Monster of the Week, players will be navigating a Unova ten years after Plasma broke everything. The player characters have come together to help one section of the region - maybe you're following leads on Terrakion and the strange electrified Tyranitar, or diving into Undella Bay to figure out why drowned ghosts keep returning. This game is more focused on a smaller area and protecting a home.
  2. Pokemon: Into the Entralink - Using the Fellowship system (another PbtA game), players will be in charge of creating their own version of Unova (with a few shared traits between all Unovas). Characters will be flung across these different 'verses trying to figure out how to stop everything falling apart, seeing how similar and different things could be. This game is more about the spectacle of travel and finding a home.

Last up, a bit about me!

  • my timezone is ACST/GMT+9.30, and atm I tend to have morning shifts at work
  • this game will be queer cause im queer (feel free to snoop at my post history)
  • I've run Unova like this before as a livetext game and am excited to go another round and explore a new game system and posting style!

Thanks for reading through everything so far. You can find the game application here. I will mark this thread as closed when I start reaching out to people. This is not first come first served. https://forms.gle/XZwa3ZD2WN2GK2vJ7

Please do not DM me, but feel free to ask questions and have a chat in this thread since someone else may have the same question and may not have a reddit account.

04:56 UTC


Online][Cyberpunk-2077][LGBTQA+ Friendly][GMT+7] Looking for players for a new Cyberpunk game I'm planning to run this saturday

Hi I'm your DM if you do plan to join, I have been urging to run a cyberpunk game for a while now but this is going to be my first time DM'ing or running a cyberpunk game so I'm going to make a few mistakes, if your alright with that then please contact me on discord: ifall#5532

Now for the setting: You are a bunch of unlucky few in night city, meeting under mysterious circumstances most of you have an unpaid dept to a person known as Daz after he saved? gave you a loan? or anything that caused you to be under his debt, so now he's called you to repay the debt by doing a risky job with no info on what your trying to do all he said was to steal a case from a suit and your debt would be paid off and a little extra for your troubles.

We will have a session 0 to meet and tell each other who our characters are and probably give me the chance to learn a bit more about cyberpunk it will happen on the 10th of june at 6PM 7+GMT. again you can message me on reddit and or Discord: ifall#5532

04:53 UTC


[Online][NSFW][ERP][Genesys/SWRPG][18+][LGTBQ+] Seeking players for a Late Night Scifi ERP game!



We are LGTBQ+ friendly, furry friendly and a safe space for minorities and women.


Seeking players for a Scifi focused ERP game using the Genesys/Star Wars RPG system!

We are using a heavily modified version of the Twilight Imperium campaign setting, combined with some elements from Starfinder and Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk.

I will be running games based on sizeplay and giant/tiny themes. We use a customized ruleset for PCs to grow into powerful giants, or the small ones who choose to worship them.

Since combat and sex are involved, please be warned our game can include sexual situations that can be considered extreme (but highly fantastic). We are furry friendly and many players are furries.

The game is live text sessions based on Discord, which means we meet at a specific time to play. It's not PBP. We use RPGSessions for character sheets and rolling.

Please be aware we are currently looking for players available late nights, 1am - 4am EST (10pm-1am PST)

Sign up here:


04:25 UTC


[5e][Pathfinder][offline][NJ] Looking for a game in Northern NJ

I am looking for a game of DND or Pathfinder in/around Essex County, NJ. I am pretty experienced, but have only played games over Discord. Usually free Sun-Thursday after 7pm.

04:23 UTC


[Online] [5e] [One-shot] [Saturday] New player looking for One shot for Saturday

I am a new player and I was looking forward to trying another shot hoping it will be today (6/10)

I can be flexible in time

I'm fine with any program

Dm me on reddit or discord if you need any extra player

my Discord: GoodMan.S.#1996

Important warning: English is not my native language. I can understand what everyone is saying 100% (hopefully), but I may not find the right word for the situation or mispronounce it (I still need practice).

04:08 UTC


[Online] [5e] [Saturdays] [8pm CST] [LGBTQ AND POC Friendly]

Hello! I am Nick (he/him), a 22 year old DM with about 5 years of experience, looking to form a group for a homebrew world. I will likely have 3-5 players, and would like to more form the world around the players backstories, creating something more immersive for the whole group. I’d prefer experienced players, but new players are welcome! Fill out the form and I will be in contact with you by Monday.


03:58 UTC


[Online][5e] Saturday night Tiranny of Dragons!

Tiranny of Dragons is a campaign that goes trough all of the tiers of play in D&D (Long term!)

Our players will be common adventurers forced into facing a mysterious cult with immense power and a dark motivation. This adventure will take you all troughout the sword coast, where you will be stalking and dismantling the cult as well as navigating the political landscape of the region, making allies and enemies in the fight for the world you call home against the dark forces being summoned from Avernus

This adventure is going to involve a lot of political intrigue and espionage, you will also be venturing into dungeons, slaying dragons and protecting the innocent from the wrath of Tiamat and the cult of the dragon!

If this campaing sounds like a good time to you, you might consider applying to be a player!

About the game:

  • We will be playing trough Roll20 and D&D Beyond for sheets and maps, as well as discord for voice and video (video is optional)
  • The games will take place on Saturdays, starting at 8PM EST, ending at around 11PM EST, with a 15-20min break in the middle
  • Adventure is heavy in homebrew, most of the start of the adventure will be different from the book
  • We will be playing from levels 1-20, adventure is expected to take over a year to complete, maybe 2
  • Character backstories will be tied to the adventure, but the player needs to be willing to work with me in it
  • The game requires a will to adventure and to solve problems in creative ways, I reward creativity over raw combat power when solving problems, murderhobos, edgy characters and lone wolves probably won't enjoy my games
  • The game will feature mature topics, so I recommend only people over 18 join, but I occasionally allow 16+ if I feel like the player is mature enough
  • If you have any triggers I will make sure to work around them, this is a welcoming place to anyone
  • Anyone from any background is welcome in this group and no form of prejudice against fellow players is allowed (or anyone for that matter)!

About me:
My name is Vini (He/Him), I've been a GM for about 6-7 years, I've ran multiple systems, mainly D&D 5e and Call of Cthulhu, I value comunication a lot in the game, I like to be honest with my players about the game, and I expect the same in return, if we have a problem, we talk it trough. I also value consistency in showing up for the games a lot. Outside of D&D, I like reading a lot, mainly novels, I am also into gaming as well as sports and outdoors (aka touching grass, lol)

if you feel like all of the above will be good to you, please apply below in the form! Its pretty quick! If you have any questions feel free to ask!


03:41 UTC


[Online][5e][8pm-1am EST Sundays][18+] Looking for 1 player to join our ongoing campaign.

Hey everyone, I'm looking to make my five person party into a 6 person party. We play more or less every week from 8pm EST to at the latest 1am. the party is level 9 and 44 sessions deep, so expect a plethora of lore, history, and inside jokes to hit you like a freight train immediately.

We use Roll20 for a virtual tabletop, Discord for voice, Dndbeyond for character sheets(roll20 is fine too) and beyond20 to tie everything together. Party composition consists of a ranger/rogue multiclass, Druid, Cleric, Paladin, and wizard.

To give a brief description of where the party is at right now:

The village of Elkden is under siege by a number of Barbarian tribes. The walls have fallen and barbarians have entered the city. The party has teleported in to assist the town from the onslaught of berserkers. Your character will also likely have been either from or in Elkden and are now defending yourself/your home.

So far the party has gone on a number of adventures, and has claimed a small kingdom for themselves, now owe favors to a number of sketchy people across the world, and almost killed a lich(who isn't too happy about that). To prove that you've read the post, please enter Pineapple in the fruit question in the form below.

If this campaign at all interests you, please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/hXsZwqE1ecosPMpZ7

I will close this post when a new person is suggested, so if this post is still open, please feel free to respond!

03:36 UTC


Looking for a DM to run a solo text/pbp Dnd 5e game (prewritten module or homebrew) online (EST)

Hello, I’m looking for someone to run a pbp/text Dnd 5e solo game for me, whether it’s a prewritten module or a homebrew game. I’m pretty easy and laid back.

I’m looking for a DM that can post a few times a day, preferably in the afternoons EST (GMT -5). I like to use Dndbeyond for my character sheet. I like to use Discord for our platform.

I just want to have a fun time and watch my character grow. Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you.

03:30 UTC


[Online][5e][LGBTQ+][21+][WBTWL][1v1] Looking to either GM or play

Hello hello! My name is Garrett, I'm 25, and I have about 9 years of experience now as both player and GM.

I'm looking to either DM or play in a 1 on 1 game of Wild Beyond The Witchlight. It would be text only. Preferably someone who is also into PC/NPC romance. Please be over 21 as I am not comfortable roleplaying with someone that much younger than me.

Message me either here or on discord at mortenmer

03:28 UTC


[Online] [Other] [Homebrew] [Long Term Campaign] [Friendly to all] *pssst* Do you like dead things?

No? Well too bad.

You're already as good as dead. Whatever semblance of life you once had, has vanished before your eyes. The world you once knew, gone, replaced by nothingness. You have been drifting in utter darkness since time immemorial, feeling whatever is left of your soul being slowly drained away from you; pain being the only thing truly yours in this hellish existence. Your memories, friends, enemies, battles, accomplishments; nothing but a fragmented dream, gone as soon as you grasp for anything more than vagueness. Were they or you even real in the first place, or just a hallucination brought forth from your shattered mind trying to numb your constant suffering.

Suddenly you’re jolted back to consciousness; a tug on your soul stronger than any that came before, the pain: excruciating. Finally this is it, at long last your suffering can end. Or…

No it must of; the pain has vanished that has to mean you're finally dead and gone, right? You muster whatever will you have left to take one last…. you're definitely dead; err well, more dead. It seems you've been attached to some kind of construct, an undead. The void you once knew is gone, replaced by bone; one prison traded for another. At least this one doesn't make you constantly suffer, but where there once was pain is now a deep longing, a want; No a need! A need to get stronger, to become the best, to reach the top!

There is something more, hidden deep inside your being, trying to get out.

In a flash, images race before your eyes: nostalgic but new, disconcerting yet exciting, terrifying though beautiful; is this you…?


Now onto the more boring stuff.

About Me: I live in cst (utc-5/-6). I'm 23, neurodivergent, and enby. I have years of experience playing/running ttrpgs though I'd still consider myself a novice gm, so don't expect flawless work, but I am actively trying to get better. I really enjoy the cooperative aspect of ttrpgs and making things in general. Bouncing ideas off of each other and seeing where they take us is so much fun.

Campaigns/Schedule: I am looking for both a new group, and one more player for a group that plays weekly Saturday Evenings, starting around 19:00ish (cst) and plays for 3-4 hours; session 0 for them is tomorrow the 10th. Both games will be in the same world and have the same premise.

I run games in the evenings (cst) and am free any day excluding Tuesday and now Saturday.

Game: (4-5 players) (RP/character focused) This is a sandbox campaign, the world is alive and will carry on with or without you, but your choices are important and will have an affect on the direction it takes. I'm actively creating and working on this, so I'm looking for creative players who would enjoy working on/making stuff with me, and can give me feedback. There aren't any set paths or builds to take; as you play your character they will get stronger depending on the decisions you make. Skill takes time and effort or a little body modification, but lucky for you your undead, so you have all the time in the world; if it waits for you. (If you're reading this put a little <3 at the bottom of the form or don't I'm not your mom.) This campaign is less video gamey and more co-op narrative story/book-like.

System/Style: It is wip homebrew system. I use a d100 with the pbta system style of failure, success with twist, or success, there are also a few optional rules. I like more narrative games with normal combat being short, but brutal; with initiative being a rare thing. I do a mix of silly and serious moments/npcs, not everything in life is always serious and-or always silly. I ground my games within the reality of the world it is in.

Logistics: All I'll be using (at least for now) is discord, so a good mic is necessary. Video is optional. Apart from that most of the game will be theater of the mind.

Player Expectations: You can be new or veteran to ttrpgs, neurodivergent, or any flavor of lgbtqia+, I don't care as long as you're cool.

Be mature and respect other people. Communication, don't ghost or not show up to a session. Make sure everyone is having fun, that includes yourself. Overall just be a mature human being, don't be gross.

Put in the time/effort to make/rp your character.

Age: As long as you're an adult I do not care.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. There is more info on the form; Hopefully I'll see you in the Atrium of Deafening Silence.

Form: https://forms.gle/VPDAkqeaFawgWoGKA

02:55 UTC


[Online][5e][Tuesdays][PST][24+][6 Players]

Hello a group of us miss having a campaign together as players and are looking for a DM that wanted to run a campaign with us! A few quick notes about the party we are a good mix of all sorts of experience with table top games some playing for years+ and do not mind helping out other newer players with rules or character sheets. We're all friends in the party and have played together before. I'd say a mix of 60/40 or 70/30 roleplay to combat fits our party. We're pretty laid back with most things so if you have an idea for a campaign or want to try something new let us know! We like to joke around but also know when to be serious during role play.

-Fantasy Themed

-Open to Homebrew or Modules

-We're all 24+ so we would like a DM around our age range

-We are open to campaigns every other week to be time flexible

-Our time slot we are aiming for is 5 P.M.-8 P.M. PST

-We plan on using roll20 to play, but are open to any other platform

-Discord for voice, we do not mind a server or a group call

-We all plan on having players accountable to either telling the DM they cannot make session that week/ getting there on time in advance

-LGBTQ friendly as well!

-Please send me a DM with your discord username if you're interested!

02:36 UTC


[Online][5e][LGBTQIA+ friendly] Experienced player looking for a weekly/bi-weekly RP-heavy game

If you have an open spot in your adventuring party, I would very much like to join. I’m a teacher, writer, stand-up comic, and grad student currently working on my creative writing MFA. I have 5 years of experience in 5e (but am willing to learn other systems) and love creating characters who do well both in and out of combat. Who are comfortable playing a supporting role and also taking the lead for a couple arcs (I’m very conscious about not taking too much of the spotlight and enjoy facilitating other’s fun.)

I also love going over lore and tying characters into your world. I like doing deep character studies, figuring out their quirks, fleshing them out, and making them come alive as we tell this collective story together. I’m also usually the designated party note-taker and type up my notes for everyone after each session.

I’d prefer a roleplay-heavy weekly or bi-weekly campaign. I’m in the Boston-area (EST/GMT-4) but I’m open to playing games in other time zones depending on the day and time. I have a lot more free time this summer with school out and the only days that don’t work entirely are Thursdays.

A couple serious/silly 5e concepts that I’ve played/would love to play include:

-a half-orc scribes wizard who’s adventuring to pay off her student loans

-a dwarf rune knight who’s the tallest dwarf anyone’s ever seen at 5’6”

-a lore bard who won the ability to eldritch blast by beating a devil in a fiddle contest (variant human starting with magic initiate) (he also wrote dumb little parody songs for inspirations/casting)

-an eloquence bard who is a union organizer who uses his powers of persuasion to get peasants to band together and take their fair share of their labor. He has “This Sword Kills Fascists” carved in his lute.

-a goth Kitty Pryde phantom rogue who inherited her paranormal powers from her warlock mother. (Backstory reason for a Variant human starting with Eldritch adept for devil’s sight plus her weird phantom subclass powers). When she was younger, her mother’s patron asked her to sacrifice the rogue and killed the mother when refused. Now the rogue hunts down her mother’s patron’s cultists and is trying to save her mother’s soul from the depths of hell.

-a whimsical stars druid who’s into astrology/reading people’s star charts

-A changeling soulknife rogue who is tracking down her human psi warrior father.

-a rogue scout/ranger gloom stalker multiclass (essentially the most ranger rogue mixed with the most rogue ranger) who works as a bounty hunter and draws inspiration from Jack from Mass Effect with a touch of Batman, Green Arrow, and the Mandalorian. (I’d love to tie their backstory in with another player’s if they possibly want to work as bounty hunter partners).

-a cleric based partially on Martin Luther who has serious problems with his order.

-a paladin who’s on the run from their order after it fell under a corrupting influence

-a barbarian who’s in anger management

Discord is GhostfaceNoah#1122

02:18 UTC


[Online] [5e] [10:00am-2-3:00pm MST] [06/10] Dragon Bounty One Shot


You are a small group of 4 independent adventurers doing work for money, fame, or both. You all heard about the bounty on a dragon's head and have come to Hornsmeet to collect on it, although the bounty probably pales in comparison to what's in the dragon's hoard. You know almost nothing about the dragon or its whereabouts, and decide the tavern is a good a place to start as any to ask.

This is level 10 one shot adventure comprised of 4 players. We will play using Discord/Avrae for VC/rolling and D&DBeyond for character sheets (you'll have access to everything due to library sharing). We will start at 10:00am MST (5:00pm UTC) on Saturday June 10th. This game will likely run around 3-5 hours but may take shorter or longer depending on your actions. If you wish to join please message me @ BingoBongo#9489 on Discord to see if you'd be a good fit!

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02:06 UTC


[online][5e] 3 players (one semi experienced, two brand new) looking for a DM

So I've recently talked my friends into playing DND for the first time only problem is I don't have a DM. It will be there first experience with the game and I'm hoping to make it a good one. We are all chill and judgment free, just looking to play and have fun, looking for a DM who would like to bring new blood to the table and just build a world together with excited players

02:03 UTC


[Online][Other][CDT][LGBTQ+ friendly][18+] Electric Bastionland one-shot


The electric hub of mankind. The only city that matters. Everything is here, everything is complicated, and everything is shared. Perpetually stuck in an era of carriages and gothic street lamps, yet entering a time of great innovation and discovery and electrically-charged technology... and poverty. You have a Failed Career. You have a colossal debt. Treasure is your only hope.


Hello everyone. Me (the GM) and three players are looking for 1 more player to join us for an Electric Bastionland one-shot, Sunday June 11th, from 8pm to 12am CDT. I will run it through Discord vc, character sheets on Google Sheets, and maps on Owlbear Rodeo. We will also use safety tools to make sure it's a fun one-shot!

Electric Bastionland is a rules-lite d20 system that focuses on high risk and high octane adventures. Dice rolls are only made to avoid a risky or uncertain outcome, or if you're in combat. The setting is a turn-of-the-20th-century city with people and mockeries (muppet-people) and aliens and borgs and all kinds of strange citizens.

01:48 UTC

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